Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Semper BRUNEI?

Is Obama Always Faithful to our Marines?  (Z: or more faithful to Brunei?)

(by Timothy Whiteman) The current political winds in Washington, DC, have dictated that less will be spent on the various Branches of the Armed Forces of the Unites States. Case in point: the Commander-in-Chief has decided to fire 20,000 of our U.S. Marines. In an article published by San Diego, California's North County Times, ironically on Thanksgiving Day, Military Affairs reporter Gretel C. Kovach cites; "The Corps is shrinking by 20,000 Marines, to 182,100." The North County Times also cited that America's premier fighting force is; "scraping to repair or replace battle-worn equipment."
In spite of the Nobel Peace Prize award winning Obama ordering a recent surge in combat troops the Afghanistan theater of war, Kovach also pointed out that America's beloved Marine Corps is still to be slashed by roughly 20 percent; "despite no sign of an enemy collapse."
So What Will The Taxpayers Money Be Spent On?
Earlier this week, Breitbart.com covered the recent agreement Barack Obama has promised billions of Yankee dollars to the oil-rich and overwhelmingly Muslim nations of Indonesia and Brunei. As reported, $6,000,000,000 worth of American taxes has been promised to the two neighboring nations to promote "green energy." Many green energy companies in the United States, such as Solyndra and About Solar have been dismal failures despite the over $1,200,000,000 infusion of tax dollars from the Obama Administration.

What do Americans think when they voted for Obama and he's giving SIX BILLION DOLLARS to extremely rich countries for 'GREEN'?   They still admire him?   Shouldn't this give anyone pause?

So, with enemies lining up and getting feistier by the minute, and our power diminished by this president, we're getting rid of twenty thousand Marines who're coming back here looking for JOBS, folks.........I'd have thought if this president loves government jobs, he'd keep them on, no?

What are your thoughts?

thanks, Mustang


beamish said...

Lest anyone forget, this is precisely the same foreign policy of Obama's that Mittens Romney slathered with praise during the debates save for he would give these rich Islamist nations even more money to not promote Islamic extremism.

Always On Watch said...

Obama is deconstructing America. And part of that plan is worldwide redistribution of wealth.

Anonymous said...

Semper Brunei!? What does it even mean? Always Brunei?

Anonymous said...

Reaction to a pun, perhaps? Answer: Groan. ;)

cube said...

America is getting what it voted for and it will only get worse for an undetermined amount of time.

I heard some good advice but don't remember the source: Hunker down, save money, and take care of your own families.

It's going to be a bumpy night.

Z said...

Anonymous...please read the post!

Beamish...nobody expects you to let anybody forget. Gee, I wish we had someone absolutely perfect like Gary Johnson in office, huh?

AOW...imagine giving that much money to really rich countries as if they can't afford to GO GREEN themselves? Really?!!

Z said...

cube, it SURE is.

Silverfiddle said...

I can imagine Beamish, laying in a nursing home, 88 years old an feverish, shouting "Romnney!" every few minutes...

Anonymous said...

"What do Americans think when they voted for Obama..."

That mabe some of that largess would fall into their hands.

Liberalmann said...

Right, keep listening to Breitbart.com. Lol!

Ducky's here said...

"The Export-Import Bank of the United States will launch a program to make available up to $5 billion in export credit financing to eligible countries in the region over the next four years to increase access to American technology, services and equipment for the implementation of energy infrastructure projects."

Sounds like a good deal for American industry.

JonBerg said...

"Sounds like a good deal for American industry."

Yeah, so is printing money NOT!

Anonymous said...

From Z at work (oops, disabling Anonymous comments didn't work :-(

Oh, well. I CAN, anyway!

Liberalman..imagine if they'd only listened to Breitbart and we could have saved this country from another four years of mounting debt and cowtowing to enemies..oh and tons of lying and sneaking things through? Darn. Maybe you just don't understand??

SF...sometimes I wonder.

JonBerg...as soon as somebody shows how solyndra can be avoided, let's all get behind GREEN, huh? :)
Well, maybe it's only the Obama supporters who can't make a company work. Romney could have...except he'd been smarter about the GREEN aspect, of course.

Right Truth said...

Giving to his people.

Right Truth

Leticia said...

So much for that idiot promising jobs to Americans, when in fact had intentions of doing the opposite. I believe our military personnel should not only be enlarged but given better weapons and more equipped. Not stripped of their jobs and that money going to our enemies.

