Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We knew it might get BAD, but.................

Mr. Z sure had it right..........more than a year ago.
Click HERE and read his article...............We ran across this and thought "Man, who knew things WOULD get THIS BAD?"

IT'S OFFICIAL; America is INSANE (a new feature for my site)

We are forgiving a $30,000,000 debt from Indonesia in exchange for a CONSERVATION PLAN.

Well, WE don't need the money, right? here's the LINK: We are NOT GOING TO GET THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS because......."Under the deal, Indonesia will pay the nearly $30 million into a trust over eight years instead of repaying it to the U.S. government. The trust will issue grants for critical forest conservation work in 13 forest areas in Sumatra.....

Conservation International, the U.S.-based conservancy group, helped organize the deal, and has contributed $1 million to help reduce the debt. "This is a huge boost for people and wildlife of Sumatra, and demonstrates a forward-looking policy on the part of the U.S. government," said Jatna Supriatna, vice president of Conservation International Indonesia."

How about helping US with OUR debt?
This ACT is from 1998....this is a Clinton Act, folks. We're just going to keep paying and keep paying for everything under and around the sun.........which is probably causing whatever climate change there is, by the way. Odd, the facts show that we're cooling off...no WONDER the leftwingers changed the title to Global Climate CHANGE.

And then, there's THIS ARTICLE / Hoosier Army Mom found....ISN'T GREEN GREAT, fellow freedom losers? (thanks for the tip,Mustang) (by the way, regarding the article, aren't you getting tired of having to hear the truth from other countries like England (The Guardian), Canada, and Germany, to only name a few? )

Monday, June 29, 2009

"Teach Your Children Well" Please watch both...unreal

I'd rather teach them
Please listen to the second one till the end..it's a little hard to understand the words till about halfway through, then it gets amazing..you'll see. Also, ignore the Osama thing at the end...that should NOT have been included or be allowed to take from the horrid things our kids are being taught in, as one person said, our screwls.
Thanks, Always on Watch!

Iraqis SO happy we're going they're setting off FIREWORKS?! read again

"IRAQIS SET OFF FIREWORKS AS U.S.TROOPS LEAVE BAGHDAD" YAHOO HEADLINE NEWS ON THEIR HOME PAGE. If you read that, what would YOU think? Sounds like they are really thrilled to see our backsides, doesn't it, from that headline? "should never have been there..happy to see you go....it's about time.." Sure it does.

Read the ARTICLE HERE and see how yes, Iraqis appreciate the Americans are honoring the timeframe for leaving some cities. Then listen to the woman in the article's video saying that "...at the same time, the people are very worried about chaos, of violence."

See, the media's subtle message has to be stopped; honesty has to be restored, so Americans get the true picture. A simple truthful headline like "U.S. TROOPS LEAVE CITIES EVEN AS IRAQIS WORRY ABOUT CHAOS" .... might work?

Why not? YOU know why not.

Rich Galen nails Cap and Trade.........

PLEASE READ Rich Galen's COLUMN at Mullings.com. It's on CAP AND TRADE, it's on Obama's inconvenience for having to delay a golf game to talk to the media, it's about energy and the TRUTH about what we'll be paying, and losing, if Cap and Trade goes through...it's about a President who, I believe, needs to remember HE IS OUR PRESIDENT, whether WE like it or not; whether HE LIKES IT OR NOT. GeeeeeZ Please read it, you won't be sorry. z

The Firefighters win.........all Americans win

Justice PREVAILED....what do you know. From the link:

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race, reversing a decision that high court nominee Sonia Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals court judge.

New Haven was wrong to scrap a promotion exam because no African-Americans and only two Hispanic firefighters were likely to be made lieutenants or captains based on the results, the court said Monday in a 5-4 decision. The city said that it had acted to avoid a lawsuit from minorities.

The ruling could alter employment practices nationwide, potentially limiting the circumstances in which employers can be held liable for decisions when there is no evidence of intentional discrimination against minorities.

"Fear of litigation alone cannot justify an employer's reliance on race to the detriment of individuals who passed the examinations and qualified for promotions," Justice Anthony Kennedy said in his opinion for the court. He was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

(see the words in italics..subtle message, isn't it? Sotomayor? Fairness need not apply)

Am adding THIS LINK from Mustang. Imagine 5-4? FOUR justices on the SCOTUS think it's more important to let people who didn't do well on testing (results of which could have a bearing on the health of their community) get better positions than those who worked so hard and are better fitted for the job?


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prayers for Free Thinker, please

Please pray for FREE THINKER, who used to comment here so often.
He's having quite a serious eye surgery Monday morning and needs your help. Please know that he's setting a really amazing example of leaning on the Lord and trusting in Him, really 'giving it to God', which I greatly admire. He's a good guy and deserves some of our time in prayer.......thanks so much.
And thanks to CJ for letting me know.

Sunday Faith Blog

"Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust..." Psalm 40:4

Sometimes, especially lately, it feels like trusting God is all we have.......not a bad "all", is it!
Have a wonderful Sunday....... Mr and Mrs Z
And, can you please pray for my friend Mike, that his rash is just an allergy..? thanks SO much.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Special Envoy to the Muslim Community... Why hide it?

Here's how the Obama government is handling the appointment of a Special Envoy to the Muslim world. A snip from the article (from a German paper, in English, NOT American...please read it) which caught my eye .. "Asked why the State Department had not formally announced Pandith’s appointment, Kelly noted it had been disclosed in an internal memo."

Is that a reason why Americans haven't been formally told of the announcement of a brand new position like this?...."Oh, that's okay..it was disclosed....sure, it was....in an internal memo!" REALLY? It's been disclosed but not to the public? What's 'disclosed' MEAN, anyway?

