Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winners and Losers.....got a favorite?

Kirk won in Illinois...this is HUUUGE! (I don't know why I had the feeling voting for Giannoulias was like voting for Al Pacino in The God Father!)
Kasich is slated to win!
CALIFORNIA's LOST ALTOGETHER, I'll admit it....and they were SO CLOSE (which is a minor miracle in and of itself)   Now we have that awful Boxer back, and Governor Moonbeam. 
Well, at least the country's in better shape than it was yesterday.  And California's not in THAT much worse shape!
I'm SO glad this darned night's OVER.
Looks like Harry Reid pulled it out....what a sad day for America.

Which race are YOU most excited about? Which win or loss bothered you the most?



Joe said...

I am most disappointed about Harry Reid. I am also grieved by B. Boxer, although at 12:59 EST Fiarino was up 48 to 47...yet the check mark was still by Boxer's name. God figure.

Florida has almost redeemed itself with Grayson's defeat, Rubio's win and a 97.7% probability of a Republican governor...albeit a somewhat suspect one.

Now if we can just do something about Alaska.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me the most is the thought that some of the outcome was fraud. I can handle a legitimate win by the Dems, but fraud, no.

Otherwise I am happy with the overall results. Yes West, and RUBIO, and Toomey, and yes, Rand Paul, and Kasich and Kirk and Mulvaney and Ron? Johnson.

Wish Angle could have joined Rubio and Paul in the Senate.


Sorry about California, really sorry.

Anonymous said...

First, the best thing is winning big in the House. Heading for a gain of 60 or more seats.

I'm thrilled that Marco Rubio and Allen West won in Florida. Both terrific candidates.

Republicans gained in governorships which is important for 2012.

The worst, Reid is back, and so is Jerry Brown. Ugh!

But, it's been a big night, so we can celebrate! No more rubber stamp. And, no more speaker Pelosi!!! Hooray!

PS. It's 10:15 so this isn't a final tally, we're not done yet!

sue said...

Z - I thought it went pretty much as expected. Not too many surprises. I may stay up a while longer and listen to the commentary.

beamish said...

I was happy that Robin Carnahan lost to Roy Blunt for Senate here in Missouri.

THe race is tight for my Congressman, Russ Carnahan, Ed Martin's so close it's not called yet.

Having Missouri politics free of the Carnahan Dynasty sleazeballs would be a nice two-fer, but I'm content that Robin Carnahan is a very clear loser.

Anonymous said...

Alan West in Boca Raton Marriott on victory night....


Notice....he he....that the crowd is ...is..is...mostly.....WHHHHHHHHHHHHHITE....OH GAWD.....WHAT WILL KEITH OBERFURHER and Jon Stewart have to say?

All those ahhhhh....."bigots and racists"?

Ducky's here said...

Barney Frank beat the crap out of Bielat. Republicans had the best chance they'll ever have to crack Massachusetts and came up absolutely empty.

Long live the Commonwealth.

To bad Carol Shea-Porter lost in N.H. or it would have been a fine election in New England.

Tea Party not welcome here. I love New England.

Ducky's here said...

I really wanted people to see what happens when you vote in the truly retarded candidates into positions of national import. I expect some silliness in the House, but whether you love or hate them, there have been very few categorically sub-idiotic crazies in the Senate.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Will the witch Pelosi now have to ask for "Broom-a-flight" on a Cessna 150 to travel back and forth to her vineyards now?

Anonymous said...

"Long live the Commonwealth. and Uber alles you freak. Common wealth my ass.....should be common theft -poor dopey descendants of shanty Irish clowns headed by Bwaney and Joe Kennedy.

Massascrewetts is crazier than California.

You really like that distinction don't you quack? A "state" that's really a mini commie entity in drag?

Always On Watch said...

Here in Northern Virginia, the race between Gerry Connelly (Excuse me, Z, but I'll refer to him by the name Mr. AOW and I use: Connelly is a real shit weasel) and Keith Fimian is still undecided. That Connolly didn't trounce Fimian as happened last time is quite interesting for this liberal and leftista region of Virginia. Connolly used to serve on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and has never been in such a close race!

I am disappointed that Jim Moran trounced Patrick Murray -- this after Moran said the military service isn't public service.

