Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting was quite an experience............again

I went to the Senior Care place whose dining room became our neighborhood voting precinct today and I voted.   And, again (like in 2008, but I can't find the post in my archives, sorry),  I saw more of what I'm horrified about:
There were few voters when I was there and suddenly a very lovely black young woman came in.  "I want to vote here....I live in another neighborhood!"  
"Oh, you want to vote provisional ballot?" the guy in charge asks.   "Yes, I do!" she responds.  I postponed the punching of my votes and turned around to watch what's happening. 
"Just sign right here..." the guy in charge tells the girl.  "Okay...!" she grins.  She then goes into endless stories about where she lives, why she wanted to vote here and isn't it nice that she could!?  yadda yadda yadda....  Finally, she signs her name in some big pink book and votes. 
I finished voting and walked over to the guy in charge and said  "Excuse me, how do you know this young woman won't be going from precinct to precinct voting...is it just because she signed her name in this book?"
"OH, sure," he says.." They check them in Norwalk" 
I said "They check every single signature against all the signatures in all the other pink books which get delivered to Norwalk tonight after 8 pm to make sure her name and all the other provisional ballot signers aren't duplicated?" (By the way, come to think of it, she never opened her purse or wallet, either, so maybe they didn't even check her signature!) I continued..."....they check all of them, everywhere, in these books, from all over Los Angeles, and you think that works?"    "It certainly does," the guy says. 

Do YOU think it works, GeeeZ Reader?

THEN, because it was in a Senior Care place, there was a very old lady, poor thing could barely keep her eyes open and her tongue wasn't quite in her mouth, head hanging, and she's being wheeled in to vote.  "Provisional ballot," the nurse says. 

Did any of you see anything even slightly fishy at your precincts?  I'm heartsick about that provisional ballot thing.  In the old days, you either registered and voted correctly or you didn't vote.  Yes, we're ENTITLED to vote, but aren't we as Americans also ENTITLED to believe that all votes be legal, that you must come in, show identification (I didn't have to today, but they did look at my sample ballot for my street name) and vote, and if you didn't plan to be at your precinct, you're out of luck?  And do you really BELIEVE that they're taking all the hundreds of pink books to Norwalk tonight and people will be reading each name and making sure all the other books don't have that same name in it? Never mind, just typing this makes me realize how stupid the very idea is.  Tell me I'm wrong if some of you know the system and can vouch for it, PLEASE?

What do you think?  And did YOU see anything weird at your precinct?



Craig and Heather said...


Haven't been out myself yet but don't expect to see anything out of line. We're in a pretty rural, conservative area, though.

Sorry your experience was discouraging, Z. This whole business just makes me sad.

Wonder what happens next?


Lana said...

I voted early in our small rural town. The one thing that disturbed me was that we had to place our ballot in one of two boxes identified with our township. I think one box would suffice and will probably discuss this with the voting commission sometime this week. I hope everyone gets out and votes for our wonderful country.

Linda said...

Ditto to what my twin sister said! Even in our small town, where everyone knows us, because we are old, white haired twins that usually dress alike, we had to show our driver's licenses, and I had to give the last four digits of my SS. Hummmm...

Can anyone say 'voter fraud?'

Z said...

Wait, Lana and Linda are REALLY twin sisters? Is that right?
How cool!
And GOOD THING that you must give some ID!

Heather...I sure do wonder what happens next, too. I do understand why the news venues don't give much hint of the exit polls anymore but I kind of miss that!
It was discouraging.

As I said to a friend on the phone just now, "I'd rather everyone was informed and made their decisions and happened to vote differently than I did than to think that we might not have legal elections" you know?

Linda said...

Look at my picture! Lana is on the left as you look at it, and I'm on the right. We were about 2 when that picture was taken. We are a 'little' bit older now! LOL!

Z said...

Your picture has a lovely white lady on the left and a few black kids on the right...
What picture am I missing!? :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything out of line in our polling place. This shouldn't be legal period. The looser the rules, the more invitation to fraud.

Z, Since you live in a liberal area and you say there were few voters there, that's the good news.

Ours was full of voters, but here it's a good thing to have a big turnout.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything abnormal. My precinct was quite busy when I arrived and by then they already had 529 voters and this is probably a good thing. I'm hoping Alan Grayson is unemployed by the end of the day.