Then there's this! "Kelly said he could not say whether (the new special envoy) Pandith was a Muslim, although two U.S. officials said privately that they believed she was."

Isn't that a rather pertinent thing to know? They don't KNOW?

When to teach them

As some of you know, I teach preschoolers about famous Americans.....it's gone incredibly well. They soak up the names and accomplishments of the heroes I have taught them about so quickly and enthusiastically. I use fun ways of telling them about people, like teaching them about Thomas Edison by switching off the classroom light and then flipping it on and saying "I have an IDEA!" They caught on as I repeated this a few times, finally yelling "I have an IDEA!" before I even did and giggling wildly because they beat me to it!...then I taught them about light bulbs and Edison, and they have NEVER forgotten. We covered Helen Keller, Abe Lincoln, Jackie Robinson, George Washington..and more.

I helped out at a special Summer School program on Monday and talked to a 9 year old. Somehow, slavery came up. "America was bad," he said. "So, America is a bad country NOW?" "Yes," he responded.

I said "But America was one of the first countries to stop slavery, all countries have had some kind of slavery, did you know that?" "NO," he answered. (of course not)

He's NINE YEARS OLD. Might it not be a good idea to teach our children the good about America and, when they're old enough to take it in and consider it, teach them the things in our history we're not as proud of?

As quickly and profoundly as my information about American heroes has been absorbed and digested (and I believe they'll never forget the names but, if they do, the feeling that we had some pretty wonderful people in America's history won't be forgotten...), our children will also NEVER forget the negatives if taught too early.

Tell me, what's the point? WHY talk about slavery at 9 years old? Did YOU learn about slavery at that age? WHY are teachers bringing that up so early NOW? Of course they should know about it, we should teach them everything...I'd just hope we'd start the negatives a little later. First, because there are two sides to a lot of stories (no, as much as there are aspects of slavery which deserve deeper delving, most of the story is nothing BUT bad, so I'm not particularly talking about that here), secondly, because young adults should have both sides of every subject taught them and be old enough and prepared enough to rationally weigh them in their own minds.

I HAVE AN IDEA! How about giving our kids the GOOD about America first...let them soak that in, get a basis for patriotism, love of country, feeling proud of where they come from...Do you think slavery should be taught at 8 and 9 years old to where a really bright young kid feels America is altogether bad because of it? Just so they know the truth? (I also taught them George Washington cut down the cherry tree. I figured learning how important it is not to lie trumped transparency, huh?)


Just for the record....re; liberals changing their minds.

So, Mr. Z went to that very liberal doctor we go to Friday morning....I had written about liberals changing their minds about their having voted for Obama HERE. They talked politics again, Dr K and Mr Z...for a good 20 minutes after the examination....and the doctor says he's against the nationalized health care fiasco Obama's pushing down our throats harder than any tongue depressor could be shoved. This LIBERAL doctor said, in a nutshell... "It'll bring everything down to the lowest common denominator, stop all advances in medicine by bringing down the experimenting pharmaceutical companies....and America and Germany are the two biggest countries for breakthroughs in great medicines. Germany's system is a good two-tier system and we're trying to do a one-tier without looking at the consequences...without honestly looking to Britain and Canada...part of the costs is due to frivolous lawsuits....so WE doctors are going to get less income AND will still get hit by lawsuits."

All Mr. Z could say was "yup." Then, the doctor added "WHERE are all the REPUBLICANS!?" (This guy is a tall, lean, long haired, very hip liberal.....or was?) Mr. Z says to tell you all, also, that his German friend who reads our news here in America over the internet from Cologne is also asking "WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS?...CAP & TRADE is a NIGHTMARE for America....WHY AREN'T THE REPUBLICANS TALKING OUT?"

Why not, indeed? (By the way, anybody have the names of the 8 Republicans who were stupid enough to vote for Cap & Trade in the House yesterday? I'd like to know who they are)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wheels of Fortune! Enjoy the story.........

Here's a friend's story about her cousin and his car. The cousin was having terrible financial problems but couldn't bring himself to part with his car for emotional reasons; they'd been through a lot together! Here's how my friend emailed me the story:

The Barracuda, (don't know the exact year, early 70's) was parked on blocks in a quiet residential area in the San Fernando Valley for the past 30 years. Unable to afford restoration, yet unwilling to part with it, my cousin hung on to it and it sat there all those years.

Suddenly, some woman came to his door offering $8,000 for it and saying she wanted to buy it for her husband's birthday. The offer was refused though my cousin could have sorely used that money...he just wasn't ready to part with it, that's how much he loved that car. She somehow got their phone number and continued to make offers, my cousin continued to refuse though the money was so tempting.

A few weeks later, the car was missing, it was taken during the day, right off the blocks (no tires!), without any of the neighbors hearing or seeing anything. When they reported the theft to the police, they were gratefully surprised by their interest and response. My cousin decided to check out a restoration shop in the area and, as he was describing the vehicle, the owner remembered that someone had either called about or actually brought it in for an estimate. He was more than willing to contact the investigating officer and the woman who'd brought it in was arrested (she was actually part of a car theft group) and the car was brought to the shop. A client of this body shop saw the car and had to have it for his collection and offered $85,000.00. "SOLD!", was my cousins response!"

When my friend told me this story, I had to have it for the blog. The cousin paid about $3500 for it in the '70's and got $85,000 for it ... and it was stolen without WHEELS, on blocks, how's that? Do you have a story like this? I hope so!


"It ain't NECESSARILY so........" uhoh

When IS it futile to stop all medical help because it's just gettin' too darned expensive for the state to keep that patient alive? Mr. Obama, IN THIS ARTICLE IN THE LA SLIMES, says this: ".... families need better information so they don't unthinkingly approve "additional tests or additional drugs that the evidence shows is not necessarily going to improve care."
I think there should be a time when we know it's really 'over' and nothing can be done and we shouldn't go beyond that, but something about his use of the word 'necessarily' bothers me.....does it you?
Here's Mustang's excellent health care piece again.......I recommend it.
thanks to my friend K, for the LA Times head's up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye, Michael Jackson

Whatever anybody says, and they will......You gave us some great times listening to your music.



