Sunday, September 30, 2012

I've finally got a new FOOD post on my FOOD BLOG....ENJOY!

Sunday Faith Blog

How does your Christian faith play into what's going on now in America with the lies, the media bias, the threats, the amount of greed, the terrible discord, the way our government's afraid to label real evil...?   
Maybe something you say will help someone else.  I hope so.  Thanks, and have a wonderful Sunday!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Democrat Pat Caddell tells the truth about the media...and "Punch" Sulzberger is dead

GeeeeZ friend JonBerg just put this link in a comment on Mustang's excellent article below (please read it, it's important)..and I just had to link it here because it says so well what we at geeeeZ (and most of you at your blogs) are trying to get Americans to WAKE UP to.....the MEDIA LIES AND OBFUSCATION:

I had the pleasure of meeting Pat just before a meeting he had in an L.A. dining establishment with Andrew Breitbart, who was also a liberal for much of his life....Caddell worked for McGovern, Carter, Hart, Biden and Jerry Brown, and still has some more Democrat notions, but he has certainly realized how bad the Democrats are for capitalism and for America and is particularly speaking out now against the media after Fast and Furious and the Libyan White House lies, which have obviously infuriated and greatly worries him. 

It's important that we get more Caddells to speak out.   Sadly, the media doesn't cover him.

We're in big trouble.   Pravda is alive and well in America.

Ex NY Times publisher Sulzberg is dead and his son, the head of the New York Times now, says his father was "an absolutely fierce defender of the freedom of the press.."   How could he?  Is freedom of the press meant to stifle the freedom of the people to know something other than leftwing bias of the New York Times?    As a Christian, I am working now on forgiving Arthur Ochs Sulzberger for the terrible damage he did to the media in this country.  May he rest in peace.

THIS just in from Mustang:  MSNBC doctored a video very obviously and people who were at the event that got doctored are telling the truth.  Will the media EVER stop their lying filth?  EVER?   Is there a lowest low for the leftwing in America?


Number of unemployed increases

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted. —Barack Hussein Obama

You’re doing a fantastic job, Barry —but only if the American people hired you to bankrupt the American taxpayer and our nation’s coal industry.  (and by the way, Barry, congratulations for making a sentence without "I" in it.   What did you do, use them all up in your UN speech?   But I guess you wouldn't want to say "I will bankrupt them those who would dare build a coal-powered plant....." huh?)

Alpha Natural Resources announced on Monday that it plans to close eight additional coal plants in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The list of victims is growing; 1,200 more Americans are out of work now. Yes, an excellent job!  Solyndra was an excellent alternative energy source, wasn't it?  Democrats Tim Kaine (D, VA) and Bob Casey (D, PA) should be so proud of themselves leading the charge against the American worker.

You know, it is hard to imagine who could do a worse job leading America: Barack Obama, or Richard Miller.  It could be a toss up, I suppose.

Meanwhile, here's a neat idea: why don't you union morons continue voting for Obama?  You don't really need the work, right?
COAL COUNTRY STANDS WITH MITT, says the sign the coal minders made.     SO do Mustang and Z.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Screwing America(ns)

Ya, this IS kind of brash.......I had a long day at work that started there at 6:30 am and what the heck, I thought I'd publish it, brash or not brash, it's true.  

Have you heard that our UN Ambassador Rice walked out of the UN Session just before Netanyahu's speech? OH, and Hillary wasn't there, either.   Imagine?  (muslim countries must be so gratified)  And Biden's saying he's so glad to be on the side of the guy who supports Israel..... (WHAT?!!!!!)  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama spoke to Bibi over the phone today...Ya, the Jewish vote's apparently polling lower than usual......CIRCLE THE WAGONS, FOLKS!   FINALLY, Obama's transparent, huh?

Enjoy your evening!


A few days ago, Aries offered us this comment: “So now we hear that the film that upset the poor Muzzies[sic] may have been made by terrorists themselves, and Obama bought right into the whole scam.”

We had not heard this previously and asked about Aries’ sources. Always on Watch responded a few hours later citing this article written by Walid Shoebat. Before we get to the article, let’s discuss Mr. Shoebat.

