Thursday, November 4, 2010

Insurance salesman..........

....or dentist, doctor, auto repair guy, salesgirl......................if you know the politics of people you might use for their business expertise, do you ever let their not being of your same political bent enter into whether you use their services or not?



beamish said...

In business and product services, I'm devoted to staying "green" where green = there's money left in my wallet after I do business with them.

Which, in most cases means doing something for myself.

Somehow the upper radiator hose on my car has become detached completely from the radiator. The two likely scenarios for why this physics defying event spontaneously happened are either that God hates my guts or the last shop I took my car performed a little future business investment with a screwdriver. I wasn't there for the radiator problems the mechanic tried to sell me on - nothing was wrong with the radiator or its contents, so my suspicions point to sabotage. Gotta love union labor.

I try to avoid union businesses and proprietary products that have to be fixed by a certain monopoly of "skilled specialists."

It's not so much a political choice, but one of practical concerns.

Give me what I pay for, free of hassle and delay, and I'm a happy customer. What they do with the money I paid after that is their business.

Karen Howes said...

No, not generally. I wouldn't stop seeing a dentist or a doctor simply because they're Democrats or liberal.

I won't support any business that supports abortion, though-- on that I'm unyielding.

Z said...

beamish "...either God hates my guts..." Boy, who hasn't felt THAT from time to time! :-)
You make good points about unions and practicality.

Karen, good for you on the abortion thing.

Opus #6 said...

If I know where they stand, and I am offended, I might let my money do the talking, yes.

I never watch MSNBC because I don't want them to get my ratings.

beamish said...

I'm in the precarious position that losing my car means I can't go to work to pay for this apartment I'm barely keeping around my stuff.

A little roadside repair elbow grease, and my radiator hose is reattached. But running hot like it was can lead to all sorts of engine problems down the road.

Given God's absolute hatred of me, it probably will... ;)

But I'm still mad at that mechanic that sabotaged my radiator hose.

I may kneecap him later.

Susannah said...

Interesting question. Generally, I try not to find out, but if I learn a person is conservative, it makes me feel reassured...

My husband intentionally does NOT put political signs/tags/bumper stickers on his car (he's in sales), b/c he doesn't want people to be biased against him -- Too bad that he can't be as free as I am, but it's a livelihood decision, & he's wise for it (he 'calls on' several Colleges/Universities/School of the Arts, etc.).

DaBlade said...

When I need a product or service, it's usually a "don't ask, don't tell" for me. It's never been an issue, and I've only personally banned establishments where they lacked any modicum of customer service. That said, I've never purchased any crack from a known activist liberal. I have limits.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care if he/she is liberal, as long as it's not a point of contention.

True story, Z. My mom went to a new dentist recently and mentioned that she should've worn her "Reagan Conservative" shirt (for early voting). The dentist gave her a HEFTY discount after she said that.

Craig and Heather said...

Interesting question. Generally, I try not to find out, but if I learn a person is conservative, it makes me feel reassured...

My response would be similar. Now that you've mentioned it, Z, I don't think political affiliation has ever been a conscious determining factor. Although, Susannah has a point that somehow hearing "conservative" tends to translate to "more honest" in my mind.


Anonymous said...

I had some unpleasant business dealings with a local roofing company.

They sent over non English speaking workers ( and I'm sure illegals as well ).

So I refused to allow them on my property or roof! The next crew they sent over were all English speakers...I prepared a release for the supervisor ( on legal advice ) to hold me harmless if they broke their bones on my property.

I won't deal with companies that hire illegals.

Z said...

Good information, thanks, everybody.

Obviously, I don't pick doctors based on politics, but it sure does turn me off if I hear them or their staff start spewing idiocies I've shared with you before like "YOu know FOX is OWNED by the Republican Party!" or "Biden's SUCH a smart men" or "It's another country's turn to be the superpower now..." etc etc.
I hate to think my money could be cycled through a vendor to a liberal cause ...

funny, isn't it? My money goes to npr and PBS and we have to stay quiet, but let a lib have to pay for Hannity, imagine? :-)

I think Heather echoes my feelings...I feel more comfortable with someone with conservative, traditional values... for ANY business dealings.

Joe said...

Two of my doctors were liberals, the third (my electro-cardiologist)a conservative.

One of the liberals, who was for Obamacare, has changed his mind and now hates it.

I don't know how the other liberal feels now...and since he is my heart doctor, I'm not going to ask, lest he decide he doesn't like my heart so much.

I saw my electro-cardiologist today and he said, "We had a good day Tuesday, didn't we?"

I like HIM working on my heart.

In most instances, I make no effort to discover businesses' political leanings. But if I find out they are librals I try to get as much out of them as I can...they've had the money long enough.

Always On Watch said...

Not really.

One of my doctors is a liberal, but he's the best in his specialty here in Northern Virginia. He knows that we don't always agree on political matters, but doesn't begrudge my views at all. Interestingly, his receptionist is as conservative as I am, and that doesn't matter to my doctor at all.

My family doc and I do see eye to eye about political and social matters, but that agreement between us is not why I chose him as my primary care physician.

Craig and Heather said...

Aw Z.

I may have to amend my comment to read "I didnt' used to consciously think about the political leanings of the business people with whom I interact.

But we live in an area with a high population of an ultra-conservative, pacifistic sect and after a quick trip to town this afternoon, I returned thinking that maybe I am the liberal of potentially questionable moral fiber.

Thanks so much! ;)


Z said...

Heather, you make a good point.
Who's to say who's what, really? Some of us might appear liberal to some conservatives.!

AOW, for me, it just gives me more respect for the person, I have to admit.....but I wouldn't STOP going to someone for their politics.
Mr. Z had a doctor who is a total lib and they'd talk very civilly from time to time.....finally, Mr. Z was telling me that the doc was lamenting having voted for Obama after all, after he'd heard about the healthcare bill.
Still, I'm sure he's one of the dopes who'd vote for two HUGE spenders like Brown and Boxer in a State already in debt as badly as CA is.

Joe, i loved your comment...And yes,I want someone you truly trust working on that great heart of YOURS :-)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't occur to me. If someone does a good job, that's enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Heather, you make a good point.
Who's to say who's what, really? Some of us might appear liberal to some conservatives.!


Craig and Heather said...

Z and Jen,

We live in a very rural area that Ducky might actually be able to legitimately identify as "far right".

One of the reasons I so enjoy visiting this blog is that it offers a bit of perspective on the variety in our culture that is conspicuously absent around here.

It's also been humbling, as it is easy when one's life experience is somewhat isolated to become too narrow-minded and judgmental in the way I view other people.


Anonymous said...

I've consciously passed on Sargento cheese on account of the Glen Beck boycott. I have auto insurance with Progressive, whose owner--I now understand--is one of the main owners, so to speak, of the Democratic party. So kind of penny-wise and pound-foolish.


Anonymous said...

Most of the time I have not idea of their politics. If they show me disrespect for the Rep. party then I leave them.

I once had a doctor tell me that "they hated our government (under President Bush). " I said "you hate out government?" She sat there shaking her head back and forth.
I have never returned. The doctor knows why.

I will support businesses if I know are conservative. Why not? They support what I support.