"I left my brain.....in San Francisco........" and a super link

A good friend of mine's going through medical treatments in San Francisco.
One of the doctors saw he was reading a book and asked "What are you reading?"
"THE CONSERVATIVE MIND," answered my buddy.

The doctor laughed and said that books like that are outlawed in the Bay Area and he wondered why the book was so thick. (hardy har har).
My buddy responded "I read the book "THE LIBERAL MIND" but it was only 10 pages long."

The doctor looked less than pleased and even said "That wasn't funny."

Thanks, my friend...prayers going to you for the treatments, as you well know, and we're grateful for this reminder that liberals just have no sense of humor. (and grateful that YOU do!) Well...SOME might!?

Also...MUSTANG has done a fantastic job on Health Care HERE. You'll want to read it...I promise.

Goodbye, Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009)

Some of us found you beautiful, some of us found you desirable (admit it, guys), some of us felt so sorry for you. I mourn a woman who was so full of earthly life and who's died at only 62 years old. For anyone who thought she was 'just fluff', see THE BURNING BED.
I feel sad that the media and those around her will be showing such personal moments on television tonight, care of Barbara Walters, who just said "...her son Redmond, who's in jail for drug abuse." (Ms. Walters, people don't go to jail FOR drug abuse, he broke the law in his abuse of drugs). Ryan O'Neal allowed cameras where some of us will feel very, very uncomfortable. That poor woman suffered terribly and I wish they would cancel the program and let people just remember her beauty and vitality. She deserves that. They say she was very courageous these last sick years. I really admire that. May she rest in peace.

Yahoo tells THE TRUTH? (for Obama...sure)

OH, this TICKS ME OFF. Scratch this morning's prepared blog post....here's a new one: ALL the way through Bush's term, 8 summers worth, the radio news would talk about how THE JOBLESS RATES WENT UP IN JUNE! As if "He's handling the economy SO badly that..." And I'd say to the radio "Why not tell THE TRUTH? Why not admit it's because SCHOOL IS OUT AND THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE APPLYING?" (silence from the media)

TODAY...Yahoo Homepage says THIS ABOUT THE INCREASE IN JOB APPLICANTS!! It's BECAUSE OF SUMMER JOBS! WELL, SHUT MY MOUTH! (in anger). They SURE told the truth to make sure the increase in Obama's jobless numbers are "understood", explained away, huh? Seriously...I couldn't believe it when I saw that headline. Suddenly..the truth. For Obama! The fun never quits, DOES it?


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama could take the "HEAL" out of "HEALTH"...Please sign

CLICK UNDER 'FREE OUR HEALTH CARE' We have to do something.........thanks.

HOW could I not post THIS?

6. 000 French people came out on June 11 for The Dinner in White..."bring your own white table, chairs, wear white and bring your food and wine..." No public announcements are made, it's just word of mouth, then they announce where to meet and when. This is apparently a yearly deal but we lived there 4 years and never heard of it. For those of you who know Paris, it's on the Place de la Concorde. We DID attend the "pique-nique" which had one picnic table stretching from the South to the North of France which was fun! Please, no anti-French comments..RESTRAIN yourselves (Beamish, that means you!)..........we just thought this picture was amazing! Joi de vivre! A votre Sante! Why not have a WHITE DINNER in your neighborhood? (Oh, that's right, 'racist'...oh, brother!)

You know anybody who feels this way?

Mr and Mrs Z have to get a new air conditioning unit. Instead of the $8000 we were told it would cost 10 years ago (we put it off because we were going to be living in Europe and Florida much of that time, anyway), the bid today, from a very reliable, highly recommended company, was $2700. MUCH better. . . They start tomorrow morning. I tell you this because...........

The company we used is a father/son act. Great guys. Hispanics, great reputation, fine people. I was writing the check for the down payment when the father said goodbye and headed back out to their truck to wait for his son, about 23, who was writing the receipt for me. I asked him "How's business?"

He said "It's picking up...it was pretty slow there for a while..."
I said "Well, when the government's telling us things are as bad as the Great Depression and things might get worse before they're better, who wants to buy anything new or hire anybody?"
He said "You're right....I watch Bloomberg News and they say that, too."
I asked if he was a conservative....and he said "No, well, I'm a Democrat."
I asked "How's that vote working out for you? Are you.....sorry you voted for Obama?"
He said "Yes, I think I really am........" He looked up at me very sheepishly.
I told him I was no McCain fan, but at least he wouldn't be doing what Obama's doing to us now.
And he said "I wish I'd voted for McCain now, I really do."

It was tough to hear but I wanted to tell you this. I wonder how many other Obama voters are feeling this way. I thanked this guy, Eric, for being honest...I added that "..it was very exciting to vote for a young Black man, wasn't it, we'd all like to see a guy like that in the White House who could have done a really good job....but look what he's doing..." Eric agreed.

You know of anyone who feels the same way Eric does now....? I'd love to hear it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What I hate to hear about our president.......

