Friday, November 12, 2010

Glenn Beck is an AntiSemite..?

Please read's amazing.   For having quoted George Soros (extremely interesting link, by the way), a Jew, Beck is now considered by the liberal media an  Beck has never said anything other than quote what Soros has himself said about himself.............and yet, Beck must show remorse, when Soros has none?  I think, considering the topic,  Soros' lack of remorse is a bit more huge than any Beck needs to show.
Then read THIS piece from The Daily Beast, maybe the most dishonest, agenda-driven story I've maybe ever seen. 
As Beck pointed out yesterday on his show, holding up reams of paper "you think our lawyers haven't checked all of this out?"   He doesn't say anything without backup, he never suggests anything without facts and figures........he's OPINION, not NEWS, but, brother, is Soros strong enough to bring him down?  he's sure trying.  Can't have anybody thinking anything negative about George Soros now, can we!  Can't have the masses THINKING, after all.
This blog isn't going to solve this problem.........FOX, the Anti Defamation League, and much larger entities than my blog are addressing it.........but it sure should be noted that lies are prevailing.   And freedom of thought?  Perish the thought, according to the far Left's hero, George Soros.


Glenn Beck's #1 Fan said...

Soros has been after Glenn since his rep PERSONALLY met w/Fox executives with a present for Glenn from George... a copy of the movie "A Face in the Crowd"...


Glenn Beck's #1 Fan said...

Glenn is no Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes. He's a REAL American hero.

JINGOIST said...

I watched the show, Beck said NOTHING that could be construed as anti-Semitic. Beck was right in pointing out the warped nature of the self-loathing former Jew, George Soros. He victimized his own people to help the Nazis.

Soros is evil.

Ducky's here said...

Gee, even someone with as little self respect as Abe Foxman thinks Beck is vulgar clown.

Might be something to it.

Z said...

#1 Fan...there's all sorts of talk of threats to Beck.
I don't know Larry Rhodes.

Jingo, hi! Wait, you ARE JEWISH and YOU don't think anything can be construed as Anti-Semitic...well, fancy THAT :-)
Isn't it astonishing how the left goes to Soros' defense when he has 'no remorse' over what he did?

Ducky...someone with little self respect thinks Beck's a clown? gee, must be a function of dopes who just can't hear anything past their own agenda. Maybe it's catchy.
But, he DOES scare you guys, doesn't he! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover were vilified as anti-Semites too -- as was the entire HUAC investigation.

Why? Because for a very long time anti-Communism was equated with anti-Semitism.

And why was that?

Do a little research of your own, and you'll find out. It's one of the world's largest open secrets.


Anonymous said...

Look what happened to Joseph McCarthy.

Why was he brought to ruin?

Because the Communists he went after were largely -- guess what?


Z said...

From Abe Foxman to Glenn Beck, October 22, 2010:

Dear Glenn:

A direct-mail piece recently sent to some ADL supporters around the country inadvertently misidentified you on a list of celebrities who had made anti-Semitic statements over the past year.

This was clearly a mistake, and we deeply regret that your name was included in the mailing, which was produced by an independent, third-party contractor. I hope you will accept my personal apologies.

Even though we may disagree from time to time, I know that you are a friend of the Jewish people, and a friend of Israel.

Abraham Foxman
National Director

Ducky's here said...

z, he is a concern. Given the number of "good Germans" in the country right now it will probably not end well.

Z said...

Ducky, I have no idea what you're talking about. It surely can't be what I think it is..
If so, I pity you greatly and see a lot more of your character than I hoped to. I hope I'm wrong.

Tocsin.. good to have you back.
Of course, this is very similar to McCarthy but, if you're implying Beck's trying to warn about Jews in this country, you've got that seriously wrong.
It applies to the horrid and unjust treatment of McCarthy more in how Beck's trying to warn us about the Obama thugs.

Anonymous said...

Beck may act like a clown, which is too bad, but in fact he's one of the very few truth tellers we have left. Michael Savage is another. Too bad Savage can't bring himself to support Beck. Instead he calls him "The Hemorrhoid with Ears."

If Beck is an anti-Semite, so is Michael Savage, because he tells the same story as Beck with even more bitterness and anger. The irony is that Michael Savage, himself is Jewish. But he pulls no punches as to who and what is to blame for our current state of affairs.

The lack of unity and competitiveness among anti-Communists gives the dirty reds a tremendous advantage.

People who can't stand to see unflattering truths should be called anti-Veritists.

