Thursday, November 11, 2010


I try not to swear much but I don't really give a damn right now because I'm so ticked off.  On the Dennis Miller radio show tonight, I heard a Vietnam Vet, a Marine, thank America for having changed.  He said that he was called 'baby killer' and even worse names upon arriving back to the States and he actually started crying when he said how much he appreciates that America's changed so much in forty years.  He THANKED AMERICANS for laying off the 'baby killer' stuff and actually honoring our military.
IMAGINE the left's nasty slings and arrows at good men like THIS who've held in their feelings as if they should be apologetic for having slaved in the jungles of Vietnam with little food or drink, threatened every day in that dreadful tropical heat, missing their families, for months and months.  For all of that, they were humiliated when they finally got home.  This guy has to thank US for not calling him NAMES?  BASTARDS....anyone who EVER dissed a Vietnam Vet is a total bastard.
Sorry, I can't help it.


Anonymous said...

Z - The people of the United States went to great lengths to make up for how the Vietnam vets were treated.

I believe that most of the Vets have accepted that, and as the one you saw tonight said, that people are treating troops differently now.

Z said...

the thought of anyone treating ANYONE who'd suffered like that so badly when those guys and women didn't PICK that war is hideous and disgusting, Sue.......
They did what they were told to do and were treated like dirt.
what "great lengths" have Americans done but put up a wall in DC?

Anonymous said...

Z - There were things done besides putting up the wall. An effort was made to make them feel appreciated.

Nothing can be done to make up for the terrible way the Vietnam Vets were treated when they came home, but things were done, and most people, including the vets have moved on.

cube said...

I remember being in junior high school and defending our soldiers and their mission in Vietnam while many of my school mates voiced the liberal mantra against them. I wasn't one of the popular kids, but I didn't care.

Z said...

cube, me, this day, I always thank anybody who's been in the service.

Sue, nobody's making a bid deal now about this..the soldier didn't decide to get on the radio and cry, he just broke down from the emotion of what he was telling Dennis Miller......Miller had a wonderful show with nothing but Vet tributes.
I hope things were done, I haven't heard of them, but I'm sure that's true if you say so.

It amazed me that anybody would THANK people for just plain being (finally) decent. After all HE did, he's thanking a bunch of thankless Americans for not giving him hell anymore. That touched me........

Anonymous said...

Z - When my husband was stationed in D.C. there was a huge rally for the Vietnam Vets (my husband was one too). With bands and speakers.
I read on Google about towns that had parades welcoming them back.

Joe said...

"...anyone who EVER dissed a Vietnam Vet is a total bastard."

You have elevated those who DIS our soldiers to much too high a standing. There are no words to express their sliminess.

It is one thing to disagree with a particular war policy. It is quite another to slam those whose motive is to protect our country.

Anonymous said...

I think it is true that most Vietnam Veterans have “moved on,” but many have not. It is an individual thing, so it is not possible to assert all is well in River City. Obviously, all is not well when a man breaks down on a radio program. There is help for things like that, but it takes a keen sense of self to realize when that help is needed, and then go and get it.

I can’t help but notice the cavalier attitude about this among some people. Does anyone think that the Vietnam era POWs have moved on from the way Jane Fonda treated them? Do the broken bones and the psychological damage done to them suddenly mend? I think not. Nevertheless, it is very typical of the left to do these sort things. The best way to explain it is this: if you want to tear apart the country, begin with tearing down its institutions. Now the left has done a thorough job poisoning the minds of young people against their country by destroying our educational system. The left has also embarked on sophisticated programs designed to demean state constitutions, and one can cite any number of examples to make this point. Back in the early 70s, there was an unbelievable amount of racial tension in the Armed Forces, all of it generated by the American Communist Party that Van Jones and Bill Ayers is so proudly associated.

We can see this too in the way leftists treated Vietnam Veterans. Demean them, and you destroy the fiber of an important American institution: The Armed Forces of the United States. People may try to soft-soap this now, but it really is a big deal and I’m very glad you posted this, Z.

Ducky's here said...

Miller needed a show so he showed complete disrespect for the day by pushing this debunked urban legend.

Didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as righteous anger.

I hope this soldier and his brothers in arms who are still hurting will receive the healing they need. They most CERTAINLY deserve it.

Z said...

Joe, slam the soldiers is so low.

There is a cemetery in France, about 20 minutes drive from Normandy..the French gave this land to the Germans for their's VERY different than the sparkling American lawns of white crosses and Stars of David and pools and statues and, as it was the days I was there, the bright blue sky overlooking the sea.
The German cemetery is very dark, full of low-foliage trees and dark brown crosses with red roses everywhere.......very serene and beautiful.
Even THERE, there's a sign saying "Here lie German soldiers, many of whom did not pick the cause or the fight"
But, liberal Americans just couldn't give that to OUR TROOPS, could they.