The people working at the precinct were very precise and professional in processing ballots. It was a positive experience.

Z said...

Yes, Pris, that's true about it being good there were so few voters; I'm just hoping that the pretty young girl and her pals aren't making up for it!

Z said...

Mustang, good to hear!
This is the second time in 2 years that I've seen provisional ballots given to people whose information and stories sure didn't seem to deserve them.

Linda said...

The picture with my comments, not my blog, but I'll have to post another one with her!

Z said...

OH, for goodness sake, LInda...WHERE was my mind!? Thanks..sorry about that. GeeZ....i'm tired, but not THAT tired!! :-)
That picture is SO CUTE!

Ducky's here said...

Black woman, huh? That's the important detail here.

Z said...

THanks, Ducky...I wrote it on purpose for you. You NEVER let me down.
Has absolutely NO PURPOSE except to get your notice :-) I love that!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Excuse me?

"Provisional vote"?

What in the HELL is that??

You mean to say you can vote someplace OTHER than where you are DIRECTED to vote when your county ballot is sent??


What in the HELL is going ON??


Z said...


Check that out, BZ...
Here's a bit of a relief; I think it says "you voted but it doesn't count anyway!?" (Whew!)

"Whether a provisional ballot is counted is contingent upon the verification of that voter's eligibility. Many voters do not realize that the provisional ballot is not counted until 7-10 days after election so their vote does not affect the calling of the states to different candidates."

beamish said...

I went through the usual "your name isn't on the voters rolls" shenanigans I do every election, relying on the epic fail it is to get Missouri to update my address. This year, my address appeared on the database as an apartment I haven't lived in since 2004. Counting my current residence, I've lived at five different addresses in two different counties and registered to vote with the new address everytime I've moved.

Walked that one through the process at the St. Louis County Courthouse with help from a Republican election monitor to finally get to vote "where I'm supposed to."

Went to where I'm supposed to vote, after that mess got straightened out. As they directed me to one of the pre-programmed fraud generators, I said "no thanks" and took out my pen. "I vote on paper."

Wrote my name in against the unopposed incumbent Democrat county prosecuting attorney, as I always do.

We'll see if it gets counted.

Craig and Heather said...

I sure do wonder what happens next, too.

Not knowing can be hard.
Knowing for sure might be worse.
I know there's no point in worrying, but I'm still trying to not feel sick over it.

This year, my address appeared on the database as an apartment I haven't lived in since 2004.



Z said...
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Z said...

Well, Beamish, we can see that Missouri's right on track!

Heather, everybody I know says they feel a little 'icky'......I'm reading Angle's tied with Reid.
Wherever there will be a tie, wait for the Dem to win it.

But, "no fraud" :-). I so so SO hope I"m wrong.

Z said...


Check out Mustang's blog...he's got a video you'll want to see and send around. THIS is why it's hard to admire Obama voters.
I know a lot of Conservatives who probably don't know Keynesian economics but they know it from KENYAN....Enjoy the video. (which you'll do, until you remember these people VOTE...but hey, as Chris Matthews said "not EVERYBODY has a masters degree" so Obama, the BRAIN, ought to have TAUGHT us better :-)) (did you hear that?)

Craig and Heather said...

Ducky Black woman, huh? That's the important detail here.

Z THanks, Ducky...I wrote it on purpose for you. You NEVER let me down.
Has absolutely NO PURPOSE except to get your notice :-) I love that!


I was thinking it was nice of you to compliment her for being "lovely" even while expressing concern for the way the voting procedure was handled.

Funny how two different minds reading exactly the same words will pick up on different details.


Chuck said...

At our polling place you had to present your ID (my driver's license) and they actually swiped it through a reader to record electronically that I had already voted. There appeared to be contingency plans if you did not have an ID but the poll workers weren't volunteering the option.

Stop by for something to make you mad.

~Leslie said...

It was actually a pleasant voting experience where I voted today. And I was very pleased to be asked to show my ID.

I'm afraid your story, Z, and many others similar will be the trend this year...

Bob Qat said...

A number of 18-22 year olds, who are registered to vote, and have the correct address on file, have not received their ballots in Washington State.