The Soroses of this world are enemies of truth and decency. We should unite and form a solid front against them. Instead we squabble amongst ourselves over such idiocies as whether or not Glenn Beck is a true Christian, because he's a Mormon. Or whether the Catholic Church is a Christian organization. Or whether homosexuals belong in the military or should seek the right to marry.

Stuff like that just makes the Soroses of this world chortle with unholy glee, because it plays right into their filthy hands. Divide and conquer has always been the major strategy of the left. Whenever and wherever possible sow the seeds of doubt, distrust, fear, contempt and derision. Cause as many as possible to revile and defame one another. Create chaos.

Once chaos rules, the Soros types will hold themselves up as SAVIORS. The ignorant populace will then rush into the arms of the tyrants, and all will be lost for countless centuries -- just as it was after the Golden Age of Pericles vanished from the face of the earth leaving unchecked barbarism to reign supreme for five hundred years before anything resembling an enlightened Civilization reappeared.

Anti-Veritism is the greatest source of evil on earth, and most haven't the faintest idea of what it is.


Anonymous said...

Ducky, you have reached a new low. You are now defending a man, Soros, who aided the Nazis in confescating the Jews' belongings at the age of fourteen. He knew what would happen to the Jews he betrayed.

He says to this day that the first day he went to aid this Nazi theft, and I quote, "that was the best day of my life".

So, for Soros, he learned young at the knee of the Nazis, what power felt like and he liked it.

Never mind that millions of Jews were murdered. Never mind that this man has caused destruction and misery for more millions of people, all to feather his nest and to crow about it while feeling euphoric no doubt.

He's a megalomaniac. What he is proving today and has been for years, is that people can be bought. Politicians can be bought. They'll sell out their country for money and a sense of power.

They convince themselves as you have, that the ends justify the means, and such evil means are necessary to satisfy those ends.

If you doubt what Beck says is true, go to the library and read Soros' own words in the books which he has written. Watch the interviews he's given.

I worry for Beck's safety. Not from the people, but from those who are beholden to Soros.

Ducky what exactly do you mean that "it will probably not end well"?


beamish said...

If Glenn Beck were actually anti-Semitic, the ACLU would be taking his court cases pro bono and the left would celebrate him as one of their own. Al Sharpton would be holding his nutsack.

Just so we're clear.

Anonymous said...

Ducky and Soros are the same species of bottom feeder. This is true.

Now, does saying it make me anti-Semitic, or is accusing people of anti-Semitism merely another Alinsky ploy to keep people from listening to anything I have to say? I agree it may not be polite to say such things, but that doesn’t make them any less true. I personally think we need to have less polite conversations with scummy bottom feeders —you know, like Ducky and Soros.

Now has anyone any idea how deep Soros’ fingers are into American society and institutions? His stated goal is to bring America down. I’d say he’s done a fantastic job of it so far (with the assistance of the American Communist movement, of course). All the while, Ducky is on the sidelines cheering him (and others) on. Talk about un-American behavior and people who don’t belong in America! The House Judiciary Committee incorporated HUAC. It may not have the practical power it once had, but that’s all right with me. We have people like Beck exposing Soros (and others) for what they are, and do it free of charge.

As for Ducky, he keeps reminding everyone what a slug he is.

Dave Miller said...

Let's look at a few statements from some Jewish leaders and thinkers...

The ADL's Abe Foxman is a child survivor who lived only because his parents turned him over to his Catholic nanny.

"Look, I spit on Jews when I was six years old," Foxman told me. "Does that make me an anti-Semite?"

The issue of the Shoah "is so sensitive that I'm not even sure Holocaust survivors themselves are willing to make such judgments," Foxman went on "For a political commentator or entertainer to have the audacity to say, there's a Jewish boy sending Jews to death camps, that's horrific. It's totally off limits and over the top."

Beck's comments "were either out of total ignorance or total insensitivity," he said.

Elan Steinberg, vice president of the The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants, called the Beck accusations "monstrous; you don't make such accusations without proof, and I have seen no such proof."

Beck's charges, he said, "go to the heart of the instrumentalization and trivialization of the Holocaust."

Simon Greer, president of the Jewish Funds for Justice, met with Fox News executives in July to discuss Beck's "constant and often inappropriate invocation of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany on the air."

Greer and Rabbi Steve Gutow of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) received a handwritten note from Beck saying "Please know that I understand the sensitivity and sacred nature of this dark chapter in Human History. Thank you for your candor and helpful thoughts."