"Since Dave Jr. has been injured he has met and been overwhelmed by many, many political and military "celebs". The list includes Bob Gates, Sec. of Defense, who came into his room and told him 3 or 4 times that if Dave Jr. had any issues to call his cell phone number. It includes Gen. Petraeus who sat and talked with Dave Jr. for almost 45 minutes. The General recalled vividly all of the circumstances around the events that led to fighting that Dave was involved in. It includes Sen. McCain who arrived late on a Saturday afternoon during a thunder storm, unannounced, and talked to Dave Jr. about how similar their experiences with fate. It includes George Bush when Dave Jr. was invited to attend the very last Christmas party at the White House for the White House Staff. President Bush and his wife entered the ballroom and immediately went to Dave Jr.. President Bush knew Dave Jr's name as well as when and how he was injured. Dave Jr. had a picture taken with Laura and the President that he has framed and will cherish forever. The list goes on and on of people coming in to meet Dave Jr. and the other wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Bethesda.
Yesterday. Dave Jr. was ordered to be at the National Naval Hospital with another 12 soldiers and Marines to meet with Obama. Obama was supposed to arrive at 11:30 AM. He finally got there at 3:00 PM. He entered the room with the wounded warriors and quickly shook each of their hands. He never asked their names, where they were from, or how they were injured. Then he left.
Dave Jr. has met the people who really care about the military. All he remembers from Obama is a weak handshake. The others in the room, younger and less exposed to the people that Dave Jr. has met, were so disappointed. Word about Obama's "insensitive" visit has spread to the MATC ( the rehab facility) at Walter Reed and throughout Bethesda.

Z: I deleted a few finishing comments from Dave Sr, who wrote the email above. They were rather condemnatory and I want the facts in the email to speak for themselves. I got this email Saturday. I do have Dave's real name, his uncle, a Brigadier General's, name, etc., but I don't want to post it here. Suffice it to say this is a true story. I can't add anything to this. I only post it because I think we ought to remember these things the next time Mr. Obama slams the Bush people for maltreatment of our soldiers, etc. And I think we should all be praying for Mr. Obama's heart; sensitivity, kindness to all people, the time to show our soldiers their commander in chief cares.

Monday, June 22, 2009

When you want to feel good about America...watch this

It takes a few minutes, but it's well worth it and gets better and better. Have Kleenex near by. And ENJOY, my friends.

Obama and Iran........See Rich Galen's column

Rich Galen, at MULLINGS.COM has some pretty interesting things to say about Obama and the Iranian situation. Please CHECK IT OUT HERE.
His column changes Wednesday, so please look before then. You should subscribe, Rich is a good guy who has an interesting slant on a lot of subjects.

Thanks to the Clowns.....Don't bother, they're here....



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Point....COUNTER point...to a prayer

I've been enjoying Mustang and Leslie's exchanges, one taking the conservative viewpoint and the other (though conservative) taking the liberal talking point to the same subject. As I read Christian Soldier's (Carol's) post today, I couldn't help hear in my mind what a liberal talking point would be, line by line. Here it is:

The Cadet Prayer -West Point - (Carol adds that this has become her 'official' prayer:)
(Z's COUNTERPOINT: Let me start here: First of all...PRAYER at WEST POINT? I thought we were past that. Religion has no place in West Point. This could hurt an atheist's feelings.)

CADET PRAYER O God, our Father, Thou Searcher of human hearts, (GOD? at West POINT? that has got to go)
help us to draw near to Thee in sincerity and truth. (whose 'sincerity' and what 'truth'? These things are relative)
May our religion be filled with gladness and may our worship
of Thee be natural. ("OUR" religion? Which religion? How non-inclusive, how cruel)
Strengthen and increase our admiration for honest dealing and clean thinking, and suffer not our hatred of hypocrisy and pretense ever to diminish. (You people keep with this 'clean thinking' and 'honesty' as if your faith has a stranglehold on that. You hate hypocrisy? That's a laugh...)
Encourage us in our endeavor to live above the common level of life. ('common life', you're so judgmental)
Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be won. (Always 'the right'....who are YOU to say what's 'wrong'?)
Endow us with courage that is born of loyalty to all that is noble and worthy, that scorns to compromise with vice and injustice and knows no fear when truth and right are in jeopardy. (Again, you draw such black/white truths and that can only be viewed as judgmental and hypocritical...)
Guard us against flippancy and irreverence in the sacred things of life. Grant us new ties of friendship and new opportunities of service. Kindle our hearts in fellowship with those of a cheerful countenance, and soften our hearts with sympathy for those who sorrow and suffer. (If you conservative Christians would just stop with the praying for sorrow and suffering and actually do something about it. People need to be supported, you need to be paying for the poor, not praying.)
Help us to maintain the honor of the Corps untarnished and unsullied and to show forth in our lives the ideals of West Point in doing our duty to Thee and to our Country. (after what you people did in Iraq? America's tarnished and sullied by those actions. War mongering is never a good thing and schools like West Point brainwash and encourage people to want to fight)
All of which we ask in the name of the Great Friend and Master of All. Amen. (There you go again......)

Beautiful prayer without my remarks in parentheses and italics, isn't it? PLEASE read it without my additions. There's honor and there's relativity....We need to get back to honor. And we need to get back to faith, to a higher power above ourselves, to encourage selflessness yet going back to our American roots of self-reliance. Thanks, Carol, I had never read that beautiful prayer and I hope more people will. And, let's pray that nobody stops that prayer at West Point...I give it two years, myself. How long do YOU give it?

z (Please see my Father's Day post below.......I want to wish all Dad's a great day..)


Sunday Faith Blog......And Happy Father's Day

"Heavenly Father, My faith is in thee, my expectation is from thee, my love goes out toward thee, I believe thee, accept thy Word, acquiesce in thy will, rely on thy promises, trust thy providence. I bless thee that the court of conscience proves me to be thine. I do not need signs and wonders to believe, for thy Word is sure truth." (From The Valley of Vision, A collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions)

Happy Father's Day, gentleman bloggers. Cherish your dads, all of you who still have them....Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I miss you very, very much. Some day, I hope to tell you just how much...Some day, I hope to have my hand in yours again.

Please read Law and Order's Father's Day piece...you'll be so glad you did. And Mustang has written a poem you'll want to read.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sotomayor....Should she have done this?

