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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tell the ACLU "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" and how to send a card to our troops!

I got this from a friend and thought I'd pass it on (though it's so hard to have this awful logo on my site) goes:

Pass this on to your church, co-workers, family, and friends. What do you have to lose but 44 cents, what do you have to gain ----------- more than you will ever know.

Want to have some fun this CHRISTMAS? Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS CARD this year.

They are working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday, we should all send them a nice,
CHRISTIAN card to bri
ghten up their dark, sad, little world..

ke sure it says "Merry Christmas" on it. Here's the address, just don't be rude or crude. (It's not the Christian way, you know.)


125 Broad Street
18th Floor
York , NY 10004

Two tons of Christ
mas cards would freeze their operations because they wouldn't know if any were regular mail containing contributions. So spend 44 cents and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone. Also tell them that there is no such thing as a " Holiday Tree". . . It's always been called a CHRISTMAS TREE!

And pass this on to your emai
l lists. We really want to communicate with the ACLU! They really DESERVE us!!

For those of you wh
o aren't aware of them, the ACLU, (the American Civil Liberties Union) is the one suing the U.S. Government to take God, Christmas or anything Christian away from us. They represent the atheists and others in this war. Help America continue to honor Christmas and all the beauty and good cheer of this season.

I JUST got this email LINK HERE and thought you ought to know about it.....SEND A CHRISTMAS CARD TO OUR TROOPS! Thanks, and GOD BLESS!

(and thanks to my wonderful friend Martha for the Troops information!) xxx Z