Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OBAMA TAKES HAMAS MONEY...oops. That's illegal

UPDATE: Here's what it appears the Obama people are lying about now....wait till you read THIS addendum to the story below!!

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Barack Obama has received illegal donations from Palestinians living in Gaza, a hotbed of Hamas terrorists.

Obama received more than $24,000 in campaign contributions over a period of two months last fall from three Palestinian brothers from the "Edwan" family in Rafah, Gaza, which is a Hamas stronghold along the border with Egypt. The story was uncovered by Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog. (see Federal Election Commission report)

Attorney and conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel notes foreign nationals are barred from making contributions in connection with any election -- federal, state, or local -- and an individual is allowed to give only $2,300 per election to a federal candidate or the candidate's campaign committee.

"The donations are basically through and through illegal -- that's number one. And number two is how the Obama campaign tried to conceal it," Schlussel chides. "They listed the campaign contributions as coming from Rafah, Georgia. They used the 'GA' from Gaza so it makes it look like it's legal; and then for the zip code it says '972,' which is actually the area code to dial over to Gaza," she contends.

The attorney comments that if the Obama campaign is willing to "accept thousands of dollars beyond the legal limit and they're also going to flout [Federal Election Commission] restrictions...that's very indicative of what kind of president [Obama] is going to be."

"They're not going to be worried about the details and they won't mind if they break the law to get to the final result that they want," adds Schlussel. She believes it is a "major news story when a presidential candidate receives money from 'a bastion of Islamic terrorism.' And Schlussel argues that the media is "bending over backwards to help Barack Obama and cover up any negative news about him."

Schlussel says Pamela Geller will likely file a Federal Election Commission complaint against the Obama campaign for violating restrictions and limits on campaign contributions.

We've all seen this video of Palestinians calling America for Obama votes, right? What next? Fund raising in Germany? Wouldn't that make more sense? After all, he's campaigned there.

Z: Man, what a GOOD "GET", Pamela....good for you!


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Chinese Dishwashers?

M.A. said...

Switzerland is next.

How can Dems defend a terrorist endorsement? It seems to me that intelligent people would refuse to vote for the candidate our enemies endorse.

Oh, wait. I said "intelligent". That explains it.

Papa Frank said...

Obama -- Rated #1 by terrorists worldwide!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Frank has it right..if it wasnt so scarey would be funny!

Brooke said...

I wonder how many other illegal contributions Obama's camp has accepted? Methinks a closer look is needed...

Even worse is that our enemies CLEARLY want Obama in the White House, and the left is too damn stupid to see it!

Beamish said...

A Democrat presidential candidate is being financed by illegal foreign contributions?

Must be a slow news day here. Next you'll put out an expose on how the sky is blue?


Z said...


m.a...good to have you here.
"intelligent"...YOU are, but...those who would vote for someone Hammas likes, illegals like, hip hoppers like, welfare recipients who won't work versus those who can't see where I'm going!

Z said...

beamish...ya, ya, ya...well, I haven't heard that about McCain, have YOU?! (Smile)

Brooke...I'm FAR FAR more worried about ballot-stuffing Dems than I am campaign money. That story I heard about Dems 'helping' the elderly here in LA acquiring their absentee ballots and then 'helping them vote' once they arrive still gives me chills.
Maybe we really DO need an observer? WHAT a sickening thought.

And THIS was America..until the Left got its hands around its neck. :-(

Karen said...

Well, this post has made sense of something I heard on talk radio show today. I came out of the grocery store and turned on the radio on the way home. It was Michael Medved and the guest was speaking of Obama's support from Hamas, which I was in the dark about. So, now I know what they were talking about. Thanks! He may want to remember, should he be President, that Fatah is the elected party in power for the Palestinians. Hamas remains on our list of terrorist groups.

Steve Harkonnen said...

G, this is a HUGE blog scoop. Deb Schlussel's piece is awesome and she deserves a big pat on the back. But sadly, this will go unchecked.

Can I speak my mind here?

I hope Obama's plane crashes, with him in it, and he dies.

Steve Harkonnen said...

You've been hat tipped, G. Once again, your blog shows what it takes to be an outstanding blogger.

Whatever the blogging award is, you highly deserve it.

You go girl. You're thought of highly for posting stuff like this.

Z said...

Steve, re: the plane crash, do you know my husband? (who just said "one should never wish anyone BAD, but this guy's everything BAD for this country!")
Well, we just wish he'd disappear or CHANGE (CHANGE?) into someone who actually would put US FIRST here and on the world stage, right?

Thanks for the very kind words and the hat tip, but Deb Schlussel gets all the honors..SHE has guts!! Thanks, Steve. z

Chuck said...

Preferred by terrorists everywhere. The media raises a fuss if McCain gets money from US lobbyist.