I guess I won't be doing much celebratory drinking as Harry Reid won. **sigh**

Always On Watch said...

Addendum: I am so glad that Rubio won handily.

Z said...

Joe, Alaska's troubling isn't it. Still tied while I type.

Anonymous..some of the outcome very well could have been fraud...I can handle a legit win, too, but not fraud.

Pris, No more PELOSI is THE BEST!

Imp; such a good point. Man, the RACIST moniker the dopes in the WH tried to hang on us is SO DUMB and this proves it. You're RACIST if you don't think all minorities should vote Democrat, apparently! :-)

Ducky, I was explaining to a friend from Beliz last night how only in Massachusetts can a guy plead stupid enough that he didn't know his male lover was running a prostitution ring out of their home and get elected again and again to the senate. Only in Massachusetts can people be THAT knee jerk stupid.

AOW, Rubio's a star....if I was a democrat, I'd be shaking in my shoes. I like that! :-)

Z said...

I was just thinking... with someone like Barney Frank, who was so down in the polls only days ago that he had to sink another $200K of his own personal money to try to stay in the game, HOW THE HECK DID HE WIN SO HANDILY? Another sitaution where Z can only say "ODD, isn't it?"

Chuck said...

Only the Duck would be claiming victory this morning for the Dims.

I think my favorite was Florida taking out the trash. Alan Grayson is sitting at the curb this morning.

Disappointed about Harry Reid. Quite frankly this is a case where Angle and her mouth snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

FrogBurger said...

Disappointed that the big names are still there in my case.

Ducky Barney FRank is a total moron for the record. I don't think I've seen more moronic of a representative across 2 countries.

Very representative of New England indeed.

Z said...

FB, I'm thinking that if the Tea Partiers get real busy and focused on California, some change can be made thru sheer intimidation....
There are enough good Conservative with seats in the CA houses, so I'm hoping we can change things around,,,even if we have to resort to law suits re the constitution, etc...
what do you think?

FrogBurger said...

CA won't change. It's like France. People have been brainwashed and the welfare state has created what I'd call in marketing terms "barriers to entry" for conservatives. It's the perfect example of what welfare does to a country politically and economically.

I perused the French press today and some comments are really pathetic and show how much brain washing there's been. Some compare the tea party to the National Front.

God I detest the leftards.

Joe Conservative said...

The cocktail party elites, Reid & Frank, et al, kept their crowns this time. That just goes to show how much money and an irresponsible and corrupt media can do to sway EVERY election.

Conservatives need to dominate new media and to continue to work to break the old corporate media strangleholds. G_d bless Z and all independent bloggers like her! G_d bless America!

JINGOIST said...

Last night was a victory. Not a HUUUGE victory, but a big one.
Z, my heart goes out to you. You've done SO much with your smart conservative blog, and it looked like CA just **might** gain some electoral sanity...No such luck. The fruits and nuts ruled the day in CA.

Here in Florida we conservatives won almost a total victory. We got rid of that syphilitic walrus Alan Grayson and a bevy of other US House Dems. Marco Rubio VANQUISHED the Rainbow Chameleon Charlie Crist for the US Senate. We're now taking bets on whether "Mrs. Crist" will stand by her "man" or whether she'll run back to live in NYC. LOL!

The most watched race in the state last night is still undecided. The FL Governor's race is very close. With Palm Beach County's votes in dispute (sound familiar?) Rick Scott (R) leads Alex Sink (D) by a total of 53,000 votes. The Dems are trying to steal the election because it's within 1%. As far as I'm concerned, there's NO recount in the entire world where you can gain 50,000 votes. But the Palm Beach County Dems are working their dishonest little fingers to the bone trying to get those stuffed ballot boxes included in the mix.

Joe said...

Palm Beach County, Florida...bring back any memories?

Good grief!

Anonymous said...

To Imp and Jingo, congratulations to you and to Florida.

You did yourselves proud.


Anonymous said...

Harry Reid did say that was one of the toughest fights of his life. Then he went on to add that it was tougher than some of the fights he's had on the street and in the boxing ring. I always though he looked like Harvey Milquetoast was his daddy.

Also saw John Boehner giving a victory speech, at first I thought he must have imbibed too much in celebration, then he ended up tearing up when he began talking about his life. I'm not sure how genuine he is. Maybe that was his Beck imitation.

