Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Cease Fire

What's your gut feeling about the Cease Fire over Gaza? I think it's very weird that Israel pulled back and weirder yet that only a few Arabs are making trouble. And if it's really 'rogue terrorists' who seem to break the truces from the past, and not the governments who sign, how's the cease fire sticking, even as tenuous as it seems to be?? My gut feeling is we gave both a LOT....a lot of what, I'm not sure, other than money.
Got a good guess about what Bibi's thinking here? Your thoughts? thanks, Z


Right Wing Theocrat said...

This happens regularly over there, for months if not years the muslims send rockets and everything else they can over the border into Israel. Few in the west give a damn.

Then finally when Israel gets sick and tired of it and start sending a few missiles back into the savages, suddenly all the cameras come rushing in to tell us how the poor muslims are suffering, the civilians caught up in the crossfire blah, blah.

Some western lackey will wail and weasel a deal where the Israelis don't finish the job and the muslims can rearm and regroup for the next round. Call it peace, a great day for the universe a break through etc, etc.

In future as America grows weaker and has less influence due to a lack of spine and money, there will come a point when the Israelis will either finish the job or the muslims will finally get their wish of finishing what Hitler started.

Always On Watch said...

For as long as I can remember, we've heard the cry, "Peace in the Middle East at last!" How long have any of those peace agreements held sway?

Hamas is bragging that they won this round and that this is the first of many harvests stemming from the Arab Spring, for which the Obama administration advocated.

Always On Watch said...

RWT is so correct: Few in the west give a damn.

Thersites said...

It's ALL about Palestinian welfare. They've been getting UNWRA payments for 60 years...and they now want EBT cards like the 46 million Americans now receiving food stamps.... so I suspect THAT is what Obama gave them (along with fast track American citizenship). ;)

Joe said...

The "cease-fire" has already been broken, but both sides seem bent on pretending that it hasn't.

The so-called "peace" is a phantom and even that can't last.

Always On Watch said...

Hamas's celebratory cake.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Right Wing Theocrat. Only the Plestinians can make peace happen. There is a conflict between what they believe and what history tells us is true. History tells us there never was a nation called Palestine that was ever recognized by any other nation. There was only a region known as Palestine where many tribes lived including Plaestinians and Jews- In 1948 the UN offerd the Jews and the Palestinians a chance to have their own countries. The Jews accepted and the Palestinians did not. The Palestinians believe all the region is theirs. Therefore, groups liek Hamas can claim they are not terrorist and that they have a moral right to attack Israel because they ar fighting for what they believe is rightfully theirs. Unti and unless the Palestinians chage that core view, there will be nopeace until one side destroys the other.

Always On Watch said...

Hamas: "The occupation and its army were forced to accept our conditions for a cease-fire. This is a great victory."

Ducky's here said...

Bibi's thinking about reelection. It doesn't hurt to remind the Israeli hard liners that he's always willing to kill a few children in Gaza.

Tough guy, you know.

Anonymous said...

Yeah righties those shit head Palistinians don't kill Isrealie children!

Ducky's here said...

The myth of "poor defenseless Israel" must be maintained.
This will result in higher welfare checks (welfare's okay in this case, righties?)

Nuttyahoo also thinks this will help convince Obummer of the necessity of an insane strike on Iran.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So, Ducky, what's your solution?


Thersites said...

Ducky always complains about Israeli "defense" welfare, but never does he utter a peep of complaint about 100% Pseudostinian welfarefor guerillas. Sounds like he doesn't support a "balanced" settlement... think?

JonBerg said...

Peace in that region seems to be an un-tenable proposition. As long as I can remember, this feud has festered. I hope that I'm wrong but it will come as no surprise if the situation gets a whole lot uglier!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Will Gaza/Hamas ever concede Israel's right to survive?
Is a cease fire beneficial?
Only to Hama.
RWT nailed it.
Ducky correctly answered your question (GASP!)
Bibi, who I support, has an election to endure.
There is no support for an incursion into Gaza.
The "cease-fire" is really an international mandate for him to stop what he needs to do: keep hammering those tunnels and missile sites.

Pris said...

Ducky, those Hamas cowards hide behind their children, and you know it. Furthermore they have no problem blowing up school buses filled with Israeli children!

For some unknown reason the left sees only what they want to see. You all are a bunch of anti-semites as far as I'm concerned.

It figures though that you and your comrades have no problem with butchers attacking and wanting to take over another country, Israel, since you lefties have no problem destroying your own country right here at home.