Ducky, you crack me up. Miller's show was mostly upbeat with many soldiers calling in to reminisce about the Greatest Generation ....this one man calls in and breaks down because of the nastiness of your side and you slam Miller? wow

Jen, they CERTAINLY do deserve it.

Sue, I'm glad about the rally. Would that it could erase those awful months they spent there only to be humiliated upon their return by their fellow countrymen.

FrogBurger said...

Same people would say this kind of thing are trying to run the show. All the leftards from the 60s. Glad they're on their way out and will retire soon. It's a generation that has screwed up many countries while enjoying the prosperity of post WW2.

Anonymous said...

The Vietnam War was an unpopular one. The mistake that many American people made was to let the anti-war sentiments spill over onto the troops.

Their hatred of the war became hatred for the troops fighting it.
It was an ignorance that hopefully now has been corrected. I have seen
much evidence of respect for the troops now because of what happened to the returning Vietnam troops. It was very unfortunate for this to have happened, it left a dark blot on our country's history.

But there were efforts to make up for it and these efforts were for the most part accepted.

Z said...

Ducky, by the way, you're saying insults to our Vietnam Vets DIDN'T HAPPEN? :-) How I wish that were true.
Here is a reasoned, informative piece regarding the FACT that while some veterans were greeted appropriately, it is NOT a myth others were not:

FB...I'm not sure what you mean...

Z said...

Sue, I think that's true, too...because of the horrid treatment of many Vietnam vets, Americans were embarrassed afterwards and have treated our soldiers now with much more respect and gratitude.
I think that's largely what that soldier meant.

FrogBurger said...

Saying the same people who slammed the Vietnam Vet are trying to change this country. Those are the people from the 60s who screwed up the economies of countries around the world with their zero growth, equalitarian agenda.

FrogBurger said...

All of that while enjoying the post war prosperity.

Like spoiled kids, they didn't want the next generations to enjoy it. So they screwed it all up.

Anonymous said...

Z - I think that more than embarrassed, the American people were ashamed of how the Vietnam Vets were treated. And they came to see how wrong it was to punish the troops just because they didn't like the war.

I think credit has to be given to Americans for this.

Z said...

FB, I're right.
I hope you got to see Beck's show on Soros. I'm hoping and praying SOMEONE can dispute his facts and's astonishing to see the research his people have done and astonishing to hear about the threats he's getting.

Anonymous said...

"Here lie German soldiers, many of whom did not pick the cause or the fight"

I think that sentiment would apply to those fighting on both sides of the two greatest conflagrations of the 20th Century, Z. There is an annual remembrance of the armistice every year on November 11. Personally I think that WWI set the stage for the bigger war that followed, and reading accounts of that first war from those who lived through it is very sad. What if the real reasons for the onset of that conflict differed from the superficial reasons given?

I came across an interesting bit of info regarding WWII which may be of interest since it makes a lot of sense in the context of the onset of WWII — which began after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentop Pact in August of 1939. This allowed the National Socialists of Germany to ally with the Stalinist Bolshevik Socialists to commence the war by attacking Poland on two fronts. That was before America was brought into the war ...

"In 1940, the Japanese consul general in Harbin, Manchuria, intercepted several messages sent from the Soviet foreign minister, Vyacheslav Molotov, to the Soviet ambassador in Tokyo. In one of these messages, Molotov told his ambassador: "We concluded an 'Agreement with Germany' because a war is required in Europe" between the capitalist nations, to open the door for the future communization of the European continent. Molotov went on to explain that any peace settlement that would end the war between China and Japan "might destroy our work proceeding among the suppressed peoples of Asia, and . . . it would not instigate the Japanese-American war which we desire."

If Japan turned its eyes towards conquest in Southeast Asia — including the U.S.-controlled Philippine Islands — and became embroiled in a war with America, then Moscow could feel secure that the Japanese would not invade Soviet Siberia, as well. And in the chaos that a general war in Asia would create, the breeding ground for communist revolutions would be expanded. To help seal this likelihood, Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Japan in April 1941.

In July 1941, a month after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, FDR's confidant, Harry Hopkins, was in Moscow meeting with Stalin, assuring the Soviet dictator of Roosevelt's intention of supplying the Red Army with as much war materiel as it was possible to provide, with no strings attached. On August 1, FDR told his cabinet that he wanted the aid flowing to Stalin immediately. "The only answer I want to hear is that it is under way," Roosevelt said to them. "Get the planes off with a bang next week."


Z said...

Waylon...I swear I had to read that 3 times to get it clear in my head (uhoh)
From that, is someone implying that FDR wanted Russia to feel secure about spreading their communism in Europe? or is that a stretch?

"We concluded an 'Agreement with Germany' because a war is required in Europe" between the capitalist nations, to open the door for the future communization of the European continent.."

Reading that part above, I couldn't help but wonder if we're in this Muslim v The West situation so socialism/communism could be helped along while we're swatting at fanatic bees with no hive we can attack.
It's keeping us busy and we're seeing Obama shred the Constitution as I type.

