Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The French and Polanski

You know how you keep hearing "The French don't want Polanski extradited.."? Well, Mr Z's just told me "You should see Letters to the Editor in the French newspapers regarding Polanski!" I said ....
..."Oh, really...ALL the French just want him FREE, huh?" ...eyes rolling as I spoke.

"Absolutely NOT. 98% are on America's side; they say you can't just let him go because time's passed..he'd admitted to the crime!" The Germans are writing the same thing in their columns. We keep forgetting our media doesn't quite tell us all the truth, don't we.

And, guess what! Woody Allen's defending Polanski. SURPRISE! Mike Nichols, Penelope Cruz and others are defending Polanski. Think they would if this was a Catholic Priest? This question was asked tonight on FOX, but it's something we've all been thinking. Think celebs would be rushing to a Catholic Priest's defense? (ya, right)

Iran and Nukes....more sanctions, anyone? I know! "No Chicago Olympics for YOU, Ahmy"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


GET A LOAD OF THIS: Have you heard that the Empire State Building will be bathed in yellow and red lights to celebrate the 60th year of Communism in China? Here's the piece from Agence France Presse (I Googled and could only find two articles beyond the one I published below with the words I put in and both are from conservative sites: FreeRepublic and Lucianne. Actually, I only FOUND the AFP piece THROUGH the link at FreeRepublic.) Here's the article:

Empire State Building turns red-yellow for China's 60th (AFP)

NEW YORK — New York's iconic Empire State Building will light up red and yellow Wednesday in honor of the 60th anniversary of communist China.

The Chinese consul, Peng Keyu, and other officials will take part in the lighting ceremony which will bathe the skyscraper in the colors of the People's Republic until Thursday, Empire State Building representatives said in a statement.

The upper sections of the building are regularly illuminated to mark special occasions, ranging from all blue to mark "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra's death in 1998 to green for the annual Saint Patrick's Day.

Just last week the tower turned bright red.

However, that was not to mark some other communist achievement, but the 70th anniversary of the film "The Wizard of Oz" in which Dorothy wears ruby slippers rather than the silver of the original L. Frank Baum novel.

I guess that the point is we honor Sinatra and St Patrick's Day and The Wizard of Oz with color..........why NOT COMMUNIST CHINA!? Is that YOUR take, too?

ACORNS and Descartes

Patrick Gaspard is HUGE at ACORN and HUGE at our White House.
Please read THIS from American Spectator.......There's even more damning information at REDSTATE.

So.....will America hear about this or will only Conservatives know....again, as our 'media' keeps quiet anything they don't want you knowing? By the way, in typical Chicago thug-style behavior, Obama sent this guy Gaspard to tell Gov Paterson from NY not to run for governor. Who better to get to do dirty work, right? By the way, Tucker Carlson missed a great chance Monday night on Greta Van Susteren....she asked if there was a leftwing conspiracy, like the lefties like to accuse the Conservatives of every single time they dare even slightly criticize anybody on the left; HE BLEW IT. All he had to do was say " about THE MEDIA?" But, I think Gaspard's existance will be covered in the mainstream media?

If an OAK sheds in the forest and no media's there to hear it, does the ACORN make noise as it HITS THE GROUND? I'm just sayin....................
and please meet Mr. Hodge (below). I know you'll like him. z

Monday, September 28, 2009

Say HELLO to Mr. Hodge........

The waiting room up on the Third Floor of the Saint John's Health Center isn't much fun. It's got rather ugly fabrics on the furniture, it's fairly large, and it's very impersonal, coffee machines, newspaper sheets tossed here and there, you know the type of place. I had come to have stitches removed from a little surgery I had 2 weeks ago so they told me to have a seat and wait.

Two men walked in, one quite a bit older than the other, and I figured they were father and son. The older one had a
NAVY 'ARMED GUARD' hat on his head. They were talking about something when I heard the old man mention the Navy. I couldn't resist, I just liked everything about his demeanor, so I opened up a conversation with "My friend (Elbro) was in the Navy and he still misses it terribly, do you?"

Mr Hodge told me he'd been out of the Navy for
65 years. He'd served as security on merchant ships or something (you know me, what do I know about anything like this? But, I remember that word 'merchant' and I do know he was protecting those ships). He started talking about how he'd enjoyed being in places he'd otherwise never have seen like the Marshall Islands, Japan, the Philippines, Australia. Then, he told me how he's been fighting melanomas the last 1o years ago "I think I got them from having been out on the seas all those years, they're on my head and I wore a crew cut for 10 years!" (He might as well have thrown in "who KNEW?", the way he said it). He never got maudlin or self-pitying but he did mention enough about surgeries and radiation that it was clear he'd gone through quite a lot and, now, one area isn't healing, hence the reason he'd kept his hat on in the waiting room.

His son, whose first name I did hear, Jim, was listening to our conversation and I asked if he'd been in the service. He told me no, that his knee was too bad for the service at the time.
When his dad mentioned the surgeries on his head and how that one spot won't heal and how many times they've had to stretch the skin and all, I said "Wow, with all that skin stretching on your head, it sounds like you might have something in common with Nancy Pelosi!" Jim looked at me, big smile, and rolled his eyes. We seemed to be on the same political page which always makes it fun (and unusual, here in LA!)