Interesting that some commentators point out that the last time that there was such a huge swing was about 100 years ago, when the voters understood what Woodrow Wilson was about and what he was imposing. A revolt against "progressivism" ... something that really needs more exposure and ultimately having a stake driven through its heart.

Glenn Beck is doing a good job of that, so is Boehner imitates Beck in that regard, it could be a gooood thing.


Z said...

FB, I got a very carefully worded email from Germany about the Tea Parties, too. People believe what our mainstream media feeds them through their 'journalists' who simply translate the news and get paid big bucks for it, something Mr Z lamented with "Why don't they even care about hearing the truth? THey believe what the leftwing American press tells them!" And, as Mr. Z kept saying "The left doesn't change from country to country"

Jingo, I think Sink just SANK....concession speech either coming or just did? GOod news for FLA.
The good news for CA was how very close Fiorina and Whitman came, very very close. It shows how many people in CA aren't quite what most of the bloggers like to say we are, frankly.
Nobody's more disappointed than I am today about CA, but I have weird sense of comfort this morning (Maybe it's just the weight of election night off my back, and, for the record, I had exactly one small glass of red wine and Vietnamese food!!)(By the way, they're not a good match!)
I'm hoping the tea partiers start focusing on States like mine and don't see why they wouldn't....let's see how they can make some changes...

Pris, they do deserve congrats in FLA. At least more than they do in Massachusetts picking the living room pimp again :-)

Waylon, I was on the phone with Pris last night and I mentioned that at least Boehner was relatively sober at midnight their time, which was good for him, considering how drunk he was the time I spoke to him with Breitbart and Cadell. ............what a CREEP. But, I felt those tears were real or a drunk couldn't have stopped them once they came; plus, his wife was crying right behind him, so there's some emotion about his having risen through a poor family with 11 kids and right up to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of these United States of America. I have a feeling those were real tears.
But, so are Beck's. They certainly are.

And yes, if he matches Beck in any OTHER way, we'll all be way ahead. If only Boehner's first action could be wheeling in Beck's chalk boards and showing all of COngress and the country what the Obama thugs are up to...MAYBE THAT WOULD HELP? (HEH)

tha malcontent said...

Looks like Harry Reid pulled it out....what a sad day for America.

Well look how he did it, he had the Unions twist the arms of the Vegas casino union workers (and there are 10's of thousands of them) and put pressure on them to vote for Harry Reid.


beamish said...

I think all in all, we got the best outcome possible.

I attribute the Dem's loss of the House mostly to their passing the Senate's / Harry Reid's version of Obamacare without a reconciliation bill. There is absolutely no House input in that law signed by Obama whatsoever, which makes Nancy Pelosi posing with that huge gavel that much more pathetic. Goodbye.

Something like that isn't going to happen again.

Gone too from the House is the oxymoron "Blue Dog" conservative Democrat. They don't even exist on paper anymore. This pushes the Democratic Party as a whole deeper into that zone of unelectability we affectionately call the left-wing. Democrats aren't going to get the House back anytime soon, and perhaps not even in my lifetime, and I've got 40 years or more to go. But, I anticipate at least four years of Republican rule of the House.

Obama might as well start singing "no new taxes" because none are going to pass the House anyway.

Harry Reid will not change his style of leadership in the Senate, in fact, I predict it will become even more vindictive and partisan, and he will try to serve as Obama's rubber stamp as much as his five seat majority will allow, which is going to hit a roadblock - the Senate must pass bills the conservative Republican owned House can reconcile with after the Senate liberals and leftists get it through the gauntlet of new conservatives in the Senate that can derail it at every clause and amendment.

Now that the "keys" have in effect been given back to the Republicans, will Obama sober up in the back seat and become less venal, mendacious, petty, and arrogant. My Magic 8-Ball came up "Hell No." Which is a good thing.

When Obama loses re-election in 2012, he'll be taking a good chunk of the 23 incumbent Democrat Senators with him. Republicans will only need a gain of 6 seats for a majority in the Senate.

Let the gridlock begin! A government that does nothing is the best kind of government we can get.

Craig and Heather said...

