Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back tomorrow? I think.

Yes, I will probably be back August 1, the day I go back to work.  Maybe.   That's been my plan, but now I'm not sure.
Lots to think about.  I've been happily busy but have watched television news, too.
Watching Obama speeches.
Seeing horrid scandals simply dismissed as not horrid.
Constant insults.
The requisite Obama-speech joking about 'the other party' and how they just don't understand that what he wants is good for us all and that they should 'move on' (always accompanied by his toothsome grin which seems to say 'what's WRONG with those people?')  and let him do it so all of us will thrive.
Very difficult to watch an American president that nasty. A first in our history.

I may blog on gardening instead.  If I was a gardener.

Or art, maybe.  Or music.  Or cooking.  Maybe I should go back to Mac 'n GeeeZ, the food blog I've been neglecting in my efforts to discourage myself as much as possible with research for political posts and the astonishingly sad and even indecent comments I sometimes get here.

News is full of every massive fire ...for days ...until the fire's out.  We don't hear that good news.
We hear about every missing child until it's found dead.  If it's found alive, barely a mention.
I just heard a talk between two MDs who say we shouldn't be calling some cancers 'cancer' because they don't grow quickly and people get nervous and over treat.  Is this sudden discussion a prelude to Obama Care turning down your cancer should you, God forbid, get cancer in the next few years?
I watched a favorite film of mine this morning, The Women, and one woman used the 'generic' "HIS" in a sentence..."everyone must watch over HIS own feelings.."   There isn't a man in the film, by the way.  She used that in the way I remember used to be acceptable, until women started feeling belittled and we had to start saying "his and her" can add "it" to that now, too, I suppose.  It felt so refreshing to hear the correct grammar but then so sad to remember we mustn't say "his" anymore lest we offend some woman.

I just heard about a guy named Daniel Chong who was detained for having had drugs for four days with no food or water and nearly died.  He won a $4.1 million dollar settlement.  DoJ is looking into what happened  (in May, 2012).  Meanwhile, he's of Chinese descent...where are the Asians yelling "RACISM!  RACISM!".    Nowhere.  Even Chong is saying it was "a horrible accident.."   Rare and admirable reaction after having had to drink your own urine to stay alive, I'd say.  No Chinese Al Sharpton's around?

Obama's "Hello, everybody.." with which he greets Democrats upon meeting with them, seems to now mean "...get a load of the insults we're going to pile on the Republicans and let's plan my next belittling speech.........we're going to promise Americans the world but, don't worry, the rich are going to PAY.  I'll get Axelrod, he'll figure it out.  :-)"   And Americans believe it.  And, yesterday, Axelrod actually said "I occasionally talk with the president.............."    Right.. "occasionally"   WOULD that the Republicans had a man as dedicated, so cleverly evil and conniving as Axelrod.  Add Soros money to Axelrod's astonishing mind and focused endeavors in bringing to life leftist dreams and it makes the Kochs, who the left brings up the minute we're on to Soros or any of Obama's supportive cronies, look like small potatoes in the light of the left's reality.

Only a few intractable libs come here, so am I singing to the choir?  What's the point?

Got any insights of your own, folks?  what's the point anymore, right?, with a president who just wants to keep spending tho there isn't any money left (considering we're $16 TRILLION in the hole) and insulting the other party with lies and demeaning laughter on television?  I would laugh at us, too, considering one hardly hears the Republicans trying so hard to get Americans to wake up to the debts and over spending and pitfalls of the Obama Health Care fiasco, to only name a few things.  But then I realize we're speaking out but Americans are not hearing it.   It's the media.

I've watched a lot of CNN the last month or so.......and a little network news, too, for a change.  We have to realize what happens when the media's SO in the hole for one party and we have to realize Americans aren't hearing both sides nor are they hearing anything even slightly and oh, so legitimately, critical of Obama.

Meanwhile, CNN got an interview with a terrorist but the FBI hasn't.  Is that how Obama's "tracking down terrorists?"

I'd have thought even the Left would understand how dangerous that is to a democracy.  They would if it was Republicans insulting them, misrepresenting them, with a media in their pockets, trust me.

So...what to do?


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Break time............

I'm taking a break for the first time since GeeeZ opened.    Enjoy yourselves....


Sunday Faith Post

Photos taken yesterday in Raiatea, French Polynesia, by Michaela, my stepdaughter.

