Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Uncle is my past

I have a special uncle...I had two wonderful uncles, but I lost one three years ago.  The one who died was my mother's brother and an absolutely amazing man I loved very much.  The one who's still with us is Dad's brother.   He's the only uncle I have left. This uncle's in the hospital now but he's doing well, thank God.  He sounded good when I called him just now but, when I hung up the phone, I got to thinking.
This uncle represents my Dad's family to me......I knew and adored my great grandparents and my grandparents, and he represents them and Dad, whom I lost 16 years ago..he IS that whole family now.  I'll call him Uncle Jim for anonymity sake, though it feels real weird to me!

This uncle really is a big part of my past.  His eyes are dark brown and I can see that whole side of the family in them.........his hands look like Grandpa's and he wears Grandpa's ring, too.  His height and build remind me of my fabulous father (you'd have thought the same thing about Dad if you'd known him).  His deep voice is that of the men on that side of the family.  I have always loved him with all my heart.

My sister called when she heard Uncle Jim was in the hospital.."I cried when Mom told me......though it sounds like he's going to be fine."  I told her "Ya, I misted up immediately, fine or not.....he means a lot."  He's Uncle Jim, our uncle, our Godfather, our confidante, our helper when needed.   With everyone gone, he IS Dad's family, and I can't let that go.  Not yet.

I lived with my great grandparents, grandparents, my parents and Uncle Jim before my folks and I made the big move two doors down!  How I loved that large old house of my grandparents.  I knew every nook and cranny, I knew every house in the neighborhood because Grandpa used to walk me around in my stroller...the firstborn, the baby queen in his eyes, even if I wasn't a KING :-)  We moved farther away when I was about five, I guess...... but we've always been a close family and saw each other often. Uncle Jim has always been an enormous part of my life.  My first corporate job was with his company.  I called him "JIM" then so's to ward off any nepotism accusations (as if I could).  I worked there for five years and then moved on but that company he'd helped found was important to us all, we have always been so proud of "JIM".

He got his law degree from USC and I think it must have been that graduation which I missed because I had the mumps.  Because I missed it, my handsome young uncle took me, probably about 8 yrs old, to a very snazzy restaurant to celebrate, just with ME, his young niece.  I still remember it.  When he was at boot camp in Arizona, he sent me my first watch for my birthday, in a cigar box!  I still remember that, too. Those things count to a kid, don't they.  He married my aunt, who's been great to us, too, and they have a super family, we're all pretty close.  This illness really got me to thinking about how much of my life he's been and, while I've always known family's very important, his being sick threw me.  To most people, a wonderful uncle's a wonderful uncle, to me, my Uncle Jim IS Dad's whole family now, rolled into one great guy.  I'm not ready to lose that yet.

It looks like Uncle Jim is going to be fine...the docs performed a procedure they feel will stop the problem he went in for, but I'll be praying and I'd appreciate a prayer from you all, too.........but, don't call him Uncle Jim, God might get him "Z's Uncle", okay?  Thanks.
(and, by the you have a special relative you'd like to share with us here?)  xx


Elmers Brother said...

prayers going up Z. My fathers family was never very close, his own sister wouldn't come to his funeral because her and my uncle were in Florida for the Pirates Spring Training. I've worked hard to forgive her but even now it stings (my father died in 1996).

I'm glad for you that you have such a close family and I'll pray for your uncle.

Joe said...

Uh...God won't get confused, but I'll be certain to pray for "Z's uncle," anyway.

FrogBurger said...

A big hug to you and prayers for your uncle.

A great uncle is very special. I spoil my nieces when I can see them :)

Always On Watch said...

My family is on a death watch right now -- for the last member of my parents' generation. My aunt (by marriage) on my mother's side is nearly 95 and has pancreatic cancer recently diagnosed.

I just hate it that my family is down to so few members now.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Uncle.

My sympathies to you & yours, Always on Watch. That type of cancer took my grandmother in 1960.
A truly awful disease.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's on the mend, Z!

Uncles are fabulous. I adore my favorite uncle. I call him Unc. He's a farmer with the most amazing work ethic EVER. He's been the big brother/dad figure that I needed from time to time. I'm blessed with two wonderful aunts, too. oooh, I feel all warm inside just thinking about them. I need to call them...

Z said...

everyone, thanks so much.

AOW, "down so low family members"..ya...I'll look around our THanksgiving table (it's at "uncle Jim's", so barring anything unforeseen, he'll definitely be there) and remember Grandpa and Grandma, DAD, etc....but, the family fills up with the younger generation...a good thing (but, OH, SO not the same, is it)

thanks for your prayers, everyone.

Jen, I'm SO GLAD you felt that way and called.... the loved ones on your mind...Thanksgiving time's a good time to do that.

JINGOIST said...

Z, that was a very touching glimpse into your early life and family. Thank you for sharing it. Your uncle "Jim" (or Mardig, Mesrob, Koren, Hamo, Grisha, whatever his real name) sounds like a GREAT guy! I had a few of them myself, and my uncle Pete is still alive and kicking.

Every single one of them were REAL men, like your uncle. I think of them often, and will say an earnest prayer for his well-being. :-) He's lucky to have a niece like you.

Faith said...
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Anonymous said...

My Dad...was an Uncle ( and Unk ) to all my cousins. As well as a husband of 63 years, a Father, a Grandfather, a Friend and a Vet.

Dad passed on 11/9 at the age of 89. Two days before Veterans Day. And yesterday we put him to rest with full Military Honors. Another member of that Greatest Generation has passed. I was told yesterday that there are 1200 military funerals a day throughout the country. Many of those the last survivors of WW2.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming...we'll miss him immensely.