Anonymous said...

Z, the part I quoted is from a much longer article discussing WW II and some of the things which led up to it. There was an official agreement signed between Germany and the USSR which almost immediately after signing the agreement Poland was invaded first by Germany and then by the Soviets. Today most people readily and rightly condemn Germany in starting the war but conveniently omit the role played by the Soviets and Stalin in that.

I guess it's part of the larger war in spreading the influence of socialism by pretending they were an"ally" against Hitler rather than first being allied with Hitler to spread the influence of socialism by invading Poland.

Here's the page from that article ...


Anonymous said...

Z - The rallies, parades, etc that were held in honor of the Vietnam Vets were not intended to heal the wounds of battle, or even erase the pain of the hatred the troops experienced upon returning home.

Instead, they were meant to say:

We're sorry for the way we treated you, it was a terrible mistake, and we ask your forgiveness. And please consider this the welcome home that you didn't receive the first time.

beamish said...


Would you care to explain the assault charges filed against my uncle (Vietnam vet, 3 Bronze Stars, one Purple Heart) for hospitalizing left-wing hippies that spit on him when he came home?

I realize your daddy carted you off to Faggachusetts to avoid having to make a stand for civil rights and you've grown to have the very same lack of spine, but seriously, you can't make an "urban legend" out of the actions of your fellow anti-war homos. You can Google or YouTube archival video of your fellow jizz gurglers chanting "Hey Hey LBJ! How many babies did you bomb today!"

Didn't happen? Man, fuck you.

P31 Mom said...

Z, love the post, and thank God for soldiers. The mental anguish and damage that these soldiers endured in Vietnam was intensified when they got home, rather than soothed. Shame on America for that.

Last month, I came out of the grocery store and noticed the tag on the car next to me said, "Former POW". I went and wrote a note on a scrap paper, and put it under their wind shield blade, thanking them for serving our country and helping keep our country free.

I have no clue if the person noticed or ever read it. But I made sure I prayed for that ex-POW that night.

Homeschoolers are different sort of crowd, and generally VERY patriotic. Thursday, I met with a group of homeschoolers and one of the women reminded us to call our veterans and thank them. Then it happened. Someone announced that one of the dad's in our midst happened to be a soldier, about to be shipped out in February. We began to clap. And clap. And clap. Everyone began to rise to their feet, giving him a standing ovations. Tears ran freely as us Mom's, clamored for words and our emotions were apparent.

If you ever know of a soldier who needs a pat on the back, send him to a homeschool meeting. We will show him the respect he deserves.

Z said...

thanks so much for that, P31Mom...I really appreciate it and I believe you're right..Homeschooled kids don't learn to hate America like public schools kids do.
I grieved last night when my Indiana friend told me he always asks young people he meets if they're learning good things in school about America and they ALWAYS say "Not really..." and go into slavery, etc etc.......I thought the heartland, at least, had better sense but I guess the liberal teachers unions are everywhere and we all know how warped the textbooks are. :-(

P31 Mom said...

I know that this is an old topic, so I don't mean to keep going on, but I wanted to say how RIGHT you are about America's public schools not teaching patriotism any more. I read, examine and research curriculum a lot due to home schooling. I've found out in recent years that there is a HUGE push to eliminate "patriotism" from public school curriculums. I probably sound like some crazy "conspiracy theorist" but I really believe that our public school system (controlled by the liberals for the most part) is trying to prepare our children for a one world government...probably UN.

Z said...

P31Mom...I think you are SO RIGHT about this ONE WORLD ORDER thing and I believe Obama's right in the heart of the plans, along with Soros the King.
Tell me, home schooling texts are more honest and more pro-American, aren't they?

P31 Mom said...

Most home schooling history books are *very* patriotic. Most teach history from a traditional Christian, pro-American perspective. Our Christian heritage is GREATLY under attack. There is a new wave of home school history producers wher are determined to directly address modern history curriculum's sterilized, anti-patriotism, anti-Christian message.

My oldest son's American history books are awesome. They teach history by using a LOT of the original documents. It's hard to deny our heritage or the good that our nation was founded on when they are reading the original documents!

Today, those documents would not be allowed in public schools because of the incorrect idea that there is a "separation of church and state."

From the Mayflower Compact to the first Thanksgiving proclamation...right down to our textbooks that children of long ago learned to read by...none of it would be legally allowed in a classroom today!Not even George Washington's first Inaugural Address could be included in it's entirety in a public school classroom today.

It's not that home school curriculums don't acknowledge the atrocities of slavery and such, but it doesn't make that the *only* focus when it comes to our history either.

Z said...

well, P31 Mom, I wish you were teaching ALL of AMerica's children, or at least on the textbook boards,

I'm sorry Moms were forced into their homes to teach instead of getting OUT THERE AND RIOTING against what other kids are being taught.