I think Sotomayor should NOT have felt 'forced' to give up her membership in an all woman's club. I like men to have their own private clubs if they so choose and women can have theirs. What's the big deal? She says she's afraid Republicans will make a stink over it, so she quit.

By the way, does suddenly quitting make her look any better to those who disagree with me and feel it's wrong for a woman to be in a private club? Isn't that sort of like Obama's tax-evading appointees finally paying what they owed and suddenly looking like law abiding citizens? (you don't need links here...you know who they are).

Here's a woman who was a member of LA RAZA (read ALL of that link, not just the top half, the second half is the very telling bit) and we're worried she was in an all woman club? Are we crazy? How's about investigating THAT La Raza membership!

I wouldn't make a stink about same-sex private clubs, would you? Read THIS.... What do you think? I'm eager to know.


Friday, June 19, 2009

American Heart...a GREAT new song

In THIS PIECE, Andrew Breitbart has written about how Jon David happened to write and perform this song which I'm know you'll like. I know most of you love America...and won't apologize for it, so you'll relate to the super lyrics! Then, READ THIS!..it's Jon's own words about the woman he met who pushed him to write this great piece! Enjoy!



Even Cicero got it right.

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

- Cicero - 55 BC

Who knew that Cicero had a crystal ball that could see 2009 from way back then?

Do you all know about this conference in July? You might want to read about it.

"Summer time, summertime, sum sum summertime...."


Thursday, June 18, 2009

We DO need a laugh from time to time!

Before you read this, I wanted to ask you something I think's pretty darned funny, too. Did you ever notice how the styrofoam container for leftover restaurant food somehow shrinks your food by the time you get it home? I just wondered if that happens to you every time, too!? :-)

Helping Others:
A man and his wife were awakened at 3:00 am by a loud pounding
on the door. The man got up and went to the door where a drunken
stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push.

"Not a chance,"said the husband, "it is 3:00 in the morning!"
He slams the door and returns to bed.
"Who was that?" asked his wife.
"Just some drunk guy asking for a push," he answers.
"Did you help him?" she asks.

"No, I did not, it is 3:00 in the morning and it is pouring
rain out there!"
"Well, you have a short memory," says his wife. "Can't you
remember about three months ago when we broke down,
and those two guys helped us? I think you should help him,
and you should be ashamed of yourself!"
The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into
the pounding rain. He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?"
"Yes," comes back the answer.
"Do you still need a push?" calls out the husband.
"Yes, please!" comes the reply from the dark.
"Where are you?" asks the husband.
"Over here....... On the swing," replied the drunk....................

GREEN JOBS........

Here's a clip from the article: "As Van Jones, the White House green jobs guru, stated, “We imagine formerly incarcerated people moving from jail cells to solar cells—helping to harvest the sun, heal the land and repair their own souls.”


Then .."From jail cells to solar cells"? (reminded you of JESSE JACKSON, admit it)

PLEASE read the article and let me know what YOU think and why more Americans aren't getting this truth? OH, it sounds SO GOOD..."GREEN JOBS". Lately, all 10% of America is 'green' about is GREEN WITH ENVY of those with JOBS. And have you seen how many company and specific agenda commercials are about GREEN? Sure, we all want a clean planet, we want our children to live in a safe world..............but read the arguments to GREEN JOBS in the linked article. Read Bjorn Lomborg, at least LISTEN to those who say this is cyclical, due to the sun, etc etc. You know, that side that doesn't even get invited to GLOBAL WARMING "Conferences"........It's important we KNOW THE TRUTH.

z (thanks, Mustang)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YOU MUST READ THIS.........Healthcare (Mr. Obama's version) described as well and understandably as you'll ever read it. It's at The Grouch at Right Truth Blog...check it out! (thanks, Mustang)

Senator John Ensign's Scandal..... and the Media

Read this article AFTER you've read THIS article.

See anything the latest one left out? For instance, Senator Ensign, who has admitted to an affair, was SEPARATED when he had the affair? Or that, the reason he admits it (questioned in the shorter AP piece of TODAY) at all is so clearly covered in yesterday's piece from POLITICO.... because the women he'd had the affair with was trying to shake him down for money.

Odd that he'd lose his Senate Committee position, isn't it? Oh, I KNOW, maybe THE ASSOCIATED PRESS just couldn't get the information Politico could, RIGHT? (ya, RIGHT)

We have to fix our media. This is all about THAT, not HIM.


The Hooded Sweatshirt: Lethal Weapon BEWARE

PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 238473084753987 ...to the right >

Macy's is recalling 33,000 hooded sweatshirts. Read HERE. (see the word "voluntarily"? ya)

How the HECK did you and I survive? Did YOU wear a draw-stringed hooded sweatshirt? Did YOU have a crib with wooden 'bars' on it? Did YOU eat peanuts? Did you play with toys with tiny edible eyes on them?

Seriously, will we be officially banning BELTS that could WHIP? Woolens which COULD itch? (Guns that COULD kill, come to think of it). Do you think this hooded sweatshirt and so many of the other warnings is a slippery slope from sanity and freedom and the terrible impending death of "S*** HAPPENS?" ...(And to my liberal friends here, please don't tell us we are FOR letting children POSSIBLY hurt themselves, we are not, and you'll be, again, missing the more important point) ...or are we at the end of the slope....?

Do you think we need to ban and recall because ONE CHILD hurt himself? I'm not heartless, I don't like to see 3 yr olds running with a sucker in their mouth knowing they could fall and badly hurt themselves if the stick was in their mouth...but I'm thinking this constant banning or recalling UNLESS IT'S REALLY A WIDESPREAD PROBLEM is nuts....Do you have an anecdote that relates to this? What do YOU think?
Please see Bloviating Zeppelin's blog on American soldiers wearing turbans. Before you eat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iranian Elections and Mr. Obama

What would YOU say about the Iranian elections and the huge demonstrations if YOU were Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States?