Walid Shoebat is an émigré from Palestine. Raised as a Muslim, Shoebat converted to Christianity in 1993. Formerly a terrorist, he today lectures on the dangers of Islamic radicalism and is a strong supporter of the state of Israel. His critics question his alleged PLO affiliation, which is the foundation for his claim of authority on the subject of militant Islam.

In an article published on 25 September 2012, Mr. Shoebat states the following:

“When it comes to the film Innocence of Muslims, our government and the media uses a narrative mired in contradiction and false statements provided by the filmmaker, who himself is an untrustworthy source.

“If we stick to what can be proven, we might obtain the possibility that terror supporters produced the film. Muhammad al-Dura and Paliwood are two cases in point, showing the type of stunts used by Palestinian terrorists.

“So let’s examine the facts instead of the filmmaker’s fiction.

“Court documents reveal that Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, producer of the film Innocence of Muslims, partnered in a scheme with Fiad Salameh, my first cousin.”

Go ahead: read the article and form your own conclusions. We will only say that Shoebat has a lot of credibility with us; we have listened to his speak on several occasions on both televised news programs and on the Gathering Storm Blog Talk Radio program co-hosted by Always on Watch.

But now we must evaluate the impact of this revelation.

If the Muslim Brotherhood produced this film to foment insurrection against United States embassies and consulates, then no one from the Obama administration can claim the events leading to the death of American diplomats was spontaneous. There is no such thing as a spontaneous film.

If the Muslim Brotherhood produced this film, then we must view with concern the number of contacts between the Obama White House and members of this terrorist organization. What business could Mr. Obama have with individuals with known connections to terrorism? [Source]

And now we must ask this question, which I admit is somewhat confusing. If the Muslim Brotherhood conspired to produce a film that resulted in violence against the United States of America, and given Barack Obama’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, what did Mr. Obama know about the attack before it actually happened?  And if Mr. Obama knew about the attack, does that make Mr. Obama complicit in the deaths of our American Ambassador and three other state department employees?

Finally, we can no longer argue that foreign agents are attempting to stifle our right to “free speech.” At best, such an argument becomes a red herring. If Nakoula Bacile Nakoula conspired with known terrorists to produce this film, if terrorist organizations helped to fund this film, then the argument over the first amendment is moot. No one has a right to conspire with terrorists to produce terrorism. The Bill of Rights doesn't go that far in the real world, even if Bill Ayers does.

Will we ever know what Obama’s real involvement has been in this disturbing chain of events? Not until judgment day, but we do have the capacity of formulating an opinion about this, even in the absence of verifiable facts. It is what we must do whenever government agencies conspire to cover up what really happened, when they lie to us about the chronology of events, about what they knew (and when they knew it), and when they obfuscate the facts.

But if we can imagine for a moment that Obama did conspire with the Muslim Brotherhood to set these events in motion … then our only conclusion can be that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of high treason against the United States of America, and its people. And this does makes sense in this context: Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to call the Benghazi attack an "act of terrorism." Now we can understand why.

No one in the press is touching this; no surprise there, right? But we are interested in knowing your opinions.  Z:  today, I heard a lib on Michael Medved's show screeching (literally) and whining about how Conservatives produced that video just to make Obama look bad.  Think that's a believable scenario but Obama's complicity isn't? 

-Mustang Sends

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brotherhood visitors at the White House?

Who Is White House visitor Hisham Altalib?

