Sunday, February 28, 2010

Armenian.....'genocide'? Tonight on 60 Minutes

UPDATE: FOR THE MANY OF YOU FINDING THIS BLOG AFTER GOOGLING THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, my post here was only an urging for my readers to watch last night's show on CBS. You may find much more interesting information in COMMENTS, so feel free to click there and read. Thanks for coming by.

Original Post: If you watch 60 Minutes tonight on CBS, there will be a segment on the Armenian genocide and the controversy surrounding it. While some Turks do admit that 1.5 Armenians died at their hands at the turn of the last century, the country has never officially acknowledged it. I'd be interested in your opinions.

A friend of mine, Mike, came up with a good joke:

What do President Obama's regular Wednesday night cocktail parties at the White House and his political policies have in common?

They are both occasions to "socialize."

GOOD one, Mike...and thanks!

Sunday Faith Blog...were you once a non-believer?

If you were a non-believer
, or someone whose family members were really only what I call "Christmas Tree Christians," .....what made you become a stronger believer?
If you were an atheist and became a believer in God, how did that happen?
I have a very important reason for wanting to know this and would so much appreciate your input here.
Spring flowers come out from the Winter like faith comes out from the darkness........."Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1
Please pray for faith for my friend Bryan. Thanks...

photo by Mr Z's daughter, Ms Z...Munich

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stimulus Check? You can ORDER new checks with this on them?!!

I'm ordering bank checks today and was on line looking at the different selections of specialty checks. Next to the typical Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon photo patriotic check choices, the kitties and kites and hot air balloons available for check backgrounds, I saw the one above. Don't you think that's a little ODD?

Don't forget to see how you can help your desk stop being so messy! Read the post below, you might be glad you did, I can't tell you how that SPIRAL NOTEBOOK's helped me :-)

ADVICE: Is your desk always tidy and orderly?

....MINE SURE ISN'T!! (although MUCH better than the desk to the left!)). But, I do try: I file things, I put them away, and then MORE mail comes in, more bills arrive, MORE information from groups I belong to comes in, MORE paperwork I have to attend to....and then there are the seemingly millions of little Post-its with phone numbers or messages, information I've taken from a call or off the know, the little papers that are always in your way until you need the information and then you can't find it anywhere?

I HAVE GOT THE CURE: Regarding the bulk of that paperwork we all face, I can't offer much advice other than to say FILE IT. (of course, don't file it too well or you'll never FIND it when you need it, if you're like me). BUT, a friend recommended a 1 TO 31 FILE....31 pockets, one pocket for each day of the month, all there for things you need to do whatever day you choose. File them on the day you need to write that check.........file a letter that needs answering next week in a pocket for next week........file anything that has to be done on a certain date in that large 1-to-31 file on that certain date and there it will be. Remember to look into that file every morning so you DO the work you've thrown into that particular day's pocket. Good, huh? I hope it helps.

But, the best suggestion I got from this same friend is this: THINK SPIRAL NOTEBOOK (yes, she bought me a purple one!) Get a spiral notebook and keep it on your desk. In that notebook, take all the darned sticky notes from all over, like the ones you've got stuck to the side of your computer right now?, and write the information IN that notebook and THROW AWAY THE STICKY PAPER! Next time a phone number's given to you on that phone on your desk, write it in the notebook until you have a chance to transfer it to your phone book. Next time you have a bit of info you want to keep but don't know WHERE TO KEEP IT, write it in the SPIRAL NOTEBOOK. Get the picture? My spiral notebook is sitting here with numbers and information SAFE until I use the info or transfer it to where it should stay. You can also keep a "TO DO" list in there if you like. This is THE best solution to the tiny Post-its I have ever heard and it's working great!

So, I thought I'd pass that on to you.........THINK SPIRAL NOTEBOOK, BUY SPIRAL NOTEBOOK, USE SPIRAL NOTEBOOK. I promise you won't be sorry and your desk will be FAR neater! Let me know how it goes! This has been a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT :-)


Friday, February 26, 2010


......TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS? As a NEGATIVE?? :-) Are you KIDDING me? (Mr. Z would have LOVED this, wouldn't he have?)
Check THIS OUT for the details I know you'll want to read. Boy, marry this story with that Rhode Island story about firing teachers that I posted below and maybe we're seeing some good things happening in American schools again......... Dare we get our hopes up?
naaaaa But, we can DREAM! Just THINK...An AMERICAN school teaching the evils of COMMUNISM?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Robert Todd Lincoln, Abe, and JFK......lots of "coincidences"?