"And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good..... Genesis 1:31

Have a peaceful, beautiful Sunday.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some of you will remember my request for prayers for my friend "L" whose left arm was amputated Friday halfway up the forearm.  All went very well and she came home Sunday, believe it or not....but she has gone back to the hospital to meet two of the surgery team because she's apparently got an infection.
PLEASE keep her in your prayers..she so appreciated all of you for that!  Thanks.

The Fence.............

and YOU know it.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wal-Mart vs The Morons

GeeeZ readers;  I don't know who wrote this (I'm grateful to Pris for emailing it to me) but I checked with Snopes and they say "Mostly Accurate" (which, because it's a piece that reflects badly on Liberals, means "ABSOLUTELY TRUE" or we'd have heard every inacccuracy) the way, Sam Walton was a staunch Republican:

Wal-Mart vs. The Morons

1. Americans spend $36,000,000 at Wal-Mart every hour of every day.
2. This works out to $20,928 profit every minute!
3. Wal-Mart will sell more from January 1 to St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) than Target sells all year.
4. Wal-Mart is bigger than Home Depot + Kroger + Target +Sears + Costco + K-Mart combined.

 5. Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million people, is the world's largest private employer, and most speak
6. Wal-Mart is the largest company in the history of the world.
7. Wal-Mart now sells more food than Kroger and Safeway combined, and keep in mind they did this in only fifteen years.
8.During this same period, 31 big supermarket chains sought bankruptcy.
9. Wal-Mart now sells more food than any other store in the world.

10.  Wal-Mart has approx 3,900 stores in the USA of which 1,906 are Super Centers; this is 1,000 more than it had five years ago.
11. This year 7.2 billion different purchasing experiences will occur at Wal-Mart stores. (Earth's population is approximately 6.5 Billion.)
12. 90% of all Americans live within fifteen miles of a Wal-Mart.
You may think that I am complaining, but I am really laying the ground work for suggesting that MAYBE we should hire the guys who run Wal-Mart to fix the economy.
This should be read and understood by all Americans and Democrats, Republicans, EVERYONE!!
To  President Obama, many past presidents, and all 535 voting members of the Legislature, then and now:

 It is now official that the majority of you are corrupt and ineffective:

a.. The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775. You have had 237 years to get it right and it
is broke.

b. Social Security was established in 1935.  You have had 77 years to get it right and it is broke.

c. Fannie Mae was established in 1938.  You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke.  

d.. War on Poverty started in 1964.  You have had 48 years to get it right;  $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor" and they only want more.

e. Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965.  You have had 47 years to get it right and they are

f. Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 42 years to get it right and it is broke.

g. The Department of Energy was created in1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.  It has ballooned to 16,000employees with a budget of $24 billion a year and we import more oil than ever
before.  You had 35 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.
You have FAILED in every "government service" you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars.


 Folks, keep this circulating.  It is very well stated.  Maybe it will end up in the e-mails of some of our "duly elected'(they never read anything) officials and their staff will clue them in on how Americans feel. 

AND...We have lost our minds to  "Political Correctness"! We're "broke" & can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc., but,  in the last months we have provided aid to Haiti, and Turkey .and Pakistan ........previous home of Bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of DOLLARS, while our retired seniors living on a 'fixed income' receive no extra aid nor do they get any special breaks--nada beyond shopping discounts.

AND Congress wants to freeze Social Security payments. You do know that Congress voted  themselves a pay raise for 2013?  Google this--it's true!   (end)

Z:  Let me just add that Detroit's had Democrat mayors since 1962, and every channel I've listened to since the bankruptcy says "Detroit started running a large debt sixty years ago.."   Coincidence?  All this 'give away' stuff for votes that the Left started sixty years ago has never worked...we just didn't know that yet.
SO...what do we do NOW, folks?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Congratulations, Kate and William

The baby heir is born.   He may never see a throne, but he's still the newborn baby of two people who love each other and I celebrate their happiness!

(don't miss the cartoon below........:-)

Obama and Holder

Boy, if this doesn't feel like the truth, huh?

Men and Fidelity

      "Men are only as faithful as their options."

