Monday, November 30, 2009

Do something for our soldiers

Chuck's wife Brenda Jean has THIS at her blog....please do all you can for our heroes!

HOLY SMOKE! Arabs don't like Obama's dissing America? WHO KNEW?

Please read THIS ARTICLE! It's an amazing article showing the percentages of Arabs/Turks, etc., who are enamored with Obama and who are not. I was STUNNED.

The paragraph below is THE most important paragraph of the whole thing, in my opinion. Who knew Arabs (many of them Muslim) wouldn't like or admire Obama's infidelity to America any more than Conservative Americans do? I'm quite impressed with this paragraph:

"Steeped in an overarching idea of American guilt, Mr. Obama and his lieutenants offered nothing less than a doctrine, and a policy, of American penance. No one told Mr. Obama that in the Islamic world, where American power is engaged and so dangerously exposed, it is considered bad form, nay a great moral lapse, to speak ill of one's own tribe when in the midst, and in the lands, of others.

The crowd may have applauded the cavalier way the new steward of American power referred to his predecessor, but in the privacy of their own language they doubtless wondered about his character and his fidelity. "My brother and I against my cousin, my cousin and I against the stranger," goes one of the Arab world's most honored maxims. The stranger who came into their midst and spoke badly of his own was destined to become an object of suspicion.

Oh, yes, Arabs.....we know. We, too, find him QUITE an 'object of suspicion', yet, if we Conservatives say that, we're unpatriotic for doubting the excellence or viability of a president even when our leftwingers did nothing but wish Bush dead, subvert his platforms, compare him to Hitler, and worse. And, as what I'd like to consider is a good American, it gives me ZERO pleasure to slam Obama because he is the American president. (I can't bring myself to type 'my president'...sorry)

I'd like to thank very much my good friend K for emailing me this information...She's my Cub Reporter Extraordinaire! xxx (Love you, K!)


The Swiss say NO to MINARETS

FASCINATING UPDATE HERE: With a paragraph I 100% agree with here: The ban, in other words, does too much and too little at once. Too much because it becomes a very visible and easily exploited symbol of supposed European intolerance. But it accomplishes too little because it seeks merely to hide from view the problems that gave rise to the fear of the minaret in the first place.
See, this vote was important but it encourages goofballs like our Ducky (sorry, Ducky, but isn't this exactly what you're saying in your comments?...mistaking intolerance for hiding REAL PROBLEMS?).
Thanks for the story, Heidianne!

The Swiss voted Sunday* against any more building of minarets in their country.
Read about it HERE. Here's a clip from the article:

"They (the Swiss party pushing to get the minarets banned) noted that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared mosques to Islam's military barracks and called "the minarets our bayonets."

Had you heard Erdogan had said that? I guess when you hear that, you're of a mind to protect your country, aren't you?

Here's an Islamic point of view on the subject: "It's a sad day for freedom of religion," said Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a British youth organization. "A constitutional amendment that's targeted towards one religious community is discriminatory and abhorrent."

What are your thoughts? Have you seen beautiful Switzerland in person? Is it the Swiss who've made the minaret or mosque stand for something a lot of people are moving more and more away from in fear?

*As an aside for this post, I wanted to point out to you that most of Europe votes on SUNDAY so more people CAN vote. I think it's a good idea. z

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog

"Merry CHRISTMAS!" There are trees, wreaths, presents, red/green decorations, Santas....they're everywhere! The only major holiday at this time of year IS Christmas....since it's virtually the only holiday in this month that brings out shoppers, why not call it for what IT IS? QVC (home shopping) has trees on every set, candlelight, bedecked shelves, wreaths, Christmas music, but everybody's saying HAPPY HOLIDAY! "Which holiday? Oh. That holiday. Well, you'd better just say HOLIDAY, not Christmas." But, wait!...WHY? Everything on the sets conjures up CHRISTMAS! Gee, that's funny, isn't it ODD? The Food Channel, too. Christmas trees, Christmas dinner...."HOLIDAY FOODS".....WHAT HOLIDAY WOULD THAT BE? :-)

I often wonder at Americans, approx 82% of whom claim CHRISTMAS, who apparently THINK "Merry Christmas!" but "Happy Holidays!" comes out of their mouths instead....what goes on in their heads in that second they decide not to say basically the only holiday's name which we're celebrating this month? Sure, you can say "Happy Hannukah!" when appropriate!... but, most Jews I know don't celebrate it unless they have small children...they tell me it's a kind of holiday that's special for children but a very minor holiday created at this time of the year mostly just for kids to get presents. That's what I've always heard; Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like to learn more about that.

This is my Faith Blog today.........Please say MERRY CHRISTMAS! I promise you'll not at all offend any Jewish Jewish friends LOVE Christmas' beauty, the music, parties, etc. So, who're the "NO 'Merry Christmas' types" afraid of offending? Who'd get testy? Say MERRY is what it is. There IS no other holiday which decorates trees in December. There IS no other holiday during which people sing Christmas songs. There IS no other holiday which has 82% of people shopping for it. It's part of our American CULTURE. Tell me why I'm wrong! WHO IS OFFENDED by MERRY CHRISTMAS? geeeeeeZ!

Thanks! Z (and yes, I know we all blog about this year to year, but who'd have ever thought we'd even want to, or have to?) Have a great Sunday. And, MERRY CHRISTMAS :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Canadian's take on Obama........

From THIS BLOG comes this article from Canada:

When Obama won the Presidency with the help of the LEFTIST Media, Hollywood and Entertainment Liberals, Ethnic Socialists (ACORN), Stupid Non-Business Professionals and Bush Haters, I wrote:

It won’t take 6 months until the people figure this guy out and realize how horrible a mistake they’ve made. And when they come to that realization, the damage to the United States of America will be so great, that it will take a generation or more to repair - IF EVER.

The IDIOTS who not only voted for the Messiah, but also worked their sorry asses-off to promote his Lordship, are now left holding the bag.

Here are two things they will NEVER do:

1 – They will NEVER admit to making a blunder out of all proportion by electing a snake-oil salesman with no positive social history or management experience of any kind.

