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Kid tells it like it (probably) is:

Here is a bunch of thinking that I believe a lot of you have had and so when Kid emailed me his thoughts on this subject, I begged him to write it up for GeeeZ instead of his blog (which you should read but better you should read him HERE!) and, brother, did he!  What do YOU THINK?

 Here's Kid:

My impression is that the democrat party has somehow gotten their act together far too well for me to believe politicians and their strategists could have done it on their own    Really they went from al gore (and someone) running in 2000, to the idiot j kerry and POS j edwards running in 2004 to somehow coming up with barack hussien obama and one big serious mess of strategy and physical execution in 2008 and again in 2012.  

I assume obama was slated for a White House run a long time ago.  He didn't get into college through typical academic means, not after spending the last 2 years of high school and who knows how many hears in college in an alcohol and drug induced haze.

He was for sure placed in the Senate where voting Present would provide little for people to polarize on.  (Z:  man, that's an interesting point, isn't it, one I hadn't considered)

I just have to believe the whole operation was and is being backed, planned, and financed by other than the usual idiot suspects at DNC HQ.
Some random observations...
The last thing I remember Andrew Breitbart saying in a youtube video was “FU, This is War”, then a couple days later he  is dead.  Supposedly a heart attack at night somewhere near his house.
The media and republicans literally lied about Ron Paul winning in the Iowa caucuses and then actually broke the law in a large number of local primary events to push him out in favor of Romney.  I believe democrats were heavily involved in the republican primaries and once again, like with John McCain, chose our candidate for us.  Laughing all the way no doubt.

Now consider the dems know their opponent is going to be Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is in the 1%.  

I believe they organized, started, and financed the OWS movement in order to pocket an entire voting group by casting anyone in the 1% as evil.   Imagine all those who participated, and all the others who were  working but sympathetic to the ‘movement’ who no way are going to vote for a 1%er if you put a gun to their head and offered to get them laid every Friday.  Now that the election is over do you hear anything about OWS movements ?
We’re talking about a lot of money here. In addition to the 1 Billion + just for the campaign itself. Who bankrolls that?  The Commies? Muslims? the Mob/Unions? All of the above?  Actually, my favorite pick currently is the "international community" since they have the money and the most to taxes and other avenues from sapping the wealth of the USA to support their own broken socialist systems.
obama is handed a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. Another clue.
Two “republicans” running for office make idiotic comments about women’s bodies, rape and abortion in order to turn a large group of women voters against the republicans.  I believe both these guys were/are paid democrat stooges.  And if they actually did get elected by some fluke, all the better to have agents on the other side.  (Z: I don't want to ask Kid if he realized how clever it was to use 'fluke' here or it was accidental because I want to believe it was on purpose :-).excellent!)
Then the election itself:
Virtually no one in 59 precincts Philadelphia and 9 in Cleveland voted for Romney?

Allen West is 2000 votes ahead but at the last minute, 4400 votes show up and they’re all for his opponent?

The voting machine fraud.  The fact that the democrats have been pre-accusing the republicans of what they intend to do or are already guilty of.

The fraud being reported was pretty much constrained to the “swing states”.  Makes sense to me to only cheat where you have to.
All tip of the iceberg no doubt.

This IS a war. It is not a process of parties presenting ideas and a free election ensuing. It is a war financed by some seriously heavy and behind the scenes pockets. The republicans don’t even seem to realize what they’re up against. Or maybe they do or are part of the black hat gang themselves, reaping the profits just like the dems but just not from a position of power or responsibility.  They may feel they’ve got the better end of the deal.
We are living in a Banana republic now.  Elections are a waste of time and money now.  No one significant, if at all, exists in the political body that will do anything worthwhile for America.
I’ll still vote but the main purpose will be to vote No on any local tax initiatives and to vote against democrats as I've always done.
So........I think this was definitely a subject worth a conversation and didn't Kid present well?  
Think he's got a lot of excellent points?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Thanks, Kid.....

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