Looks like Idaho booted our resident Dem. House Rep (Walt Minnick) in favor of Republican Labrador. Not sure what that means, yet, as we also have a couple retained Republican incumbents (Crapo and Otter)that I find a bit questionable. But, we'll see, I guess.

Did anyone else notice a large number of professing Mormons on their ticket this year? We had, I think, at least three in the major races. I'm pretty sure my reason for wondering is legitimate, but don't have time to explain right now why it's not "religious bigotry" to ,um, some who like to throw that one around.

Just curious if anyone else noticed this?


JINGOIST said...

Thanks Pris, and thanks Z!
It was a great night here in Florida.

From what an election watcher was saying, it truly was a TSUNAMI because the GOP won so many statehouses/Governorships. The importance of those wins cannot be overstated when it comes to winning upcoming national elections.

heidianne jackson said...

impertinent, it couldn't possibly be that west's audience is primarily white because his district is, could it? but you're right, the idiots at cnn, comedy central & msnbc will see something overtly racist and evil. west's speech was great - per usual.

z, i think the thing that's so disheartening to me about moonbeam's reinstatement is that nightengale took so many of the votes away from meg. same with some other key races around the country.

when will people learn that voting for a 3rd party candidate does NOT send a message home to moderate republicans. it simply gives them an excuse as to why they lost. and make no mistake, the 3rd party candidate IS why meg lost.

isn't it better to have a questionable rino who will vote for conservative principles 45-50% of the time then to have a died-in-the-wool leftist who will NEVER vote for the conservative policies?

JINGOIST said...

--"Let the gridlock begin! A government that does nothing is the best kind of government we can get."--

Great post Beamish!

DaBlade said...

I really wanted to see Christine O'Donnell pull it off just for the irritation factor (yah, I'm like that), but I was most pleased with the fact that Michigan will have a Republican Governor again. So happy, in fact, it inspired me to blog again.

Anonymous said...

Z, that would be great if Boehner brought in the chalk board to edjumicate those needing to be educated. But, I'm afraid that when the going gets tough the tough head for India ... and he's the one most needing education. How could a trip to India cost $200 million per day. And what sort of human would expense something like that when it comes out of the taxpayers pocket? What does the taxpayer get for that $200 million per day?


Anonymous said...

The worst thing that happened in this election was Lisa Murkowski hands down. She -- and the egoistical, self-serving, power-mad mentality she exemplifies - are anathema.

The best thing was the overwhelming victory of Marco Rubio over that weasely RINO Charley Crist. Axilla Stink finally conceded to Rick Snott about an hour ago, so Florida can claim an almost clean sweep for al, that's right, true, good and possible in American Politics today.

Sharron Angle, likeable as she is, was the wrong candidate to oppose Reid. A strong, fiscally conservative male candidate with less ideological baggage could easily have toppled that creep from Nevada.

The loss of Kathy O'Donnell in Delaware was still a victory of sorts, because even though she lost by a wide margin to the bearded Marxist Coons, she rid the state of the abominable Mike Castle, who in spirit has been no more a Republican than Obama is a conservative.

The greatest enemies of freedom are not Democrats, but RINO's and conservatives with narrow ideological and religious agendas.

California, of course, remains an ongoing tragedy. That's what's bound to happen when ethnic minorities start to move into the majority. Sorry to have to say it, but when it comes to non-whites "race" is EVERYTHING. Never forget that 90% of blacks still mindlessly support Obama. That's because ALL they can see is MELANIN.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...
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Craig and Heather said...

--"Let the gridlock begin! A government that does nothing is the best kind of government we can get."--

Great post Beamish!

I'd tend to agree with that. If they're busy fighting each other, perhaps they will leave us alone for a while?


FrogBurger said...

Not much will change. The deficit will still grow as the supply side voodoo fails again.

God you're as moronic as Frank. Maybe you guys should get married.

Ask the French and European how the demand side of Keynesian economics has worked for them since 1975.

FrogBurger said...

Let the gridlock begin! A government that does nothing is the best kind of government we can get.

Exactly. We don't need people as idiotic as Frank, Reid or Ducky to pass laws. They should take naps instead and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, are you saying that NAMBLA and Barney Frank have trumped the Tea Party in Boston? How corrupt is that no sense of history left there, or what?


beamish said...