Nikki said...

This is gonna get has too. unbelievable... :)N

Z said...

Chuck..GREAT point..

Nikki....I GUARANTEE this will all go away. The media's too good to let THIS out.

I'm waiting for Ducky to come comment that I'm lying..wait for it.

Mustang said...

Z ... thank you for this information! I posted on it as well, with a hat tip to you. Now let's all hold our breath as we see how long it will take for the MSM to report on it.

Ugh ... our government is much too corrupt.

Papa Frank said...

Z -- I'm guessing the duckling will having something to say about how this shows that Obama will bring respect to America from other countries. Or maybe that we are racist for not wanting campaign money from these people.

Papa Frank said...

I'm sure we won't have to wait too long to find out.

shoprat said...

to quote Gomer Pyle

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

I'm not in the least.

Anonymous said...

Blood money. Nothing more nothing less. Disgusting. No surprise here.


EDGE said...

Not surprised...just ashamed that half the country will not care.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

good post, I am now adding you to my blogroll...

Z said...

Pops...ya, like Obama accepts bakshish like other corrupt dopes, right? What an honor for our country!!'ve hit on the most important thing.
ALL these left/right problems have always gone on; it's the fact that truth and decency don't seem to register anymore that's new in America, in my opinion.

And, of course, that our media's so politically biased. And this was the 'land of the free'...

Z said...

Thanks very much, Vegas Art Guy...I just added you, too, after seeing your blog. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the Saturday Night Live skit in which Saddam Hussein gave an endorsement for Rudy Giuliani? Giuliani spent the whole skit trying to get Hussein to revoke the endorsement, but Hussein acted as though he were doing Rudy a favor. The whole joke was based on the premise that receiving an endorsement from a foreign enemy of the U.S. would be political death. So much for that.

--Tio Bowser

Z said...

m.a.: $1000 to hear Clooney speak, then $10K for the dinner (that's SOME FOOD, huh? Well, Switzerland is AMAZING for food, that's for sure!)

BUT: at least SOME of this money MUST be gong to OBAMA, right? SO..isn't that illegal? fundraising out of the country?...

Z said...

Hi, Tio! (good to see you tonight)
I didn't see that SNL, but it sounds like it was funny.....

I was just talking to Mr. Z about how hillary's been lurking and doing little; I'm wondering if this whole thing of Obama's running is to make her look better to EVERYONE..."at least she's not as liberal as OBAMA" "at least she doesn't have the race baggage (he promotes)" "at least people aren't sick and tired of HER by now..."

it's just curious..she 'suspended', not 'condeded'...she has major super delegates......

I wonder

Aurora said...

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Barack Obama has received illegal donations from Palestinians living in Gaza, a hotbed of Hamas terrorists.

WHOAH!!! Unbelievable. And right after his trip to Israel and all the honey-dripping platitudes he uttered to the Jews there as he slithered through their country.
Jews of America, I hope you're listening to this.
What a sssssssnake.

FJ said...


An attorney who volunteered to help Barack Obama improve his relationship with Muslim and Arab-Americans has resigned from the campaign amid questions about his connection to a fundamentalist imam.

Mazen Asbahi started as the campaign’s outreach coordinator on July 26, and he resigned in a letter to the campaign Monday. He said he was stepping down ‘‘to avoid distracting from Barack Obama’s message of change.’’

Asbahi, an associate at the Chicago law firm Schiff Hardin, said in his letter that he served on the board of the Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund for a few weeks, but resigned ‘‘as I became aware of public allegations against another member of the board.’’

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the other board member during Asbahi’s tenure in 2000 was Jamal Said, imam at a fundamentalist-controlled mosque in Illinois. The Justice Department named Said as an unindicted co-conspirator in the racketeering trial last year of several alleged Hamas fundraisers.

The case ended in a mistrial. The newspaper said the connections were first exposed by an Internet newsletter.

Obama, who is a Christian, has been fighting false Internet rumors that he is a Muslim. Asbahi, in a post on the Obama campaign blog last week, said that had created ‘‘added sensitivities’’ between the campaign and the Muslim community, and he encouraged Muslims and Arab-Americans to get involved.

The campaign previously conducted outreach to the community through its interfaith outreach program and the Muslim American outreach desk at the Democratic Party. Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said the campaign is searching for a new volunteer coordinator to replace Asbahi.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan chapter, said Asbahi was a victim of Internet rumors.

‘‘This incident just shows how Islamophobic the political climate is right now,’’ Walid said. ‘‘Baseless smears about a Muslim with a very good reputation was used to marginalize not only him but the community from the political process.

‘‘If someone like Mr. Asbahi can’t be vetted to work for the Obama campaign, then who can?’’

