Monday, November 26, 2012

Susan Rice

Think she deserves A CHANCE? Or do you think she's as guilty as Obama is at having kept information from the public, particularly before the election?
And why wasn't Hillary, whose position warranted her presence as is the tradition with dealing with affairs of state and ambassadors, etc.there, on the Sunday morning shows instead of Rice? Your thoughts!? Z


Joe said...

I'm not at all convinced that Susan Rice was anything more than just a pawn in this mess.

Even President BO (the amateur president) said she had nothing to do with the incident (then why did he send her to testify...because he's such an amateur?).

"And why wasn't Hillary, whose position warranted her presence...on the Sunday morning shows instead of Rice?"

Ah, methinks somebody is being protected...perhaps for some future electoral event.

Always On Watch said...

do you think she's as guilty as Obama is at having kept information from the public

Absolutely! And probably for reasons in addition to Obama's re-election.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Susan Rice was promised the position as Secretary of State for going on all those talk shows and lying about Benghazi.

As for Hillary not going out there and speaking over and over again the lies about Benghazi, she was using CYA. Remember that she is an attorney and knows full well the significance of "What did she know, "What did she know, and when did she know it?"

Always On Watch said...

Related information. Check it out.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe Hillary is being protected for another reason: appointment to the SCOTUS. Just a thought.

sue hanes said...

Z - I think Susan Rice does deserve a chance for nomination as Secretary of State. But now that this whole thing has come up it is going to be difficult for her to get past it.

She has large shoes to fill as Hillary has done a good job in that position - don't you think?

Silverfiddle said...

She's already in over her head, but so is the entire administration, including our President.

At this point, does it really matter?

Ducky's here said...

I think the repubs are going to try to make Benghazi an issue until the midterms and get their head handed to them again.

You'll probably find rabies media talking about impeachment. Benghazi is the new birth certificate.

You don't seam to learn.

Z said...

Sue, the problem is that Obama's made her a promise but the conservative media saw the truth in Benghazi and can't let it go; we can't have a president who might have done ANY of what's pretty obviously been done.

The first question Rice will be asked in confirmation hearings is "Who told you to say that after everyone knew it wasn't the video?"
and "Who changed the CIA memos?"

Think Obama wants THAT? :-)
No, I think she deserved a chance before she fell for this and went out to the morning shows..but if she falls for that, can we have her falling for things as Sec or State? I don't think so. She's clearly not bright enough nor does she put America first.

To the rest of you: I agree with all of what you said; except I don't believe Hillary would want to spend the rest of her life on the Supreme Court. Within a few months Ginsberg will retire and we'll see Holder step in.

wait for it!

Anonymous said...

Susan Rice is a long time friend of Obama and a fellow red-diaper baby, I believe. She was Obama's first choice in 2008 but he had pay-off Hillary. Rice will be a terrible Secretary of State just like Hilly was. Obama's second choice right now is John kerry. So, sit back wittness the disaster that is coming.

Z said...

No, Ducky, we do learn. And we have media which covers everything, and importantly.
When the left learns, we won't have people like obama as president anymore.
When the media's honest, we'll be back on track again as America.

How's that Arab Spring working for you? You naive liberals...what a mess you've created for all those Arabs you supposedly championed...seems to always happen that the poor get treated the worst by liberals, doesn't it.

Z said...

there's a rumor going around that Obama may have to dump Obamascare in favor of doing something about the financial mess he's created....stay tuned.
VERY interesting, particularly when 20 states are saying they won't go along with him.

But, I'll tell you what; if Republicans pursue taking the mortgage deduction away, I will be TICKED OFF.

Z said...

Plus, I think taking the mort.ded away would slow home sales, construction, etc etc etc...long range problems...

Z said...

Sue; I have a question for you, then I HAVE to get ready for work! (working late tonight so I go in a bit later)

What would it take for you to lose confidence in Obama?

Would it influence your opinion of him if you learned that the middle class might have much higher taxes next year?