Our friend and commenter at GeeeeeZ, Waylon from Canada, found an amazing bit of information I hadn't heard and I wonder if you had? Robert Todd Lincoln was a witness to the assassinations of THREE presidents. Take a look at THIS ARTICLE for the's really fascinating. (by the way, he sure does look like his mother, doesn't he? So much so, I had to include her picture here)

Also, you've all heard of THESE similarities between Lincoln and JFK (this list is newer and bigger than the information you've probably seen, and it's astonishing)....Then you read, in the linked article above, that Abraham Lincoln had dreams of being assassinated, and the whole thing's kind of bizarre, isn't it?

How could the son of one president be witness to the deaths of THREE?
Memo to self: NEVER invite anybody named Robert Todd Lincoln anywhere you're going to be!

After his seeing three assassinations, you'd have thought the FBI would have taken HIM in for questioning! (heh!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An AMERICAN school has fired ALL ITS TEACHERS?!

Since when does an American school have the guts to do THIS?

"A Rhode Island high school is set to fire every single teacher after the teachers' union refused to go along with the superintendent's proposed plan for increased workload without much extra pay. The school, Central Falls High School, was one of the worst-performing high schools in the state."

I won't quote too much from the article you can open in the link; and you can keep linking into it for more and more information. I want to give you the SHEER PLEASURE of reading how a school superintendent, FRANCES GALLO (God BLESS you!) exposed the union and chided parents with "Remember, we need YOU if we are to reach our potential.."
Ducky alerted me to this and I want to thank him for it........Would that more schools would get really serious and American schools would start performing again as well as they did when I was a kid~!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Women on submarines.......??

You think that women ought to be serving on submarines? The Navy's decided it's cool......What are your thoughts?

You might not have heard about this and you must........And OH MAN, check out this new logo!

I'm linking you to HERE because you all need to know this and consider it. Seems that we've got another man who didn't tell the truth in the White House....Rashid Hussain. Perhaps this man is totally misquoted, totally misunderstood, etc. etc...but my bet is that he should have been very carefully scrutinized by Senate hearings if ANY appointment should have been and he was not.

HERE * is the article on the NEW LOGO for the US Missile Defense Agency....and HERE And here is their website with the NEW LOGO already there.

Got any comments after seeing the original logo in the link with the * next to it above? And what do you think of Rashid Hussain??

What's up?

The Blue Duck speaks.........

How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America?
(I got a ton of these in an email today and you're going to be subjected to about one a day for a while.....they get funnier and funnier...I hope you enjoy them! Thanks, MMxxx)

Supporting Terror in America

The headlines this morning are about the Supreme Court deciding whether terror groups can be supported in this country.

Is there a word in the above sentence that might have called this a 'done deal' only thirty years ago? Know which one? Hey, I know.....then they can decide if that support should be tax deductible? (oh, BROTHER)


Liars and Politicians...but I repeat myself, sorry

And, of course: How do you tell if a politician's lying? His lips are moving.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pray for Cheney....

....he's "resting comfortably" in the hospital after having had chest pains this afternoon. Thanks.

Andrew Breitbart on Rachel Maddow's gift to Conservatives and more...

Andrew tells it like it is in the video and he's on the cutting edge of exposing the leftwing (at his news blog) and holding their feet to the fire, (at for more Andrew making even more huge strides for Conservatism in the future......

Sunday, February 21, 2010


...........WHAT a surprising upset! (sorry, Waylon and Sis!)

Sunday a favorite?

Please come to Mac 'n GeeeeeZ and tell us about Sunday family meals at your home, either growing up or now? We'd love to hear about them and already have a good discussion going! Thanks!
And I hope you read about my 'penny from heaven' down below! xxx

Sunday Faith Blog.....a penny story...and Z's penny miracle, too

I got this account Friday in an email (I told you my Sunday Faith blogs always write themselves some time during the week...I NEVER have to look up anything, they just COME) and I wanted to share it with you:

You always hear the usual stories of pennies on the sidewalk being good
luck, gifts from angels, etc. This is the first time I've ever heard this twist on the story. Gives you something to think about..
Several years ago, a friend of mine and her husband were invited to spend the weekend at the home of her husband's employer.
My friend, Arlene, was nervous about the weekend. The boss was very wealthy, with a fine home on the waterway, and cars costing more than her house.
The first day and evening went well, and Arlene was delighted to have this ra
re glimpse into how the very wealthy live. Her husband's employer was quite generous as a host, and took them to the finest restaurants. Arlene knew she would never have the opportunity to indulge in this kind of extravagance again, so was enjoying herself immensely.
As the three of them were about to enter an exclusive restaurant one evening, the boss w
as walking slightly ahead of Arlene and her husband..
He stopped suddenly, looking down on the pavement for a long, silent moment.
Arlene wondered if she was supposed to pass him.. There was nothing on the ground except a single darkened penny that someone had dropped, and a few cigarette butts. Still silent, the man reached down and picked up the penny.
He held it up and smiled, then put it in his pocket as if he had found a great treasu
How absurd! What need did this man have for a single penny? Why would he even take the time to stop and pick it up?
Throughout dinner, the entire scene nagged at her. Finally, she could stand it no longer. She casually mentioned that her daughter once had a coin collection, and asked if the penny he had found had been of some value.

