Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Could you wear this ring?

I was reading THIS STORY and thought it would be interesting to get your takes on whether you could wear Princess Diana's wedding ring as your engagement ring. 
What do you think?  "No problem, it's a beautiful ring, why not?"  or "Are you kidding?  It'd be like a constant memory of bad times"  It sure is beautiful, isn't it.  18 carats of sapphire.



Craig and Heather said...

Sapphires are pretty.

I couldn't wear it regardless of what I thought because I'm too clumsy and would end up snagging it on something and breaking my finger.


Always On Watch said...

I could wear it -- unless I were Prince Charles's fiance.

Speedy G said...

I'd wear it, but only if I could find a color matching tutu.

FairWitness said...

Prince William loved his mother and loves his father. Charles & Diana's marriage gave William life, that is a one of the many good things to come from their union. The ring is a symbol of what was good about their marriage. William wanting Kate to have it is sweet to me. I have no problem with the ring. I have problems with the the way Charles and Diana treated each other, the way it destroyed their relationship. Her engagement ring is not to blame for that, imho.

Ducky's here said...

I never wear jewelry, not even a watch.

Ducky's here said...

I'm surprised that with the austerity measures in England the royal leeches aren't trying for a low profile engagement.

Wonder if the old hag will be paying for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I could wear it. It's a family heirloom. I would think for William it isn't a reminder of bad times, he loved his mother.


DaBlade said...

I don't think it's in bad taste at all. Now, if the paparazzi are hired to do the wedding photos, that would be another thing.

Major said...

I never wear jewelry, not even a watch."

No wonder you're stuck in your socialistic time warp....Hey...Stalins dead duck, wake up.


FrogBurger said...

I never wear jewelry, not even a watch.

Geez I have a common point with Ducky. I CANNOT stand watches.

Anonymous said...

It was Diana's engagement ring, not wedding ring. I think it's a great choice by William in memory of his mother, and yes Kate definitely should wear it as she's entering into his life.

Z said...

Obviously, this is the Prince and Kate's decision but I thought it was a fascinating point.

Personally, if my fiance slipped a ring on me which represents so strongly a woman whose life became such a tragedy for so many years, it wouldn't be my first pick.

Some people don't mind that and look at it as a loving bond between Prince and Mother..which I can also understand.

I cringed when I saw it on her hand because it had come to mean such sadness to me, but "c'est la vie" "Chacun a son gout" :-)

Z said...

anon, I don't see a difference because this ring was the ring everyone associates with Diana..
but I don't want to turn this into anything but an open discussion of different viewpoints...
I just wanted to give my viewpoint, too.
Most of you don't seem to mind..COOL!

Z said...

by the way, please everybody...sometimes (almost always!) people come back and try to convince and there's no convincing me....You couldn't put that ring on my finger for ANYTHING for the memories it holds for me.
Would I keep it as a loving gift, of course, who else should have it?
Would I say NO to my fiance if it meant so much to him that I wear it...? I might try to show him why it bothers me, yes. Maybe I'd give in then, begrudingly.

Elmers Brother said...

Old hag?

you think Camilla would spring for the wedding?

Joe said...

Uh...I'm afraid I really don't see any particular reason to want to wear that ring.

I have to say, I did not wake up this morning wondering anything at all about this "royal" wedding. But I must have been, because CBS.NBC and ABC all told me I had been wondering about it.

I'm just not into royalty...period.

Z said...

Elbro, thanks for that...anybody who could call the Queen of England an 'old hag' shows a lot. Camilla, yes...SHE is a ...shall we say.....well, unusual :-)

Joe, me, too, on the ring. Royalty? I love it and find it so sad that even the Royal Family has sunken to the kind of behavior their young people have exhibited in the last 30 years after so little least OPEN scandal.
Now that I think of it, probably the Royal Family is a metaphor for Western Society's decline.....people used to keep quiet any scandal, people used to understand that privilege involves sacrifice and lived up to expectations because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO.
Not anymore......we need to let it ALL hang if anybody needs to know?
Oh, well..I'm rambling and I"ve got to get going.

Thanks for the comments, everybody..see ya later.

I hope you read my uncle article and tell us about relatives you'd like to share with us,

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised that with the austerity measures in England the royal leeches aren't trying for a low profile engagement."

Must be something in the air here, this is about the first thing that Ducky's ever posted that I agree with.

But, Ducky, being you, I'm surprised that you didn't say the only jewelry you wear is your Prince Albert.


Z said...

WHat's a "low profile engagement"? They went into a room and had a press conference. HOw much lower would you guys like it?
And, as for the wedding? The Brits mostly love it,ADORE it...
I do too.
Leave my wedding ALONE :-)

Elmers Brother said...

lord knows duhkkky doesn't need a chastity belt

Anonymous said...

I never noticed Diana's ring so seeing it on Kate means nothing to me. There was a lot of sadness around Diana but in my opinion she created most of it herself. Her attitude to the protocols of royalty was obnoxious and self-righteous, and the way the public just about deified her on her death gave me a permanent cynical attitude about the whole mess. In any case the ring has no special meaning to ME, it's just a very pretty stone, but if it has sentimental value to William that's the only important thing.

beamish said...

The only difference between America and Britian is that we feed, clothe, and house our non-productive welfare entitlement class and in Britian they do all that AND give them crowns.

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised that with the austerity measures in England the royal leeches aren't trying for a low profile engagement."

Ducky, maybe first we ought to rein in our own first couple, the Obamas, before we start bashing others.


Z said...

Pris, excellent point.

sue said...

Z - I've been thinking about the ring and whether she should wear it. Prince Willian probably wants to use it to carry on his mother's memory. I know both of the boys loved her very much.

But I think you have a point that it also brings out bad memories.
Still, the whole thing has bad connotations, so she might as well wear it.

Like Ducky, I don't wear any jewelry - not even a watch - but I do think it is pretty.

christian soldier said...

I'd have it re-set - with a setting of my own design..
Beautiful stones...

Anonymous said...

I have my grandmother's wedding ring. I would never change it. It was hers, it means something. That's what a family heirloom is.
Whenever I look at it, I think of her.

To have the stones reset would make it just another piece of jewelry. I can't imagine doing that.


Z said...

I have my grandmother's, too, Pris.
And it means everything to me and it'll probably stay in the same setting though it's too small for me to wear. I've considered taking the diamond out and wearing it on a chain because I'd love to wear it in some way...and resetting the lovely old setting and giving it to a niece who can fit into the tiny ring....we'll see.
I know I could never wear it if my grandmother had been mistreated or the ring represented a terrible marriage for her and such misery for so many people to watch, but everyone to their own opinions.

Z said...

When Diana passed away in 1997, Here's something interesting I just read:

Charles took Harry and William to visit Kensington Palace, Diana’s home, where they selected mementos from Diana’s belongings. Prince Harry chose the ring and Prince William chose his beloved mother’s 18K yellow gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch that she used to teach him the time.

“Harry was happy to give the ring to his brother,” a source told the PopEater website.

“He loves William and thinks it’s only right that one day the woman sitting next to the King will be wearing his mother’s ring. That’s the way Diana would have wanted it.”

The ring — a sapphire surrounded by 14 rounds of diamonds set in 18k of white gold — cost over $40,000 when Prince Charles purchased it back in 1981. It’s obviously worth more now, though!