Monday, November 22, 2010

Nightmares of Airport Screening..God help us all

And then there's THIS.

I can't say any more, except anybody who thinks WE have the kind of people Israel has working at EL AL, who've kept them safe for 35 years,  hasn't been paying attention to the 'qualities' of the normal American lately.   Sorry, that's just the way I feel.  Commenter and good friend, Impertinent, just sent me THIS...darned if it doesn't support my very sad statement just before this about our screeners.



Always On Watch said...
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Always On Watch said...

Check out this comments thread (strong language) on the same topic of that little boy being strip searched. We chatted most of the day yesterday at IBA about this topic.

In that comments thread, I stated the following:

Give this TSA a pass on doing this crap for a few years, and many young people won't know that anything else was ever the norm.


Will this administration defend that strip search of that boy? Has anybody heard anything about that?

And if this administration will not condemn that strip search, what are we going to DO about that lack of condemnation?

Right Is Right said...

If the of by and for the people government grope us against our will, them I'm sorry to day that it's over for (the people). Once again the terrorist have won.

Always On Watch said...

I wasn't going to post the video, but decided to a little while ago.

As far as I know, of the major television media, only FNC is covering this story.

Chuck said...

I'm not opposed to the screening, if it is used when needed. What I would like to see is for them to dial back the power just a touch on these so they show less body but still show weapons. Seems reasonable to me and I would be comfortable with the screening then.

Bottom line, we need to talk about profiling. Middle-aged Catholic nuns or young children have not been a real threat so far. Until they are we need to go after the people who have been a threat, Muslims.

Scotty said...

I have NO problem with profiling!!

beamish said...

Bring our troops home.

Swear in Khalid Shiekh Muhammad as President.

Always On Watch said...

As of a few minutes ago, this information has surfaced:

This morning, the TSA responded to the uproar on its blog:

On November 19, a family was traveling through a TSA checkpoint at the Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Their son alarmed the walk through metal detector and needed to undergo secondary screening. The boy’s father removed his son’s shirt in an effort to expedite the screening. After our TSO completed the screening, he helped the boy put his shirt back on. That’s it. No complaints were filed and the father was standing by his son for the entire procedure.

Aside from some subjective descriptors, the only difference between the two accounts is the fact that the child set off the metal detector. TSA’s account points out that “no complaints were filed,” but that obviously doesn’t mean no one complained. Whether the father was “enraged” or not, though, TSA is correct in pointing out that they did not ask for the boy’s shirt to be removed, and no TSA agent should.

Always On Watch said...

I do wonder why the father was in such a hurry? Any word on that?

Z said...

I just learned the Italians had machines and got rid of them...they didn't work.
Unless powders, etc., have metals in them or are carried in a hard or metal box, they are undetected by these expensive, intrusive, body scanners.
Get this; anything INSIDE body cavities is not detected by the scanners.
If someone puts explosives without metals in a baggie and tapes it to himself, it's not detected.

As the world laughs at us, the left is spending more money on machines, run by people who probably have as rotten background checks as those at our nuclear facilities.

SOmetimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to get our soldiers back and REALLY seal our borders, including employing THEM as TSA workers, not carrying guns at the airports, but soldiers who've been trained, REALLY TRAINED, who volunteered to protect our country so we know they're probably going to do a good job at security checks. KSM for pres! BUt, what's happening in our country today does almost seem that bizarre.

Even Soros dumped 12,000 shares of stock in the body scanner company. why? What's he know we don't know?

AOW, thanks for that...I don't go to IBA enough, thanks for the reminder. I haven't heard a THING in the media about the little boy; but I THINK I heard Obama's questioning these scanners, too. I have to check on that. I REALLY want to know that.

Am I hearing one can opt out and there's no problem? Does anyone know? They're 'encouraging' us not to 'boycott' as if just saying "Not me" is enough to opt out? If MOhammed Al-whatever opts out, is that okay, too?

Chuck, scanners catch metal weapons but so does a pat down.

Scotty, if the scanners picked up everything in or on our bodies, I'd have no problem with them, either.

Z said...

AOW, I think some people are numb...the dad probably figured this is normal and, while surprised, figured he'd better go along with it just to make his plane..?

One of the commenters at IBA commented as Khalied SHeik Mohammed.."Where do I get a job as a TSA screener?"
Cracked me up.