A smile crept across the man's face as he reached into his pocket for the penny and held it out for her to see. She had seen many pennies before! What was the point of this?

"Look at it," he said.. "Read what it says."
She read the words, " United States of America ."

"No, not that. Read further."

"One cent?"

"No, keep reading."

"In God we Trust?"
"And?.. . ."

"And if I trust in God, the name of God is holy, even on a coin. Whenever I find a coin, I see that inscription. It is written on every single United States coin, but we never seem to notice it! God drops a message right in front of me telling me to trust Him. Who am I to pass it by? When I see a coin, I pray. I stop to see if my trust IS in God at that moment
. I pick the coin up as a response to God; that I do trust in Him. For a short time, at least, I cherish it as if it were gold. I think it is God's way of starting a conversation with me. Lucky for me, God is patient and pennies are plentiful!"
When I was out shopping today, I found a penny on the sidewalk. I stopped and picked it up, and realized that I had been worrying and fretting in my mind about things I cannot change. I read the words, "In God We Trust," and had to laugh. "Yes, God, I get the message!"
It seems that I have been finding an inordinate number of pennies in the last few months, but then, pennies are plentiful! And, God is patient.

Z's story....Shortly after Mr. Z died, I was in church sitting in the wooden pew with a friend t
o my right. He'd got there earlier and settled in with his church bulletin, keys and Blackberry to his left, between us. The service proceeded...the 2 of us went to the center aisle for communion, then came back....and a few minutes later, he squeezed past me to go help pass the offering trays. At that moment, I looked to my left and was very surprised to see a penny teetering on the edge of the wooden pew. The front of the pew seat is contoured, where we sit being lower and then it rises a bit toward the edge under our knees....I thought how strange it was that a penny was hanging half on and half off when Joe had just passed me and the penny and I'd been fidgeting during the sermon as I'm want to do, and that penny hadn't fallen through any of that! I also wondered how the heck it had got there and how I hadn't noticed it in the first place because I'd had to walk past it to sit down when I first arrived and when Joe and I came back to our seats after communion! It was just too weird to find it there so precariously hanging on the edge... I picked it up....Of course, it had "In God We Trust" on it....but then I thought I should see what year it was the year of Mr. Z's and my wedding. Of all the pennies in existence, only a few weeks after I lost my Mr. Z, a penny finds itself next to me hanging off the edge of a wooden pew....with that year on it, our year. Pennies from Heaven.... It felt sad. But, it also felt very good. In God we DEFINITELY trust.

"I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me." Proverbs 8:17

Keep trusting, keep seeking, and have a WONDERFUL, BLESSED Sunday.........Love, Z


Saturday, February 20, 2010

If Republicans don't "finally" reform health care like Obama wants, they don't want Americans to have peace of mind??

Do you all get what Obama's doing now? Read THIS! He simply can't ABIDE with the idea that some Americans, many Americans, don't want government-run health care and he resents the hell out of Republicans not going right along with him, so it's important to tell America that our whole legislative procedures are falling this:

"What's being tested here is not just our ability to solve this one problem, but our ability to solve any problem," Obama said. (Z: what's he implying here? We need a new form of government?)

Then he says...."Next week is our chance to finally reform our health insurance system so it works for families and small businesses. It's our chance to finally give Americans the peace of mind of knowing that they'll be able to have affordable coverage when they need it most."

See? This is about Republicans just NOT WANTING TO HELP FAMILIES, to take away their 'peace of mind'.......right? (wrong) The Republicans have been clear that they don't want a government take over and I'm wondering why that's so hard for Obama to HEAR that.