I'm looking forward to next fall's budget showdown in the House, and the inevitable "shut down of government."

Hopefully it'll last longer than when Newt Gingrich's House took Clinton's agenda completely off the table.

Craig and Heather said...

Not much will change. The deficit will still grow as the supply side voodoo fails again.

"Democratic Socialism" isn't the answer, Ducky. And this isn't only about our financial status.

Too many people in power are too corrupt to blindly entrust to provide for Americans "the basics of life". And there are still too many irresponsible/dishonest/illegal citizens who would abuse a "people's system" of socialism. It would eventually either become a totalitarian regime or simply collapse in on itself.

What you seem to want from financial reform etc. would be more likely accomplished by way of less civil govt intervention and simultaneous focus on personal responsibility of individuals. Both elements would need to be present, though, to avoid a "less govt" downslide into a state of anarchy.


FrogBurger said...

Heather, Ducky doesn't understand life and economics are not black and white, oppressed vs rich, supply vs demand.

His mind is too simple to comprehend complexity. That is why he's a socialist. And that is why people like him when they run things, lead us to collapse, tyranny and misery. They're inept and yet they think they know more than we do.

Craig and Heather said...

Hey FB!

I figured it wouldn't hurt to offer him a thought but don't assume responsibility if it isn't actually received. ;)

If we do get a bit of a reprieve from the craziness, perhaps those of us who do see the benefits of moving away from federal govt-as-god/babysitter will make the most of our moment of relief?

What might we accomplish during this time that is truly worthwhile?

'course, this is coming from someone who has been begging God since the last election to give us another chance to get things right...


beamish said...

The perfect post-2012 election outcome:

A Republican President
A 69 seat Republican majority in the Senate
435 Republicans in the House

Let's get the Democratic Party out of national politics altogether.

Can we do it? Let's try.

We begin with a gridlocked Congress stopping cold the agenda of an amateur President who has a 69% disapproval rating, and a majority of states with Republican governors and legislatures making a stand against Obama's overreaches.

VERY likely we're going to see Obama faced first with a nasty Democratic Party primary challenger, probably Hillary Clinton, who will exacerbate Obama's lame duck-ness as she resigns SecState to begin her comapaign against him and the Senate is locked up trying to confirm her replacement some time next summer. Let them eat their own for a while. Nothing gets a party purge going like being led by a President with a popularity rating so low even he sprays Lysol at his mirrors. The band-aid fix on the 2008 Democratic Party schisms is going to come off. "Unite to stop the Republicans and re-elect our hated President" is going to sell in 2012 about as well as umbrellas in Atlantis.

Let's be done with Democrats at the national level once and for all.

It starts at the ground up. We've already removed their legs to stand on.

Ducky's here said...
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Craig and Heather said...

Absolutely wiped the floor with him just like he rest of the tea bag crazies got punted in the great state of Massachusetts.

What the folks in Massachusetts want to do with your state is fine for you all. The issues occur when those same people direct legislation at a federal level that adversely affects the status of other states.

beamish said...

I'm pretty sure Scott Brown will face a Republican primary challenger in 2012.

Joe said...

"Without that batch of absolute knuckle draggers (tea party)there might be a Senate majority also."

Guess what, ducko...those people are citizens and just as worthy of respect as you are...probably more so.

When people like you begin to realize that (fat chance) we'll be on our way to being the country we should be.

Anonymous said...

It's over...a complete Trifecta!!!

Scott sunk Sink!

And we got West and Rubio to take back this state.

Amen...God Bless American common sense.

Anonymous said...


"impertinent, it couldn't possibly be that west's audience is primarily white because his district is, could it?

My point exactly. What's more is that there were two AA's in the race. Although different seats...but the best man won...Period. Alan West.

And this district ( heavily white and Jewish ) proved that color...matters not.

I'd like to see how many of the Jewish vote went for Alan West myself.

Major said...

"It was also a serious message to Scott Brown that he better not get too frisky if he wants to be re-elected."

Or honorable, or sensible or pragmatic, right? Face it quack...we just drew a huge RED line around....all you parasites in the NE dem ghettos.


Anonymous said...

Ducky, it sounds like sanity has NOT been restored in "the great state of Massachusetts."


Anonymous said...