2 – They will NEVER take responsibility for the curse they’ve imposed upon the immediate and long-term future of their country.

In essence, the people responsible for putting this horror-show in power are in themselves responsible for every cataclysmic decision he makes and the consequences thereof.

In just 6 (SIX) months, the Messiah’s polls are showing the following:

On Healthcare Reform - He’s going under for the third time with polling well under 50%, even within his own Party.

Even though he might be able to muscle a Healthcare Reform Bill by using Chicago BULLY tactics against his fellow Democrats, it will just make things worse.

On Cap And Trade (Cap & Tax) – The Fat-Lady is already singing.

On the Stimulus Package (Tax and Spend) - His popularity is in FREE-FALL.

On the TARP package he took and ran with from President Bush - It’s all but Good-Night Irene.

On the closing of GITMO and “HIS” war on what he no longer wants called the War On Terrorism - He’s standing in quicksand with his head just about to go under.

On a comparison between himself and George W Bush at the same 6 months into their respective first term Presidencies - Bush is ahead of him in the Polls.

On a comparison between He Who Walks On Water and the 12 preceding Presidents between WW II and now - Obama ranks 10th.

On a Poll just conducted, that asks who would you vote for today between Obama and Mitt Romney - It’s a dead heat.

Between Obama and Palin - Obama’s ONLY ahead by 8 points and she hasn’t even begun to campaign.

It seems to me that Obama wants to be everywhere where he shouldn’t be.

He’s personally invested in screwing-over America’s ONLY REAL Middle Eastern ally (Israel) in favor of Palestinian Despots and Murderers.

He’s traveling the world apologizing for the USA while lecturing others on how to do it right, when in fact and truth, he has no experience at doing anything other than getting elected.

He went to the Moslem world in Egypt to declare that America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION while he heaped praises on Islam, where he compared the “plight” of the Palestinians to the Holocaust.

The Russians think he’s a Putz. The French think he’s rude. The Germans want him to stop spending. The Indians want him to mix his nose out of their environmental business. The North Koreans think he’s a joke. The Iranians won’t acknowledge his calls. And the British can’t even come up with a comprehensive opinion of him.

As for the Chinese, he’s too frightened to even glance their way.

Maybe, if America’s first Emperor would stay home more and travel less, and work a little bit instead of being on television just about everyday, or forget about his Wednesday Date Nights with his Amazon Wife, or stop running to “papered” Town Hall Meetings, perhaps he would have a little bit of time to do the work of the nation.

In all fairness, it wasn’t HARD to be RIGHT in my prediction concerning Obama’s Presidency, even in its first 6 months, so I’m going to make yet another prediction:

OBAMA WILL PROBABLY NOT FINISH HIS 4-YEAR TERM, at least not in a conventional way.

He is such a political HORROR-SHOW, and so detrimental to the USA and his own Democratic Party, that the Democrats themselves will either FORCE him to resign or figure out a way to have him thrown out.

Who knows, maybe he really isn’t a BORN US Citizen and that’s a way the Democrats will be able to get rid of him.


I don’t believe the Democrats have nearly as much love for their country as they do for their own political fortunes. And with Obama, their fortunes are rapidly becoming toast.

The Democrats can keep on blaming Bush for EVERYTHING. But, that game’s already begun to wear real thin.

Their mantra was “WE DON’T WANT 4 MORE YEARS”, which the STUPID people bought, since McCain was nothing at all like George W Bush.

The new mantra will soon become: WE DON’T WANT 6 MORE MONTHS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

Friday, November 27, 2009

CIA recruiting................WHERE? WHY?

Do you think THIS is a good idea?

DEARBORN, Michigan (Reuters) – At Tuhama's Lebanese deli in Dearborn, and at bakeries and barbershops throughout town, it's no secret the CIA is looking for a few good spies.

"There is a lot of talk, and nobody likes it," said Hamze Chehade, a 48-year-old Lebanese-American, taking a bite of his chicken shawarma.

But, we're THERE doing it? (God help us)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama sends Hajj Greetings, insults a national holiday.....and taints a jury pool, and further divides us?

Has any other American president in our history issued a message to Muslims wishing them a good Hajj? Here's the LINK. Kind of odd, isn't it?

Also, regarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Obama has said he's guilty and will come to justice. Doesn't that taint ANY jury pool? Or, at least, wouldn't any good attorney use that to suggest that we won't find a jury that's not biased because Obama said that? Help me out here.

UPDATE: Did you know Obama just designated November as National Native American Heritage Month? (Check out THIS LINK to see what OTHER designations Obama's given NOVEMBER, you won't believe how many!) I found it odd he'd do that in NOVEMBER, the month of Thanksgiving...... With what's taught in our schools today, this month is an odd choice for that, considering we white Americans seem to have pushed back from that first Thanksgiving meal prepared by Native Americans, daintily wiped our mouths on our napkins, and started shooting and scalping for the next couple of hundred years. I also wonder if you, too, are SICK of having presidents designate months which do nothing but remind us of our differences instead of our American-ness that we ALL share; blacks, whites, native Americans, legal immigrants, etc etc...

And, lest anybody get any ideas, I'm an admirer of all things Native American and always have been.

Obama did two things I approve of:

He had mac and cheese and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. Well, every little thing adds up, you know! Let's see....I think these are No. 1 and No. 2 on "Z's Favorite Things about Obama"
Oh, and I think Malia's lovely.

The Day for THANKS

I'm thinking that saying "Happy Thanksgiving!" isn't quite numbs us, somehow, this familiar and happy greeting, to the THANKS part and to whom we owe our debt of thanks. It's a lovely sentiment, Happy Thanksgiving, but it's come to mean turkey and stuffing and green bean casserole and two days off that week. Let's all stop and think of all that "Happy Thanksgiving" really means. I say to you all today "Have a wonderful DAY OF THANKS...and thank everyone you know for their love and kindnesses and thank our Creator for all HE's done"
Well, I guess that would be a mouthful to say to everyone...especially when we have our mouths full of great food! I hope you all have grateful hearts today, and delicious food, and that we ALL remember our blessings.......even as we miss, SO MUCH, those who aren't here with us today, maybe for the first time in many years. Please remember Mr Z as you remember your loved ones, too. I'd appreciate that.