One of my more liberal readers, the other day, commented that Republicans HAVE been involved in the health care package's development. Yesterday, I heard a Tennessee Democrat politician (I'm sorry I did not get his name or if he was a Senator or Congressman) tell an interviewer that the Republicans have not had one idea for health care. Which is it? What are people believing out there? Obama obfuscates, too, he doesn't have this many media people on the White House Staff for nothing: Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, White House Research Director; Daniella Gibbs Leger, Director of Message Events; Macon Phillips, Director of New Media; Christina Reynolds, Director of Media Affairs; Dag Vega, Director of Broadcast Media; Dana E. Singiser, White House Office of Legislative Affairs, Amy Brundage, Regional Communications Director; Cammie Croft, Deputy New Media Director; Jason Djang, Deputy Director for Video; Corey Ealons, Director of African American Media and Coordinator of Special Projects; Shin Inouye, Director of Specialty Media; Jesse Lee, Online Programs Director; Katherine Lyons, Deputy Director of Message Events; Luis Miranda, Director of Hispanic Media; Moira Mack Muntz, Regional Communications Director; Katie Stanton, Director of Citizen Participation; Joelle Terry, Deputy Director of Message Events; Gannet Tseggai, Regional Communications Director; and Samantha Tubman, Assistant Social Secretary) Where else do you think he gets the phrases that are so well aimed at influencing Americans?....He says things so exquisitely, so condemningly, and he damns our whole legislative process and mischaracterizes because he's NOT HAPPY PEOPLE AREN'T GOING ALONG WITH HIM.
Instead of really listening, he insinuates Republicans are just angry and mean and not willing to help Americans.............and most Americans hear this and run with it. (except it appears that most Americans don't want government controlled health care either, so, there's some hope).

What a way to start that meeting next week, huh? Oh, and he IS listening to Conservatives.....finally.............get this: Next week's session WILL FINALLY be broadcast on C-SPAN!! Thanks, Mr. President....must be hard to finally live up to your campaign promises. But, really, finally you ARE being 'transparent' to those of us who see through've set up that meeting and the broadcast with the rhetoric I site above that if Republicans don't agree to all you want to do, this broadcast will SHOW how they DON'T CARE! Pretty darned good, Mr. President. I'd say those media-types you have there at the White House are worth their weight in.........our tax dollars. To you.

Holy communion on the MOON?

Did you know the first meal eaten on the moon was COMMUNION?

Here's part of the article I linked from the Washington Post, discussed by Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn (draw your own conclusions):
Aldrin's brief and private Christian service (Z: all it was was taking the wafer and the wine, not a 'service') never caused a flap, but it could have. Aldrin has said that he planned to broadcast the service, but NASA at the last minute asked him not to because of concerns about a lawsuit filed (later dismissed) by atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hare after Apollo 8 astronauts read from Genesis while orbiting the moon at Christmas.

Here's more:
I asked Richard Mouw about provisions for self-serve communion. Mouw is president of Fuller Theological Seminary. He also is representing the Presbyterian Church-USA as co-chair of the official Reformed-Catholic Dialogue. Mouw's response: "For our Reformed theology, communion is something that necessarily takes place in a congregational context, with two requirements. It is tied to--accompanied by-- the preaching of the Word and it requires at least one elder assisting the minister. Two exceptions: chaplains in military and other settings are given a blanket approval to conduct a communion rite without an elder. And a minister and elder may bring the elements to a sick or shut-in person--with the understanding that this is an extension of the congregational rite that has recently taken place. There is simply no provision for a solitary self-serving of communion. It is difficult to think of a theological rationale even as an unusual event."

Even landing on THE MOOOOOOON? :-) What do you think?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Congratulations, Evan Lysacek.....but, no so fast

WHAT a skate he had! I just LOVE that he beat the Russian.........admit it, didn't you? :-)
America's way up there in Olympic medals this year and it's so great to see the winners carrying the flags and yelling "USA USA!"
UPDATE: Some are saying he doesn't deserve the medal.
Plushenko says "If the Olympic champion doesn't know how to jump a quad, I don't know," Plushenko said. "Now it's not men's figure skating, now it's dancing."
You think he's right?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Does EVERYTHING have to be GREEN!?

GREEN FLOWERS, too?'s a story about Olympics flowers. I remember when flowers were red and white and yellow and pink and purple, and.......................leaves were green! Seems like everything is greeeeen today..........!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Republican hypocrisy": I'm seriously curious about something.........

I'm on the fence.........
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama vigorously defended his $787 billion stimulus on Wednesday, insisting it rescued Americans from the worst of the economic calamity and ripping Republican critics who called it a waste.........THIS ARTICLE is the second place I've heard that Obama is calling Republicans hypocrites for the following reason (from the article):

"Obama used a portion of his speech to accuse Republicans of hypocrisy, saying they have enjoyed its benefits even as they criticized the plan."There are those, let's face it, across the aisle who have tried to score political points by attacking what we did, even as many of them show up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects in their districts," Obama said.He said he recognized that many Americans are not benefiting from the stimulus."

