Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't forget to set your clocks TOMORROW!


Anonymous said...

RugCenter came out on Friday. Faith blog came out on Saturday. I was beginning to wonder if I had forgotten to set my caldendar back a day.


Linda said...

I am shamelessly stealing this for my blog today!

Z said...

Sorry to those who commented on my Sunday Faith published early, I took it down, and it will be up again on, well..SUNDAY!
tio..that's funny, you're right..I got RC early, too, come to think of it!

linda, steal away!

Joe said...

My digital converters for my analog TVs never adjusted the time and have been an hour off since DST started. Now (if they don't get confused) they will finally give the right time for programs.

Amazing what major issues we have with these things, isn't it?

A lady in our church never sets her clock for DST because she thinks the extra hour of daylight burns her grass.

She's confused about other things, too.

Speedy G said...
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Craig and Heather said...

Cute, Z. :)

It took me years to finally get it straight whether we are supposed to go forward or back an hour in the fall.


Karen Howes said...

An extra hour, yay! :-)

BTW, my sister used to live in Alaska-- in winter, the sun didn't rise until about 10 am, and it set at about 3 pm.

Elmers Brother said...

WE don't have to worry about it.

Always On Watch said...

I've already gotten someone to set back my kitchen clock -- did so a few days ago when the battery died.

I can't reach that kitchen clock without a lot of climbing, and I dare not take a chance on falling. It's the only clock that I can't easily reach in this house.

Z said...

Joe, "burns her grass" ARE YOU KIDDING? You're hilarious, thanks for that! xx

Speedy, nice to have you back :-)
and yes...good thing, for sure! Of course, we don't have to worry about that much here in CA! (we've got other things to worry about!)

Heather..I only think I"m starting to get it NOW!

Karen, I love it when it's dark during dinner but that 3 pm is a bit too early for me. In Europe, it normally stays light till about 10pm, that took a while to get used to.

Elbro, that's right! WAY easier!

AOW..DO NOT FALL! Gad, imagine!?

Z said...

BY THE WAY, if anybody's not read that letter by Jim DeMint in the post a few down, please do; it's really a good one.

Anonymous said...

C&H, Just remember, SPRING forward, FALL back.

I do not like getting up in the dark, and I like when it's light late.

Our bird doesn't say "wanta go night night" until it's dark. She'll be getting her cage covered earlier.

I never bother to change my car clock, so now it's the right time again.

I'm already looking forward to next summer!


RedWood said...

"Of course, we don't have to worry about that much here in CA! (we've got other things to worry about!)"

You've already turned the clock back about 20 years....with the re-election of Governor Moonbeam Brownout!

And you thought Grey Davis was bad.

We'll pray for a miracle ( a recovery ) Californians. Surfs up Dudes and Duddetes....groovy.

Anonymous said...

"I'm already looking forward to next summer!"

You can start counting on December 21st Prisc....when we start getting back about a minute per day!

Z said...

Redwood...thanks for coming by.
That line about setting the clock back twenty years is fabulous! And, sadly, so true.
We've HAD Gov Brown before, we don't need that dope Davis to compare him to...he got us into this mess and he'll just dig us deeper.
The Attorney General still hasn't been decided upon; too close to call, supposedly. SO, I'm figuring he's a loss too, what with fraudulant ballots. I saw enough scary stuff myself to know that's true.

For everybody who saw my post re the girl who voted "provisional" and I asked the head guy at my precinct how that worked..and he assured me "We have her sign her name and we check them all in Norwalk".......I was right; a registrar friend of mine said "There is NO WAY they can check all the MANY MANY provisional ballot signatures.....they just count the votes.
So, I was right. I saw fraud right there in front of me and had to leave having been lied to about "Oh, yes, they check"
Ya, sure...hundreds of thousands of names, right? It's got to be a huge number because I saw that young woman AND an elderly woman who was so ill in her wheel chair she couldn't lift her face up.......I'd sure like to know who voted for HER.

Craig and Heather said...

C&H, Just remember, SPRING forward, FALL back.

Thanks Pris! Someone else mentioned this to me a while back, and it does help.

Z said...

it does NOT, H...I've heard that all my life.
Trust me, you can fall forward, too, I do it ALL the time!

Anonymous said...

"Trust me, you can fall forward, too, I do it ALL the time!"

Yes Z, but can you spring back?


Anonymous said...

Hi Imp, actually, I start counting the minutes on New Year's day.

After the holidays are over. Then, it's looking forward to Spring training (baseball), and summer!


Z said...

Pris, SURE! Spring back into shape, right? :-)

Craig and Heather said...

it does NOT, H...I've heard that all my life.
Trust me, you can fall forward, too, I do it ALL the time!

LoL! Well, I was thinking "Spring up...fall on my face", as that seems to be my tendency. But I do appreciate anyone's offer to help me out.


~Leslie said...

Sigh, now maybe I can get to work on time. :)

sue said...

Z - Time changes! I really don't get it. I'm going to bed at 12:45 the old time, but it's really only 11:45. What does that mean, anyway. It's REALLY only 11:45. I need to get up earlier than usual tomorrow. So what time will that be. The old time or the new time.
When we would gain an hour my sister used to say all day, 'I haven't used my hour yet.' I could never figure that out.

Tonight I was talking to my 95 year old mother on the phone, and you should hear her try to figure it out. I just said, 'Mom, let's wait until morning.'

Z said...

Sue, that's funny!

When you wake up, subtract an hour and you're on time! :-)
I don't have the mind for this stuff, either, simple as it seems..!

sue said...

Z - I remember one year when church was over we were walking out and one couple was just arriving.

Z said...

Sue, that happened at our church one year, many years ago, too. The poor family got teased every single year for years afterward!