No, I don't usually take Chris Rock quotes too seriously, but I heard that and thought it interesting.  Do you think that's true?  I thought we could use a change of scenery around here... just one day: tomorrow's hard hitting politics again.    Is Rock right?   Let's talk!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Faith Post - HOPE HEALS

HOPE HEALS.   I believe I've introduced you before to Katherine and Jay, but they have a new, very short film, and I believe my blog is graced to present it here as my weekly Sunday Faith post.  You will be graced, too:

Katherine is an amazing young woman and her husband Jay is the producer of that film, the interior designer of their beautiful home, and the extraordinary chef who cooks for her now that she can swallow.
You will see in the short video that -

"All things work for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."  Romans 8: 28.

Give yourself a few minutes and watch..........and you'll see just what HOPE can do, and you'll get a sense of what Katherine and Jay want to do with what they have learned.  This has become their ministry...they have been 'called according to His purpose" in a most extraordinary and painful and confusing way.  And they're ready for it. 

I hope you've been blessed by watching and thinking and seeing how true HOPE can heal.

PS: Regarding Friday's post and my request for prayers for "L", I want to confirm that she came out of surgery well, the amputation was, very happily, below the elbow, BUT, she's got lots of pain and the drugs are miserable and she needs prayer for no complications.  I am glad that, at the time of surgery, she was just starting to feel the HOPE Katherine and Jay have....


Saturday, July 20, 2013

For those of you who prayed, "L" did GREAT! 10 hrs of surgery...amputated BELOW the elbow! thanks for your prayers! Z (now please weigh in below)

Do you have a minute for me?

You won't recognize me, of course.  My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot.  A Grand Jury of my mommy's peers from Brunswick GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty ... too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime.  Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.  No one from the Department of Justice organized any demonstrations for me.

I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation's history, but the media doesn't care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me - so he doesn't care, and the media doesn't care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to demand justice for me.  There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those who murdered me.  I have no voice, I have no representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller - I no longer have my life.

So while you are seeking justice for Trayvon, please remember to seek justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon.

Thank you

Hat tip: Received from Jon Berg

Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama is humiliating

“Am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can?”  Obama says we should be asking ourselves this question;  did you hear him this morning? 
I am TIRED of being told I'm biased.  There are Black people in my life, relatives and students, who I love way more than many whites in my life.   And I'll bet you're just the same.

He gives his and Michelle's sympathy to the Trayvon Martin family.  I wonder if it even occurred to him to give any support to the Zimmerman family which will never be the same?  Remember the cops testified Zimmerman was crushed that he'd killed the kid...who wouldn't be?  It's been pretty well proven that this was not about race but we have a president who is bringing race up again;  maybe Obama should apologize to Zimmerman about that?   His heart goes out to the Martin family, and that's nice, but to not even mention the difficult time the Zimmermans have had, too?

He says "There are very few African-Americans who haven’t had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had a chance to get off. That happens often."   That's true.  I wonder why Whites don't often feel that way about Whites?  Just because we're racist?  Or based on some experience?  ya think?

He adds "We understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history."  So, poverty and dysfunction are history's fault?  Nothing else?

And then, he has to include "You know, I’m not naive about the prospects of some brand-new federal program."   No, Mr. Obama, we know you're never naive about the chance for a brand-new federal program, BELIEVE me.

Has Obama bothered to consider Zimmerman:
  • ... and a black friend opened up an insurance office in Florida...
  • ...had engaged in notably un-racist behaviour such as taking a black girl to his high-school prom..
  • ....not only has black relatives,and has reportedly donated his time to tutoring black children.
  • ...launched a campaign to help a homeless black man who was beaten up by a white kid.

Is Obama KIDDING?     Will he ever understand how divisive he truly is?
He says Black kids get 'negative reinforcement' but he talks in divisive ways so often?  He jumps to conclusions without facts, as he did with the Harvard Professor's case....and it took him till today to talk about helping Black young men?  REALLY?   It's only in juxtaposition to the fact that they are sometimes profiled?  How about having started out his presidential career with helping Black young men?

I'm humiliated by this president. I heard this speech (see link) on the radio this morning and found my hand over my mouth and tears in my eyes.  He'll do ANYTHING to divide.

And conquer?


Someone needs big help

I have a big request today:  Please pray for my friend "L", who will be an amputee by tonight.  This huge and very complicated surgery will start today at 10:30 PST, when they embolize her, and then the amputation starts at 2:30 PST. (poppies are her favorite flower, hence, the image)

She's losing her hand and probably quite far up the left arm; they won't know that until the surgery.

She could really use prayers for wisdom and talent for the huge team of surgeons, hematologists, anesthesiologists, etc. (She has a problem with clotting so it's even more risky than for other people).......and for peace and comfort.