Here's something I was sent last week and I wanted to share it with you:
I am thankful.....
-for the wife who says it's hot dogs tonight...because she's home with me and not out with someone else.
-for the husband who's on the sofa being a couch potato, because he's home with me and not out at the bars.
-for the teen who's complaining about doing dishes because it means she's at home and not on the streets
-for the taxes I pay because it means I'm employed
-for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends
-for the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat
-for my shadow that watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine
-for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home
-for all the complaining I hear about the government because it means we have freedom of speech
-for the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking and have been blessed with transportation
-for my huge heating bill because it means I am warm
-For the lady behind me in church who sings off key because it means I can hear
-for the pile of laundry and ironing because it means I have clothes to wear
-for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been capable of working hard
-for the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means I'm alive
and I am thankful for the crazy people I work with because they make work interesting and fun!
and, finally, for too much email and so many comments at my blog because it means I have friends who're thinking of me

Have a thankful day. Z

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A beautiful true story of love............enjoy

A friend sent me this story last week, it's in her own words, and I wanted to share it with you.

In 1954, when my Grandmother was about 50, my Grandfather was returning home from an extended trip - Siam, India, Europe and the British Isles. He traveled a lot. Sometimes she would go with him, and sometimes not. They lived in New York City after escaping the bombings in England during the war. He was a world champion badminton player (also cricket - though after moving to US, he did not play that anymore). He traveled around the world promoting badminton and playing matches and exhibitions. It was Christmas Eve (his birthday). My Grandmother had learned to drive in his absence and was planning to pick him up from the airport and surprise him with her new found talent. The plane was going to New York - his final leg. It crashed on take off and all but one person was killed. Wish it would have been my Grandfather, but it was not. If only wishing could make it so, Z.

Many years later, my Grandmother told me that it really took a whole year before she really knew he was gone. Of course she knew on one level, but since he traveled so much, she was used to him being gone. She would find herself thinking that he would walk through the door, or when he gets home, we will do this or that....and then catch herself. It was also made more difficult because whenever he traveled, he would buy little things in different countries and ship them back home - not only to her, but to my mom, dad and my sister and me. Of course in those days, things took weeks and even months. There were always these little notes inside. I was very young (6) so I did not get the real impact as my parents and Grandmother did. I still remember the last gift - he sent my sister and I each an "elephant" stool. It was a small replica of what was used to ride on a real elephant and it was from Siam. They were made of leather (one was red and one was green) and wood. Just the perfect size for little girls to sit on.

When my grandmother was shipped his belongings (suitcase recovered from the plane), she found inside a small blue and white plate from Denmark. She had started to collect them, so he got one for her and was bringing it home with him. Amazingly, it was not broken. It was in perfect shape. I always remember it displayed, though I did not know the story behind it until I was in my 20's. I guess it was hard for her to talk about and I still remember being so surprised when she told me the story about it. One day many years after she told me the story, it fell down and shattered. Grams was about 85 years old at the time. She was in tears when she called me to tell me about what had happened. I told her to put everything together in a bag and I would come over and fix it. She told me that she thought it could not be fixed. I got there with my super glue. We worked on it together - she would hold pieces so I could glue them. We put it back together as best we could, though there were tiny pieces that were just missing because they had shattered so much. At that point, my Grandmother's vision was not very good at all (macular degeneration). When I held it up - she was just beaming and with tears in her eyes told me it looked perfect. She could not really see the little missing pieces. The plate was a picture of a ship on the ocean and the sky. The little pieces missing were in the sky - I told her they looked like stars shining through when I held it up to the light. This is not the exact plate, but it looks like this:

My Grandmother continued to keep the plate in a prominent place in her home. When she passed away in February of 2000, I took the plate home with me. I also keep it in a place that I see everyday, even though it is damaged, to me it is just perfect.

I think this story is, too..........thanks, Mary. xxxx
UPDATE: Mary tells me their Thanksgiving will be more special for her having written to me and then sharing this treasured family story again with her own children....Please remember your family members who are gone and keep them in your memories like the precious gifts they were. And still are. Z xxx

Turkey Stuffing/Dressing.....

Do you have a SECRET INGREDIENT you'd like to share? A family tradition that's fun to know about? DO TELL!!

And, do come back at noon, 3:00 Eastern time, for a very nice story from a friend. xxx Z

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Conservatives v Liberals; Perfect Analysis

This sums it up pretty well..

If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.

If a liberal doesn't like guns, he feels that no one should have one.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat..

If a liberal is, he wants to ban all meat products for everyone.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to

defeat his enemy.

A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.

If a liberal is homosexual, he loudly demands legislated respect.

If a black man or Hispanic is conservative, they see themselves as independently successful.

Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.

A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels.

Liberals demand that those they don't like be shut down.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.

A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God or religion silenced.

If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.

A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.


A conservative will forward this to all his friends.

A liberal will try to have it banned from the Internet.


Billy Graham meets Sarah...and OBAMA?

Obama would like to meet Billy Graham. Read THIS from Hot Air Pundit, please!

Those of you Christians out there, START PRAYING, this could be the beginning answer to our prayers......Let's hope that the president finally awakens to what we've been told are his Christian roots. ('s ridiculous, but I'm trying to be fair here, play along with me)

Sarah Palin was at the Graham residence for dinner and, according to the above link, Mr Graham seems to think a lot of her.

Obama wants to meet the 91 yr old Graham (Hurry, Obama!). Or is it just lip service....we'll see.
And then there is THIS information, which is pretty startlingly interesting and hopeful. (real HOPE)

Lest my Liberal buddies here get offended (some of whom I know are Christians), this isn't about prohibiting other faiths in America....this is about stopping the continued attempt of ridding our country of our Christian roots, which I think my Jewish buddies, too, are least my personal Jewish friends totally appreciate Christianity in this country for the freedom's they've had here.

