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Friday, November 12, 2010

Glenn Beck is an AntiSemite..?

Please read's amazing.   For having quoted George Soros (extremely interesting link, by the way), a Jew, Beck is now considered by the liberal media an  Beck has never said anything other than quote what Soros has himself said about himself.............and yet, Beck must show remorse, when Soros has none?  I think, considering the topic,  Soros' lack of remorse is a bit more huge than any Beck needs to show.
Then read THIS piece from The Daily Beast, maybe the most dishonest, agenda-driven story I've maybe ever seen. 
As Beck pointed out yesterday on his show, holding up reams of paper "you think our lawyers haven't checked all of this out?"   He doesn't say anything without backup, he never suggests anything without facts and figures........he's OPINION, not NEWS, but, brother, is Soros strong enough to bring him down?  he's sure trying.  Can't have anybody thinking anything negative about George Soros now, can we!  Can't have the masses THINKING, after all.
This blog isn't going to solve this problem.........FOX, the Anti Defamation League, and much larger entities than my blog are addressing it.........but it sure should be noted that lies are prevailing.   And freedom of thought?  Perish the thought, according to the far Left's hero, George Soros.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chris Matthews "really likes" Glenn Beck?

Oh, how times change......oh, how Matthews seemed to have actually THOUGHT once upon a time! :-) You won't want to miss THIS VIDEO!!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goose Bumps........and The Blaze

HERE is Beck's new website......check it out.
Most of you know that Glenn Beck tried for a very long time to get a 'fly over' of jets in formation allowed over his rally......well, it was a 'no go' from the powers that be, but a much more important Power seems to have had other thoughts and they got their fly over just minutes before the rally started:

QUITE amazing.