[The] on-air comments by Beck "made a mockery of their professed understanding," Greer said in a statement. "In an effort to demonize a political opponent, Beck and Fox News scurrilously attacked George Soros, a prominent Jewish philanthropist and Holocaust survivor. No one who truly understands 'the sensitivity and sacred nature' of the Holocaust would deliberately and grotesquely mis-characterize the experience of a 13 year old Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary whose father hid him with a non-Jewish family to keep him alive."

Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy said Beck's "use of the Holocaust to discredit George Soros is beyond repugnant. The Holocaust is one of history's most tragic events and those who survived it are owed our enduring respect."

It seems that there is a difference of opinion here on who might be the one who is over the top...

beamish said...

George Soros didn't "survive" the Holocaust, he participated in it as a collaborator.

I dare Soros to try to sue me for saying so. Billions of dollars won't change fact.

His actions led to Jews being rounded up for Nazi death camps. He was the willing servant of Nazis.

Glenn Beck's #1 Fan said...

Larry Rhodes is the fictional discredited journalist from the movie "A Face in the Crowd". THAT was the message George Soros was trying to impress upon Glenn with his "gift". That he was going to destroy Glenn.

Anonymous said...

The question is, what do you believe, and why do you believe it? If you think that Media Matters is a viable source of truth because you happen to be one of those American-hating leftists, well than I suppose you’ll rely on them for the total sum of your information. As you know, Media Matters for America (or MMA) claims to be a media watchdog group organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was founded in 2004 by journalist and author David Brock—a man known for being critical of the right media (but not the left media). It is a self-described "web-based, not-for-profit, progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation. Thank goodness, we have Brock watching over Beck … who doesn’t even present himself as a journalist. Should we wonder who is watching over Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann? Oh … never mind, they’re progressives.

The New York Times tells us Media Matters received several millions in donations from wealthy liberals with ties to the Democratic party (including Peter Lewis, Steve Bing, Marcy Carsey, Susie Tompkins Buell, Leo Hindrey, Gail Furman, and James Hormel). It also received an unspecified amount of funding from, a George Soros functionary. It was also endorsed by the so-called Democracy Alliance, which in turn resulted in members of the Democracy Alliance making substantial contributions. I know you will share my surprise to learn that George Soros is a founder and member of the Democracy Alliance.

The Democracy Alliance, founded in 2005, is a partnership of change-makers who seek to strengthen democracy by racketeering … er, partnering with, making financial investments in, and fostering collaboration among leaders and institutions committed to realizing a vision of a more progressive America. By the way, progressive is another word for communist. Oh, and in case you didn’t already suspect this, Rob McKay shares the chair of the Democracy Alliance with SEIU activist Anna Burger.

Great source of information … but only if you are an American-hating leftist.

Z said...

Dave what? Have you read what Beck's comments were? Did you even bother to read my letter from Foxman only one month ago to Beck?
Please read all the comments.

Beamish, that's exactly right. with "no remorse". We all know people do awful things to save their hides, but with "no remorse"? I think not.
Not people of conscience.

And yes, #1 fan...Beck's got to be very careful for his life...

Mustang, the same people who use MediaMatters as fact tell us Conservative venues, ANY OF THEM, are overly biased and 'silly' and 'rightwing' and can't be trusted.
As I've posted a hundred times here, I keep asking for a list of CNN contributors who are Conservatives and appear REGULARLY on CNN like FOX has so many liberals REGULARLY on their channel.

The fun never stops, does it.

The left can't argue facts so they malign the characters giving the facts.

~Leslie said...

The fact that Soros is a Jew and lived during the time of the Holocaust does not mean his words, actions, ideology, and evils are above scrutiny or criticism. It does not mean that a person cannot speak the truth about him.

I'm glad to see Beck is not acting like a dog with its tail between its legs and running away from this. Conservatives should support Beck and his courage to stand up to Soros --a very powerful man, yet not immortal nor invincible.

And anyone who believes Soros is a good man, or that his ideals are inline with what is good for America, should get out of our country.

Joe said...

What ever else you can say about Beck, he has consistantly been a friend of Israel. He has not wavered in that position one iota.

Soros, on the other hand, may be "Jewish," but he has never wavered in his vilification of Israel and has consistantly sided with those who oppose Israel.

His experiences as a boy shaped his personality and are a part of who and why he is.

He thinks it is fun to selectively bring down countries in accordance with his interpretation of their value. He has admitted to having his sights set on the U.S.

Beck is a hero. Soros is an anti-hero.

Ducky is just a lost pseudo-intellectual.

FrogBurger said...

They have to find anything they can.

