SAN FRANCISCO — When Google first revealed in 2010 that cars it was using to map streets were also sweeping up sensitive personal information from wireless home networks, it called the data collection a mistake. On Saturday, federal regulators charged that Google had “deliberately impeded and delayed” an investigation into the data collection and ordered a $25,000 fine on the search giant.
The finding, by the Federal Communications Commission, and the exasperated tone of the report were in marked contrast to the resolution of a separate inquiry two years ago. That investigation, by the Federal Trade Commission, accepted Google’s explanation that it was “mortified by what happened” while collecting information for its Street View project, and its promise to impose internal controls."   Read the rest at your own risk;  it's pretty amazing to see how much Google has got away with.
 Check this out  "When the commission asked Google to identify those responsible for the program, Google “unilaterally determined that to do so would ‘serve no useful purpose,’ ” according to the F.C.C. report."

Really? First Google said it was "a mistake" and now it's basically "none of your damned business." When a commission decides, a company can say they don't think so?  :-)
The whole article shows a terrific lack of respect for the commission, Americans, and the rules.  Google apparently writes their own?  And the fines imposed are so small Google wouldn't even notice.  

What do you think?