Hug the one you love...remember and honor them while they're still with us.

It's important never to assume, presume that loved ones will always be here.

Many thanks to all of you who helped us/ me through this tough time.

Z said...

Jingo, thanks, I'm the lucky one.

Imp, I wish there was more we could do......God bless your family and help them all through the holiday season. I know he'll be greatly missed; he deserves to be. xx

beamish said...

My grandfather was the "patriarch" figure in my family, the go-to guy for any sort of worldly advice. Taught me how to shoot a rifle at 5 years old, and made it fun by denying me bullets until I hit my target with one. He was always like "you're lucky the target isn't shooting back at you. Shoot it!" He was in the Aermy in World War 2, facing the Nazis at the Bulge and on into Berlin and probably had to face more than his share of fanaticized children in the Hitler Youth shooting at him. I think that's what motivated him to teach us kids how to be marksmen. Never realized explored the psychology of that, but there was no bigger patriot on Earth than my grandfather. Maybe he wanted to teach us how to shoot and defend ourselves because his business was burned down and his house shot up by DemoKKKrats because he was a Republican Party organizer registering black people to vote in Alabama when such activities were lethally dangerous (1950s - 1960s). It's a good chance he registered Condaleeza Rice's parents to vote.

He passed away a few years ago, and hundreds of people came out of the woodwork to attend his funeral.

He left an impression on people wherever he went. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Z said...

Beamish, how can that be true when everybody knows Republicans are racist? :-)

God bless your Grandfather.....sounds like a FABULOUS leave someone behind who thinks this much of you is quite something, I think. THanks for telling us about him

sue said...
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Brooke said...

What a beautiful description of a wonderful man, Z!

I'm glad to hear that he will most likely be OK.

My Grandma Eve (everyone just calls her Mom) is 80 and an giant in our family.

I need to get my *ahem* over to her house (she still lives alone) and see her, along with her great-grandchildren!

Opus #6 said...

Prayers for your uncle, hon. Of course you have a big heart and are worried sick for him. So sweet of you to get the prayer chain going. Blessings to you and your whole family.

Ducky's here said...

All my uncles are passed. I'm the uncle now and great uncle.

Since their father died its been my responsibility to make sure the don't get a right wing indoctrination.

Hope your uncle is recouping comfortably, z.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

I certainly will pray for Z's uncle. It is such a blessing to have family you care for so dearly. Some do not have that blessing.

I had two very special aunts. I too was the oldest 'niece.' I've tried to always remember that I want my nieces and nephews to have an aunt(s) like I had. One is gone now. The other is still very special to me.

Lovely memories, Z.

beamish said...

Beamish, how can that be true when everybody knows Republicans are racist?

I remember arguing with my 4th grade history teacher (who was old enough to have been there) who tried slinging that nonsense, she even tried saying Bull Connor was a Republican. Whatever the NEA was telling her to teach, and damn reality.

I think that's when I figured out going to school makes you stupid.

Z said...

thanks...brooke, opus and maggie.

Ducky, no you don't..he's a 'rightwinger'..

Beamish..but leftwingers don't realize what they're doing. Wait till they wake up and they want the old AMerica again...that'll be the ultimate revenge; sadly, we'll be screwed, too.

beamish said...

Nah. They'll just come waving their BS (or their PhD, which is merely BS piled higher and deeper) trying to clothe the emperor, and suddenly it just won't work.

David Wyatt said...

Z, this post just mesmerized me! I prayed for your uncle, BEFORE you asked us to pray for "Z's uncle" & that is EXACTLY how I prayed. Course, I'm like good ol' bro. Joe, I know God won't get confused, I still am thankful to pray for him. I'm the uncle too, & I want to be a good influence on my nieces & nephew for Christ, thought i know I'm a long way from it. I'd appreciate YOUR prayers for that. God Bless you sister!

FrogBurger said...

Since their father died its been my responsibility to make sure the don't get a right wing indoctrination.

Actually your responsibility is to prepare them for life, how to be independent, responsible and healthy adults.

With your ideology based on victimhood, paranoia about the rich and a state of permanent denial about life, you're doing quite the opposite.

christian soldier said...

I'll pray for the health of your Uncle--and will also pray for you-...

Z said...

beamish, i use that "emperor's new clothes" analogy, too....I couldn't agree with you more.

David, dear buddy, thanks for that! I KNOW you're a wonderful uncle. And, this Uncle "Jim" was very instrumental in my faith walk!

CS...thanks so much., he's not so worried about whatever rightwing indoctrination they could get (from WHERE?!! IN THIS COUNTRY?!), he's just real nervous they won't be socialists.l

Anonymous said...

Imp, I'm glad you came here to pay homage to your Dad. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and such a heartfelt message. I know how difficult this time is for you.

God bless you, and your family, and may He keep your Dad close.


Always On Watch said...

I got a sad update on my aunt last night. All signs now indicate that little time is left. **sigh**

Z said...

oh, AOW..I am SO SO SORRY about heart goes out to you

Anonymous said...

"Since their father died its been my responsibility to make sure the don't get a right wing indoctrination."

God thinkin' duck. Force them to listen to the bilge from Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Bwaney Fwank, Ed Shultz, Oberfurher and take up Madcows lifestyle along with Barneys.

Send them to Frisco on Folsom street "diversity" days too.

Then read them the Commie /Workers Party manifesto every night as a bed time story...

cube said...

What a touching tribute to your uncle whateverhisnameis. Have no worries, I'm sure God knows who he is and will sort out the prayers accordingly. Mine included.

I have lost all of my beloved uncles, but their memories live within me. Thankfully, I still have my parents and they are a font of information about the part of their lives which I, as a child, didn't know.