Pray, pray, pray.......Those of you non pray-ers, it's like Chicken Soup..."It cain't Hoyt!"


Monday, November 23, 2009

Arlen Specter at his best:

ON FOX NEWS Sunday afternoon from Sen. Arlen Specter:

"The opposition refuses to believe there is a health care problem."

"The opposition refuses to understand Global Climate Change."

"The opposition won't take a stand on the economy."

Is he plain STUPID, DEAF, or WHAT? No wonder he switched parties. He just doesn't want to HEAR (and doesn't have to with this one-sided government keeping Republicans out of every conversation) what the Conservatives are saying. Somebody tell ol' Arlen that LISTENING might help.

And, oh GOSH, yes...I guess I should say I mean no insult to the deaf...or "hearing impaired"...sorry. (oh, brother)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog

A very dear friend gave me this over the telephone Saturday, and I knew "That is my Sunday Faith Blog"...they ALWAYS 'write themselves'....

"I come to Thee, as one sick, to the Physician of Life,
unclean to the Fountain of Mercy,
blind to the Light of Eternal Brightness,
and poor and needy to the Lord of Heaven and Earth" Thomas Aquinas

photo by Mr Z

By the way... I just saw THIS information and, I wonder....On the subject of FAITH, do you think they'd allow an "Ask a Christian" or "Ask a Jew" booth at any American university, as they do the "Ask an Atheist" booth in the linked article?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Only the POOR merit the N1H1 Vaccine? WHY?

LA is offering free N1H1 vaccines ....but, not so fast, that's not for ME OR MY's the STORY...........

It's odd, isn't it? My friends can't get their children or themselves vaccinated in Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades or Beverly Hills or West LA, but one did go downtown and wait 5 1/2 hrs in line at a Free Clinic where he was the only Non Hispanic...and he did get the vaccination. (not ONE of those places the county's offering vaccinations is anywhere remotely near a neighborhood where the people are American citizens and make even middle income wages)

Some of even my liberal friends are calling this "class warfare". I'm not suggesting the poor shouldn't get helped, but I'm talking NOBODY ELSE IS GETTING IT!! My friends can afford to PAY for the vaccine but their doctors can't GET IT IN, folks. WASSUP?

I'm not planning on getting it, so this doesn't really apply to me, but I have plenty of friends who want their children vaccinated....z And, Please weigh in on the Mary Landrieu story below, I'd like to hear if you think Blanche Lincoln will cave, too. Thanks!

Louisiana takes the bribe from Reid

Louisiana's Mary Landrieu just caved.....$100 million bucks of OUR TAX DOLLARS was too much to resist....Read about that HERE at Huffington (believe it or not)

You know, I REALLY thought she might show some integrity, but....OH, well.

And the Leftwingers hate PALIN? :-) Think she'd take money for her vote?

Yes, this is ONLY to "Open Discussions" after the Thanksgiving Break......but, we could have rid ourselves of this whole monstrous nightmare health bill if Reid didn't get the votes.

YOU THINK BLANCHE LINCOLN OF ARKANSAS WILL ALSO VOTE YES... AND WELCOME DISCUSSION? I'm hearing a majority of Arkansans do NOT want this bill as it stands now. (83% are 'somewhat satisfied with their health care'..oops)

Mr. Z used to say "No lobbyists....this is turning into a Banana Republic." He was almost always right. He certainly was with this one.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

My nephew.......

This is my surfing this picture of him cool, or WHAT?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Libs might free us from OBAMA?

I told Mr Z after Obama's first few months in office that I thought it'll be Democrats who wake the country up to the perils of having Obama as president. I'm not sure it's not happening that his antics are affecting THEM.

1. NY City will have the terror trials there. Plenty of liberals and their families live there. Wait till they hear more about the kinds of threats NYC might have.

2. The new breast cancer guidelines from the Feds are horrifying even the liberal CNN news readers. To Dr Sanjay Gupta every morning this week, "You mean my insurance might not cover mammograms because I'm not FIFTY YET? But...but...I have friends whose cancers were caught in mammograms when they were 35!" The Feds say there are too many expensive "false positives"...isn't that worth the millions caught in time by this kind of testing? (but that's not rationing :-)

3. The swine flu vaccines aren't readily available yet and some liberal journalists are not too happy about it. Remember, Robt Gibbs was asked why Gitmo detainees had them and he said they never did get vaccines though the Pentagon did brief the journalists they had? A LOT of unhappy liberal daddy journalists in that crowd, folks.

4. "I have never experienced a more NON TRANSPARENT White House!" Helen Thomas remarked to Robert Gibbs at a WH Press Briefing. NO, Helen, we haven't, either. And, by the way...I haven't SEEN you in the briefings since you said that Helen, you okay?

There might be more, I'm not sure, but I'll be keeping track, you can count on it. If any of you have suggestions for more specific items for this list, fire away. Seems like all kinds of people get a little more careful and suspicious when THEY are suddenly looking at something happening to THEM. Do you think a list a bit longer than this might wake liberals up to what's happening? You think liberal journalists will actually start writing the truth on various things we've seen them obfuscate? What do YOU think it might take?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Master Sgt Hatley gets LIFE in prison

There are probably better articles about THIS SITUATION, but I found that one and THIS ONE and I'll quickly give a rough overview below. I suggest you at least read the second link for more details and some personal stuff that's thrown in. This isn't a new story, the verdict was read in June of this year, but CNN's doing a series on it and it made me cry and I wondered how you felt.

Here's the scenario: a few soldiers are shot at, they capture Iraqis who lead them to tons of ammo and guns, etc., and one speaks English. An American soldier says "Was that you shooting at us? Do you make bombs and shoot at American soldiers with those guns?" The Iraqi laughed hard and, after a fire fight for their lives, the American soldiers had had it.

Their superior officer told them that the Iraqis will be turned in and probably be out very soon to kill more American soldiers. "Do we take them in and let that happen, or do we do them in" (I paraphrase, of course). They blindfolded the Iraqis, took them to a canal and shot them in the head.