His father went on...
"I'd have loved to have been on submarines, but I was too tall. I think that doesn't matter anymore these days!" He told me he'd had wonderful 3-day furloughs in Japan where he and his buddies would go to hot springs in a tiny coastal town called Atami, and how one of the nurses at St John's happened to have come from there..."Small world!"

I asked Mr Hodge if he was married during his Naval service and he said no, that he'd married his wife six months after he returned...
"....and here's Jim to PROVE it!" he laughed. He then said that his wife had very recently died after sixty-three years of marriage. He teared up and so did Jim. So did I.

So, I quickly jumped in again and told him how much I enjoyed hearing all of this and, then the nurse came to get me and I thanked Mr Hodge for his service and Jim for 'having wanted to serve...'

As I left Mr Hodge, I was thinking about his courage and humor in the face of such medical problems, and how he'd served his country so happily and willingly, and how he cried for his wife of sixty-three years.

I felt like I'd been talking to America. I'll never forget the wonderful old guy. I hope you won't, either. How can you love a guy you spoke to for ten minutes?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rev Perryman and RACISM

You need to see this guy. Pay attention to the distinctions between how Black Americans have been treated and Democrats v Republicans. STOP feeling ashamed, Conservatives; neither side's been perfect over the years in this regard but one side's been lying and leftist profs and the Left's media's have done a good job backing them up all these years. What needs to happen is stop the blaming and everybody growing up and treating everyone with R E S P E C T.

HEAVY LOSSES FOR SOCIALISTS IN GERMANY! The heaviest since WWII...why this is good for US, too

A win which could definitely bode well for America in 2010, too...and 2012.
They did NOT bow to the Al Qaeda threats they were receiving about "you'd better not vote for anybody who'd keep Germans in Afghanistan or you'll have terrorist attacks" Germans spoke back. They did NOT follow Obama's stimulus advice, they're thriving....the coalition won on LOWERING TAXES.
FROM MR Z:The conservatives (CDU/CSU) won the elections in Germany, and will enter into talks about a coalition with their desired coalition partner, FDP (centrist party), as of tomorrow. Together, they will have a solid majority in the newly elected Parliament of Germany. The big loser of the elections was the SPD (socialists) which was voted out of their role as junior partner in the government by dropping more than 10% to a historical low.
Noticeable is the rise of “Die Linke”, the communists, which still benefit from voters in East Germany – it will take another generation to adjust for the remnants of the communist regime.Z: You've got to see now how right my frequent criticism of Yahoo has been; Here's today's headline: Merkel CLAIMS Victory in Germany. Um, she DID get victory, Yahoo. It's a subtle thing, but...They're hating it at Yahoo......check THIS out. How's about MERKEL VICTORIOUS IN GERMANY? (just a's picky, but it's valid..)
UPDATE: 3 hours later, the opponent's conceded 2 hours ago, and Yahoo still has "MERKEL CLAIMS..........." Finally, at almost 6 pm, Yahoo says she "CAPTURED" the win.

The Beak and Beamish

The BEAK SPEAKS blog has THIS; I found it terrific..... and his remarks about BEAMISH?...well, sublime. Beamish said this on my 'Obama sweats' blog down below: "but, seriously, what's bugging Obama the most is that on his first day in office, he found out that there really isn't a remote control hurricane maker." How can you NOT think Beamish rocks? (but, I digress on this Sunday usually reserved for my Faith blog, which is a bit different this week. Please take a look, I'd like you to. xxx)

Sunday Faith Blog

I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time and here it is: I want you to know how much your reading my stuff and commenting means to me.
To find so many people who are on my same page, who love America at least as much as I do, is a thrill and an honor. I've come to look at you as friends. I look forward to seeing you here and I look so forward to reading your blogs. We've had a personal situation here that's kept me from commenting as much at your sites as I did in the past and I apologize for that....Allow me to thank you sincerely for your amazing loyalty in spite of that. I will try to do better...for MY sake, because your blogs are excellent.
For some reason, my daily site meter amount's suddenly gone up and I'll bet yours have, too; I think this says less about me or you and more about Conservatism (or failing liberalism?); people are interested and we MUST answer that curiosity with well written, well thought-out, very pro-American, pro-capitalism, convincing posts.
Fight, friends. America deserves it. Remember that, in the Old Testament, God used HUMAN ARMIES to do His business. We are that army today. May God Bless America.........and God bless all of YOU. FIGHT ON. PRAY ON. Keep the FAITH.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong." I Corinthians 16:13

*the picture above is Mr. Z's, taken Wednesday afternoon on the ocean bluffs in Santa Monica, overlooking the ocean and Pacific Coast Highway, which you can almost see down there under the bluffs. We walk there to recharge our batteries............sometimes faith takes a little 'recharging', too.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's official...we just MIGHT be nuts

Mark my words: if they let Zazi off because of the information his lawyer's giving now, we're DONE, folks. There IS no erring on OUR SAFETY'S SIDE anymore.
Here's how the link HERE starts:
"Claims that an Afghan immigrant was on the verge of unleashing a terrorist attack on New York City on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks are missing a key element: explosives or the chemicals allegedly used to make them, the man's attorney said."
Please, do yourselves a favor and check out the incredible evidence that points to this guy and then see how an AMERICAN lawyer believes he's not guilty. It's all there in the link. Eric Holder will be fighting tooth and nail to free Zazi...........what do you want to bet? I thought of posting this guy's picture but, I can't bring myself to...NOT HERE, buddy.
Z (now cheer yourselves up and check the post below...!!)