Odd, because she was here the other day weeping and generally devastated (she's had this threat of losing her arm for about 30 years and it's come to the point of not putting it off anymore..long story that doesn't need telling here...suffice it to say it's a vascular situation) and, when she was leaving, I said "L, please pray......for peace and comfort....just try it when you go home."  (she's a neighbor). I don't know if she did, she's not really a big believer, but I have to share with you that her attitude's suddenly optimistic and, today, we ran into each other and she said "I want to apologize to you and get over the past." (she'd become very difficult a few years back and we have only been cordial the last few years after having been pretty darned close friends for about 20 years).   Something's suddenly changed her. I like to think  it was prayer.

That's my post today.  If any of you have dealt with amputation in a friend or relative, please let me know if you have some words of wisdom for ME as I really do want to be a comfort to her.  She really needs help.

"....How gracious he will be when you cry for help!  As soon as he hears, he will answer you."  Isaiah 30: 19



Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sharpton: Hate Crime

A hate crime occurs whenever a perpetrator targets someone because of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. As a crime category, hate crime is used to describe bias-motivated violence, such as assault, injury, and murder predicated on the victim’s personal characteristics. A hate crime generally refers to an illegal act motivated by biases that could include property damage, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, insults, graffiti, or even written communications.

Consequently, many states have followed the example of the federal government by legislating laws against hate-motived crimes. Interestingly, hate speech does not automatically qualify as “hate crime” unless there are other mitigating circumstances.

Still, in the wake of the Zimmerman trial, the paragon of racial justice, Al Sharpton, said that he intended to use his National Action Network in organizing protests as a means of bringing a civil rights case against George Zimmerman. “It’s not over,” said Sharpton, “And we are going to make sure it’s not over; that’s why we’re calling people to … organize in your city. I don’t care if its 20 people, we want to show the nation that over 100 cities a week later is still demanding justice. We’re not having a fit, we having a movement.”

And, of course, following this statement, masked vandals went on a rampage in Oakland, California breaking out storefront windows and terrorizing residents at a Wal-Mart store. Blacks attacked an Oakland waiter with a hammer. Several blacks attacked a white man in Milwaukee, shouting, “This is for Trayvon Martin.” A journalist and a photographer working for KCAL-9 were the target of racial assaults in Los Angles while covering a protest in the Crenshaw District.

And this should take us back to hate crime and Al Sharpton. He has incited violence in several US cities, and I am stating, right here and now, that Al Sharpton is guilty of perpetuating hate crimes against innocent persons by inciting others to riot and do harm. Remember what he said: “It’s not over and we are going to make sure it’s not over…”

Now of course, we all know that Al Sharpton is a fraud. He is no more a Baptist minister than I am. He was “licensed and ordained” as a Pentecostal minister at the age of nine-years by another fraud, the so-called Bishop Frederick Douglas Washington. Who in the hell “ordains” a nine-year old kid? And people want to know why people no longer attend church services. Let us also not ignore the fact that Albert Charles Sharpton is as corrupt as his father, the senior version, who had an illegal sexual relationship with his own daughter … the only point being that filth begets filth.

Make no mistake about it: Al Sharpton is filth. Whether we are looking at the fabrications involving Tawana Brawley in 1987, or the fact that he has referred to white people as “homos,” inciting violence against New York Jews, and bigotry directed against Mitt Romney in 2007, he is filth. If we follow the advice of Martin Luther King, Jr., and judge Al Sharpton by the content of his character, then Al Sharpton is a cretin who should be locked up in a federal penitentiary for the criminally insane.

No one man has done more to destroy race relations in America than Al Sharpton. But destroying race relations is not a crime. If it were a crime, then we could arrest Barack Obama and Eric Holder, too. What is a crime is inciting people to riot, assault others, and destroy their property. What I want to know is why hasn’t Sharpton been arrested and charged with hate crime?

Mustang Sends

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

YOU help us understand Martin/Zimmerman reactions.......please.

I'm surprised and saddened by the reactions of both sides of the Zimmerman/Martin case.

I just heard Juan Williams tell Sean Hannity and Black leftwing attorney Leo Terell that "this jury failed because it didn't bring their feelings into the verdict...that's why we have juries." (I paraphrase but got the gist of it, believe me).  In other words, if you feel badly that this Black kid died, how could his shooter not be guilty?

