Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some After-Election humor that's not really SO funny


Anonymous said...

It is funny. You think Beck just said, "call me"!?


Joe said...

Beck could teach President BO a thing or two, if President BO was less narcisistic and more teachable.

Incognito said...

My condolences re. Brown and Boxer, dear one.


Susannah said...

BHO teachable?? Never...

Don't we know yet? He is the TEACHER!!

(Beck has been on a roll lately. Not sure what kind of roll it is, but maybe he'll tell us...?)

sue said...

Z - You are right. Not so funny.

Z said...

Ah, but "not funny", I mean "but, oh so true"....
I'm waiting and waiting for SOMEONE in the WH to dispute one fact/figure or 'geneology' of backtracking corruption by some of the WH people and none's forthcoming yet..not one. THAT I think is the saddest for Obama.

Incognito, good to see you. Yes, I'm real proud of my State so many of whose people said "I know, I'll vote for BIG spenders and people who love to bring MORE ILLEGALS into our State because we have NO MONEY and are going broke paying for the illegals..that's the ticket" And, when I consider the FABULOUS Conservative talk radio guys here in LA, the millions who DID vote against big spending and high taxes, the people who voted AGAINST a governor who embarrassed us ONCE (you'd think that'd be enough?), it gives me hope again.
I'm hoping and praying that a Tea Party/California outfit REALLY starts putting the pressure on all our politicians here.

Please, everyone, pray that STeve Cooley wins Atty's very close now, so he'll probably lose, but there is a remote chance for sanity.

sue said...

Z - I knew exactly what you meant by 'not so funny.'

Did you know what I meant?

Z said...

Sue, I thought you were just telling me that you don't think it's funny that Beck's work is threatening to Obama.
Tell me what YOU meant (and thanks for being a good sport...I think :-) depending on what you're going to tell me now!!

sue said...

Z - I think I can answer that by saying that I'm not particularly upset by the way the election went - but I'm still a registered Democrat, and my views are Liberal. Know what I mean?


If you don't mind I'd like to share this with you. Tonight's guest on Letterman was Chilean Edison Pena - the 12th miner out. He had only been on the job 8 months when they were trapped and really didn't know anyone.

What an amazing guy. He was poised, humble and his answers (through an interpreter - who was also amazing) were very good, humorous, and honest.

Near the end, Dave said, "Did you sing down in the mine to help pass the time?"

Edison then started singing an Elvis song (Caught in a trap) and when the band joined in he stood up and sang, and also did a great Elvis imitation. Now this may have been planned, but he was still pretty darn good.

After he runs the NYC Marathon on Sunday, he will return to Chili - to continue as a miner.

They turn out pretty amazing people in Chili. I was impressed.

Z said...

that's a great story, Sue, thanks....
I actually had those very same thoughts while watching all the rescues... the people had SUCH spirit and such resolve. I particularly liked the Pres and his wife who stayed there the whole time....they had such class and dignity.
And I was SO proud of all the American companies who made that possible, weren't you?

sue said...

Z - Yes.(It's funny, but I always feel like you are pushing me to think 'something' with your questions.) (:

I think the thing that impressed me, and taught me a lesson, was that I wouldn't have thought that a miner from Chile could come on an American talk show and do what he did.

And furthermore, after coming here and running the marathon, he is going to return to being a miner.

I think he knows something about life that I don't, and he opened my eyes tonight. I'm glad I didn't miss that one.

It's late here, so I'll check back tomorrow.

Z said...

Sue "Z - Yes.(It's funny, but I always feel like you are pushing me to think 'something' with your questions.) (: "

I'm honestly not sure what you mean.

I may put Letterman on now..I just realized it's 11:30..thanks...sleep well

sue said...

Z - I really am going to bed now.

I'll answer in the am.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Soloman said...

If Barack Obama is not currently a believer, by the time his presidency expires in early 2013 he most certainly will be...

Z - please check this out and help get the word out.

I know you get it. We need to activate. This is vital.

God Bless you.

Z said...

Soloman, I do recomment your blog post but won't link to it because I don't want more people to see Maddow's spewing her hatred and sarcasm.
She has the NERVE to interview dopey conservatives who haven't a clue and, thereby, slam Glenn Beck for being part of this 'conservative media majority'? Man, has she NEVER seen liberals asked questions and give completely dumb answers?
As for the trip to INdia, if it's not true about the costs Beck's warning us about, then we need to investigate before we talk about it.
The thing about Beck is he doesn't say anything that he's not checked into. This would be the first time he's been completely wrong....(she left that part out)

sue said...

Z - 'And I was so proud of all the American companies that made it possible, weren't you?'

Saying you were 'proud' of the 'American' companies expresses love for your country - and rightfully so. I love my country too.

But more times than I can count I have been told (on this blog and others) that as a Liberal not only do I not love my country, but I hate it.

Therefore I didn't feel that I could respond to your comment since as a Liberal it is a given that I don't love my country.(even though I actually do.)

I've always found it strange that Conservatives could tell me whether I love my country - or anything else.

Z said...

Sue, if there's one thing I know about you it's that you absolutely love your country every BIT as much as I do.
It's the FAR left which doesn't seem to respect the Constitution and tends to rule with "tyranny of the minority" that I feel is NOT capable of loving this country as our founding fathers planned, with independence, liberty and freedom to be our best...

No, Sue, you've never been more wrong at geeeZ...I think you love this country very much. I respect and like you more for it. xxx

sue said...

Z - Aw shucks,z, you won that round. I'll let it go at that.
I'm glad that I got such a positive response.

Oh, I just remembered - Real Time With Bill Maher is on tonight.(:

Z said...

Sue, BILL MAHER? SEE??? can never just LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE here, you've got to keep at it :-)
enjoy the show....

Z said...

sue, by the way, reading my comment doesn't convey that I was laughing heartily as I typed it!


sue said...

Z - I can't believe that I spelled 'Chile' - 'Chili.' I'm really not that dumb, but I did it.
You surely noticed. )-: Maybe it's because I had made a big batch of chili that night!

Showtime in 30 minutes. Can't wait for BM's comments on the election. Bill O'Reilly is a guest tonight.

Did you tune in the Chilean miner last night?

Z said...

I tuned in too late to Letterman but I got snippets on the stuff!
O'Reilly was going to be on BM? (Perfect nickname for Maher by the way :-)
You know, I'm not sure I did notice CHILI or CHILE, shame on me.
Never worry about that..we all make mistakes typing in these quick little comment boxes