IMagine if they actually do allow burqas a pass? muslim women are so private, imagine them allowing scanners to see their 'junk'?

First time a muslim woman gets a pass, America needs to ERUPT with OUTRAGE, UTTER OUTRAGE.

Ducky's here said...

The El Al argument is completely specious. They don't have the air traffic in the entire country to match a mid size American city let alone Chicago, D.C.,Atlanta or New York.

Lots of folks making money and the far right wants to feel safe. It should get worse.

Amsterdam is trying to get away from this stuff and points out that the attempts that have been stopped were stopped by human intelligence. Far to common sense for us and not nearly as profitable.

Z said...

No, it is not specious, ducky. Let's pretend every airport in America is a little Israel (I know that would kill you, but just picture it)........
Now, equip it with good people and DO WHAT THEY DO. Enough said...oh, except our people have been dumbed down so much I'm not sure enough are either sharp enough or love our country enough to do the job Israelis do; Remember, they teach people there to LOVE their country and to WANT to protect it. I shudder to think how many Americans would take money to let someone pass through airport detection ..undetected. This is just one byproduct of school indoctrination of the left..good job, leftwingers.

Z said...

WE have things like this, a story I just now saw:

and that's only one instance.

Anonymous said...

If nothing's done about this now, what's going to stop banks, malls, stadiums, you name it, from using scanners.

Once a technology exists it will be used unless the people rise up.

If we were told to "show our papers" everywhere we went, we'd have a fit, and rightfully so.

As it is, there are already cameras everywhere. GPS technology can track where we drive. I know, "if we're not doing anything wrong, why worry?"

Today we may not be breaking the law, but there are laws that haven't been thought up yet.

The fact is, if we can't go where we wish without being watched, we're not free.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Seeing this was a manually unedited produced video, my attitude has changed. I know the father removed the kid's shirt after TSA agents made a stink over him (yeah, as if a white kid is going to carry a bomb onboard an aircraft) it was apparent to me that the TSA is going WAY overboard.

Why don't they do this to Muslims? Is it guilt, or is it a fear of getting sued?

I hate to say this, but I hope there's a huge explosion on an airliner soon. It'll help prove that the antics by the TSA aren't effective at all through the screening of non-Muslims.

FrogBurger said...

The link isn't working.

I am glad I'm not flying as much.

Our PCness has led us that way.

Ducky is showing more and more his true color: he is a fascist, supporting the police state with a socialist economy.

FrogBurger said...

I got the second link.

The little girl being touched is creepy.

What I haven't been able to understand is the fact that anybody could blow up a building, a university or hospital very easily and could also do a lot of damage. And security measures don't exist for those. I step in UCLA like this and anyone could just leave a bomb over the weekend.

So why just airports? Something has never made sense for me

FrogBurger said...

Can you imagine if all that stuff had happened under a Republican president? Leftards like Ducky who think fascism is on what they call the "far right" would have protested with posters of Hitler all over the place.

Joe said...

Z,Z,Z: You just don't understand.

The government has the absolute right to do what they want with you, when they want with you, where they want with you, how they want with you, because they are the GOVERNMENT.

All of your "rights" are imaginary because the job of GOVERNMENT is to take away as many of your rights as they can.

As one TSA agent exclaimed, "Look, lady...I have power!"

Anyone who thinks it is OK for TSA to behave as it is behaving "for the sake of safety," does not know what safety is and does not understand that freedom always carries with it certain risks.

All of the risks of freedom are worth it.

Only idiots think otherwise.

Personally, I will not be flying any more.

Anonymous said...

PROFILE, PROFILE, PROFILE, DAMN IT!!!! I don't care whose feeling are hurt. The Israelis have it down to a 'T'.


FrogBurger said...

The funny thing about the leftists is the fact that you don't have a right if a TSA agent has to grab your penis but everybody has a right to healthcare insurance.

Happy meals are bad in San Francisco for kids but a 13-year old girl can get an abortion without parental approval.

I'm really getting sick and tired of being ruled by people who no logic or introspection skills whatsoever. And they think they're the intelligent and superior ones.

Really what's going on?

Anonymous said...

"Am I hearing one can opt out and there's no problem? Does anyone know? They're 'encouraging' us not to 'boycott' as if just saying "Not me" is enough to opt out?"

Not good enough for the TSA(arsewipe) goons must use the phrase; I OP OUT!