THIS showed me an astonishing lack of understanding of our legal system and I can't help but wonder if this kind of thinking has played a large part in the outrage over the verdict.

Please, someone, if RACISM is something you still believe played a part in the unfortunate killing, tell us how;  show us that George Zimmerman was a racist.  Add links, please.   To you others who have heard about Zimmerman's activism for young Black kids, please provide those links here.  Thanks.

To those of you who believe Trayvon "deserved to die," tell us why.  And, do you mean he deserved to die before the situation or because of his apparent starting of the tussle?

And, to those of you who feel Trayvon's mother was coached in her calm reaction to the verdict, do you also believe Zimmerman was coached in his astonishing lack of apparent emotion upon learning he wasn't guilty?

I literally ache for our country when I see people willingly not believing what expert testimony tells them.
I ache for those Blacks who honestly think America's racist because a Hispanic guy was so fearful for his life that a gun came out of his pocket and a young Black kid was shot.

Help me here.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Race and the great Thomas Sowell.

Here is Mr. Sowell's article at Investor's Business Daily:

I am so old that I can remember when most of the people promoting race hate were white.
Apparently other Americans also recognize that the sources of racism are different today from what they were in the past. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 31% of blacks think that most blacks are racists, while 24% of blacks think that most whites are racist.
The difference between these percentages is not great, but it is remarkable nevertheless. After all, generations of blacks fought the white racism from which they suffered for so long. If many blacks themselves now think that most other blacks are racist, that is startling.
The moral claims advanced by generations of black leaders — claims that eventually touched the conscience of the nation and turned the tide toward civil rights for all — have now been cheapened by today's generation of black "leaders," who act as if it is all just a matter of whose ox is gored.
Even in legal cases involving terrible crimes — the O.J. Simpson murder trial or the charges of gang rape against Duke University students — many black "leaders" and their followers have not waited for facts about who was guilty and who was not, but have immediately taken sides, based on who was black and who was white.
Among whites, according to the same Rasmussen poll, 38% consider most blacks racist and 10% consider most whites racist. Broken down by politics, the same poll showed that 49% of Republicans consider most blacks racist, as do 36% of independents and 29% of Democrats.
Perhaps most disturbing of all, just 29% of Americans as a whole think race relations are getting better, while 32% think race relations are getting worse. The difference is too close to call, but the fact that it is so close is itself painful — and perhaps a warning sign for where we are heading.
Is this what so many Americans, both black and white, struggled for, over the decades and generations, to try to put the curse of racism behind us — only to reach a point where retrogression in race relations now seems at least equally likely as progress?
What went wrong?
Perhaps no single factor can be blamed for all the things that went wrong. Insurgent movements of all sorts, in countries around the world, have for centuries soured in the aftermath of their own success. "The revolution betrayed" is a theme that goes back at least as far as 18th-century France.
The civil rights movement in 20th-century America attracted many people who put everything on the line for the sake of fighting against racial oppression. But the eventual success of that movement attracted opportunists, and even turned some idealists into opportunists.
Over the generations, black leaders have ranged from noble souls to shameless charlatans. After the success of the civil rights insurgency, the latter have come into their own, gaining money, power and fame by promoting racial attitudes and actions that are counterproductive to the interests of those they lead.
None of this is unique to blacks or to the U.S. In various countries and times, leaders of groups that lagged behind, economically and educationally, have taught their followers to blame all their problems on other people — and to hate those other people.
This was the history of anti-Semitic movements in Eastern Europe between the two World Wars, anti-Ibo movements in Nigeria in the 1960s, and anti-Tamil movements that turned Sri Lanka from a peaceful nation into a scene of lethal mob violence and then decades-long civil war, both marked by unspeakable atrocities.
Groups that rose from poverty to prosperity seldom did so by having racial or ethnic leaders. While most Americans can easily name a number of black leaders, current or past, how many can name Asian American ethnic leaders or Jewish ethnic leaders?
The time is long overdue to stop looking for progress through racial or ethnic leaders. Such leaders have too many incentives to promote polarizing attitudes and actions that are counterproductive for minorities and disastrous for the country.  (end of article)

Who do you think he means?

So....we have a president who seems to stir racial situations up before he gets the facts, and we have an attorney general who does that and worse.  Actually, he thinks YOU are a racist.
What CAN we do to get fair treatment of everybody in this country?  How can we muzzle this administration long enough to fix things?   When Jackson and Sharpton make their livings being race baiters and playing on the heightened sensitivities of Black Americans, what do we do?  How can we get back to pre-Obama times and even better than that?