I believe you can be very, very reasonable and I know you love this country deeply; but I also can deduce that you voted for Obama because you've always been a fan.

Does Benghazi mean nothing to you? Or do you think the Republicans and Petraeus are wrong in what they've brought out?

Do you think Romney really would have done a bad job getting our economy back on track?

And did you believe the left when they said Romney had a war on women and didn't care about the poor?

I would NEVER put you on the spot like this unless I felt you're reasonable and you know I will not attack you for ANY answer you give...I PROMISE.

You can totally ignore this comment/questions...but I'm really curious if you feel you'd like to take a stab. Because I want to understand better what makes Obama so popular and if you believe him and the media. Was Romney really so bad?

Divine Theatre said...

The bottom line: she has no credibility. That being said, how is she going to be able to do this job? The world is watching and they are not ALL as naive and gullible as American lefties.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

When you start pulling the sexist card and the race card, I've tuned you out.

She doesn't mean anything to me. She's just another no-account Obama hack.


Pris said...

Frankly, I don't think it matters who Obama appoints as Sec'y of State. The agenda will not change, and we'll be lied to regardless!

If Rice is not confirmed, sooner or later someone who goes along with the administration will be. It's not a matter of "who", it's a matter of "when". Just the thought of John Kerry should tell us that!

Divine Theatre said...

I agree, BZ, those "isms" have become hackneyed.


Right Truth said...

If she was just a pawn, she does not deserve to be Secretary of State. Some think it would be good grill her on what she knew, etc., but I doubt she would reveal anything.

Right Truth

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm not sure how to answer that question. I haven't lost confidence in President Obama yet.

I do know that I did not want Mitt
Romney to be in charge of this country.

I will be honest and if I do lose complete confidence in the President I will admit it.

sue hanes said...

Z - 'Was Romney really so bad?'

Yes, in my eyes he was. Everytime I saw him I hated to think of him as leader of the Free World.

I will agree with you that perhaps
Obama is not doing such a hot job but at least he has four years under his belt. I'm hoping that he will do better this next four.

And I'm praying that he will - too.

sue hanes said...

Z - May I take this opportunity - and go off topic for a minute - to say that I am for one six year term - and no reelection.

If that were the case then Obama would have been concentrating on getting the country in shape to protect his legacy - and not spending time on getting reelected.

Romney may have had a better chance.

JonBerg said...

"I'm hoping that he will do better this next four."

Does "better" mean more and more of same? OMG!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Obama is not doing such a hot job but at least he has four years under his belt. I'm hoping that he will do better this next four."

So...I have to ask...what motivated you to vote for a man that had no platform, other than "Forward"...never put forth an economic recovery plan....has presided over 8% unemployment...25,000,000 unemployed....a 141% increase in food stamp recepients...has passed with executive fiats more than Congress would ever allow by bypassing Congress...presides over the Benghazi fiasco and lies about it...has a racist AG who has his own scandals and has put this country into so much debt that for the first time ever...our bond rating and credit worthiness were lowered.

Who's (no) energy policies are hurting every American, every day of the week when we pay our electric, heating oil, gas or at the pump. Meanwhile he shuts down a pipe line....closes off millions more acres to gas & energy development...and kills the coal industry.

A man whose investment in "unicorn" energy went bust...failures...every one of them.

Are these "accomplishments" in your view? Even if they've all been disastrous for this country and it's security...and it's standing in the world? A world of Islamist nut bags, terrorists and countries dedicated to our destruction? Or do you think waving a "nasty" letter at the UN or a speech to the other 190 shitholes on the planet will fix everything?

But after all that...I'l just take a wild think he's cute. So you voted on your estrogen levels thinking you'd love to share his testosterone?

Or was it you thought his "son" Trayvon was cute too?

Ore is and a few others like you...just don't think much?

JonBerg said...


Thanks for providing specificity to all that I had/have in mind. Re-election of the Fraud-in-Chief adds a complete new dimension to the term "mind boggling"!