I have given that some thought and fluctuated on it. If Republicans were against the entire Stimulus Package, should they have not attended ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects in their districts? Should they stay home from official duties because they didn't approve of the methodology behind the project? Does their appearing show tacit approval of the method of funding for any given project? Does it have to be 'scoring political points' just because you disagree with a bill? (or is this yet another of those things Obama wants heard and digested by Americans who are 'on the fence'?)
What do you think? Help me out here. Thanks.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics.........some interesting points of view

Last year, Mr. Z wrote a good article regarding professional sports, the Olympics, doping, etc. If you want to refresh your memory or check it out for the first time, HERE IT IS.
My friend and commenter, Waylon from Canada, brought THIS excellent (and funny) article to my attention and I wanted to bring it to yours. It seems the leftwing mentality's seeped more into the Olympics than one could have imagined it. Canadians should be ashamed of their athletic prowess?

It's a bit of reading but I think you'll enjoy both pieces.............very sporting of you to try :-)


Potato, anyone?

Still waiting for some more good POTATO recipes at Mac 'n GeeeeeZ...see my POST and get over there :-) We've got some GOOD ones in the comments already :-) (Now, please see my post below and tell us who YOU think will be the biggest loser at the White House....oops, let me rephrase that, heh)

The White House may lose some a preference?

.....there's talk this morning that the White House may be cleaning house among Obama's chief advisors. Some names bandied about are Rahm, Jarrett, Axelrod and Gibbs. Who do you think might go, why, and what excuses do you think will be given in lieu of "he/she screwed up"? I personally hope it's NOT my least favorite White House thug, Gibbs, because he's been the best Press Secretary the Republicans could ever have. And, do you think the dismissals will be announced at midnight Friday or Saturday, as usual?
Obama's returning to "Campaign style discipline"...and Dan Pfeiffer's back, look for some changes.
Maybe some of those teleprompters will be fired?
But, seriously, folks...who do you think might GO?


SCOTT BROWN: "Senator: VP comments "insulting"....they sure are

This post is a direct rip-off from POLITICO44, I'll readily admit that! And I thank Pris for having alerted me to it via email.
Joe Biden is telling BROWN that a defendant in a military tribunal gets a lawyer? The same Brown who has 30 years in the National Guard? Brown, the man who's currently the Guard's top defense attorney in New England?
But, this takes me back to my point in my blog about how this administration cares not for the truth....Biden knows that Brown's well aware of the facts, yet, as Brown says now, he 'insulted' him in this way on FACE THE NATION, an msm show, one which Americans from all sides watch. The Left knows Americans hear this, surmise that Brown's a dope for "not knowing this" (why else would the VP say this, after all?, and off they go. (except for Americans who look for the truth and don't form opinions or vote by sound bytes, of course, and I'm starting to think MAYBE there are more of them than we'd previously thought, considering that FOX is getting 60% of its viewers from Independents and Democrats.)
The insults must stop. The misinformation and mischaracterization should stop. But, they don't with this administration. Biden should apologize to Brown for this insult.............but he's too busy at the Olympics.
z (thanks, Politico, and thanks, Pris) Now, please come give us some input on THE POTATO! :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ever met a potato you didn't like? ......

......I haven't! We're talking POTATO at my FOOD BLOG...and looking for some advice~!.....Can you give us some input? thanks. z

Evan Bayh's is stepping down

Evan Bayh is not running again, I'm sure you've all heard that by now. But, did you hear this quote?:

"My decision should not be interpreted for more than it is, a very difficult, deeply personal one," he said. "I am an executive at heart. I value my independence. I am not motivated by strident partisanship or ideology." "Independence?" I wonder what he means by that......and does he mean 'strident partisanship or ideology' from the left or the right, when he's such a moderate? Would you say the left's been strident and ideological and partisan in their horribly untransparent, uninclusive legislating, in pushing through bills and the Republicans have either been ignored or have gone so moderate that they've acquiesced to be too unstrident? I WOULD. So....if he values his independence and he doesn't like stridency in politics; you guess which side he's most ticked off at.

Evan Bayh was known as a moderate and his votes for the stimulus package and health care have apparently damaged his standing with Hoosiers.....he had to let his people down after all these years. I'd leave, too. I wish Evan Bayh the best and I hope he does appeal, somehow, to the Democrats who have been so strident and partisan. I'm not saying the Republicans haven't been ideological, but I think they were pushed into that corner.