There can be no doubt in the minds of normal people that Ducky is terminally stupid.

Whateverman said...

I don't think I'm excited by any of it.

To be honest, I'm glad the repubs took control of the House. Even if full of people I agree completely with, I don't like a single party controlling all three spots.

Overall, I'm worried that this supposed "mandate" (which it wasn't) is merely an excuse for obstructionism. Despite the rhetoric, I think most Americans are tired of the partisan BS; I know I sure am. It'll always be a part of our political system, but right now we need statesmen, not demagogues.

I guess I'm satisfied with the elections here in MA. it wont change much, but I consider the current results to be the lesser of two evils...

Leticia said...

Harry Reid's win was a great blow, but considering the state he represents, not surprising.

Pelosi is OUT!! Yay!

Three of the candidates that I supported through the Tea Party rallies won! I met them all and they are men of faith. I feel great about that.

The Tea Party will continue in its grassroots efforts.

Z said...

thanks for all your comments...
SOrry I had to delete Ducky only but only because some of you responded to him and so your comments are dangling....but people get the drift, believe me.

Ducky, please stop the insults and you can come back. Other than that, take good care.
Somehow, Waterman can disagree and call no one names...it's a good model.

Whateverman, I think that had Obama included Republicans in his Stimulus plan and had he produced the health care bill with Republicans on board instead of calling the R's obstructionist and "the party of NO' (which was effective with some people, I'll admit, some Americans did believe that after hearing it enough times), it wouldn't have been quite the shellacking as it was last night. I think people are fed up with what they were starting to finally see; that all were NOT listened to. Heck, what happened to having bills discussed on CSPAN like Obama promised, remember? I thought it was a great idea. The R's had good ideas and were mostly ignored.
I'm with you...I don't think any one party ought to have the power like the last 2 years....
There's no 'mandate'....I don't think anybody believes that's the case.

Craig and Heather said...

Despite the rhetoric, I think most Americans are tired of the partisan BS; I know I sure am.

I'm thinking that a lot of Americans are just plain sick and tired of being lied to by people to whom they've given a measure of trust.


Z said...

I heard only clips of Obama's speech and question/answer this morning.
Apparently, though, it's we who have made it so difficult for him to succeed and we caused him to get 'shellacked', as he puts it, last night, we who have forced him into "this place" (what he referred to the White House as twice today) so he can't stay in touch with the 'regular' people he says he champions, he's very sad that the Free Market isn't properly working and feels that it's important businesses do well (WHAT? All he talks about is how bad business is)

Here's a clip from the press conf. today:
"As I've said before, no person, no party has a monopoly on wisdom. And that's why I'm eager to hear good ideas wherever they come from, whoever proposes them."

WHY didn't he listen? The Republicans were so frustrated and discussed that but the mainstream media just wouldn't talk about it and people needed to know. Also, he said:

"I do believe there is hope for civility. I do believe there is hope for progress"

We can't get civility unless he stops referring to the Right as 'the enemy', until he stops the BLAMING, until he stops being so thin skinned and starts GOVERNING for ALL of us, not just half of us...compromise IS a good thing IF people really want to return to the Constitution's tenets and put our country first, not the party.

The press conf. made feel very sad for our country.


there's today's text of Obama's press conference...I was going to address more main points here but it's got me too down. He sure does sing a good song but almost nothing he said can be borne out from the behavior of the last 2 years! I WANT to believe him ..but WOW.

FrogBurger said...

He even had the audacity of pitching himself as pro free-market.

This guy will tell you whatever you want to hear to be loved.

2 more years to go.

Anonymous said...

Z, I think Obama is such a narcissistic phony that his own mind can't conceive that he could possibly be rejected because of his action, his thinking and what he considers to be his ideals.

I came across a good assessment of Obama ... discussing something similar, which I think reveals much about him.

"Concerning anger, Obama recounts a telling anecdote in his memoir Dreams from my Father. When a high school friend of Obama's was arrested for possession of drugs, Obama's mother sternly demanded assurance her son was not involved. Obama writes that he gave her "a reassuring smile and patted her hand and told her not to worry." He says he had found this "tactic" to be effective, because people "were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved -- such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."