Obama's response to Iran (Please read my updates at the bottom)

UPDATE FROM THE GERMAN PRESS: Foreign journalists may not leave their offices anymore. Photography is prohibited now. Moussavi has asked his supporters to stop demonstrating because they risk their lives. SEVEN DEATHS YESTERDAY, folks (some are reporting twenty deaths and are saying plenty of people have been arrested and are not heard from since), NOT ONE as reported.

Here is a guy who likes to make sure he doesn't take sides, huh? Just a bit from the LINKED ARTICLE HERE:

"I want them to know that we in the United States do not want to make any decisions for the Iranians, but we do believe that the Iranian people and their voices should be heard and respected," Obama said. (Z: Wait..which?....... the A-Job voters or the protestors, Mr. O?)

Many of the protestor's signs were in English. You think that was a sign they'd like help? Some are Twittering because they can't send out on the internet. They're reaching out..................to the English speaking West. Are we there?

While we obviously don't know if the election was legal (though the German press reported 57 million ballots were printed for all 47 million of the voters (Smile), we probably should be at least suggesting the guy who's continuing to pursue nuclear weapons and has promised Israel's demise isn't someone we support? I don't know what Obama can say, but this 'on the fence' stuff in the linked article was QUITE something and I'm not sure what message it sends to the future of Iran, represented by the hundreds of thousands who are protesting.

What do you think he might say? SHOULD he show support for one side? Should he suggest anything? I DON'T KNOW. I just thought what he said was a little milk toast.

TUESDAY MORNING: I believe I did hear Obama said he denounces the violence on the protesters late last night, after I wrote this post, has anyone heard any more reaction? And, what seems to be talked about now in Iran is an election recount. The world media is saying it's impossible that they could have HAND COUNTED (which they do) the ballots in the short time between the election and when they announced Ahmedinejad's win...

From a Persian friend living in exile and fear in Ashraff, Iraq, on arrangement by America to keep the Iranian Freedom Fighters somewhat safe. This man has posted at Frontpagemagazine for a few years and had stopped for a while and we were worried about him. I don't read site much anymore, but Priscilla is a regular commenter there and, we'd been worried about SAM because the last we'd heard he wrote things were getting dangerous for him in Iraq. Priscilla (thanks!) found this last night on the FPM site:

"This is the uprising to uproot the mullah's regime, We have the Passdarans and the Hezbollah inside the country who kill our people to stop the movement , the regime has imported the Hezbollah of Libanon and the Venezuela's guards to back the Mullahs, and we have US administration who collaborates with the regime to keep them on power."

While Sam has been a supporter of Bush for having gone into Iraq, he has always said our administration, and it seems Obama's continuing it, has supported the Mullahs. Odd thought. This man was a very big scientist in Iran, very connected with their politics and the resistance to their theocracy, and I don't advocate or disparage what he said. I just think we should be aware of his opinion. If you find yourself wondering about SAM's remarks that we are collaborating to keep the regime in power, you might want to ask yourself WHY and maybe comment here?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Fruit almost too ripe to eat? What do you do?

Mr. Z often buys too much fruit and I'll bet you do, too. Sometimes you find it softening and, if you're like me, you don't like it when it's going a little too ripe but you don't feel like eating it all at once just so it won't go bad and you have to discard it, right? So, the other night, I looked at 3 nectarines and a peach which were beyond the point I like to eat them and a Granny Smith apple, I looked at my pork tenderloin and thought "That fruit will make a great accompaniment".

SO....I came up with this recipe and I highly recommend it, we loved it and it's a GREAT way to use fruit that's not QUITE perfect to eat as it is anymore. I won't put exact amounts, but for the 3 nectarines, one peach and the apple, I did this:

Half a finely chopped onion...sauteed in olive oil till almost soft.....Peel and chop all the fruit up into small bits, whatever you like...and throw it into the sauteed onion ......
Throw in any dried fruit you might have....I used dried cranberries, just about 1/4 cup. You can cut up prunes, throw in some raisins......or not!
I put in about 1 T of raspberry vinegar About 3 tsp of curry powder (use as much you like) a shake of red pepper flakes (optional) A shake or 2 of garlic powder (not garlic salt)

Experiment with it...use what you have.....make sure the apple (if you use it)'s soft and heated through and your fruit accompaniment is done! Takes 10 minutes! I poured it over sliced pork tenderloin after I'd baked it at 450 for about 40 minutes with garlic powder and chili powder coating it......... I HIGHLY recommend this way to get rid of fruit this summer...it sure beats throwing it OUT especially in economic times such as these! Bon Appetit!


Iranians are in the streets..........

I'm only leaving this picture up, a portion of my original post; Our media's finally telling the whole truth, like German's been reporting for hours, so you don't need this blog for information.!

UPDATE: From a Persian friend living in exile and fear in Ashraff, Iraq, on arrangement by America to keep the Iranian Freedom Fighters somewhat safe. This man has posted at Frontpagemagazine for a few years and had stopped for a while and we were worried about him. I don't read that much anymore, but Priscilla is a regular commenter there and, we'd been worried about SAM. She found this last night on the site:

"This is the uprising to uproot the mullah's regime, We have the Passdarans and the Hezbollah inside the country who kill our people to stop the movement , the regime has imported the Hezbollah of Libanon and the Venezuela's guards to back the Mullahs, and we have US administration who collaborates with the regime to keep them on power."