I hope the idiots that voted for Obama are quite pleased with themselves.

Ed Bonderenka said...

What are my thoughts, you ask?
They are dark and vile and should not be given voice.

Kid said...

The pres a dent gets rid of anyone either smarter then he or whose name or group name he cannot pronounce. You've noticed the disappearance of Corpse men right?

obama is a dweeb. Most likely why the libtards love him so much. Relate and all that.

Marine4ever said...

Semper Fi, Obimbo... right up your rectum. But that's okay, Rectum. We'll just keep on doing what we do so well... Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

Catherine Moore-Barry said...

You know of course, if MaObama were and investing consultant, I wouldn't hire him. But of course, he was given a Pulitzer prize for doing absolutely nothing! More proof that the average IQ of the national electorate has gone down at an alarming rate. Now Time Magazine has decided to best the Pulitzer committee by nominating Sandra Fluke for Person of the Year... maybe they should rename it ... "Worthless Person of the Year". Of course she helped worthless skanks from coast to coast by announcing young women need taxpayer funded birth control! What a hero.

No surprise that Obama wants to "layoff" 20,000 Marines at a time when he has stirred the "hate America" poo pot world wide! He didn't win that Peace Prize for nuthin ya know... oh, yeah... correction... HE DID win it for nuthin didn't he???? The entire world is freakin insane!

FreeThinke said...

The Oligarchs want ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, Z.

The New World Order is the rhinoceros in the rumpus room of American life.

Obama and Clinton and BOTH the Bushes and Romney too are but TOOLS to implement The New World Order

Their plan is to bring us low, make us all helpless and dependent, then DISSOLVE our SOVEREIGNTY. The idea is that ALL peoples -- even the SAVAGES -- will be treated as EQUALS.

I'll give you three guesses as to what that will do to our quality of life?

"Everyone" thinks Alex Jones is insane, but in truth "Prison Planet" is a very apt description of what these fiends have in store for us.

Sorry to spread such gloom, but I see it happening every day in the headlines.

JonBerg said...


A "Pulitzer prize", as well. I sure didn't know that! Golly-Gee what a Guy!!!!

JonBerg said...
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beamish said...

Beamish...nobody expects you to let anybody forget.

Well, what can I say. One of those conservative principles I didn't have to throw away because I didn't vote for Romney is a keen remembrance of history.

Gee, I wish we had someone absolutely perfect like Gary Johnson in office, huh?

C'mon, Z. That election's over. There's still time (before 2014) for you to overcome your stunted leftist need to think in binary great man vs. the Apocalypse terms, figure out what rationality is, and become a conservative.

beamish said...

I can imagine Beamish, laying in a nursing home, 88 years old an feverish, shouting "Romnney!" every few minutes...

I can imagine Silverfiddle, fellating a bong in Colorado somewhere, upset that Obama isn't bold enough to issue him a gay marriage license.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to take away from your argument with Z - is rationality then synonymous with conservatism? Or even with wisdom? (Conservatism and wisdom are synonymous, i know.)

Anonymous said...

Conservatism and wisdom are synonymous, i know...

...to an extent, anyway.

beakerkin said...

Silver Fiddle

The 88 year Old Beamish will probably be listening to Metalica chasing nurses 1/3 of his age while complaining that women have stopped wearing clothes inspired by Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

He will probably be looking for the nearest beer of Jack Daniels while
wondering about the good old lost food when free people could drive down to Lees Fried Chicken and light up a Marlboro.

I was waiting for Impertinent to quip about Obama finding government
employees he can cut.

I don't like to see the Marines cut. Placing them on our borders does not look good. Having them help in search and rescue missions in peacetime does not seem right either.

Obama sees a world where military interventions are less likely. We also face a different kind of enemy
that requires a different type of response.

The future belongs to a new type of warrior who is a cross between a SEAL and a Techno Wizzard. Human intelligence will still be more important then ever.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives wanted to save our country from Obama, Beamish; you weren't there.


beamish said...

Conservatives wanted to save our country from Obama, Beamish; you weren't there.

Sure I was. I voted for the most conservative candidate on the ballot. A vote against Gary Johnson was a vote for Obama, after all.

beamish said...

Nothing to take away from your argument with Z - is rationality then synonymous with conservatism? Or even with wisdom? (Conservatism and wisdom are synonymous, i know.)

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