A Marine for Congress.............

DAVID HEDRICK is the Marine who stood up magnificently to his Congressman at a Town Hall Meeting. Most of you saw it already, but you can see it again at Hoosier Army Mom's blog..HERE
It's well worth the time.
Please click on David's link and see what he has to say and consider contributing to his campaign. This is the ONLY way we'll take our Republic back, folks; the only way. Get for your local School Board (PLEASE!), find some extra money to donate to people you believe in......who believe in AMERICA, like David Hedrick does. Personally, I'd love to see a whole Congress of Marines.
Thanks, Hoosier Army Mom, for letting us know.

Obama Sweats

Of all the things going on these days, what do you think is bugging him the MOST?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Now is the time for all Muslims........... come to OUR AID. 3 terror attempts now in weeks. One attempt is said to have been "bigger than 9/11". I won't link the information here, I'm tired and worried and you all have the facts by now...

As thousands of muslims pray on the steps of our Capital today, please pray they will remove the Imam who's preached hatred and is leading their prayers...........

Please pray for America. Please pray for muslims who do not mean us harm. Please pray they will RISE UP AND ACT, going into THEIR mosques and telling our Feds what's going on, please pray that they will root out illegals they know mean to harm us, please pray they will act so that we can trust them again, somehow....sometime. You would THINK that's what they'd want to do, no? But, we cannot and must not trust soon. And, sadly, that is not OUR fault.

Dear Lord, help us all, help our country.


Miss you? Geez, let's see, Mr. Bush.......We've had two near-miss terror attacks on our soil in the last few weeks, Qadaffi and Chavez LOVE and admire our new president, N Korea and Iran are getting even more close to nukes, debt's HUGELY more than where you were taking us, we were able to keep our health care and knew we'd always have terrific doctors to care for us and our families, the CIA's employees could still stand up tall, our servicemen adored you and nobody had to Mirandize ENEMIES, .....we knew we had a president who loved this country no matter if we agreed with you on everything or not (which some of us did not)....Miss you yet? ...with the white hot intensity of a thousand summers. WHO KNEW?

Also, I just want to mention how much I 'miss' my Dad, whose birthday would have been today. You would have absolutely ADORED him, I guarantee.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama should say this.........think he WILL?

"mmm mmm mmm! Barack HUSSEIN Obama!" (sounds like a Campbell's Soup song, doesn't it?) (that's the 'chant')
Right Klik's got it all right HERE...He's got the chant AND the song's lyrics........."For all your GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS...we say HOORAY" Obama's great accomplishments?

So, here's what I'm waiting to hear from President Obama:

Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman: I'm speaking yet AGAIN to you as a nation because I believe that there has to be an end to the songs and chants and posters and homages to ME. My work is not about ME. (pause). It's about AMERICA (Pause...turn head to LEFT teleprompter) Yes, it's about the country. We need to work together to bring us forward, not concentrate on ME. Frankly, I'm embarrassed; it's unseemly to continue this kind of thing. Children should have songs that teach their letters, their numbers, etc.. Please, STOP. I'm very serious about this. Our children should have open minds and be open to all policies. America comes first. God bless our children, God bless this great country we all love so very much for all she's given to us all. Good evening."

How long do you think I'll need to WAIT?

The Scottish Press gets it, too...........

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The very ugly head of Democrat Contempt for YOU

Dems lied, transparency died: Senate Finance Committee nixes Obamacare online disclosure

By Michelle Malkin • September 23, 2009 12:35 PM

The Senate majority’s contempt for the American people rears its ugly head again. The Senate Finance Committee just voted down a GOP amendment requiring that Obamacare legislation be available online 72 hours before the panel votes. Instead, the Democrats offered to make “conceptual language” available.

Please read the rest's pretty unbelievable. To make matters more interesting, I was watching CSPAN last night and, at 9 pm EST, Baucus told Hatch, who was asking if they could please ask questions about the bill tomorrow so the senate staffs and senators could get some rest that night and continue with the work at hand. Baucus said he could ask TONIGHT, "go ahead and ask now..." Are they so afraid the media might catch some of the questions and report on it to US? geeeeeeeeeez

Gold Star Families and an important event....