While Sam has been a supporter of Bush for having gone into Iraq, he has always said our administration, and it seems Obama's continuing it, has supported the Mullahs. Odd thought. This man was a very big scientist in Iran, very connected with their politics and the resistance to their theocracy, and I don't advocate or disparage what he said. I just think we should be aware of his opinion. If you find yourself wondering about SAM's remarks that we are collaborating to keep the regime in power, you might want to ask yourself WHY and maybe comment here?

Cheney said he'd LIKE us attacked again?

Click HERE for the best explanation about the controversy regarding Leon Panetta, Chief of the CIA, saying Cheney WANTS America to be attacked again.....a news item which made it look like they had a quote from Cheney saying that (AS IF). Rich Galen explains the situation...but, of course, the media and Panetta did the bidding of their superiors/ideology,and any American watching the news I watched, anyone who doesn't know better and isn't reading Rich, sat there stunned thinking "Cheney said THAT?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daniel Pipes, and me...on Iran's elections

UPDATE TO THE POST BELOW: The German media is saying that HUNDREDS of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in protest: The A-Job bullets can't get them all. Something's HAPPENING, FOLKS..and THIS is why I wrote the post:

Daniel Pipes is happy with the weekend's Iranian election results.
Me, too. Even though A-Job "won", so to speak. Click HERE for what A-Job thinks, if you really care! (Update: From some of the comments, I haven't made myself clear; I would have PREFERRED, by a very LONG SHOT, that he LOST), BUT, there is some hope on the horizon,hence the reason for my citing Pipes and adding to it: Here's my original post:

Click HERE for Pipes' reasons for being 'pleased', most of which I agree with. Another reason for positive thinking is that Israel can keep the pressure on the world with a complete nutcase like A-Job in power. (They'll have to now that Netanyahu has amazingly said THIS). With the less hard liner in Iran, it might have been more difficult to keep up the reactive pressure. Just a thought, and not mine, but I couldn't agree more. It makes sense.

I'd posted about this (HERE) the other day and I stick to my feelings that no matter how the election went, this was a win for Iran and a win for the West. Things are brewing and, as Daniel Pipes says, the further A-Job pushes the Iranian students into submission and oppression, the more they're going to fight back. The numbers are impressive now, it's not just a grass roots thing.

The German media reports that the government of Iran had 57 million ballots printed for 47 million voters. Maybe the million extra went down Sandy Berger's pants, I don't think so. I think this was more Iran's version of ACORN, don't you?

You think this is good news, that there's a chance for real reform in Iran even WITH the Ayatollah pulling A-Job's strings? (if you want a good laugh, read THIS!)

By the way: This is a rich one: "His charges that Friday's vote was riddled by fraud brought sympathetic statements from Vice President Joe Biden and other leaders"


Congratulations, Lakers!!

Did you hear us yelling at your house?

John Murtha Johnstown Cambria Airport....get a load of THIS

Anybody seen ABC's video entitled "Empty Airport Sucks up Stimulus"? It's all about John Murtha's Airport and you shouldn't miss seeing where your tax dollars are going: Cut and paste....


It's well worth your knowing, if you can stand it. (have any of you seen this airport?)

Sunday Faith Blog....In Honor of FLAG DAY

"Make me to know what is acceptable in Thy sight, and therein to delight, open the eyes of my understanding, and help me thoroughly to examine myself concerning my knowledge, faith, and repentance, increase my faith, and direct me to the true object Jesus Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life..."(By George Washington...from a 24 page authentic handwritten manuscript book dated April 21-23, 1752)

The Betsy Ross House is generally recognized as the place where Betsy Ross lived when she may have made the first American Flag. Several of her surviving family members, including daughters, grandchildren and a niece, said that this was the site of the legendary event......................

The Birth of Old Glory
, by Edward Percy Moran, depicting the presentation by Betsy Ross of the first American flag to George Washington

Say a prayer this Sunday for our great country and our flag...LONG MAY SHE WAVE, and may she wave over LIBERTY......Have a wonderful Day! ....the Z's


Saturday, June 13, 2009

From a big German cartoonist.....

...............comes an illustration of the the way a lot of Europe sees it.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Few people have impressed me THIS MUCH....you won't believe this

It stuns me to watch PETER SCHIFF...how did he KNOW? And why isn't Obama using him NOW?


Sotomayor....testing, or testing mettle?

Check this out from Newsweek; "Why Sotomayor isn't an affirmative action fairy" and "...has never needed special treatment."

Then check this out from CNN
: "Sotomayor says she was perfect affirmative action baby." (i.e. 'special treatment') That statement alone doesn't really bother me. Some of us understand that there might have been bias years ago and that some people would have only got where they are through affirmative action and that many of those people deserve to be where they are, no doubt about it. But, then, Sotomayor added this "My test scores were not comparable to my colleagues at Princeton and Yale. Not so far off so that I wasn't able to succeed at those institutions."

Yes, she succeeded, and quite well. She adds "She said that using "traditional numbers" from test scores, "it would have been highly questionable if I would have been accepted." Wouldn't you think test scores are test scores and you might want to know the answers to be best equipped to achieve your goal, what are 'untraditional numbers'?

Help me out here. Why can't an apparently poor Hispanic, supposedly highly intelligent woman not achieve the same test scores? "traditional numbers?"


Ann Frank would have been 80 today

….. here is her memorial stone at Bergen-Belsen, with the stones on top according to Jewish tradition…. Mr.Z

The phone is a most powerful weapon.......call Pelosi


UPDATE: I had this post written a few weeks ago and thought I'd know when the right time came to post it; Now's the time, folks. Write to Pelosi and demand the torture pictures NOT get released. If you think it's a good idea to release them, please tell us what reasons you might have. Thanks. Here's the original post:

Please file away this link and let our politicians know how you feel............they DO care about keeping their jobs and they will have to listen if enough good conservative Americans give them a piece of their minds. (with the Left, it's a matter of remembering to KEEP a little of what's left, of course..heh!) Here's what Priscilla has to say on the subject:

If we are to have an impact on the policies which are initiated by the government we have to become involved in the process. People will say it makes no difference, but I don’t agree. The people, once engaged and motivated, can and do have an impact. I give as an example the Immigration Reform Act, which ultimately failed to pass because of overwhelming pressure from the citizens. This proves we can make a difference. The people rose up, made phone calls and sent e-mails to their representatives, opposing this Act, and made it clear it was a watershed moment for those who came down on the side against the people.