Monday, July 15, 2013

HOLDER....does he understand the law?

The verdict was in.  Not Guilty.  In reaction, there has been damage done in Oakland, California, some in Los Angeles, and other areas, I assume.  I believe the Martins spoke well after the verdict when they appealed for peace after a verdict that was obviously heart wrenching for them.  And I think a lot of Blacks listened to that and respected their wishes.  Not  Sharpton, who is calling for demonstrations...Black leaders aren't happy with no violence, apparently.  Or perhaps they feel that closing freeways in a big city isn't violence?

Obama is talking about gun control now.   He doesn't want this crisis go to waste.

Holder is upset.  The DoJ may be prodded into investigating the case again, spurred on by the NAACP.  The verdict wasn't good enough for them.

Meanwhile, Black kids are killed in cities like Chicago in horrible numbers.  Apparently, the NAACP doesn't give a damn about them. 

Apparently, it's only important to our president and attorney general when it's whites killing blacks.  It seems not to matter when blacks kill blacks.

I'm ashamed of our government.  Beyond ashamed.

I love the video I'd posted for today, but had to post again now and highlight Holder and Obama this morning because it's too important to ignore.  And I'd like your input.

...........utterly ashamed.


He's not giving up on America!

Rafael will not forget this guy!  What a command of the language, and what a love for this country.   I used to feel as passionate as he almost hurt to watch him because I realize my sheer admiration for modern America's waning.

I need an attitude adjustment.  Got any tips?!!  And what do you think of this guy?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Faith Blog

"God, give us men!  A time like this demands strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands;  Men whom the lust of office does not kill.
Men whom the spoils of office can not buy;  Men who possess opinions and a will:
men who have honor; men who will not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!
Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog in public duty, and in private thinking;
For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds, their large professions and their little deeds, mingle in selfish strife, lo!  Freedom weeps, wrong rules the land and waiting justice sleeps"

Josiah Gilbert Holland (d. 1881), a poet and the founder and editor of the popular Scribner's Monthly, penned these words.  They simply can't have been as perfect for their times as they are for ours.

"Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it fully."  Proverbs 28:5

Have a good Sunday......pray hard......We know how much our country needs it and 'strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands.'


Friday, July 12, 2013


What do you think is the single most compelling bit of evidence in this case?

And, do you think Zimmerman will get off??   I wasn't too impressed with the prosecution yesterday but I did think he made some interesting points.  You?

Here's what I found odd this morning after the defense rested and the prosecutors got their last say;   After Mark O'Mara finished, it was clear that nobody's proven that Zimmerman didn't act in either great fear of bodily harm or death.  That's pretty clear;  nobody was there, witnesses say he was being trounced, etc., etc.,

SO...then the prosecutor got up and I thought, "If I were a jury member, I'd be thinking 'what the heck else COULD it be, then...let's say Zimmerman was not scared for himself or his neighborhood, why would he shoot the kid?'" 
What do you think?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

TRAYVON MARTIN: Obama (and our money) taking a stand? WHAT??

"Wednesday, Judicial Watch announced that the Department of Justice had turned over documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act request showing that the Community Relations Service (CRS), a small division of the DOJ, was sent to Sanford, Florida after the Trayvon Martin shooting to help manage rallies and protests. 

In April 2013, Breitbart News' Lee Stranahan first reported the role of the CRS in Sanford.
The new documents show that from March 25 through April 12, 2012, the CRS spent thousands of dollars helping organize and “work” marches and demonstrations regarding Trayvon Martin. Tasks included:

  • Working “marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain”;
  • Providing “support for protest deployment in Florida”;
  • Providing “technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31”;
  • Providing “technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”

In April, the CRS reportedly “set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police chief Bill Lee according to Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented, “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman. My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations.”"  (end of article)

Z:  Isn't that unbelievable?  Yet, it's apparently true.  Please show me it isn't, I'd be happy for the information.  OUR TAX DOLLARS went toward creating demonstrations and marches in a trial that our government should have NOTHING to do with.  Our government is supporting sides in situations which has never been done before.  Our government is giving Black leftwing voters all sorts of percs.  By the way, am I the only person on the planet who didn't know LBJ said the following? 