Average American said...

"When the media's honest, we'll be back on track again as America."

Z, that will be the day right after HELL FREEZES OVER!

"Re-election of the Fraud-in-Chief adds a complete new dimension to the term "mind boggling"!

JonBerg, and a new term, NINCOMPOOPERY! I guess I never really realized how S T U P I D the American electorate is.

sue hanes said...

Z - Remember that if Romney had won it would mean a Conservative agenda - which I did not want.

So it's more than just if I didn't like Romney that was at stake.

Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

"Know what I mean?"

Hell no...can't you explain?

Everyone here is usually fully capable of expressing their political point of views and reasons for doing so.

It's just you libs....with your "feelings" agenda that can't muster a cognitive thought other than some obtuse..."know what I mean"?

That's real deep....real deep. Did it take you all day to come up with that?

Anonymous said...

And they let you dopes vote?

Ducky's here said...

"Feeling" agenda? Who are you backing, Imp?

The other Rice? Condominium was so stupid she was absolutely shocked, shocked I tell you when Hamas won the Palestinian election.
That crew wasn't even knocking on the door.

Liberalmann said...


Anonymous said...


Really...Rice...a phd...was stupid?

Not as stupid as Uncle Ben's namesake.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Duck where credit is due...whether I / we agree with you or're not a dope...and at least have brains enough to know why you vote and for whom....not like the majority of your fellow moronic travelers.

Kid said...

With much respect. Is there Anyone in the obama administration who isn't a POS ?

AOW. You're freakin me out with the hilrod stuff !

Kid said...

Sue Hanes. LOL !!!!!

Kid said...

IMP, If I may, democrats get elected because they keep the fantasies of their support base alive. It seems obvious (especially if you tiptoe through the pictures of the People of Walmart ) that fantasy is 99% of life for most of these brainless idiots.

Anonymous said...


"Ya know what I mean??" Jeezus ....typical candidate for Jesse Waters on one his street interviews of libbie dopes. they laugh and reveal their idiocy...they think they're "hip".

Hey...who's the VP anyway...? Duh.

Kid said...

PS, for our liberal friends. To see more creatures, click on "more creatures" at the lower right area of the picture at the top of that page.

Kid said...

IMP, libs wear their stupidy and ignorance as a Red Badge of Courage

Anonymous said...


Courage? Going through life with people who point at you behind your back and say...what an dumb ass, moron and a typical Walmart shopper?

Completely stoned, cracked, methed out bonged or oblivious because of it?

Mitt was right....47% of this country are blithering idiots.

Welfare? No voting rights.

Students? No voting rights.

Illegal? Yep...them voting rights or social benefits.

Not a property skin in the game.

Felons? Nope.

Anonymous said...


"Even President BO (the amateur president) ..."

Joe...give credit where credit is due...he's no longer an amateur...he's past after 4 years he has proved that he is a professional FU. Forward...he the cliff and oblivion. 4 More years and we'll wish we looked like Detroit.

But...we're hip...we're cool, aren't we?

Kid said...

IMP, We do need voting reform, but who is gonna bring it? The repubs have already caved to the idea they must pander to the losers if they want to sit in the big chair.

I'd be happy that to vote you paid a net positive of property tax + income tax. Course that means you need ID right off the bat.

I remember years ago a weekend in Detroit around Christmas they had their Heartwarming story on. Some chick with 9 kids living in a Buick.
Get this - she is on wick AND section 8 and Still gets kicked out of her apartment - (Is that even possible? apparently) and has 8 kids at the time.
At the time of the "news" story, she's got 9 kids and have been living in a Buick for 1.5 years. One of the kids is 8 months old. She got pregnant while living in a Buick with 8 kids and the chicks doing the story on the news are all whimpery and teary-eyed that some sucker bought that child abusing bitch a 250k house.

Unreal, but That is the world liberal morons live in. Now they're bringing that crap to a neighborhood near you and us. I have no patience for them. I Hope I offend them. I couldn't possibly offend them as much as they offend me and a decent society.