Washington State is a vote-by-mail state. The opportunities for fraud are obvious, and apparently happening.

This is a "Democratic" Party controlled state. If the Republicans win, it would tend to show the ballots weren't sent because of sloppy county clerks. If the Demos win, it will be because the county clerks have sold their souls.

We'll see.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Nope nothing strange here in the desert.

Z said...

Heather, it just seemed natural to id her as black because, well, she WAS. And she was perfectly lovely...extremely pretty girl.
I almost deleted it, thinking "Why mention that?" then I thought "Heh heh...Ducky will point that out because he can't bear to address the facts I wrote about as they're anti Dem!" :-)

Bob Qat, thanks for coming by. I'm not quite following..........since it's a Dem State, and the voting registrars are probably Dems, too, I'd have thought YOUNG KIDS would certainly get their ballots ..they vote leftwing mostly...right? So, since they didn't, is anybody implying Republican fraud?

Hi, Leslie...I'm afraid so.

Chuck, SHOW DRIVER'S LICENCE AND SWIPE YOUR NAME SO YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE? TIE ME DOWN:-) That's how it is in Germany. YOu vote, they take your ID card, swipe it, and if you try to vote again, bells and whistles go off.
Oh...and I'm comin'...thanks for the head's up, I"ll be by, tho I hesitate in the mood I'm in :-)

Z said...

Vegas, you hearing anything re angle and reid? i'm hearing REAL tight.

Z said...

Well, Blumenthal the liar won..congrats, CT...you should be so proud.

BY the way, BLumenthal won and Yahoo's got his picture up on their headlines..Rand Paul and other GOPers have won, but they're mere small headlines underneath. Oh, but NO BIAS :-)

Susannah said...

This just in...Rand Paul says, "I have a message, a message from the people of KY...we've come to take our government back!!"

...and so it BEGINS!!!!!

Ducky's here said...

The woman was voting Republican.

Ducky's here said...

Man, even the petition to drop the sales tax on booze is losing here. I had some hope for that one.

Anonymous said...

God bless our seniors who in my district manned the polls.

However.."Jacob" couldn't read the ID's at all. He misspelled peoples names and couldn't find them at all.

I had to say..."There I am Jacob" and sign the register.

After waiting in line behind 4 other voters...I said to "Jacob"...save the speech...I know what's on the ballot and whom to vote for...just gimme my ballot and I'll be on my way.

David Wyatt said...

Nothing fishy in our part of NC, Z, but I fear it in your place & others such like. But so far the overall picture looks good. I wonder if fraud was taken away if a single Dem would win anywhere. Wouldn't that be sweet!

Ducky's here said...

Other than Carol Shea-Porter losing in N.H. which is a bummer the right isn't showing all that much in New England.

Barney Frank kicked butt, sorry z.

Anonymous said...

"Ours was full of voters, but here it's a good thing to have a big turnout."

Mine was jam packed at 2PM...all hooting go Alan West and Marco Rubio! I even shamed some of my buds who didn't know that they only needed photo ID to vote!!!

These guys said.." I can't find my voter ID...and I said...hey you morons...if you've already registered...then all you need is a DL / photo ID...get your ass going and vote...now

Z said...

Ducky, don't apologize to me, you're the one stuck with Whore House Barney.

Imp, did I see correctly on TV that West was way ahead? PLEEEEEZ tell me I did!

Z said...

OH< MY GOSH, I just saw your email, Imp!! HOLY COW! I love that guy!


Now I'm biting my nails for Kasich in Ohio!

Anonymous said...

"Imp, did I see correctly on TV that West was way ahead? PLEEEEEZ tell me I did!

So far...it looks like it.

Bob Qat said...

You're not thinking deviously enough. Its not my natural state either, but I've kind of picked it up after living here for a while.

Wa is a mostly Dem state. But a young, un-disciplined voter --- why would the Demos risk them not voting when it is more efficient to vote and count their ballots for them. Saves on mailing expense too.

The far left counties have all experienced thousands in overvote in past elections. The overvote I'm talking about is when more ballots are counted than there were voters casting the ballots. I'm expecting a record amount of such imaginary voting tonight.

"Count every vote," the Demos will chant....

Z said...