President Johnson after signing the Civil Rights Act: I’ll have those ni**ers voting democratic for the next 200 years” (Inside The White House by Ronald Kessler, Simon & Schuster 1996)

WHAT?  I Googled that quote a lot and this is not disputed whatsoever, yet it's barely known.  And it fits this whole leftwing government support of Black Americans FOR THE VOTE.  As does our government and our tax dollars doing what they did in Florida for Trayvon Martin.  
This president has hit such lows, hasn't he.  At our expense.   Should the DoJ's involvement not merit a special counsel investigation?  I think so.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Voting ID cards in Kenya??.........all on YOU??$$$

A Conservative journalist wrote the following article.  I Googled leftwing responses and link them below.  Please read this first:

White House Pays $53 Million for Voter ID in Kenya While Opposing Same in US
Ever since Obama stole the 2008 election with rampant voter fraud, Republicans have been trying to pass laws that require a photo ID in order to vote.  President Obama, and his puppet, Attorney General Eric Holder have fought against every one of those voter ID laws.  They claim that they discriminate against poor black voters that are not able to obtain a valid identification card, even though they are able to obtain enough ID to get welfare and food stamps.
In August 2012, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney supported Obama’s stance against voter ID when he said:
"And on the voter ID case, I can tell you that, as you know, this administration believes it should be easier for eligible citizens to vote - to register and vote. We should not be imposing unnecessary obstacles or barriers to voter participation."
In a typical case of Obama hypocrisy, we learn that the US government gave the Kenyan government $53 million to help fund a program called ‘My ID My Life.’  The program assists the younger generation to obtain National identification cards.  Kenyan law requires that all citizens have the national ID cards before they are allowed to register to vote.  Supposedly, the program helped to get over 500,000 people registered to vote prior the Kenyan elections held in March of this year.
So how does Obama and his cronies justify paying millions of dollars, that we don’t have, to help Kenyans get ID cards that are necessary for voter registration while at the same time legally challenging similar programs and laws here in the US?
Journalist and Senior Fellow with the American Civil Rights Union, Robert Knight is asking the same question when he told OneNewsNow:
"The irony is that the president is using taxpayer dollars to promote something in Africa that he is actively suppressing in the United States, and calling people names who are promoting that very thing."
"This is an administration, you understand, whose Justice Department struck down voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas just before the 2012 elections and has said over and over that states that are trying to require photo ID are motivated solely by political bias."
Obama will not allow voter ID in the US because he and many of his fellow democrats rely on voter fraud in order to win their elections.  Voter IDs may have changed the entire outcome in the 2010 and 2012 elections and that scares Obama.  But when it comes to his birthplace, Kenya, it’s an entirely different story.  Not only does Obama endorse their National ID card being required to register to vote, but he spends OUR money to make it happen.
Time and again Barack Obama has demonstrated that he does not want to live under the same rules that he imposes on others.  This is typical for a dictator of any nation.  He feels that he is above the law and that allows him to so whatever he wants to whomever he wants without consequence to himself.   (end of article)

The following link is and has a pretty clear outline on what happened in Kenya.

I find no leftwing sites mentioning that we've spent almost $100 MILLION DOLLARS on helping Africans vote (if the money, in fact, actually got to where we supposedly wanted it to go and not some African's Swiss bank account?), which I believe is as big a point as "if they don't want US having voting ID, why are WE supporting it elsewhere?"   Tell me, liberal you believe starving Americans come first or voting Africans?   Just for your consideration...what are your thoughts?

You see, that part of the equation isn't much mentioned in the democraticunderground link (and the irony of the huge amount of money, isn't, either) because it's easier to slam Republicans and not address THE POINTS.

 Tell me, GeeeeZ readers:  What are your thoughts?  

By the way;  Here's a quote from the White House site that cracked me up...THIS from a White House still dumping important news either late on Friday nights, or before a holiday weekend...and whose IRS was messing with Conservatives, and who thinks NSA leakers are nothing more important than fodder for "a TV movie," as Obama suggested.  Here's the quote:

Partnering to Promote Open Government and Transparency
The United States is committed to promoting open and accountable governance in Africa and around the world.  As a founding member of the Open Government Partnership, we are working to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies.  South Africa was a founding member of the Open Government Partnership when it was launched in 2011.  Since then, four more African nations –Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, and Kenya – have joined, and four more — Cape Verde, Malawi, Senegal, and Sierra Leone – have committed to join by the end of 2014.

Oh, COME ONnnnnn.