I use myself as a barometer knowing I am not unique and if I feel so strongly as to take this action, others must feel the same, and will be so moved to get involved. I think we can see, with the tea parties, and strong feelings among the citizenry about what’s happening to our country, this is the time to let our representatives know. Let’s let them know as often as the spirit moves us. This is our country, we are the government, let’s take it back.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodbye, Stephen Tyrone Johns...America is so sorry

Oh, my...looks like James Von Brunn isn't a conservative, Christian, or a capitalist at all. He is a pagan, hate-filled socialist. About the only thing he has in common with many conservatives is white skin, which he disgustingly reveres as SUPERIOR, unlike most conservatives.

Read Ben Johnson's piece on him. Some of his next hits, after the Holocaust Museum, were to be the offices of the conservative WEEKLY STANDARD and FOX. Huffington Post blogger Michelle Kraus wrote simply, “Thank you very much Karl Rove and your minions.” The truth is, Von Brunn despised 'neo cons' and would have considered Rove one. Poke around the Huffington Post site linked under 'wrote' above.....You'll see what I'm talking about. The truth doesn't seem to matter to them, nor did not jumping to their typical generalized conclusions.

Does the awful truth about Von Brunn give life back to Stephen Tyrone Johns, pictured above, the guard who saw a frail, elderly man, and like any gentleman would, opened the door for him? Sadly, no. It should hurt us all that an American who apparently was so well liked and kind and professional died like this... I know we all grieve for him. God rest your soul, Mr. Jones, and give solace and comfort to your family and friends.

Also, I will not blame socialists, pagans or liberals for this death because Von Brunn appeared to be more of that ilk, unlike what the left was trying to do capitalizing on a man's death to slam US.
This man, Von Brunn, was NUTS, and EVIL, a MURDERER, like Dr. Tiller's killer was.

Does it give me some pleasure that he's not what people immediately thought? Yes, because I'm sick of "right wing" being used for me, most of you reading this, AND a horrible person like Von Brunn. You bet. Ever hear a murderer like Bill Ayers termed 'left wing'? No, I haven't, either.


Miss California's fired......what's the real reason?

Did you hear about Miss California's Carrie Prejean being fired? Of course, the only reason this has a scintilla of interest for most of us is because we saw a young woman chastised and humiliated and called really terrible names due to her personal beliefs.

I was kind of amazed that Donald Trump had stuck up for her, but read the linked article and see how she found out she was fired. That doesn't show a lot of class, in my opinion. So, she was fired.........finally. Here's the reason they're floating:

"The group kicked the controversial beauty queen from her post due to "contract violations including Ms. Prejean's unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of the Miss California USA organization," the pageant's Executive Director, Keith Lewis, said in a statement."

And, that's probably true, right? It would seem to be out of character for a girl with principles, but, I suppose it can't be ruled out. But, here's what the co-executive director (who quit her job because Trump wouldn't fire Prejean a month or so ago for her comments saying she personally believed marriage was only between a man and a woman), is saying:

"First and foremost, my faith has been restored in the Miss Universe Organization and with Donald Trump. I believed eventually what I intimately knew would come to fruition," Moakler said.
She knew Carrie wouldn't meet her obligations?

So which reason IS it? Could it be that they didn't fire her at first because the media glare was still on them? I heard tonight on television that Ms Prejean is saying she never missed any appearance that she was asked to make. This could get interesting. I hope so.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Iranian Election.........And could one WOMAN swing the vote? (hint: it's NOT Michelle Obama)

THIS ARTICLE on the upcoming Iranian elections is very optimistic. Here's a clip from it....(emphasis mine):

"These "hard-line" attitudes dramatically change, however, as part of a potential deal with the United States. More than 70 percent of Iranians favor providing full access to inspectors and a guarantee not to develop or possess nuclear weapons, in return for outside aid and investment. In another consistent trend over the past two years, 77 percent of Iranians also back normal relations and trade with the United States." (Z: wait...two YEARS? I thought the media's spinning that THE ONE's personality is what's bringing hard liners around?) ....continued article clip:

"Indeed, as part of a deal with the United States, 54 percent of Iranians would endorse the Iranian government ending support for Iraqi militias instead of providing military assistance. Rather than supporting the destruction of the state of Israel, as they do now, as part of a deal with the United States, a majority of Iranians would even favor recognizing the state of Israel."

"Greater democracy, economic progress and good relations with the United States are the ultimate goals for most Iranians." I wish the American media talked about this more. To CNN's credit, Christiane Amanpour did have to admit, this morning as she walked among the streams of anti-hardline marchers, that the Iranians do want to be in better understanding with the United States, but I'm sure I'm not the only American who hasn't read much on any of the above sentiments. Got to rely on the German press, I guess.

Z: I'll be hoping I see some from Iran on my sitemeter as they Google for World Opinion: If I was that lucky (some of you with sitemeters have seen the amazing response from around the world to your blogs, right!?), I'd say this: "We are behind you, Iran, we want you to have a peace loving leader who also wants detente....we know Persians in America who are nothing like your hard liners, we encourage your women, and we urge you to vote against Ahmedinejad."

Speaking of WOMEN, please read THIS ARTICLE from Spiegel Online about the one woman who COULD bring Iran, once a thriving, sophisticated country, back into the 21st century as an American ally. We can only hope.