Friday, November 5, 2010


Keith Olbermann suspended for donations to Democrat candidates?   HERE is the article......

The linked article says....
"Olbermann is one of MSNBC’s most recognizable faces, and has emerged as one of the country’s most prominent liberal commentators"
THAT guy is one of COUNTRY's most prominent liberal commentators?  Have you ever SEEN him?  He's comic relief, you have to laugh at the pursed mouth, the self-righteous dismissiveness, his absolute surety in what he says as if he can never be wrong and everybody on the Right's just plain disgusting.......My GOSH, that quote cracked me up!

As for suspension for contributing to candidates, do you think that's right?  Do you think that's a fair thing to ask of any on-air employee?    I'm not sure I do.
What do you think?  (I'd use an image of the jerk to illustrate this post but I just can't bring myself to have that face on my blog...)

geeeeZ (thanks, Imp, for the head's up)


Anonymous said...

I don't think Olbermann violated his contract. His contract says that no journalist employed by MSNBC can donate to a democratic candidate appearing on the program.

Olbermann is no journalist.

Z said...

Mustang...excellent point!

beamish said...

As for suspension for contributing to candidates, do you think that's right? Do you think that's a fair thing to ask of any on-air employee?

NBC News has a sensible policy in place in regards to prohibiting the political activities of obstensibly impartial journalists it employs.

What's unfair is that this policy was applied to Keith Olbermann, who doesn't even pretend to be an "impartial journalist."

This is a stockholder diktat that perhaps is taking the wrong tact.

The last election and it's right-wing victories marginalizing left-wing losers across the board very eerily matches the perennial losing of the ratings contests between right-of-center FOX News Channel and far flung frontier left-wing MSNBC.

A lot of this is demographics as well. The narrow 5% of the American population which call themselves "leftists" at the same time IQ tests would classify them as the acute and profoundly mentally retarded. Not many products advertisers can sell to this audience, as they already have hockey helmets and drool cups.

And so, MSNBC wants to make money, by increasing their profitability. There were looking for a way to can Olbermann, and latched on this one.

They should have just bought out his contract, and told him goodbye because he sucks.

beamish said...

But then, maybe it's worth the PR Potemkinism to "show" MSNBC policing its own for journalistic credibility by canning Olbermann as they try to move their image rightward towards the center.

Attacks from the left on MSNBC may serve them the instant credibility that catering to the left can't.

Opus #6 said...

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Anonymous said...

This was done after the election, maybe MSNBC decided they have to alter course a bit. This could have been an excuse.

On the other hand, I suppose anyone could loosely interpret what passes for a journalist these days. I can barely tell anymore, myself!

I think there was a misunderstanding in the article. I'm sure they meant "most prominent loudmouth".


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Sounds kind of asinine to me. His show is all opinion and technically analysis so it's not a hard news show.

It's not like 90% of the journalists don't vote democrat already...


beamish said...
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beamish said...

A hilarious thought just occured to me. Actually, a hilarious thought rose in my head above the other hilarious thoughts, but I digress...

Obama's reaction to the drubbing Democrats took in the recent mid-term elections was that there is nothing wrong with his policies, but rather how they are "communicated."

THAT'S why Olbermann was fired.

Z said...

"A hilarious thought just occurred to me. Actually, a hilarious thought rose in my head above the other hilarious thoughts, but I digress..."

You take the cake :-)

Anonymous said...

Great to see NBC protecting Olbermann's reputation as an impartial newsman. Maybe next they can work on preserving Larry Flint's reputation for providing good, wholesome family entertainment.

I don't see much sense in suspending him, but I do seem to have come down with an accute case of schadenfreude.


Z said...

good one, tio :-)

Scotty said...

I think FOX should offer him a contract. It could be excellent entertainment!

Just imagine him sitting next to Krauthammer on Bret Baier's show! I'd be willing to pay BIG money for a ticket to THAT show!

FrogBurger said...

IF he violates his contract then he should be suspended. But even though I can't stand the guy and think journalists should be objective in their work, I don't think an employer should have the right to tell if an employee can contribute or not.

In this particular case, they should worry about his ratings and his utter journalistic incompetence.

Catherine Barry said...

Olbermann is an embarrassment to decent folks. You can bet that with the lineup of communists that MSNBC has, it has more to do with ratings in the tank than a political contribution. If he were one of the other state propagandists with higher ratings, they would have done nothing.

Ducky's here said...

He should just move to Fox.They contribute bundles.

I like this quote from Juan Cole's site today:

"In fact, Hannity donated to Michele Bachmann, which suggests he is better suited to playing a bit part in a remake of the Night of the Living Dead than to anchoring a major ‘news’ show."

Craig and Heather said...

He should just move to Fox.They contribute bundles.

Are you grumpy?

Z said...

Heather, no he's DOPEY.

My favorite joke is when a dwarf gets rear ended and jumps out of the car and screams and rants and raves and yells "I AM NOT HAPPY" and someone says "WHICH ONE ARE YOU!?"

I don't know why but that kills me!

Ducky.,.Juan Cole...who gives a damn what he says?
Please don't get GRUMPY on us...and THINK, man. Hannity gives OPINIONS, there are no stupid laws at FOX like they (supposedly) have at NBC!
I personally don't think Olbermann should have been "suspended"...I think the rule's stupid, too.

He ought to be suspended for extreme bias and stupidity, that would be enough grounds in most people's views.

MK said...

I saw this too and i wondered how come this was the first time he did it. Given how the fellow is a nutjob leftard, was this really the first time he put his money where his blowhard mouth is.

Z said...

MK...who knows?
It's laughable to think Katie Couric isn't donating to Leftwing causes because NBC HAS A RULE, too, isn't it? Just ridiculous.
I sense something happened with Olbermann other than what they're saying...let's see how long this 'suspension' is.

Laughable, too, is leftwingers whining that Hannity gives money to the Right. WHO CARES?
I wish the lefties would wake up and realize the Right's REAL tired of paying for PBS and NPR, too.....maybe we should demand they pay for 5.8% of Hannity's show, huh? See how they like THAT!