Hoosier Army Mom mentions the following in her excellent post HERE: She's hoping someone in the media mentions it. Me, too.
This weekend in Washington DC, many of the families of our nation’s fallen troops, Gold Star family members, will converge on our nation’s capitol, for the “Weekend of Remembrance”. The Gold Star Dinner will be held at the Hilton in Washington DC in the evening of September 25th and the families will attend the “A Time of Remembrance” ceremony on the steps of the Capitol on September 26th.
She's hoping someone in the media mentions it. Me, too. She reminds us to keep them in your prayers. God Bless our soldiers, their families, and this great country.

Please weigh in below on the UN situation this eager to hear what you think of what Obama's doing to us. Europe and Canada are even saying he doesn't seem to be on our side. Thanks Z

Gaddafi spoke after Obama...but just before that....and then AFTER that....

UPDATE: Before I get to the original point of my post, they're saying in Germany that Obama's understood today in his speech as saying that America is now deviating from its leadership in the world. Gaddafi seemed to be on board with that, having opened his speech subtly suggesting how 'men in suits' are a thing of the past and shouldn't be in charge anymore, obviously pointing out how Third World countries have the majority in the UN General Assembly, with Gaddafi as leader, and everybody gets a vote though others pay nothing in comparison to us. There are many European editorials saying that they felt some comfort in America's leadership and are a bit edgy thinking we're handing leadership to the UN now. Me, too.
Meanwhile, Gaddafi's demanding to know who killed Jack Kennedy. He's blaming it on Jack Ruby who was apparently Jewish. Get it? He's also demanding we leave Afghanistan and saying America should be brought to court for the War on Iraq (Eric Holder must love this guy).....knowing full and well he hasn't the America we had just a few years back, due to our leftists, which stood tall and firm, he CAN push us around verbally today, can't he. They can ridicule and slam us as much as they like these days....Meanwhile, our CIA's in question by US, etc etc........and Gaddafi is playing into it. Why wouldn't he? But, I digress........

Here's my original point of this post:

Instead of keeping him offstage and ready to go (once Obama had stopped apologizing for us and dumping on us and Israel..oh, sorry....that wasn't the point of this post) like the UN usually does, Libya's Gaddafi had to be brought to the podium from somewhere else. Some think it was the UN trying to keep those two separate (until the luncheon, at which time we'll be waiting to see if Ahmedinejad and Gaddafi try to shake our president's hand and what he'll do).

Only FOX mentioned that the UN floor was disrupted by various members seemingly protesting Gaddafi and that his speech was delayed by approximately 10 minutes. I kept switching to CNN to see how they were handling that but they were only waxing eloquent about the wonderful Obama speech while John Bolton was telling FOX watchers how this is the first president who's done so much comparison with the last presidency and how unseemly it is to slam the past one in public even while we here at home are welcome to dissent and discuss the past. Ah, well. We had dignity for years.......I guess our time is up? That's how the world sees it, anyhow. Obama's making so many around the world happy, isn't he.
As far as I could see, CNN never did mention the tumult on the floor of the UN over Gaddafi. Even for CNN, that was odd, since they had a guy reporting FROM the floor. Why not cover it?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Greta Van Susteren..... a liberal. Have you noticed her faltering a little bit on that? Even kind of remarkably? Have you heard her question this Health Care bill and SO many other things Obama's doing WRONG? You can see things cross her face as if she's asking "What the...?" quite often.

Mr Z and I are seeing some real change in that woman......wondering if you have. I'm not sure she's become a Conservative, but...........!

Obama's threatening private insurance companies? REALLY?

UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU used to be reassuring....He was America! You love America, you are needed to defend our country...right? Great stuff!
Today, the Uncle Sam in the White House feels scary to know?
ARE THEY KIDDING? Did you read what Obama's doing now? Private health care companies were contacted to, essentially, cease and desist from contacting Medicare beneficiaries?
Here's the first'll want to read more HERE:

Washington - The Obama administration warned insurance companies Monday that they could face legal action for allegedly trying to scare seniors with misleading information about the potential for lost benefits under healthcare legislation in Congress.

"Misleading?" I'm thinking that cutting $500 billion from Medicare just MIGHT be reason enough for seniors to be SCARED, wouldn't you? Or is that cut not being reflected in any way, shape or form in their future Medicare coverage!? (If you can figure out how to cut a HUGE amount of your household budget and cut nothing you need out, can you let ME know?) And can they explain how they'll manage this at the White House!? And they're threatening LEGAL ACTION for warning people? And, what if 45% of American doctors DO decide they're getting out of the business......isn't THAT 'scary', too? Mightn't that affect Medicare benefits?

Monday, September 21, 2009

The really good "poetry" of Irving Kristol

I found this so true and so well written I had to share it with you;

"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling," wrote Oscar Wilde. and I would like to suggest that the same can be said for bad politics.... It seems to me that the politics of liberal reform, in recent years, shows many of the same characteristics as amateur poetry. It has been more concerned with the kind of symbolic action that gratifies the passions of the reformer rather than with the efficacy of the reforms themselves. Indeed, the outstanding characteristic of what we call " The New Politics" is precisely its insistence on the overwhelming importance of revealing, in the public realm, one's intense feeling-------we must "care", we must be "concerned," we must be "committed".
Unsurprisingly, this goes along with an immense indifference to consequences, to positive results or the lack thereof.