The guy who told them to kill the Iraqis is doing life. The prosecuting attorneys said he had to get life for having ordered these men to be killed instead of turning them in. The defense attorney said it was too painful for Master Sgt Hatley to know those Iraqis they'd just fought for their lives against would either get them or other American soldiers as soon as they were out.." he did it because he loved his men too much."

What do you think?


Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin won me over again

I was thrilled with Palin's nomination last year...thrilled. I'd come to hear about her a month or so before and I was hoping McCain would pick her. Mr Z and I were in Santa Barbara and woke up to the news and we were whooping it up. Then I thought she did a great job on the campaign trail...I didn't buy into the 'stupid' comments because I heard far too many handlers say she grasps information and concepts quicker than anybody they'd been around. The huge leftwing media hatred toward her only whetted my appetite to wonder WHY and hear more about her. When their "journalists" started to look through her trash, figuratively and literally, etc., I knew her polling numbers must be high even in the lib polls. They were scared to DEATH of her (still are....I like that :-)

Then, I was a little done with her, I must admit. I think the leftwing media even wore ME down with the constant 'drip drip drip' of negativity about her, the Couric interviews, the Charlie Gibson interview, etc. The constant nastiness seems to have seeped into my head though I loved how MUCH she loves this country and stands up for its Christian faith.

THEN I SAW OPRAH TODAY. Now, I'm back on the Palin Train. I LOVED how she answered Oprah when Oprah had the temerity to ask "you mean you think it was a POLITICAL agenda Katie Couric had?" (was she JOKING?!!!! What other AGENDA did Oprah THINK?) Oprah asked "Why didn't you just tell Katie what newspapers you read when she asked so you'd not have received such a bad response to your answers?" and Palin WONDERFULLY responded "by that time, I was pretty aware of where she was going and I wasn't going to get into it. It was like she was saying 'Do you really READ up there in Alaska?'" And, of course, if you saw Couric's sarcastic smirk, you know that's exactly the inference she was going for.

When Oprah asked about the flap about the cost of costuming abd coiffing her, Palin rightfully inferred that NOBODY in the media asked how much HILLARY spends on HER hair and clothing! GOOD POINT. Oh, and I'll bet Oprah wasn't pleased when she asked Palin how she thought she could have been VP with five children. Palin's a Renaissance woman with a Renaissance marriage....."the same way male VP's do it, Oprah." "But, males have wives!" Oprah responded, in her leftwinger close-minded way. "Oh, but Oprah, my husband and I are equals and he steps in to do all the things I do if I can't be there." Checkmate, Oprah.

When asked about Levi Johnson (the father of Palin's illegitimate grandson) by Oprah, about how much he sees the baby, etc., Palin responded that he seems very busy on this new media blitz and about how he's 'being handled' (inferring the media's in charge of slamming her through him, which is also probably true, why else would anybody give a damn what this creep's doing!?).. and how he's doing porn. Oprah responded with "you think posing for Playgirl is porn?" Sarah responded with "Yes, I think that's porn!" (who doesn't, Oprah?)

Anyway, if you're interested, Google Oprah Winfrey and you can see today's show and more, apparently. Bravo, Sarah. Except, please, NEVER pose for NEWSWEEK or anything else wearing shorts again...not good. Even if you're not running for president!

By the way, I tried to Google pictures from today's interview, but there are few and they're very unflattering. I guess Sarah just looked too darn good to have too many more than the one I have up at the top left here.....she looked so pretty that they didn't offer more than this one. The rest are kind of mug-shot types of pictures, group shots with Sarah, two of her daughters and Oprah.


Obama Body Language....TWICE

What in the (@#$&*(@#$ is THIS? As HotAirPundit says so wisely..."This is what happens when you take an entry level employee and make him CEO." GeeeZ, to be fair, maybe he ISN'T a muslim after can anybody forget he bowed this low to the Saudi King (anybody but Robert Gibbs, of course). Funny that the only person he doesn't seem to have bowed to is the Queen, who DOES get bowed to. Man, does this look stupid. Anything to put America BELOW everybody else, I guess.

And then there is this: Can he just pretend he reveres this country ONCE? Vet's Day 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Faith very favorite

"I tell you the truth, if a man keeps my word, he will never see death." John 8:51

Photo of Mr. Z taking Mr. Z's daughter

Friday, November 13, 2009

Priscilla weighs in on the Terror Trials

War, What War?

I'm livid. The Obama Justice Dept has announced today that the trials for the five 9-11 co- conspirators, including the master mind of the attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, will be held in federal court in New York instead of Military tribunals. The government will seek the death penalty. Well, that’s something to be grateful for.

Under this administration, 9-11 just became a crime and not an act of war. The trials will be a propaganda boon for Al Qaeda, and within the trials of these defendants will be a mini trial against Bush's adherence to enhanced interrogation techniques. Count on it.

I think this will be a fiasco, a circus, and a victory for jihadists everywhere.
There's even a question of whether in this civil court, evidence collected as a result of say, water boarding, will even be allowed! The judge will decide as to what evidence will be allowed. No doubt the defense attorneys will present their clients as victims of torture and that they were forced to give information they would not have offered of their free will.

Will they have the right to call CIA agents and Justice Dept. attorneys from Bush’s Justice Dept to testify? Of course they will. This will be a mini trial within a trial, of George Bush, Justice Dept attorneys from the Bush administration and the CIA. Perhaps George Tenant himself, and who knows who else?

This trial will not be handled as it would be if we were on a war footing, I remind you, but as a crime. It will be a civil trial in a civil court. How will classified information be handled? Will it be declassified for the purpose of this trial? Will it be splashed all over TV and newspapers for all the world to see including the enemy? Or will some of it have to be withheld citing national security, thereby weakening the government’s case?

Finally, this will be a show trial with the supporting cast being five barbarians who have all admitted their guilt and who wanted to be executed in the name of Allah and receive their reward of 72 virgins.