Award full marks to Obama for candour and self-awareness, for his whole pre-presidential career is neatly summed up in "courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves." (The "sudden moves" came post-election.) But what he is telling us is disconcerting: that his air of unflappable reason, the quality most admired by his fans, doesn't spring from character, but is rather a facade, consciously constructed on the back of his racial identity with a view to amassing political capital."



Whateverman said...

Hi Z :)

I'm not going to say the health care bill had "Republican" written all over it, but clearly, it wasn't a purely democratic bill either. The red side of the floor had a significant impact on the details (though yes, it was more democratic than not).

I mention this because I have the sneaking suspicion that "not being listened to" often equates to "we didn't get exactly what we asked for".

For example, the Senate's version of the bill(s) had over 150 Republican amendments. Risk pools (ie. minimizing corporate costs due to people with chronic health problems), the ability to sell insurance across state lines (ie. increased competition), incentives to minimize junk healthcare lawsuits - these were all strictly Republican ideas. Yet, if you listen to the rhetoric coming from some on the red side of the room, the Repubs had all of this stuff shoved down their (re. our) throats. It's simply not true.

I mean this all to suggest that the Republicans have shaped legislation, significantly. It's not true that they weren't "on board" - they simply weren't in the majority, and that's a different thing altogether.

Craig and Heather said...

I'm not going to say the health care bill had "Republican" written all over it...
I mention this because I have the sneaking suspicion that "not being listened to" often equates to "we didn't get exactly what we asked for".


That'd be a bit of an understatement, considering the fact that so many Americans don't want govt. controlled "health care" at all!


Z said...

FB, yes, I mentioned the FREE MARKET line in my comment above...isn't that RICH? (Oops, can't mention RICH, either, Obama doesn't like us TOO RICH) :-)

Waylon; isn't that positively scary? I think it's true.....I think he's had such a chip on his shoulders for so many reasons all these years, from childhood up, that he's had a packaged response for a lot of things all his life.
Today, I was with a friend and we put some news on they were rerunning some of the press conference..I said "You know, he DOES have a disarming smile" and she said "...I don't trust it, it's like a canned smile."

I don't know: i just wish I felt he meant what he said today but nothing he's ever done backs any of those sentiments up, in my opinion.

Z said...

Waterman, did you see any credit given to the Republicans on that?

All we heard was how they 'have nothing to offer'..surely, you heard that enough times.

But, I can't disagree on most of what you say. I will say I got tired of the "party of NO" and "obstructionists" when their NO was for a good reason and their obstructionism might have been a good thing based on half of America's sentiment.

David Wyatt said...

A favorite was surely Nikki Haley in SC governor's race & Jim DeMint from the same SC! Also very pleased with Marco Rubio, & right here in good ol' NC I was thankful to retain Richard Burr & Sue Myrick. By far the biggest personal disappointments were Filthy Fwank & Harry Reid buying their ways back in. But overall it was great! Now we must get down to business!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my math is correct, but I think if the Republicans and Democrats split the '12 and '14 Senate races 50-50, Republicans would pick up a total of 8 more seats over the next four years. (feel free to check my math) A second Obama term would be a bit easier to stomach if we had a legislature that wouldn't fund his grandiose ideas.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

I was disappointed that Harry Reid won but ecstatic otherwise. Look at all the Governor's houses we captured.

Screw cooperation, it's time to fight...

beamish said...

Not sure if my math is correct, but I think if the Republicans and Democrats split the '12 and '14 Senate races 50-50, Republicans would pick up a total of 8 more seats over the next four years. (feel free to check my math) A second Obama term would be a bit easier to stomach if we had a legislature that wouldn't fund his grandiose ideas.

Counting the two "independents" that caucus with the Dems, there are 23 incumbent Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2012. Ten incumbent Republican Senators are also up for re-election. Splitting these 33 Senate races 50-50 leaves Republicans losing 5 seats and gaining 12, leaving them in control of the Senate with 53 seats, a little better than the Dems have it now until then.

Of course, the next two years leads into those 23 Democratic Senators campaigning and defending their records at the same time their party is trying to salvage Obama's re-election chances. So a 50-50 split might actually be a 70-30 or 80-20 split in favor of the Republicans. Bipartisanship be damned.

(Pssst. Ducky. This is how you destroy a Presidency from the outside)