Also, the above-linked article says "North Dakota's Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan also is retiring, and his party doesn't have anyone to challenge the Republican, Gov. John Hoeven. Democrats also failed to recruit their top candidate in Delaware. Biden's son, Beau Biden, eschewed a run against Republican Mike Castle. "

"...and the times, they are a changin...." Good, 'cuz I've been eschwing 'em.
(don't think of Dylan's voice here, you'll give yourself a headache:-)

Oh, and MIKE PENCE MIGHT RUN!! That is change we CAN believe in!
And please at least see that video below if you haven't good!

Black American Commercials...and THE BEST VIDEO!!

Have you noticed how many commercials have Black Americans in them these days? I think it's a terrific sign because advertisers don't appeal to anybody if they can't SELL.

I say this is terrific because all we hear about is how Black America's falling apart, Black America's kids are nothing but Hip Hoppers, Black America needs entitlements and affirmative action, Black Americans.......blah blah blah.........Sure, they have problems, and SO DO WHITE AMERICANS and ASIANS and every group has its problems, but this catering to Black America in ads (print and TV) seems to indicate something important.

WHY would American advertisers, in this economy, waste a cent if they didn't think their ad's going to attract PEOPLE WHO CAN BUY, or who need to manage their funds, like Fidelity Investment's ad featuring a Black couple? Maybe the best kept secret is something most of us already know: There are plenty of fine Black Americans who don't fit the media's depressing characterizations................Seems to me like every Black kid in America who's brutally killed was an HONOR'S STUDENT or the principal at the dead child's school will say how he was loved and respected and helped think that's an accident?...that they're only killing GOOD KIDS? Of course not. The fact is there must be plenty of them, right!?

I'd like your thoughts and I'd so appreciate your commenting. Thanks.
AND, not too far from my post's subject: Kids of EVERY COLOR (and adults) should see the following video...ENJOY! Smile, be optimistic....there is REAL HOPE!!? (yes, you never thought I'd be FOR something with 'diversity' in the headline, but, how bad can that story be!?)

Isn't that GREAT?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vancouver's "Host of Problems" STOP, Media!

Can the darned media just GIVE US A GOOD TIME AT THE OLYMPICS? (I like the white backrounded Olympics logo better but this black one I found seems to fit my point better)

I can surely understand their heavy coverage of the poor Georgian luger who lost his life, what a terrible shadow the Olympics opened under (by the way, the Yahoo article headline about that is "Luger who died was terrified of Whistler Track" The actual quote they then cite is this "...Dad, I'm scared of one of the turns." Well, I guess you COULD say "he was TERRIFIED OF THE TRACK", huh? (although I think it's a great insult to the poor young man) Anyway, since the awful death, Yahoo headlines are in overdrive with BAD NEWS:

TENSE MOMENT! A "Bumpy Ride" Ends in Gold For Kearny....(her Dad got too excited and got tackled as he tried to hug his what? It's SWEET)

Canadian Hockey Women FACE CRITICISM!!

CANADA's "FIRST NATIONS" (indigenous) welcome the Olympic Torch with "misgivings"
Indigenous people hope the Olympics shed light on their plight (what? It's THE OLYMPICS, people) They were against the Olympics because it would HARM THEIR LAND, anyhow.

Olympic Torch Malfunction "Latest Olympic Stumble"

"Vancouver's HOST OF PROBLEMS"
(I have to admit that is a very cleverly worded headline, but...)

I could add more if I remembered what I've seen in only the LAST TWO DAYS SINCE THEY OPENED! And, yes, I KNOW bad news is sexier, but can't we all JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME IN THE SPIRIT OF THE OLYMPICS AND STOP DRAWING ATTENTION TO THE NEGATIVES?

(Of course, you all remember how MR Z FELT about the Olympics! He wasn't exactly all 'sweetness and light' but he made good points about professional sports and the Olympic games and he wasn't picking apart every aspect of what's supposed to be a REAL GOOD TIME!)

Now, those of you who haven't, please wish me a Happy Valentine's day in my post below.. and know you're wished one by me. xx Z

Sunday Faith Blog

Aren't you glad you're not THERE?.....because, in the Bible, we celebrate love and know that "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." I Corinthians, Chapter 13.

On a personal note....make this Valentine's Day your most special yet, in memory of my Mr. Z. Have a WONDERFUL day with your loved one.
Love, me
(beach photo by his daughter, M)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"What's worse than health care overhaul? No changes"

Very clever little headline from AP at Yahoo's homepage (up in my title line), don't you think? Read HERE and see the bias. You all understand that the Republicans didn't want to DO NOTHING ( "The Party of 'NO NO NO!'") about health care, don't you. But, apparently, because Reid and Pelosi and Obama, et al, didn't listen to their ideas, Republicans HAVE NO IDEAS and want the worst for all Americans. Does that make sense to YOU?