Kid said...

Sorry, the kid wasn't 8 months old, only a month or two. It was clear that she got prego while living in the car.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, we commies live in a world where eight kids aren't living in a Buick with no chance for much more than to repeat the mistakes of their mother.

You have no patience with us, kid?
Buy a freaking vowel you dope.

Kid said...

A rare duck reply....

what chance do you think those kids have with a POS mother like that regardless. How about this. How about not paying POS women like that to pop kids out like pieces of toast you moron.

Buy a brain you idiot ! :)

I did some research and found how YOU can get a new brain for little more than travel expenses.

Here's what you do:
Get a one way ticket to France.
Get molested by TSA at the airport and get on your plane.
Travel to France.
Once you're there, make your way to Pierre laDouche's farm.
You should find other morons like yourself out in the cow pasture. If not, wait a few minutes for them to show up.
When you see one, yell "FREE MONEY!" in unison with one of the other idiots while simultaneously picking up a cow manure pie and tossing it in the air.
Now quickly, run underneath the cowpie your compadre moron threw, turn your head sideways and thrust it sideways up into the air just as the cowpie hits your ear. Do that as long as necessary until all of your current grey matter has been replaced with cow manure. You'll be much better off. You'll thank me.

Anonymous said...

The "mother" ( cow ) needs to be Sangerized. Why should anyone...libs included not see that a pig like this needs more misfits to be supported by us when a sterilization makes more sense?

Oh...oops....she has "reproductive rights"...that's it...right? Not to take advantage of...or be forced to use birth control? Ahhhh....what bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Duck...sounds like you'd have no problem climbing into the Buick for a cop , a feel and a free ride?

Kid said...

IMP, the paradox's of liberal idiologic are stunning really.

Kid said...

IMP, while the other 8 kids watch too right? hahaa

Hey, it's sex ed, homestyle.

Anonymous said...


Sex ed? Duck gets his from coffee table books...the kind that impress guests when they come over for an "Amuse Bouche". He does dust them off I'm sure.

You know the kind. They serve Frangelica in petite glasses...the proletariat must rule, Soviet style...while the shit's in the Buicks...dumpster dive.

Anonymous said...


And the kids have to they can know the name of the next one to share a front seat or the trunk of the Buick.

Z said...

Sue, I can't imagine what you think the conservative agenda is, but I'd sure like to know.

Everybody...I'd have really liked to have Sue felt safe here with her responses. I want to hear what she has to say because it's literally inconceivable to me how anyone could possibly choose Obama over Romney (or almost anybody, come to think of it).

Let's listen. Thanks.
It's important for me to understand...and I'd like to know what leftwingers think the Republican party's about.

It's clearly not about what the media and CNN, etc., represent, that's for sure.

Sue, I think six years and no reelection isn't bad, either.
By the way, I don't think Obama gives a crap (pardon, but I can't think of another word right now) about a legacy. I think he cares more about bringing America down to a third world country of heavy debt, no self reliance among individuals, socialized medicine, deathly taxes, and no opportunities for our kids.

Z said...

Imp..>Frangelica's Italian, not French!

BetteJo said...

What was the question? :)

Z said...

Kid! I just read your story...are you kidding me?
What do we do with women like that? And her kids?

Do you think they should be taken away? There seems like literally nothing redeeming about the situation. Being with her means a future of NOTHING.
Ya, people will say "she loves them" but how's she SHOWING it?


Imp and Kid...your back/forth comments are the best!

JonBerg said...

"Yeah, we commies live in a world where eight kids aren't living in a Buick with no chance for much more than to repeat the mistakes of their mother."

Well, of course, Ding Dong, yours would be living in a "Trabant"! A mistake of your stupid socialism-Moron!

Average American said...

It's a damn sad day when we see frigging morons like that bitch with 8 kids popping another one out of the oven just to get a damn raise in her welfare check! It used to be that if you wanted a raise, you worked harder until someone noticed you were worth more. I frigging HATE this new America!!!! When in hell does hunting season start on these moron liberals anyway?