They will be portrayed as victims of American hubris, aggression, and torture. The stars will be the attorneys and former members of the Bush Administration. And now, the most criminal of all, the real victims, three thousand of them, will be mere pawns in a political exercise masquerading as justice.

At this point, we may not be surprised, but we can be outraged at the continued weakening of our defenses and our once proud standing in the world as a strong, no nonsense country which would fight for our freedom and for freeing millions of people across the world.

I end this with my sincere sadness for the 9-11 families who lost their loved ones that dreadful day, and most of all with my utter dismay and heartfelt sadness for my country...Priscilla

Amen, Pris....Z

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Muslim Death Penalty?

Major Hasan will be tried in Court Martial court, apparently. Today, the decision is almost certain that they'll ask for the DEATH PENALTY.

REALLY? YOU think that would be allowed to happen? He killed 13 innocent people, plus an unborn child...some are saying he killed 14 and I think they're probably right. Many saw him do this...there is NO DOUBT he did this. If he is sentenced to death, will the moderate Muslims stay moderate, stay mindful of his horrid act, stay mindful that Americans honor life over death, stay out of the streets? Will we see moderate Muslims on our side?

Death Penalty, huh? I heard this on the radio in the car and found myself involuntarily saying "As IF..." What do you think?


Lutheran Terrorists..?? naaaa

Major Hasan (and I hesitate honoring him still with that ranking before his name after what he's done....and, by the way, they're still saying 'allegedly'...with so many eye witnesses) apparently had frequently contacted a radical imam and also had emails to Al Qaeda in his computer. The powers that be felt that nothing he said was really threatening so they let it go.

Remember Homeland Security warning about "right wing extremists"? HERE is just one link to an article on that. Boy, they're sure on THAT, huh? Then there's this from THIS LINK : "the fact that a U.S. military officer was communicating with a Yemen-based cleric who openly supports jihadist causes did not prompt the bureau to open an investigation into Hasan's activities." But, you know..this has NOTHING to do with his religion....I'll bet if he'd been a Lutheran they'd not have become curious that an American Major in the Army was contacting jihadis, either...right? :-) Think about that one for a second, will you?

You think maybe Homeland Security might want to be investigating any and all people contacting our biggest enemies today? Just a thought. Some people are finally admitting it was PC and the utter fear the Muslims and leftwingers have put in Americans for criticizing or pointing out a MUSLIM for anything the slightest bit questionable that just might have got 13 of our soldiers killed. You think so? I'm hoping moderate Muslims speak out against this man; demanding a full investigation, questioning their own teachings. Whoopi Goldberg on THE VIEW Wednesday told America that NOWHERE in the Koran does it preach killing infidels. Ya, she did.

She's wrong.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans.....Z's blog salutes you....and she's a bit angry

A big salute to a group (here's the LINK) called ANGELS4SOLDIERS which would like the support of famous sports figures in paying for statues of a soldier with an angel on his shoulders (as if it's guarding over him) in every military hospital in America. You can see the sculpture/statue on their site. Here's a bit from the linked blog: We are asking for each American Professional Sports team to consider being ‘Sports Heroes to honor our ‘War Heroes’ by sponsoring one life-sized sculpture to be placed in each and every Military Hospital in America. The most common phrase I hear from Veterans regarding this sculpture is “If you’ve ever been in a foxhole, you know you have a guardian angel." This group feels that our soldiers think a lot of great sports teams and sports heroes and that if they see statues dedicated to them BY their favorite teams and heroes, that would be a great morale booster! See how you can help them out.......there's plenty of information on the blog. Elmer's Brother met the people involved in this and blogged on it...HERE..... He brought them to my attention and I, too, thought it would be a very worthwhile blog for Veteran's Day.

AND...Don't forget Applebee's Offer for TODAY, Vets........see THIS.

To all veterans...particularly those who blog and comment here..........THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, from the bottom of my heart. Mr Z was a great supporter of our troops and I am, too. God bless you ALL.

: I just saw THIS ARTICLE about a gunman who went into a school and held an assist. principal hostage with a disassembled shotgun over the fact, he says, that our servicemen aren't treated properly. You know where the media's going to go with this... It's not about this INSANE PERSON WHO'D THREATEN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, it'll be all about his gripe, that damned army, anyway....right? Add this to Major Hasan's cold blooded murder of 13 of America's soldiers at Ft Hood and see how the media's making this about WHY? and how it's PRE TRAUMATIC STRESS, and my goodness...that darned army, again....... Then read stories about families at home without their soldiers and what problems they've having (skip over the thousands of families adjusting just fine even in their great sacrifice) and the suicide rate's finally reached a tad more than civilian population, and well, WHY HAVE AN ARMY? Does any OTHER country's media highlight only the worst about their armed services? NO. But, America? SURE!! What the HELL is going on in this wimp country that doesn't know what should be addressed privately and what should be splashed all over every big city newspapers just to make a leftwinger's point about WAR?

I'm done now. Sadly, I think this great country is, too. End of rant. Happy Vet's Day, all those service people who can actually ignore this stuff and still stand tall. You're a better man than I am. Semper Fi.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two questions, folks......

I was only able to watch five minutes of today's Ft Hood Services...I only saw the President and his wife stop at each station of a fallen soldier and he put the coin on the box in front of each of their pictures. Apparently, this is a service coin and there's some history to it they explained on TV but I've already forgotten (forgive me).... MY MAIN POINT (and FIRST QUESTION) IS THIS:

Doesn't the Commander and Chief SALUTE the fallen? Obama very respectfully saluted the coffin only one family allowed filmed, remember? Why did he not salute for each of the fallen? I honestly don't know the protocol and hope you can help me out here.

THE SECOND QUESTION is this (brought up by my friend K): The politicians are all over ABORTION as the big sticking point on the Health Care Bill. Does anybody else here feel this is being used as a kind of smoke screen? There are so many things that are bad about that bill, why dwell on this? Is it to keep the rest of the questionable points off the radar screen so's the conservative constituents (and many Dems, by the way) are kept in the dark and don't complain too much to their liberal senators? Sure, Catholic Democrats are against it, or some are, but is that REALLY the only reason Democrats won't vote for this bill? Do none of them see the other dangers in this bill? Why not discuss ALL the reasons this bill stinks on television when the pundits are mouthing off lately? Seems like ABORTION is THE THING that is the one sticking point...when there are so many other things. IS it being used as a SMOKE SCREEN? What do you think?