According to my reading...NO other phrase is acceptable! My understanding is that any other comment will land you in a dark room with sadistic toys where they waterboard you.

Z said...

Pris, sadly some of our freedoms will have to be compromised, particularly with 'homegrown' terror...and we DO show papers, in a way, when we travel, but I agree...this is the most stupid, expensive, least effective way of protecting ourselves.

The TSA Head sounds so silly as he defends these scanners...particularly, in comparison to what the experts FOX is bringing in are saying...showing so clearly why they do not work, some of which I've shown in previous comments here.
(He also looks like a deer in the headlights if you've all noticed, as he talks, but I'm not into conspiracy theories, or wasn't, so...I mean, it's like HE doesn't believe what he's saying)

FrogBurger, that's a brilliant make too much sense! GOOD ONE! VERY good. Yes, what IS going on?

SilvrLady..PROFILE? That's SO un PC!!!! (smile)

Joe, we should have the right to fly, though. It's awful to think we won't be flying, PLUS it's right up Al Qaeda's alley, it's their game plan, if you heard the news this morning.

Al Qaeda, now, that they see us in COMPLETE disarray with this TSA situation (and our president, but that's all my other posts!) (over what they have threatened...Oh, they must be SO joyful "it worked, AMerica's are scrambling, doing stupid things and so unhappy!".)..anyway, now they're saying WE WILL SPECIFICALLY TARGET CARGO!
That's the ticket! See? I've told you all that they're smarter and FAR FAR FAR more cunning than our gov't.
They've got us swatting at invisible flies because we can't find the culprits and GOD FORBID our media hears we killed one innocent person in pursuit of saving millions of AMerican now that we're swatting, they're going to keep us swatting as they tell us they're now going to attack us through CARGO on airplanes.
Pretty soon, we'll have no money for protection.....
we stop flying, sending things becomes so expensive we can't send by air, then they say they'll attack trains...........

THEN WHAT, FOLKS? WHere's it end.
but, oh, we SURE can't fire back on towns where suspected terrorists are, can we,...we've got OUR MEDIA making sure we don't!


ANd, sure "OPT OUT" is fine...until Fatima Al-Mohammed SHeikh comes thru with her burqa and OPTS OUT...then what?

Anonymous said...

Tongue in Cheek but a valid comparison which demonstrates how insane this PC-ism is!

"This may sound ridiculous, but there is no reason we should inspect the crotch of a three-year-old girl carrying a teddy bear if we know her last name is Martinez. So isn’t inspecting every air traveler a terrible waste of money and time? Yes it is. But there is a rationale to all of this.

We turn every traveler into a suspect because we cannot focus on our core group of suspects, the Swedes, although they have shown themselves willing to blow themselves up in our airplanes. Yes, yes, I know — not all Swedes are terrorists. We are talking about a tiny group of potential killers. The problem is that they are all Swedes and all are followers of the god Odin. I can’t help it that they perverted their wonderful religion and hate our guts.

So if we know that some Swedes are really trying to kill us, would it make sense to check German travelers? Worldwide, we daily check millions of passengers of every race, color, gender, and age, while we basically are looking for young male Swedes called Johansson and who are Odinists. But we don’t dare to openly define the threat. It may upset the Swedes, and they are a pretty violent bunch of people who don’t want to be singled out as terrorists. They may try to hurt us if we call them terrorists. They don’t want us to insult their Nordic religion, which is, as we all know, a religion of peace … until we insult their religion.

So in order to find this one radical, tall, blonde, blue-eyed harbinger of evil, we check every human being on the planet who dares to board an airplane. That is why getting onto an airplane has turned into a spectacle of humiliation, confusion, and indecency. We don’t allow ourselves to profile the Swedes in order to find the bad Swedes.

Why can’t we profile the Swedes? Because we stick to the idea that, basically, it is just a coincidence that all terrorists are Swedes. It’s nonsense, but we feel it is a correct idea. We pretend: They could be from Chile. Or Delaware. The moment we say that all terrorists are Odinist, we are putting blame on Odin, the Nordic supreme god. We say: If all terrorists are Odinist, there may be something wrong with Odin himself. We shouldn’t do that.

Joe Conservative said...

o/t - Heads up people. The 2012 Campaign has already begun...

Ducky's here said...

Just do what they do in Israel, z?