No, not to us...but Americans who don't think further than headlines HEAR IT. GET IT?
VERY clever.....really very clever.
Everything about America lately has me sort of stressed out so I figured I deserve a little cartoon and you probably do to. Enjoy xxx Z

No Jewish suicide pact here...just a few crazies, but we had to know,...

(they do speak English in the video)These are apparently Hasidic Jews who don't support Israel's existence....Can someone explain this to me, please? Do all Hasidim feel this way? Thanks.
Then there is THIS ARTICLE in the Jerusalem Post which calls Sarah Palin "....the strongest single American voice opposing Obama’s foreign policy, supporting Israel and denying Iran nuclear weapons." You might want to read it. I would think the Hasidic Jews in the video would at least want to protect the safety of Israel against the man they fawned over in the above video. I'm posting this because so many of us are pro Israel and the thought of religious Jews not giving that support kind of stunned me. Ahmadinejad has called the holocaust 'a myth' the Hasidim believe that?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Harry......"Oh, Oh, Oh what a guy.......!"

Have you seen THIS? What's all this about BIpartisanship? WOW...........and will the media even mention it? And imagine if a Republican had pulled this? YIKES!

.Lawrence O'Donnell ..a leftwinger reveals himself

Sadly, the above video does not show the second half of the interview. If you're interested (and you will be), here's the link for that: (that's the whole video...move it up about halfway if you've seen the video above already... you won't be sorry)

Also....Joe Scarborough jokingly calls his sidekicks, Mika and Lawrence O'Donnell, "you Marxists.." O'Donnell, off screen, says, very seriously, "we're Socialists..." Anybody catch THAT? Or is that unremarkable these days? Make sure you catch the second half of the video because you'll see what the Left so frequently does when they don't like the message..........see what O'Donnell says about Marc Thiessen, the man who was supposedly being interviewed.
(thanks for getting me the link, Waylon)

Rules for Media TV NEWS...

Pardon the little bit of bad language at the beginning.......this is really amusing and SO true. BUT, they forgot the biggest part, RULE NUMBER ONE of MEDIA INSTRUCTIONS ON GIVING NEWS...............tell me what YOU think I'm getting at then I'll tell you what it IS!
Thanks! Z

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Honoring my friend

I was at a school tonight where I presented a scholarship which carries the name of one of my dearest friends who died a few years ago. I have to leave the details out for anonymity's sake but I hope it's still interesting and, maybe, touching.
My friend and I worked together years ago and then parted career paths but stayed very close. She had been married and divorced and had no children. She was, as I said tonight in my little talk as I gave the scholarship, a woman of great integrity, faith and enthusiasm. She had left me some of her beautiful jewelry and I wore her
garnet tennis bracelet tonight wishing so much that it was she giving the award wearing that beautiful bracelet.
Tonight, I was to tell a bit about her and then very casually surprise the winner by just throwing his name into my talk and THAT was so much fun! When I mentioned his name...saying something like "....and so now that you know (my friend) a little better, I know she'd be so proud and thrilled that (his name) is getting this award...", the whole room burst into applause for the young man and it was honestly one of the most fun moments I've had in a long time.
Later, his grandmother approached me, asking "Tell me more about (your friend)!" Both his grandmother and mother were terrific and from the inner city, so it was such a huge thing for me to be able to have my friend's scholarship help their boy get through school.
What began this whole thing was that I'd visited my friend shortly before she died and told her about the school and she was so taken with what I told her that she asked how she could help so I suggested she donate money toward a scholarship. The letter of thanks for her check that my friend got from the school came with the wonderful news that the school had decided to keep the scholarship in her name for
perpetuity! I believe that letter might have been the very last thing my friend was able to read before she slipped into unconsciousness and passed on.
Anyway, I felt so grateful to be able to talk about her tonight and then to be able to thrill this boy and his family and I wanted to share it with you. Really good things
do happen and I wish you could have all been there to see that boy's face. I got the feeling that though he'd never meet my friend, he'd never forget her name, and as I said "I hope you will live your life with the same great integrity, faith and enthusiasm that she had," he smiled and said "I will." I'll be taking off the garnet bracelet in a few minutes but I'll never forget this feeling and I'll never forget that boy or my friend who made his future brighter.

He's still a PROUD RACIST

I covered THIS STORY a week or so ago. It's about the Councilman from Santa Clarita Valley, near Los Angeles, and how he declared himself a PROUD RACIST and that's what the media and immigrant groups picked up, of course. What he actually said was that if being against illegal immigration and loving America was being racist, then he was a proud racist.