I salute you :-) Thanks for any help..............Z and K

Monday, November 9, 2009

WHAT A PIECE: Sgt Major Pendry, I salute you

Jimmy Carter, you are the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home, and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You’re the runner-in-chief.

Bill Clinton, you played ring around the Lewinsky while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses to the USS Cole and the First Trade Center Bombing and Our Embassy Bombings emboldened the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately, they grew bolder, until 9/11/2001.

John Kerry, dishonesty is your most prominent attribute. You lied about American Soldiers in Vietnam . Your military service, like your life, is more
fiction than fact. You’ve accused our military of terrorizing women and children in Iraq . You called Iraq the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, and the same words you used to describe Vietnam . You’re a fake! You want to run from Iraq and abandon the Iraqis to murderers just as you did to the Vietnamese. Iraq , like Vietnam , is another war that you were for, before you were against it.

John Murtha, you said our military was broken. You said we can’t win militarily in Iraq . You accused United States Marines of cold-blooded murder without proof and said we should redeploy to Okinawa . Okinawa, John? And the Democrats call you their military expert! Are you sure you didn’t suffer a traumatic brain injury while you were off building your war hero resume? You’re a sad, pitiable, corrupt, and washed up old fool. You’re not a Marine, sir. You wouldn’t amount to a good pimple on a real Marine’s ass. You’re a phony and a disgrace. Run away, John.

Dick Durbin, you accused our Soldiers at Guantanamo of being Nazis, tenders of Soviet style gulags and as bad as the regime of Pol Pot, who murdered two million of his own people after your party abandoned Southeast Asia to the Communists. Now you want to abandon the Iraqis to the same fate. History was not a good teacher for you, was it? Lord help us! See Dick run.

Ted Kennedy, for days on end you held poster-sized pictures from Abu Ghraib in front of any available television camera. Al Jazeera quoted you saying that Iraqi’s torture chambers were open under new management. Did you see the news, Teddy? The Islamic Nazis demonstrated another beheading for you. If you truly supported our troops, you’d show the world poster-sized pictures of that atrocity and demand the annihilation of it. Your legislation stripping support from the South Vietnamese led to a communist victory there. You’re a bloated, drunken, useless old fool bent on repeating the same historical blunder that turned freedom-seeking people over to homicidal, genocidal maniacs. To paraphrase John Murtha, all while sitting on your fat, gin-soaked ass in Washington. (Z: Obviously, this was written before Mr Kennedy's death and I apologize on behalf of the author if any sensibilities are offended)

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Carl Levine, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, the Hollywood Leftist morons, et al, ad nauseam: Every time you stand in front of television cameras and broadcast to the Islamic Nazis that we went to war because our President lied, that the war is wrong and our Soldiers are torturers, that we should leave Iraq, you give the Islamic butchers – the same ones that tortured and mutilated American Soldiers – cause to think that we’ll run away again, and all they have to do is hang on a little longer. It is inevitable that we, the infidels, will have to defeat the Islamic jihadists. Better to do it now on their turf, than later on ours after they have gained both strength and momentum.

American news media, the New York Times particularly: Each time you publish stories about national defense secrets and our intelligence gathering methods, you become one united with the sub-human pieces of camel dung that torture and mutilate the bodies of American Soldiers. You can’t strike up the courage to publish cartoons, but you can help Al Qaeda destroy my country. Actually, you are more dangerous to us than Al Qaeda is. Think about that each time you face Mecca to admire your Pulitzer..

You are America ’s ‘AXIS OF IDIOTS.’ Your Collective Stupidity will destroy us. Self-serving politics and terrorist-abetting news scoops are more important to you than our national security or the lives of innocent civilians and Soldiers. It bothers you that defending ourselves gets in the way of your elitist sport of politics and your ignorant editorializing. There is as much blood on your hands as is on the hands of murdering terrorists. Don’t ever doubt that. Your frolics will only serve to extend this war as they extended Vietnam . If you want our Soldiers home as you claim, knock off the crap and try supporting your country ahead of supporting your silly political aims and aiding our enemies.

Yes, I’m questioning your patriotism. Your loyalty ends with self. I’m also questioning why you’re stealing air that decent Americans could be breathing. You don’t deserve the protection of our men and women in uniform. You need to run away from this war, this country. Leave the war to the people who have the will to see it through and the country to people who are willing to defend it.

Our country has two enemies: Those who want to destroy us from the outside and those who attempt it from within.

J. D. Pendry – Sergeant Major, Retired

Mr. Z would have been this guy's biggest fan.


George W Bush visited Ft Hood...did you hear?

Please check out THIS AT ABC and notice how short the article is. The Bushes were quickly at Fort Hood paying their respects and offering encouragement, complimenting the first responders for their amazing work, too. I'm thinking that was the right thing to do. Here's much MORE INFORMATION you'll want to read. It might be short because there simply wasn't much to say; they came, they didn't demand attention, they encouraged, they left.

I do hear that Obama will be there TUESDAY for the public memorial event..."Lights! Camera! Action! OBAMA!"...and he IS delaying his trip to Asia one day for our wounded and dead soldiers.

I'm pretty proud of the Bushes; the story isn't out there much, but they didn't seem to want that. And, of course: Republicans + No cameras = NO STORY
z (Please don't miss Obama's snub to Germany again, in the post below...we need to know and remember these things)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama snubs Germany AGAIN

Obama Snubs Berlin Wall Ceremonies (from Newsmax)

President Barack Obama's decision to spurn German President Angela Merkel's invitation to attend ceremonies commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago is "the most telling nonevent of his presidency."

That's the view of National Review Editor Rich Lowry, who notes that Obama has visited more foreign countries than any other president during his first year in office, yet has begged off going to Berlin to celebrate the Nov. 9 anniversary because of a crowded schedule.