BobQat....aahhh...you're saying that somebody ELSE voted for them, is that it?
Wait..ARE YOU KIDDDING? :-) (i hope that's not what you mean!) talk about disgusting.

Joe said...

Nevada got a convenient "vote count adjustment time" when the power mysteriously went out at a key precinct for about 45 minutes.

Curiously, when they came out of the power failure, Harry Reid jumped into the lead.

Just sayin'

Bob Qat said...

Sorry Z. That's pretty close to what I mean.

Who knows how the yoots would have voted? The "Democratic" Party has squelched their voice again.

Heavily "Democratic" King County is the worst offender.

In 2004, officials "discovered" 10,000 absentee ballots they had not originally included in the number remaining to be counted. In addition, a traffic court Judge ordered the County to allow "Democratic" Party officials to obtain the names and addresses of 929 people whose ballots were classified as provisional because of mismatched or missing signatures, so as to facilitate the inclusion of these votes.

This resulted in a rather unorthodox invasion of privacy: Democratic officials contacted these 929 individuals to ask whom they had voted for in the Governor's race. If they answered Gregoire, they were then shuttled to the county office to clear up their signature problem. This vote—mining technique added a net 400 votes for Gregoire. The 10,000 extra King County ballots added another 2,000 net votes for Gregoire.

Naturally, the Republican Party could not avail itself to the addresses. The howling from the "Democratic" Party was about this thing they called privacy.

Its gets worse, but I'm feeling a little ill. We may have to mount up and take back our state. Scares me.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ducky always focused on Barney's ....

Never mind.

What a surprise! The Unions came through for Hairy Reed. Tell ya what, Democrats have never allowed honest elections to get in the way of their corruption.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"I'm hoping Alan Grayson is unemployed by the end of the day."

The dirt bag.....is officially...road kill...a stain on the history of this state.

Z said...

Joe, WHAT A COINCIDENCE! is that I thought about that sudden power outage in Las Vegas! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FREAK OCCURENCE, right? Ya, well.....and three minutes after ballots were coming up all marked DEMOCRAT WINS, their 'experts' proclaimed it a fluke... :-)
So.......Harry's in but legally? We'll never know.

Major, good try. It's not like your comments don't sound like you, so you might as well sign them, huh?

Imp, I never heard Dennis Prager slam anybody but he sure slams Grayson's integrity....i'm very glad this guy lost.

Mustang....only in Mass. could people keep voting in a guy stupid enough not to know a male prostitution ring was being run out of his front room by his male lover.

Z said...

the IRONY OF THE CENTURY is the network morning shows conjecturing that Obama will ask if they could just all please work together now.

Wait! Nobody on the networks mentioned how the Right was left out so often that even liberal journalists commented on it and how ironic it is that Obama's asking for cooperation from THEM NOW! (You can't make this up!)

Wait! The network shows are suggesting the Tea Partiers are pretty darned pitiful as a bunch and were very lucky some of their people actually won!. (Ya, "SOme" is right...'most?' might be better!?)

Wait! the network news says that GRIDLOCK is just what the Right WANTS because they just want to say NO to anything OBAMA! (oops...yes, gridlock is better than Obama moving toward the leftwingers as he has, but gee, maybe there woudln't BE gridlock of the Obama sycophants actually listened TO THE PEOPLE and ACTED on what THEY want?)

WHy's it easy for US to see this and so difficult for the media?
Oh, ya...I know I have agenda, but these people ..? They can't even BEGIN to see both sides.

Bob Qat said...

The media is mostly Leftist-Authoritarian. The reason you don't agree with their ambitions is because you are bad mannered. The ability to see the other side is sneered at because the side is not on the Left and ought to be in the toilet.

The screwy Left wants the People to vote to totally enslave themselves to government micromanagement of the Authoritarian.

Our democracy merely serves as a check on the ambitions of the politicians. But our Republic requires that every person obey the same laws. (Note how the Left has this rigged.)

Don't stop talking and explaining yourself. It is only if we have the understanding and the will that can We the People be free.

beamish said...

only in Mass. could people keep voting in a guy stupid enough not to know a male prostitution ring was being run out of his front room by his male lover.

That's because the only straight people in Massachusetts are visitors from other states.

The state makes San Francisco look like a convent.