Irving Kristol 1972 (1920-2009)
By the way, does his son William look like his father, or what?

Oh, the media LOVED this 'look'

Do you really WANT to see that 'look'? I'm not anti-babies, but.....geeeeeZ!
I'd always wanted to ask you what you think of shrink wrap baby wear in comparison to the lovely loose and swingy clothing our moms wore ..... seems like a perfect time to ask?
You like it?

Oktoberfest has started in Munich

Anybody want to go? :-) (Shameless pandering to my male readers here, I know!)

If you read THIS, you'll really NEED A BEER. (Yahoo doesn't have this story yet Sunday night while I type this, of course...thank goodness for The Guardian, which seems to always scoop America on stories the American media'd rather hide)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Terror Suspect and liberal lawyers...Watch OUT, America

See THIS information regarding terror suspect Zazi? Today, on FOX, I saw an attorney say that the fact that Zazi had a computer full of bomb making information, videos of Grand Central Station, other video of some stadiums, had driven to NY from Colorado and back instead of flying (for a very quick trip), and was in Pakistan twice last year, was probably coincidental and we need to be very careful not to jump to conclusions. I agree, don't jump ...but ARE YOU NUTS?

Please comment on the pieces below, too, I'd REALLY like your input...sorry I'm deluging you with information this evening...I just can't help myself. I promise, tomorrow morning, you'll find a very happy, beautiful set of pictures guaranteed to make you smile and 'wish you were there...' I'm just sayin' :-)

Oh, Mr. have such character, such integrity

In THIS ARTICLE, which discusses a NEWSPAPER BAIL OUT ("Dying NY TIMES, are you listening?")............"Obama said that good journalism is 'critical to the health of our democracy,' but expressed concern toward growing tends in reporting -- especially on political blogs, from which a groundswell of support for his campaign emerged during the presidential election....I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding," he said."

Ah, I SEE. Where were his 'concerns' about the blogosphere when there was a 'groundswell of support for his campaign..?' Suddenly, now that people aren't quite so enamored with him, and conservative blogs are outdoing the printed press and liberal blogs, it's all about "no context" and "no serious fact-checking" and "people shouting at each other"?

By the way, where was the 'serious fact-checking' before Van Jones was hired? Or when he invited a group like ACORN to the White House before his inauguration so they could be a part of the dialogue, remember? Where is 'serious fact-checking' when he hires Geithner and others who hadn't paid their taxes? Where is 'serious fact-checking' when there's more rush to GO GREEN than actually listening to the side of hundreds of scientists who don't agree with Al Gore? Where is the 'serious fact-checking' when he suggests the Republicans haven't contributed with any ideas about health care reform? SUDDENLY, he's concerned? WOW

Wear Gloves in Flu Season

Something occurred to me while commenting to Ducky on my SEASONS post below. I remembered how very much I loved the cold weather I experienced living in Paris and Munich. I'm from Los Angeles, so really cold weather was a new phenomenon for me, of course. Living in Europe, I adored wearing coats and mufflers and gloves (no, not the black gloves in the picture! I just couldn't resist!) and I remembered that I NEVER got sick even though I was on public transportation quite often (Metro, U-Bahn, buses, cabs). I thought then that it must be the gloves......

During the flu season, especially for you in areas where it doesn't look NUTS to wear gloves (here in LA it's a bit weird because it doesn't get so cold), WEAR THEM, even if it's not that cold, even if it's not something you do very often (the type to the left, of course!). Please consider that...they say we pass and get germs through our hands. Let's even go back to tying little gloves to your children's wrists if they need to take them off so they don't easily lose them (I've seen that in old movies, have you, where they dangle while the child's got them 'off'?). WEAR GLOVES.... That's my prescription to you! (Like CHICKEN SOUP...IT CAIN'T HOYT!)
With affection from your friend, Dr.GeeeeZ

Sunday Faith Blog (back to angry politics later or Monday!)

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1: 2-4
The rain may test us, but a beautiful umbrella of faith will be pure joy......Have a wonderful Sunday............the Z's

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr. Z couldn't resist

Can you blame him?

Colorado/Queens Terror Plot Thickens....BUT...And a frightening threat to German voters

Terror suspect Zazi is now saying he is "cutting off talks with the FBI." His American lawyer's now saying Zazi lied when he told the Feds about his ties to Al Qaeda. And, it looks like he's just tired of all of this and going home. Plus, he's not under arrest. Read all of THIS from the TELEGRAPH. Feel better now, folks? Nobody in the msm here BUT FOX TV is breaking the news that he's decided he's cutting off ties and that his lawyer says it's not true about the AQ connections. But, the Telegraph article has it all.

Please read Debbie's Blog on the information which shows how strongly implicated he is in the plots............and then what I'd written before......HERE and HERE. And then digest that HE is telling US he's through talking! (what?)

