Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's day MUSTANG

My dear friend and blog buddy, Mustang, has written quite a piece on Veteran's Day..........Please read THIS and join him and me in remembering our troops, offering a prayer up for the brave men and women who've given up so much for us, and for their families, heroes all.


Joe said...

Mustang always gets it right when it comes to honoring the troops.

He gets it right on everything else, too.

Anonymous said...

To our Veterans,

Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and your dedication to freedom and country.

God bless you all, each and every one.


David Wyatt said...

All our veterans are a breed apart & we love & appreciate you. May the Lord bless you richly.

sue said...

Z - Mustang's article is beautifully written. We should honor and appreciate our troops. This they deserve.

However, we should not undermine the deaths of others at the same time.

Z said...

Sue, the deaths of our enemies, those who want US dead, or..??

Anonymous said...

Z - If you read Mustang's article, in the middle of it he paused to say that the deaths of celebrities
had been given more attention than the troops.

And this is true. But people know celebrities by name, and have seen them in movies and on tv. So they have more of a connection with them.

When we lose a troop, very rarely are they known by name, and although it is likely that people don't like to see the loss of troops, it is a given that people who are famous are going to get more publicity. This is just the way it is.

That is what I was refering to. I felt that Mustang should not have named the two celebrities that he did, and put them lower than the troops. I've seen this done before. There are other people who lose their lives besides our troops, people who may very well have worked hard at their profession. I felt that it was a cheap shot.

Z said...

Sue, that's no 'cheap shot' because he didn't put those stars down, he just mentioned the sad thing about their passing....but he makes the point that soldiers are NOT remembered like they will be, which is a totally valid point whether it makes sense or not that famous people are obviously easier to remember...if he'd said "Big deal, Patricia Neil dies and who cares..?", that would have been more the cheap shot, don't you think?
I don't believe Mustang has any ideas for how our troops can be better remembered than celebrities, it's just a very lamentable and interesting point that they gave their lives for us and we don't remember a corporal but remember an actress. Ironic, I think.
I make a point of looking into the eyes of pictures of fallen soldiers...I say THANKS and try to imagine what they were thinking and what they missed in life.
There surely isn't anything much sadder than to hear of a twenty year old boy who might not have even ever had sex but died for us maybe even in a terribly painful way........

Anonymous said...

Z - I just felt that Mustang's article was so good that it was not necessary for him to even put that in about the celebrities.

Especially since there is really not much that can be done about that. It is one of the things in life that are not balanced. Like the amount of money that some people make, yet others deserve it too.

The only thing we can do is honor our troops - fallen or not - in the best way we can. Like today - going to a Veteran's Day service.

Z said...

well, sue, that's for's one of those unbalanced things; but he only put it there to make a point.

As for you think everyone 'deserves' the same amount of money someone else makes.....? (put on your boxing gloves, kiddo :-)

Actually, I'm turning in and YOU SHOULD, TOO! It's much later for you! Are you 2 or 3 hours ahead of LA?

Anonymous said...

Z - It is 1:45 here.

I was referring to the amount of money that sports figures make, as opposed to teachers - that sort of thing.

Good night. When I get up I will be looking for a new and interesting post on your blog!

Z said...

Sue, I sure do agree with you about sports figures and their's obscene, you're right.

and thanks for the nice compliment of waiting to see my latest post..I appreciate that.