Ducky, we keep reminding you your socialist buddies sent Jewish people to the camps. Not the conservatives.
But it's a lost cause because your brain is a vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Dave, one could excuse Soros' actions at fourteen if he was remorseful or regretful. He isn't. His assessment of those actions today is one of triumph, and exhilaration.

To expose one man as a betrayer of his heritage as a Jew, and of his consistant glorification of his actions long ago, is to shine light on a flawed human being who has enjoyed, all his life, the destruction of others at his whim, pleasure, and greed.

Please do not talk of insensitivity when millions of people have been victims of this evil man.

To claim antisemitism against Beck for exposing one man, Soros, who himself is an atheist and an anti-semite, is laughable.

You, yourself are accepting an attack based on propaganda. The reason for this attack is to discredit Beck, and Fox News.

There could be no other reason for defense of a man who is so vile and unremorseful as George Soros.


Z said...

Joe, an article says that Soros' mother was a terrible anti semite (this is in a QUOTE from SOros) and, tho a Jew herself, she became that way because the Jews were so maligned where they lived......He grew up a self-hating person and we're suffering now for it.
I think the same about Obama's psyche, sadly. We're paying for his awful upbringing, his lousy communist mentors and Harvard "you too can hate America" education.

I just had dinner with a dear friend who moved to Anderson, Indiana about 3 years ago...he said that, even there, when he asks kids if they're getting to hear good or bad things about this country in public school, they tell him all they learn about is slavery and how America's not a good country. I, too, have asked kids about what they hear in school, and I've had the same responses..
What the H do we DO with these kids now?

Z said...

Pris, I just got back from dinner with Mike and we talked about this very thing; It doesn't matter WHAT the Right says, how true, how honest, how conscientious it is, we're maligned. Beck's maligned as untruthful, FOX is maligned ridiculously as more biased than other channels!!, Palin was hugely maligned as stupid, the Tea Party is "just a bunch of nuts" etc etc. The Left simply can't LIVE with the fact that half of this country doesn't think like they do, doesn't hate America enough, doesn't believe we can survive on everything getting entitlements, etc etc etc...this sentence of yours is so true: "The reason for this attack is to discredit Beck, and Fox News.":

Anonymous said...

Yes Z, I know, and so far, all of their efforts have backfired. This is merely the latest.

They have now come to the point where they're very close to defending the Nazis and their collaborators.

If this were Mussolini instead of Soros, they'd be telling us how he got the trains to run on time.


Dave Miller said...

Well thank you Mustang...

Now because I happen to include Media Matter s as part of a varied reading list, I am an American Hating Leftist.

I noticed that no one bothered to respond to any of the quotes, or comments from a series of Jewish leaders, who I date say are pretty familiar with what is, or is not anti-semitism.

For me, i've never felt it was intellectually honest to base what is truth, or not, on the messenger, choosing instead to look for the facts.

Z, yes, I did read the letter which was written before the current dust-up.

When asked about the clear difference between the letter of October and his current quote, which I provided, Forman responded that he still thinks Beck "is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people."

But, he continued, "I also believe that there are certain things he doesn't understand, which have led him to make insensitive remarks."

I think sometimes people are too quick to jump to opinions, which was my only point in posting a different reality that a group of Jewish leaders sees.

Sometimes things are not as clearly black, or as clearly white as we want to believe they are.

Anonymous said...

Well Dave, now that you've researched what all the critics think, why don't you research what Soros thinks.

He's written books and done interviews. Look it up for yourself. Glenn Beck has. Don't believe him, find out for yourself.

Btw, Soros funds Media Matters. Check out all the organizations he funds. You might be surprised.

Or you can watch Glenn Beck and save yourself the trouble. Nothing he has referenced has been refuted.

And can you give us a break with your references to insensitivity? Most of us are grown ups here, insensitivity is the least of our worries.


Z said...

Dave, all I'm saying is that all Beck has done is QUOTED FROM SOROS. I don't CARE what other Jewish leaders think...they're entitled to their opinions, just as I am, you are, Beck is, etc.
This is a witch hunt, pure and simple; Beck is the farthest thing from an anti Semite going.
Read JINGOIST, a Jewish Conservative........he applauds Beck.
You have YOUR point of view, He has HIS.
I appreciate your posting that information, I really do..but that doesn't make it the arbiter of what's correct ..and we're all wrong.

My GOSH, every time someone uses NewsMax or FOX as a source of information, Conservatives are slammed for the venue and leftist commenters don't even address the POINT....I'm sorry that our feeling your source is biased upset you so much.

Joe Conservative said...