Can suspects 'cut off talks'? With the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION? With the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT? Can somebody help us out here? Will we ever again find ourselves in a country that's safe because we erred on OUR SIDE, because we didn't let islamists push US around like this? Oh. And no, Yahoo hasn't carried this breaking story this morning. FOX is, but you know them.....just silly conservative bias to keep these stories in front of us, informing us.....gosh, some people just hate that, don't they?

Here's my dream scenario: "Suspected terrorist, you're under arrest for the following reasons....x...and x...and x.........maybe you're innocent, we hope so, but this is America and it's a very new and dangerous world because of islamists and you will be held until you can prove 1000% that you nor any of your associates will not kill more Americans. Gee, we really appreciate your cooperation and sorry, but that's the WAY IT IS!"

In Germany, in the meantime, Al Qaeda has told Germans, who vote for Chancellor in 2 weeks, that they'd better vote for the person who'll take troops out of Afghanistan, or stay out of any public areas for at least 2 weeks after the election or there will be a 'rude awakening'. Nice, huh? Think that won't happen here some day soon, too? Because we haven't hit HARD, we have let our Left weaken us here and around the world with their criticism of everything that happened in the last 8 years, because we are now appeasing people like Chavez and Ortega and Putin? Congratulations on your vote, Obama fans.

Autumn, Fall...whatever you call it, I'm glad it's coming

It's finally hot here in LA....Really hot, so I'm picturing Autumn and crisp, cool days.........It's my favorite time of the year. (the picture above's my screen saver picture all year long)
Which is your favorite season and what do you like best about Autumn?

Friday, September 18, 2009

The latest terror threat appears to have been real........well, well.......

Check THIS out...Debbie at Right Truth got the scoop on the Islamist arrested in regard to the Colorado/Flushing, NY situation. Sooo...some of you read my post HERE and commented, and I thank you for that and figured you might like to know how this went. I'm wondering how the Lefties feel about this..."TERROR THREATS?..oh, that's just BUSH scaring you!" How many times did we hear that in the last 8 years? It's one instance in which I wished they were right. But, WRONG AGAIN. damn.
Please weigh in on my Pelosi/Carter post just below here...I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
Rest in Peace, Irving Kristol. Our condolences to his son William Kristol and other family members.

Pelosi and Carter; Did they get the memo? I know, I'm really sticking my neck out here and I don't care anymore

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that she's worried that angry words directed at President Obama could incite political violence and cited incidents of violence in her hometown of San Francisco in the 1970s in expressing her concern.

Asked at a news conference on Capitol Hill about the possibility of anti-government rhetoric leading to violence, Pelosi, D-Calif., started to choke up as she recalled violent episodes that took place in San Francisco.

"I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw -- I saw this myself in the late '70s in San Francisco, this kind of -- of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave -- it created a climate in which we -- violence took place," Pelosi said.

"And so I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made, understanding that -- that some of the people -- the ears it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statement might assume," she said.

So, you see.....because we're getting effective and waking people up to the facts about the health care bill, daring to disagree with her Obama puppet, she pulls out the gay card (Harvey Milk's death so many years later apparently still makes tears come to Ms Pelosi), the anti-government whacko card, the nutty gun toters card. (Does she cry for the people Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn's Weather Underground killed?) Then, right on cue?, Carter pulls the race card on us.

DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY'RE DOING? Think about past Democrat protests, remember the horrid things said about Bush, including they wish he'd DIE. Google that some time, you'll see plenty. DARE I SAY THIS AND REMAIN BLOGGING? Are the left setting something AWFUL up? Think about it..fomenting doubt about Conservative SANITY because of a couple of signs in seas of otherwise normal, constructive, even funny and clever, sayings on placards at protests? Pray for Obama, NOBODY wants him unsafe. (I don't think)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Would you eat dinner up there?

The whole shebang's being held up by a huge, strong crane..............."Pass the salt"........"No, DON'T pass the salt!"

If we MUST "ERR" about erring on the side of OUR interests?

Remember when America was a shining light on a hill to budding and established democracies?

Now we've decided that the "threat has changed" for the Czech Republic and Poland and, since Russia's been ticked off at Bush for years anyway over this, we are removing the shield from them. PLEASE read the article HERE. The Czech and Polish governments are very upset with Washington as their countries are less safe now. The Czechs and Poland are both saying they felt America was their last chance to stay free of Russia, which they have had reason for years to fear and no reason to stop now. The Eastern European countries which were enthusiastic to help the U.S. after 9/11 today are completely disillusioned and let down but our media's reporting that the people are glad that the shields won't be built on their property. THAT IS NOT what the European press is saying, but.....there are always "peace/love/dove dopes" who think there are no threats and isn't it a perfect world, "kumbaya kumbaya...we're SAFER from Russian attacks if we're NOT protected! HURRAH! Kumbaya.." (man) SHOULD WE NOT ERR ON OUR ALLIES' SIDES?