You have a penchant for defending evil Ducky, and anything else which causes misery and destruction. You are the last one to talk about peace!! You, who loves chaos and mayhem.

Z said...

RWT, you're so right.

People like Ducky only hear one side and then insult Israel..typical.

Remember Jenin, when it was shown that the little boy who was killed wasn't killed at all? Boy, that got HUGE coverage by CNN International, I can tell you; all that went down when I lived in Paris and THAT was when I got rid of my "Palestinians are SO downtrodden by Israel" attitude so many dopy Americans cop today and knew I'd been wrong.
You see, watching the coverage in Europe showed both sides...watching CNN Int'l only favored one side and that's when I knew.
There had just been a bus fill of grandpas and children blown to bits (let's not forget they're not all killed, some are blinded or maimed FOR LIFE) and CNN covered it for two the retaliation where some Palestinians died, they spent the rest of the coverage...I was so furious, having seen both sides, and knew then what's truly going on.

Yes, the Palestinians have citizens put in places where Israel will bomb and then they blame Israel for killing civilians.

Did you all see the text messages Israel sent to some international journalists who were in a building where Hamas leaders were? The journalists left and saved their lives..>Israel warned them.

But our lefties believe that Israel can do no right...just a bunch of Jews who want land and they don't deserve it. Let's all remember how hard Israel fought for that land and how fair and square they won it.

"kill a few children in Gaza"...such a bleeding heart you are, Ducky.
Easy to ignore the fact that Israel's hit with rockets CONSTANTLY and we don't get covereage until they retaliate then all hell breaks loose against them.
Read the truth, Ducky; you might wake up like I did. Like all my commenters here have.

Z said...

I hope you all saw the Stossel show on privatization...the Pilgrims nearly starved when they started out with a kind of socialist "everybody gets the same thing" attitude and 'rule of law'....
when they realized there were those who didn't want to work for the same benefits those who DID work got, they started over and gave people property and they flourished.

In Native American lands, those privatized flourish, those who know they're living on gov't land anyway live poorly, huge differences from their neighbor.

If ONLY the left would wake up.
Those who don't or won't work will always take and bring everyone else DOWN; the opposite does not work. Ever.

Z said...

by the way, I'm wondering if our lefties here have noticed what a huge success democracy is in Egypt?

Did we promise Morsi a blind eye to his take-over (which happened the day after the cease fire) if he got his thugs to stop helping fight Israel?

Ya, what success! Oh, the libs were so excited...democracy, Egypt will be a good country now! Oh, good, Muslims rule!
Ya...great success as the people stand up against his bullying.

I wonder what American leftwingers and other leftwingers around the world thought would happen with an islamist extremist in power? They thought he WOULDN'T push his agenda on them? REALLY?

JonBerg said...


Yes, I just saw the Stossel show that you speak of. Here is a comment that I made earlier on the blog "Living The Grand Life" which I think is germane to your last one.

Isn't it strange how as many times "collectivism" (also: communism, socialism, Obamaism, etc) has been tried and failed, there are those who will try it again. Their attempt at rationalizing this is usually, to the effect, that previous failures just weren't sociallistic enough. I once knew a Liberal who not only subscribed to that notion but who also thought that all jobs,say from garbage collection to neuro-surgery, should be paid exactly the same! Liberalism is a MENTAL ILLNESS and America is becoming very, very SICK!

beamish said...

Israel has been providing food, water, and medicine to Hamas and Fatah for decades. They even renamed Samaria "the West Bank."

Wake me up when Israel gets serious about its national security.

Z said...

Jon...well said..I'm glad you saw that program. Who was that guy from Geo. Mason U? Russell something? Or Bert Russell? REALLY smart guy with a really interesting book...I've got to look into that.

Beamish, nuance is something we all need to get used to around the world. You suggesting Israel is pro islamist terror by giving needed food to those people? or do you understand that you have to break a lot of eggs to make an expression I despise but it's reality.
Hamas is looked upon as a charity group over there; they give a LOT to their poor. That Israel does this is quite obviously an attempt at calming the region down.

beamish said...

Ask China how it managed to erase Tibet from the map without anyone bitching.

beamish said...

I just want Israel to meet standards of behavior set by respected permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

When France has Islamist troubles in its former colony of Cote D'Ivoire, a few helicopter gunship strikes on unarmed crowds of protesters later, everything's peachy.