A message was left Wednesday afternoon for Asbahi by The Associated Press seeking comment.

Always On Watch said...

This is critically important information. Nevertheless, Obamamaniacs will not care about these donations. After all "the one" is above the rules.

I'm so sick of this election cycle.

Z said...

thanks, FJ...that article's amazing. The guy says he left because of someone on a DOW JONES ISLAMIC INDEX FUND (a what???)..this someone's an imam in a fundamentalist mosque in Illinois who's been accused of racketeering!! Don't you look into who's on a board when you join?
Asbahi said he "added sensitivities" about iSlam to the campaign so he wants islam to get more involved? How's about getting Christians more involved, too? This isn't about always clearing the path for muslims?!

AOW...ME, too. very tired of the whole thing. Americans trying to warn that Obama just MIGHT have some major islamic ties FROM HAMAS yet WE're the bad guys and islam has to kick into overdrive to stop US?

heidianne jackson said...

z, you said "BUT: at least SOME of this money MUST be gong to OBAMA, right? SO..isn't that illegal? fundraising out of the country?..."

well nothing illegal about holding a campaign fund raiser out of the country - only in taking foreign funds. obama's campaign has stated that only u.s. citizens with a valid passport will be allowed to donate to the campaign. but what about the meal price - i agree, some of that has to be going to obama so how do they get around it?

also, can anyone recall a u.s. presidential candidate being endorsed by foreign leaders before? i mean we all made jokes about how the french loved kerry, but i don't think any leaders formally endorsed him. obama has been ENDORSED by several muslim leaders...

i have some people staying here for this funeral (fixing to leave shortly) and they are all obama-ites. i showed them the article about the illegal campaign contributions and the update - none of them saw a thing wrong with it.

in fact, one of them said "mccain shouldn't be allowed to take money from lobbyists; that should be illegal." when i pointed out that hundreds of thousands of obama's money had come from lobbyists he said "well that's different. the lobbyists supporting obama aren't rich corporations." i gave up. just who the hell does he think can afford to have lobbyists, let alone contributin lobbyists???

what to do? they keep building better idiots.

Anonymous said...

ILLEGAL ALIENS for OBAMA is now a powerful lobby backed up by SCOTUS and the wealth of untold industrial magnates hoping to buy their SURVIVAL in the New World Order speeding towards us with the strength of an atomic bomb.


Perhaps, but soon it will be fact; you can bet on it.

God's Judgment against a sinful nation?

More likely our poor Judgement–––or complete LACK of judgment.

~ FreeThinke

kevin said...

A guy who thinks that 'the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer' getting donations from terrorists?

Go figure.

nanc said...

you are going to LOVE this!

Z said...

fantastic, nanc! Wouldn't it have been great if, JUST ONCE, SOMEONE in our media'd pointed out that mcCain has NEVER actually said a THING about Obama's name? Why is a name not important? And why are we criticized for just USING Obama's?..unless there's some reason that makes him SO uptight?

And, that line about Petreus's job in difference to HIS? WHAT a condescending A$$.

Blankley's good..and anything BUT "Blank!" Barack Hussein Obama's all ABOUT his name.

Anonymous said...

This whole incident with the brothers in Gaza was a set up, done deliberately, by World New they are screeching now.

FJ said...

...but that doesn't answer the question as to why the Obama Campaign STILL accepted the money knowing it was being donated with such an obvious terrorist taint.

Maybe they should have let all the Abscam politicians go... like they did John Murtha...

Harold Washington was FRAMED! LOL!

Z said...

I'm not finding anything.

I knew when I read it that it sounded VERY trumped up and so I'm not surprised but I am SO ticked off. Something abuot the way they talked about 'the brothers' didn't ring true.

I'll never trust WND: THIS is giving ammunition to the Left "See? the rightwing whacks are making things up..setting us up"
FJ's right; the Obama people fell for it, but the public won't hear that...all they'll hear is how the "Rightwing whacko nasties" set them up.

I don't use WND for news and I won't in the future, either. This is disgusting.

Obama's got enough legit negatives without our making ourselves look bad in pursuit.

I'd like to see an article on this...anybody seeing anything?


Beamish said...

I stopped reading WND years ago.

nanc said...

i only use wnd if i can find a good, corresponding news source to also refer. they're far too sensational for me to try and get anybody else to take seriously. joe farah needs to take back his once good name.

Z said...

I agree, nanc...every time I'd look at an article there, I'd think that there was just something a little to ..'something'...I don't trust them too much for news.
And, when I heard Lefties at FPM laugh at WND and trusting its information, I used to get mad thinking they're just slamming a Conservative site, but when I started checking it from time to time, I got the feeling lately that it was too tabloidish.

This is the stuff that gives the Left ammo.