On another subject, but not much, really:
Have you heard about the terror investigations in from Colorado to Flushing, NY? Maybe somebody could help me out here but I THOUGHT all the terror alerts were BUSH's scaring us, according to some of our lefty commenters? And, they found many backpacks and cell phones in an apartment or two, but...... "no arrests"...must be a false alarm....just a LOT of backpacks and cell phones lying around. We should arrest them ALL; investigate. ERR ON AMERICA'S SIDE... These are new times. Apologize to the guy later and tell him why we suspected him and thank him for having cooperated with law enforcement after we're 1000% sure he wasn't planning to build homemade bombs that could kill your son or sister or wife or neighbor, okay? God help us.


Zack and ACORN...he does it again!

Who could resist Zack's latest? Click on it to see it's worth the grin! THEN, please scroll down and tell me how you feel about America losing 45% of her doctors because of Obama Scare....that'll take the grin off, but at least Zack gave us one this morning! (thanks, Zack)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye, Mary Travers........I loved you with Peter and Paul. God bless and rest in peace....

What would we DO with 45% doctors less?

45% of American doctors would consider retiring if Obama Care goes into effect. Click HERE for more, including this:

The poll contradicts the claims of not only the White House, but also doctors' own lobby — the powerful American Medical Association — both of which suggest the medical profession is behind the proposed overhaul.

It also calls into question whether an overhaul is even doable; 72% of the doctors polled disagree with the administration's claim that the government can cover 47 million more people with better-quality care at lower cost.

I wonder if the mainstream media will mention this, huh? OH, they did, but they, it wrong:

It (the poll above) also differs with findings of a poll released Monday by National Public Radio that suggests a "majority of physicians want public and private insurance options," and clashes with media reports such as Tuesday's front-page story in the Los Angeles Times with the headline "Doctors Go For Obama's Reform." It can't be TRUE! NPR and the L.A. Times? Bastions of fairness and lack of AGENDA? Well, you know... Investor's Business Daily can't be trusted. It's not leftwing, so..........


Please keep Always on Watch and her husband in your prayers....information HERE.

A day of prayer at our Capitol this one

I just got this email from a friend....

On Sept. 25, 2009 there will be a national prayer
gathering of Muslims on the west front of the U.S.
Capitol Building. They are expecting at least 50,000
to attend from mosques all across America. They
will gather to pray from 4:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

The gathering will take place by the site where U.S.
Presidents have been inaugurated since 1981. The
organizers say Obama's inauguration speech in
January and his speech broadcast from Egypt in
June gave them the idea for this prayer gathering.

They have a web site set up for this event. If you
never look at another web site look at this
one, especially the final words at the very end of
their web site at this LINK.

I was thinking it might be a little difficult to get a Christian or Jewish prayer permit. Can I get an "AMEN?!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So, how do you prove you're not a racist?

I don't have to link anything here, you've all heard the word: You're RACIST if you disagree with anything Obama does. That makes me a, too?

Were Blacks who spoke against Bush racist, too?

BREAKING HIDEOUS NEWS: Jimmy Carter just told Brian Williams of NBC that Americans who criticize Obama are criticizing him out of racism.

Obama Care and my doctor........

Yesterday, I went to a doctor who was running three hours behind time. Seriously. When we were finally leaving FOUR HOURS LATER, instead of "It was nice to meet you," I said "It was nice waiting for you!" He's a good doctor and all went pretty well.... BUT, the reason I mention all of this is because ....
His nurse was puttering around grumbling that she hadn't had lunch and it was 2:30.....The doctor said to me "I almost never have time for lunch.....and if Obama Care goes into effect, he won't pay us anything but we'll get free lunches!" I had to laugh. The nurse, yet another Obama dope, chided him "Now, Doctor.........tsk tsk" I said "Don't drink the Kool Aid, Brigitte"....She just smiled. Sort of.

Ya, no salary to speak of but everybody gets FREE LUNCH! Does the good doctor get it, or WHAT? :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009


BREAKING NEWS: The Senate has just voted 83-7; NO FEDERAL FUNDING TO ACORN!
Keep it UP, Conservatives...............things are really happening............KEEP it up.
Goodbye, Patrick went through a valiant fight.... May God rest your soul. HERE is a video of him dancing with his's very beautiful........

US Open

Mr Z isn't quite as dazzled as I am because he's a big Federer fan, BUT.......we both thought the tournament was terrific! (Except for Serena Williams...WOW. What do you think should happen to her for what she did, by the way?)

Sir Elton can't adopt

Well, what do you know? Somewhere in this world, a country has laws that put children first, who don't cower to political correctness.

The Ukraine is denying Elton John the adoption
of a little boy with HIV. They don't recognize untraditional marriage and they have a law that says that adopting parent cannot be more than 45 yrs older than the child.

Will Sir Elton decide his adopting this baby he's grown to love isn't as important as helping this little boy and the rest of the children there who deserve good lives? Might he pay for excellent care for the children? He sure can afford it! Might he set up a foundation which helps people adopt in the Ukraine?