George Soros is about as far away from being Jewish as a Jew can get, to boot.

Joe Conservative said...

His newly found religious identity appears to be the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Z said...

Joe, I don't think he's indicated a new found religious feeling...I think it's just that he loves anything that'll insult Beck and this did the trick...Suddenly, he's upset when he stole from Jews with "no remorse"? THat's rich.

Anonymous said...

As a Jew myself, it's driving me nuts to see others aim the anti-Semite smear at Beck. Sure, maybe he distorted Soros's comments about his Holocaust survival. Maybe it was unwise to even go there, given that there's already more than enough factual material to dislcose and broadcast about Soros. But anti-Semite? Give me a break.

Go Beck Go!

Canadian Steve

Z said...

Hi, Steve, so good to have you here again! Blogging with you's always been a great pleasure.
I'm not sure BEck 'distorted' the quotes of Soros but, you're right, it would have been better to stay off the subject, except that what Soros DID say is so unseemly and, I think, Beck uses it to show the character of this man we're dealing with.
Does that make sense?
One can't refute the quotes; even Soros' biggest money-guns of lawyers cannot dispute much of anything Beck's said but it sure must have been daunting to have your No 2 guy be called into Soros' thug lawyers and told to lay off Soros. I'm so glad Beck won't bend, aren't you?
I just worry for him a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Z, I'm delighted Beck won't bend and that Fox is supporting him.

I've read Soros's actual comments and do see that Beck and others have distorted them. In fact, a Canadian lawyer, journalist and blogger, Ezra Levant, wrote something similar about Soros a few weeks back. After he and the paper he writes for were threatened with a lawsuit, the paper, at least, backed down. It issued an apology and retraction.

Unfortunately it is this matter that gets all the press, detracting from the objective material about Soros.

Canadian Steve

Z said...

That's amazing about Levant and how his paper had to capitulate,'s amazing how strong Soros is, how powerful and far-reaching.
I think he's the biggest threat to this country today, don't you?

I think you're very honorable, Steve, for having researched with an open mind and come to your humble me.

Anonymous said...

Soros is involved in keeping a "watchful and caring" eye on the media in Canada. I believe he's involved in financing a drive to prevent Sun Media from establishing itself in the telvision business having labeled it "FoxNews North" which has the lib/left with their undies bunched and wadded up. They are supported by such Canadian literary stalwarts a Margaret Atwood ... another leftist.

I'm surprised that Sun Media rolled over so quickly for Soros.
But maybe I shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

I, too, have asked kids about what they hear in school, and I've had the same responses..
What the H do we DO with these kids now?

You tell them the whole story, Z.
It takes time, but that's what you do.
I do it regularly with my kids.
It's getting more serious with my fifth grader.
She comes home with a robotic attitude regarding our over-use of natural resources, need to recycle, slavery, native Americans, etc. That's the crap they're taught year after year.

VERY little, pitiful little on the founding fathers.

So....we discuss the imbalance in the public school system and WHY it's imbalanced.

It's difficult for me because I know that this puts her in a painful situation (knowing that her beloved teachers aren't telling her the whole story).

Still, I have to show her the good in our nation. How we have doon good.

It's an on-going thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and on a slight tangent.
The political correctness!
She stumbles on how to reference her black friends.
Mom? Is it wrong to call her "black"? Is it always African-American?

Babe, just call her by her name, or "my friend". Don't worry about what color she is.


Anonymous said...

"You tell them the whole story, Z.
It takes time, but that's what you do.
I do it regularly with my kids."

Jen, what you're doing is great. I wish all parents would. I did that with my grandson, and it is worth the time it takes.


Z said...

Jen, what a dilemma you describe; You're trying to teach the great about this country and respect for the teachers and so many of the children have to realize their teachers aren't telling them the whole story and even blowing out of proportion the bad.



Z said...

MY POINT IS, Mothers shouldn't be put in the position Jen is now or Pris was with her grandson.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pris.
I sure HOPE it makes a difference in the long run. Of course, I'm walking that fine line of trying to show her the other side of the coin without appearing as a zealot, myself. I don't want to be the 'conservative clown' that the public school system is subliminally teaching her to hate.

It's a strange feeling...

MK said...

Sounds like the left and their pimp daddy soros have go a real fight on their hands with Glen and the real Americans who support him.

I hope they spend millions chasing ghosts while Beck wipes the floor with them.

Z said...

That 'FEELING' is not feeling comfortable in your own country anymore for the fact that we're suddenly so maligned for our opinions...imagine, in AMERICA, Jen?