Here's the complaint shown in THIS ARTICLE TODAY: The Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition has sent letters to state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley and the U.S. Department of Justice, alleging that Councilman Bob Kellar “breached the public’s trust and has acted in an unethical, racist, xenophobic and biased manner by making public comments scapegoating so-called illegal immigrants.” (Z: No, he's against illegal immigrants, not 'so-called' illegals..what IS a 'so-called illegal' anyway?)

Wow. Apparently, a councilman can't even speak against ILLEGAL immigration. Odd that nobody's suing alarm system companies for being against ILLEGAL burglars, isn't it?

Then, I found that Meg Whitman, candidate for California Governor, the ex head of ebay and someone I'd have thought will really stand up for California has disavowed herself from the Councilman who had supported her for this remark. Again, you'll see that the linked article leaves out the beginning of his "...then I'm a proud racist" sentence. I'd not vote for her if there were someone I liked better in general. The Democrats seem to have insisted she do this.
Is this country going to be able to get back on its feet with the kind of political correctness which takes honesty out of the equation?...the honesty that would help us sort things out? ILLEGALS are ILLEGAL and, as the Councilman had said, many ARE robbing my State of so much money and are probably doing the same all across the States...........We can't be against THAT? NOBODY is against the Hispanics who come, we welcome them and so many are viable, contributing, America-loving immigrants...........but ILLEGAL breaking into America has to stop. We finally had a Councilman who said so and now he's going through this......WOW.

You think he's a RACIST?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama's tactics are typical and outrageous

Obama hasn't got the health care plans he hung his presidency's success on, he hasn't got HIS WAY, so he's going to take Republicans "to task," as he whined in THIS ARTICLE ("He promised to do his part — but warned he would take Republicans to task if they don't do the same"), if they don't play ball with him. What do you suppose "taking to task" would entail from our president? What could he do?

Get this quote from the same article:

"Obama said he's willing to start from scratch but that both sides must give ground. He also said that the final bill must meet his goals, such as ending abusive insurance industry practices, reducing costs and expanding the affordability of and access to coverage."

Wait, he'd kept Republicans out of the bill's writing, he'd met behind closed doors, he didn't take into consideration their torte reform or portability ideas or tax deductions, among others, but "both sides must give ground" NOW? "meet HIS GOALS"? Is that a joke or something?

Do you hear how he makes himself look so above it all? He's chastising Republicans who'd begged to be included most of the year and weren't heeded, but the public again hears "the party of NO!" Perhaps, if the Dems had allowed the Reps IN as most congresses do (especially when they're planning on changing drastically something that's 1/6 of the economy!?), something would have been agreed to, people might have cooperated, ideas the Dems might have actually liked even if they DIDN'T think of them first, might have been included.............. Instead, Obama stands above it all looking like a disappointed teacher wishing the dumb kids would either shut up or agree with him.


"The British are Cunning! The British are Cunning!"

We are fighting a war, whether we like it or THIS HEALTHY? What good does it do at this point? Would you want a leftwing president to be in this situation? Is it good for America? How? Is it bad? How? I'm a bit stunned and eager to hear your input. Thanks.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Partying vs Partisanship?

Here's a partial list of politicians who were invited to Mr Obama's Super Bowl party:

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA)
Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA)
Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA)
Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN)
Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN)
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA)
Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT)

Of course, Mr. Cao is the only Republican to vote for Obama's Health Scare Bill.
Oh, and Huffington Post (where you'll see a list of invitees, including two other Republicans among the eleven Democrats) lists Arlen Specter as (R-PA) R? Isn't he a D now? Please, God, tell us he's a D now!?

The Huffington Post article includes "White House spokesman Robert Gibbs portrayed the invitations as part of a continued effort by Obama to erase partisanship in Washington."

I'd be happier if Obama was including Republicans in decision making....... inviting them to parties at the White House doesn't make anything less partisan, but maybe that's just me.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Faith Blog

(photo by Z in Munich)
"Thy Word is full of promises, flowers of sweet fragrance, fruit of refreshing flavour when culled by faith. May I be made rich in its riches, be strong in its power, be happy in its joy, abide in its sweetness, feast on its preciousness, draw vigour from its manna. Lord, increase my faith."*
Spring will come....with 'flowers of.sweet fragrance', refreshing flavour. Have faith!
*From The Valley of Vision, Puritan prayers and devotionals
Have a wonderful Sunday......Oh, and I think there's some game today, but it's not the Lakers, right? So...I don't care. But HAVE FUN! :-)