Or will he make it a homophobic thing, take his toys and go home in a huff? You know that? I'm betting he does something good with this. I hope so.
(By the way do you know, Obama is on TV now AGAIN? Does he ever WORK?) geeeeeeeeeeeeZ

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lies from YOU or Obama? (oh, and did you notice what the WH tried to sneak by you again?...down below?)

Let me start by saying that for an event the media didn't give as much coverage to as they did the Million Man March and MANY other Washington protests (all day on CNN, hours upon hours, remember? etc.), the Leftwinger White House spinners are sure TALKING about it. It might not be such a big deal to them, but I'm thinking over a million in DC and thousands across the country in other cities is something our media just might have covered. But, let's get down to business, shall we?~! Here goes........

David Axelrod WEIGHS IN....."I don't believe that some of the angriest, most strident voices we saw during the summer were representative of the thousands of town hall meetings that went on around the country that came off peacefully, that were constructive," he said.

Just a guess here, but I do believe the only town hall meetings not demanding clarification and truth were those at the end of August, where Democrats were making sure Democrats were filling the halls first. "...these two Democrats said supporters of the health care legislation were permitted entry before opponents, so they could filibuster the meeting and create the illusion of unqualified support for the bill." We've all heard about these meetings...there were few, but they happened.

We're seeing a bit too much of Saul Alinsky, School yard bullying (which Obama warned about to our school children last week in his speech), Obama's suggesting you are a LIAR when there is so much showing'someone else' is.

When CBS NEWS points out the many flaws in Obama's speech last week to the Congress, the many ways he's not quite as forthcoming as Mr. Axelrod and Mr. Gibbs would have you believe, you know there's trouble brewing. Personally? I don't think YOU are the liars, America. And I don't believe any of us should be subjected to a president who suggest you are.

From this ARTICLE : "Dr. Wayne Kawalek, an emergency-room physician from Cleveland, said he, too, was concerned about the consequences of the president's health care plan. "The Obama administration is going about this in the wrong way. This is a huge debacle. It's sad that we've come this far," he said." I couldn't agree with you more, Dr. Kawalek. Keep up the fight. You're not lying, you're warning. America needs that.

By the way, folks...("well whaddayaknow?")'re becoming more and more successful. Keep it up.
JUST REMEMBERED THIS: Remember when Van Jones 'resigned'? It was BREAKING NEWS at approx 11:45 on a Saturday night? Well, guess what else came over on Heidianne's iPhone when she was here at our house at approx 11:45 Saturday night, EST? THIS. Timing is everything when they're sneaking things by at this White House.


Sunday Faith Blog

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as this world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27
I thought it was time for calm today..........I need it and you probably do, too. Have a great Sunday Z

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OUR Cup of Tea!

We went to the West Los Angeles Tea Party today.........The pictures speak for themselves...BUT, I wanted to add there were approximately 3000 people there (listening to speakers, standing on the sidewalk holding signs facing the cars on the very busy Wilshire Boulevard, and getting petitions signed, etc.......What really amazed us was the HONKING. In one of the more liberal cities in America, there was SO much honking that one young man near me said "Man, I thought the honking was jibes at us but they're giving the high sign, not the 'other sign' out the window!" It was astonishing. AND, (here's the best part..the VERY best part) there were so many young people there, more than I'd have ever imagined. This was all walks of life, this was America at her VERY best! And there was Heidianne from Big Girl Pants Blog (on my sidebar) getting petitions signed! Bravo to Heidianne and her son Jesse! (they're coming over for pizza in ten minutes...wish you could ALL come!) Mr and Mrs Z


Did you go to a TEA PARTY TODAY?
Los Angeles has one from 3-5 at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles........Obviously, Washington DC is having a big one! What did you see? How did you feel? Tell us, please!

The Birth Certificate AGAIN?

"Man, is that silly BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF OBAMA'S EVER going to stop being written about?"
I have rarely posted on this issue but I do feel that information like that included in Canada Free Press's article HERE deserves a long hard look; there's more information now than had been "covered" before and the whole thing deserves a read. Yes, I KNOW, the Left's made you feel like a rightwing nutcase for even suggesting Obama wasn't born in America. I KNOW, Saul Alinsky got to America before we even realized it and you are now to feel like a freak for even caring about the birth certicate...after all, as the White House reminds us "HE WON."

Don't chastise me for posting this....I just happen to think information like that in the above link deserves reading and at least a thought. When did America stop thinking? Or, better said, when did the American media start doing our thinking FOR us? Not that anything will happen because you've read it or because it's out there in the internet; our media's not interested, you're made to feel like a silly dope for even suggesting impropriety, and so.....they're right: HE WON!

Did America lose on a much deeper level than just his policies being so bad for us and his demeanor making you wish we had a president who really spoke up for America and who stood up to those around the world who don't? "...Because without America there is no free world" is the masthead slogan for Canada Free Press. Imagine we're still looked at as FREE when so many of our freedoms are being stripped and insulted..........even the freedom to have someone FINALLY put the birth certificate to rest AFTER a bipartisan committee has examined EVERYTHING?


Obama Channel

Are you feeling this way, too?
(thanks, Bubba)