When Russia has a serious Islamist problem in Chechnya with terrorists hiding in major cities like Grozny, they bury those terrorists under mounds of rubble that used to be called Grozny.

China has kept a force of 200,000 soldiers in southern China for over 50 years, actively pursuing and killing anyone that dares call their land Tibet.

Britain and the United States regularly topple national governments with military force whenever they perceive a threat from them.

Israel needs to step up its military assaults on the Egyptian ex-patriates in the Gaza Strip if they want to be taken seriously.

beakerkin said...


Egypt threatened war if Israel reacted and Obama is not trustworthy.

Liberalmann said...

Beebe's a criminal. The Jews are occupying land in Gaza. Oppress a people long enough, kick them out of their home land and you will regret it. dlúthpháirtíocht!

Big Bubba said...

Cease fire? Hamas? HaHaHaHaHaHaHa.

Kid said...

This will go on forever until someone decides to go total destruction.

Z said...

Z said...

beamish, I don't know how to take your comments. I personally believe that's all Israel really has left to do, particularly now that Iran and Egypt are backing the enemies which want its extinction.

I agree with Kid...this is going to go on until either Israel or Egypt or Gaza or Egypt or Syria, or ALL of them, are smoking heaps.

If only the Palestinians loved their children more than they hate JEWS. Of course, most of the people probably DO want peace but their leaders are extremist Jew haters and they will NEVER STOP trying to eliminate Israel. They will never stop till their precious Mohammed is the only god.

I just WISH leftwingers would educate themselves!! It's impossible to think people don't know the truth about what's happening in Israel every day. And they don't care because they have that mindset that the supposed underdog is always right. That's a VERY dangerous and silly symptom of liberality and it's taught in schools today and so many dopes by into it.

Ducky's here said...

@Pris --- Ducky, those Hamas cowards hide behind their children

Israel claims to have pin point precision ordnance.
Why are they hitting women and children (a good deal more than Hamas)?

Are they bombing with conventional ordnance or do they just don't care.

Remember Pris, Israeli poop stinks like everyone else's.

Z said...

Ducky, they cannot sacrifice their own people who are being shot at more frequently than you can guess (please see the Jerusalem papers) by not hitting Hamas bigwigs just because the Hamas people put civilians in the way.
This is a known maneuver on Hamas' part to garner even more anger at Israel.

The Jenin situation was like that...they had civilians in places they knew Israel would hit and then screeched foul.

These are facts. Please understand that nobody thinks anybody's faultless but the lies are being swallowed by you and many others, and that should stop.

Z said...

Z said...

The use by Palestinians of HUMAN SHIELDS is widely known..Google it.

Z said...

It sounds like I hate Palestinians and I do not. I hate what their leaders do to them.
I hate that we don't see the thriving cities in Palestinian areas which I have seen on line...busy streets, busy markets doing big business. We're led to believe that they're starving and Israel's thriving and attacking THEM. Not true.
Also, Palestinians can become citizens in Israel...the opposite is not possible.

When Palestinian kids go to camp with Israeli kids, they get along very well; we've all seen those videos of different camps which try to get the kids together.

But the Israeli children don't see cartoons saying Palestinians are pigs and worse like Palestinian children do, either.

It's important to consider all sides...but to deny that Israel's hit ALL the time and the media doesn't cover it until it retaliates is dishonest.
To say they don't have a right to land they win through battle and treaties is dishonest as well.

Brooke said...

Same ol', same ol'... The palies got their asses kicked enough to want to regroup, thus the 'cease-fire.'

Average American said...

Another cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians---a PRIME example of NINCOMPOOPERY!! Where did I see that word, AOW maybe?

They keep on doing the same thing over and over and over again, with the exact same outcome. Lay down a REAL HEAVY barrage of bunkerbusters on that tunnel system and on every mosque in Gaza! Then sit back and see what a difference you just made.

beamish said...

Lay down a REAL HEAVY barrage of bunkerbusters on that tunnel system and on every mosque in Gaza! Then sit back and see what a difference you just made.

I don't like this approach. It's too timid and overly cautious.

Lay down a REAL HEAVY barrage of bunkerbusters on Cairo, Damascus and Tehran at the same time.

Yeah, the world will bitch and criticize Israel, but I'll bet none of that bitching and criticism raises any enemies of Israel back from the dead.

Brooke said...

On that, we can agree!

The only problem is that the UN will actually move against Israel instead of sanctioning them over and over, as they do with Islamist countries.

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