"It's hard to imagine any other American president eschewing the occasion," Lowry writes.

"Wouldn't Obama at least want to take the occasion to celebrate freedom and human rights — those most cherished liberal values? Not necessarily. He has mostly jettisoned them as foreign-policy goals in favor of a misbegotten realism that soft-pedals the crimes of nasty regimes around the world.

"During the Cold War, we undermined our enemies by shining a bright light on their repression," Lowry writes. "In Berlin, JFK called out the Communists on their 'offense against humanity.' Obama would utter such a phrase only with the greatest trepidation, lest it undermine a future opportunity for dialogue."

The Berlin Wall came down because the free world, led by America, stood resolute against communist tyranny. But for Obama, "we are less an exceptional power than one among many, seeking deals with our peers in Beijing and Moscow," Lowry observes.

"Why would Obama want to celebrate the refuseniks of the Eastern Bloc when he won't even meet with the Dalai Lama in advance of his trip to China?"

Z: I've said this for a year now; Obama keeps dissing Germany and it has something to do with how they didn't allow him to campaign at the Brandenburg Gates .... and now it has to do with how Germany was about the only country not to follow his advice regarding huge stimulus packages and they're doing better than any country in Europe. Every foreign dignitary first goes to the capital city of a country being visited and Obama has declined all invitations of Merkel's to Berlin in spite of his being in Germany, which is a breach in protocol and a terrible embarassment to the United States. Oh, well...........this is how Chicago thugs play. "Don't mess with ME, babe." They hear you, Barry.


Sunday Faith Blog

"Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I." Isaiah 58:9 it's true

much of the time


HONORING VETERANS.....Please take advantage, deserve any honor

Applebee's Free Food on Veterans Day
In recognition of your service to our country, all veterans and active duty military personnel are invited to eat free at Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar Restaurants this Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov.11, 2009. As you may recall, Applebee's launched a pilot program last year on Veterans Day offering free entrees to military service personnel and veterans. Because the response was so overwhelmingly positive, Applebee's is extending the invitation throughout the country this year. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Please help us share details across your various communication channels. All U.S. veterans and active duty military with proof of current or former military service will eat free at all Applebee's nationwide on Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009.

Valid Veteran and Active Duty Identification to Obtain Free Entree:
· U.S. Uniform Services Identification Card
· U.S. Uniform Services Retired Identification Card
· Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
· Veterans Organization Card (i.e., American Legion and VFW)
· Photograph in uniform
· Wearing uniform

Thanks, Hoosier Army Mom xx

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Shout Out from Obama before mention of Ft Hood

Major Hasan shopping is pictured below.

So cool, so in charge, continuing to read each word from the teleprompter as he discusses his grief and concern for the soldiers killed and wound. This gives me the chills.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Question about the Ft Hood attacker

Tonight, listening to the press conference about the horrendous shooting at Ft Hood, two things cross my mind:

The first is about how the Major who did the shooting's name is Hasan and how that could be a Muslim name. I thought "Well, let people see that something like this can happen here in America, maybe Americans will wake up." Then, sadly, I thought "No, they'll go into overdrive pitying this man as he's "probably reacting to our imperialism in Iraq or Afghanistan." Your thoughts?

The second thing that crossed my mind bothers me the very most. A question I have is whether or not all military personnel wear dog tags at all times or just in the combat arena? If they do wear them always, as I suspect, why is the soldier briefing on the attacks now on TV only using MAJOR HASAN as identification? Would they not know the first name? I'm curious....can somebody help me out with that? Is it Mohammed and they don't want that out there? Maybe not...pardon me for seemingly blaming a Muslim for these attacks, I COULD BE SOOO WRONG, but if I'm right........what's up?

Would they REALLY not know the first name of a MAJOR AT FT HOOD who's KILLED 12 people and injured 31?

LARRY KING JUST SAID TO A GUEST TALKING ABOUT THIS SITUATION "BY USING HIS ISLAMIC NAME, AREN'T YOU SPECULATING ON YOUR OWN?" I guess the leftwingers would prefer we not give a name if it's remotely Islamic? That's odd; when a man who attends a church kills someone, the first thing we hear is his first name and how, ten years ago, he was the Sunday School Superintendent. hmmm

Any thoughts? thanks..z

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HEALTH CARE VIDEO you need to see and send around

To those of you who still believe Pelosi Care is a good idea, PLEASE WAKE UP and THINK: Then explain to us how Americans will be able to come up with new life-saving, pain-diminishing innovations when only 4% of those medical innovations are, today, done by the government. The 96% remaining innovations, those new hips and new pills and new diagnostic procedures which save our lives, are AMERICAN. That will have to stop because "for profit" is now a dirty term, according to our president, and "for profit" is the only real inducement for coming up with life saving innovations.

Should we come up with a plan to help Americans who don't have health care? Probably. But ruin the whole system because Nancy Pelosi and Obama want this? What a treacherous disaster.

Thank GOD Mr. Z had good health care till the end. Pity the patients into whom my friend the orthopedic surgeon won't be able to put his favorite, most effective prosthetic hip joint because Medicare isn't paying for it anymore. That's NOW, and Obama Care hasn't even happened yet. Imagine what will happen after this awful, sneaky, and untransparent bill is in effect. They say they'll pay for this bill by cutting waste! Why didn't they do that before this bill? Since when has government done that, anyway? At the DMV? The Post Office? Social Security?! It's CUTTING SERVICES they'll be having to do and it's already started. What was it Medicare was estimated to cost back when they were designing it?...I believe it was NINE TIMES less than it DID?

The CBO's saying this: "The overwhelming majority of the population would remain in private health insurance plans sponsored by employers. Others, mainly low-income people, would be covered through an expanded Medicaid program." Raise your hand if you think any employer will keep a private health insurance plan if the government plan is much lower a premium. Ya, I thought so. (Did the Obama people get to the CBO? What is UP?)

God help us all.......Where will Canadians go? I'm through worrying about them. I'm worried about US. Please send this video around, more and more of us need to see it.