Okay, first off, we know that there are dozens of airports in America that daily carry more traffic than the entire state of Israel, by large numbers. Therefore, Israel does not have a model that is demonstrated to be effective here. But let that go.

Now, the screeners are probably going to have to be reasonably skilled people. Can we put in place a hiring process that can get skilled screeners for all U.S. airports and would we want to pull them out of the general workforce (which is non too motivated to begin with)?

Have you noticed that threats are as successful attacks (when was the last on an American aircraft). So with a lot of our economy tied up in air travel our brute force approach is a real economic problem ans as they extend the threat to cargo we will be saddled with a growing expenditure and bureaucracy and they don't even have to build a successful bomb. So we lose at this game. Might be time to think straight and stop acting like wimps.

Karen Howes said...

Saw this at AOW's place-- it's an outrage!

WomanHonorThyself said...

we are now in a police state Z.......................

Z said...

Ducky, you treat every airport like an Israel, GET IT? Extrapolate...

As for skilled screeners? Never happen here. Do you read my comments, by the way???

Ducky's here said...

... and you have to remember, z, this whole charade goes onto the GDP balance sheet as an asset.

Kapital has as many ways to grift the suckers as terrorists have to threaten an airliner. It's a great combo, just not for us.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky you're almost making some kind of sense today.

You're right the police state generates revenue. But it goes back to my post the other day. It does not lead to productivity gains and therefore won't improve the GDP that much. Plus your mentioning Kapital as if this was the product of capitalism is plain wrong. This is the produce of big gov working with corporations in country that is starting to look like a soft fascist state. I think that's what your people on the left are becoming: fascist like in Europe in the 30s. Nothing to be proud of.

beamish said...

The El Al argument is completely specious. They don't have the air traffic in the entire country to match a mid size American city let alone Chicago, D.C.,Atlanta or New York.

Ducky, you crack me up. Seriously, if you want to have a respectful, honest, meaningful discussion about really anything, you're going to have to stop kidding around and acknowledge the obvious fact that you're a fucking moron.

What does the volume of air traffic in Israel on any given day have to do with the security measures El Al takes on its flights?

I know this logic might be too hard to grasp for someone so entrenched in the left wing, but El Al is landing flights in Israel FROM all over the world at the same time they are launching flights to places all over the world. No terrorist gets on any El Al flight, be it taking off from Israel or somewhere else, because of the security measures they use.

The number of El Al flights is irrelevant.

Lots of folks making money and the far right wants to feel safe. It should get worse.

It could get worse. We could put far leftists in charge who piss in their diapers over the idea that
some Muslim might not like being scrutinized and profiled for terrorism. Let's strip search non-Muslim children and Catholic nuns. Wouldn't want to hurt the feelings of someone who might just go nuts and blow themselves up in the middle of a shopping mall over it.

It might even get to the point that those same leftists, not a vertebrae to share between them all, might get scared to actually try a captured Muslim terrorist plotter of the 9/11 attacks himself, because securing a venue for the trial might involve shutting down highways and diverting traffic elsewhere like they do for... well, nobody. They'd have to admit Muslims outside the courthouse might be a threat, and they'd rather kiss ass than kick it.

Wait a minute, we're already there. It can't get worse.

Go hide under your futon, leftie. Daddy's got ya.

beamish said...

Ducky, you treat every airport like an Israel, GET IT? Extrapolate...

Close, Z.

You treat every airport terminal like its being run by El Al.

El Al flights are safe, no matter where they're taking off from.

Z said...

beamish..but just when we thought it couldn't get worse, we have that information from the stupid Napolitano in my latest post, right!?

Ya, I'm glad you agreed with my logic...not 'close', you say exactly what I'd tried to say, I guess; treat every airport in the States like El Al is run. WHo cares how many flights?
I honestly think Ducky's not thinking sometimes.

OH, man, did I open your door on THAT one, huh? :)

beamish said...


Well, yeah. Ducky has told you time and again that he's a leftist.

Why don't you just take his word for it and stop expecting his brain to produce coherent thoughts?

Z said...

Beamish....I keep hoping..........

beamish said...

You're an optimist.

To me, expecting Ducky to think is trying to get snails to pole vault.

It might happen. But is it really ever?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Are you actually saying that the US is too stupid to scale up what Israel does? Do you actually believe the tripe you pass off as commentary here?


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