JonBerg said...


And just imagine what all of that adds to the Gene Pool!

beamish said...

She should get the same chance that Robert Bork did.

Liberalmann said...

It's typical. So called 'Christian' wingnuts always eventually reveal themselves to be hypocritical haters and racists.

Kid said...

Z, This happens much more than anyone would believe. I've had many people testify about it because they lived in or near these areas. It's more prevalent of course in the blue states and cities like Detroit that have been totally destroyed by democrat politics. Plenty in Cincinnati.

Literally, this is paying women to pop kids out into zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments. Ever watch scared straight? That's were these kids come from. It's never ending and blossoming gross abuse of children and democrats pay for it. They pay for child abuse.

So, here's what I'd do. Turn off the spigot. We'll pay for your first mistake. Have two or 50 kids, you get no increase in your check. No motivation to continue the practice.

If you do continue to pop kids out without any visible means of support and the children aren't being supported, you go to jail for the crime of child abuse and the kids get shipped out to foster (pedophile) homes or preferably orphanages that don't exist anymore because the libs closed them in favor of escalating a situation where they pay pedophiles to 'foster children'. About just as bad, but when you find these people, you put them in jail too and let some more drug users out if necessary since they only hurt themselves for the most part.

We had the murder of child in fostercare in Cincinnati years ago that made most people upchuck so I won't reveal, but the point is local radio begged people to call in and and testify if they had a good foster experience. For a week solid. NONE did. Many however called to say they enjoyed and were and are so appreciative of their orphanage experience. They ended up feeling that the ended up with huge families and many stay in touch with many they shared the orphanage with. Plus you have a situation you can monitor much easier that fragmented foster 'homes'.

One guy called while I was listening saying they adopted a 13 yr old girl who was now 18 and had been in 17 pedophile homes. They'd simply move her to another one when she reported it.
It's not just money and macro issues that make me hate liberals. Their stupidity and childlike brains cause so much damage to individuals.

Z said...

Lib: it's're still such a racist you think anybody criticizing a black American is racist. WOW. That is so stupid (sorry, but...) ...

ya, we who adore Alan West are racist: Good deductive reasoning, as usual.

KID: All good. I believe orphanages are a better solution than foster care, too. Foster Care CAN be good, but I've never heard of a successful one myself.
Kids can feel loved in an orphanage...if someone's beating them or using them for the dollars they get to have them there, ..that's a nightmare.

I like your ideas. DO IT :-)

Kid said...

Z, I'd be more than happy to have libtards squealing in anguish if only I could.

Course they'd be happy as soon as the clouds were cleared. You know, just like 4 year olds.

FreeThinke said...

Of the various Rices I like Uncle Ben and Condoleezza much better than Susan.

Susan OUGHT to be cruisin' for a bruisin,' but I'd bet the farm she never gets what should be coming to her.

She'll be the next Secretary of State, because she's "black" and frankly there is NO meaningful opposition to the DemonRat's agenda -- NONE.

JonBerg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JonBerg said...

"'Christian' wingnuts always eventually reveal themselves to be hypocritical haters and racists."

Hey Mustang and M4e, have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to have had this jerk or Daffy under your Basic Training Command positions? My guess is they would have 'washed' but possibly may have, actually, become real men! Well, obviously, the latter didn't happen

Average American said...

After much soul-searching, I have changed my views on having my tax dollars being spent on birth control. As much as I hate the idea, I am OK with it. A lot less damaging and a HELL of a lot cheaper than the alternative.

As far as baby factories are concerned, when a woman has her own basketball team, she's already had to many! She wants welfare of any kind-----the tubes get cut! It's voluntary of course, she doesn't HAVE to---unless she wants to continue the freebies! No neutering=no welfare, period! If that leaves the kids without proper food, shelter, etc, the state takes them. END OF STORY!