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 26, 2012 08:44 AM

Who Is White House visitor Hisham Altalib?
by Michelle Malkin

Copyright 2012
On Friday, March 30, 2012, Hisham Y. Altalib visited the White House. According to visitor logs, Altalib was received by Joshua DuBois, the director of President Obama’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Four days later, White House officials welcomed a foreign delegation of the radical Sharia-enforcing Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt.
The White House meeting with overseas Muslim Brotherhood leaders was reported in April by a few mainstream journalists and questioned loudly by conservative media. But the White House confab in March with U.S.-based Altalib — which appears to be a prep session with the global Muslim Brotherhood’s American advance team — has received no attention until now.
So, who is Hisham Yahya Altalib? What is his agenda?
And why exactly did the Obama administration conduct domestic “faith-based” outreach with this Muslim Brotherhood figure in Virginia, who just happens to be 1) tied to bloody jihad and 2) a major contributor to the left-wing Center for Constitutional Rights, the group of jihadi-sympathizing lawyers who helped spring suspected Benghazi terror plotter Abu Sufian bin Qumu from Gitmo?
Altalib is an Iraqi-born Muslim identified by the FBI as a Muslim Brotherhood operative before he moved to America in the 1970s to earn an advanced electrical engineering degree from Purdue University in Indiana. By his own account, Altalib “soon became active in Islamic work in North America, which continues to this day.”
He was the “first full-time director of the Leadership Training Department of the Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada (MSA)” — a longtime Muslim Brotherhood front group whose explicit goal is to “conquer” America through Islamic propagandizing.
Altalib is also a founding member of the SAAR Foundation and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). Last year, his online biography proudly notes, he was “awarded the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) Community Service Award.” The Saudi-subsidized ISNA is regarded as the primary U.S. umbrella group for Muslim Brotherhood fronts and was named specifically by the global MB godfathers as a key player in their “Grand Jihad” strategy of infiltration from within.
SAAR was founded in Herndon, Va., in 1983 as part of a radical Islamic charity front for Saudi financiers called the SAFA Group. The feds raided SAAR’s offices in 2002 as part of Operation Green Quest. Investigators confiscated 500 boxes and seven trucks’ worth of documents illuminating the network’s terror ties to the Al Taqwa Bank (a Swiss-based Muslim bank suspected of funding the 9/11 plot) and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Altalib worked for one of Al Taqwa Bank’s main owners, Youssef Nada. Altalib’s more prominent Muslim Brotherhood partner, Jamal Barzinji (one of the champions of the Ground Zero mosque), also worked for Nada. FBI and Customs officials believe SAAR/SAFA laundered money for a plethora of violent Muslim terrorist groups, from Hamas and Hezbollah to al-Qaida and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Along with several other leaders of the “Ikhwan” (brothers), Altalib and Barzinji established the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Herndon, Va., in 1985. Global Muslim Brotherhood thug Yusuf al-Qaradawi — the fire-breathing, fatwa-issuing Jew-hater and violent jihad proselytizer — inspired IIIT’s mission: the “Islamization of social sciences.”
According to Steven Merley of the Hudson Institute’s Center on Islam, Democracy, and the Future of the Muslim World, IIIT has 14 affiliated offices across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia [his must-read report on the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. is here - PDF]. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who put 1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind Omar Abdel Rahman behind bars, notes that IIIT was a demonstrated unindicted co-conspirator in the feds’ Holy Land Foundation terror financing case. IIIT supported convicted terror aides Sami Al-Arian and Abduhrraman Rahman Alamoudi.
Altalib, Barzinji and IIIT were also all listed in funding statements from the Center for Constitutional Rights as major donors giving in the $25,000 to $49,000 range.
CCR is the umbrella group providing more than 500 pro bono lawyers to Gitmo detainees. They have regularly dismissed national security concerns about Gitmo recidivism as “irresponsible … scare stories.” That’s exactly what they did after one of CCR’s clients, Libyan terror leader Abu Sufian bin Qumu, was sprung in 2007.
Fast-forward five short years. Qumu is now the lead suspect in the 9/11/12 attack on our U.S. consulate in Benghazi that resulted in the murders of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, consular official Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs/private security contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. In the wake of this month’s terrorist attacks on our Egyptian embassy, Libyan consulate and Afghan air base, the jihad helpers at CCR are stone silent.
This administration’s idea of domestic “faith-based outreach” is tea with Muslim Brotherhood community organizers who have embedded themselves in American life for four decades with the express intent of “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” Meanwhile, our commander in chief is squawking to the world about YouTube videos. The Ikhwan are laughing their bloodstained robes off.

Michelle Malkin.

Z: I haven't changed a word of this;  what can I add?   Except,  WHEN ARE AMERICANS GOING TO WAKE UP?   Look at the image on top of the article...Egyptian Americans have awakened.  Oh, and one more thing: Obama CAN get away with whatever he's pulling because nobody is listening.  And when Conservatives like Malkin really delve into the situation, they're regarded by leftwingies as ridiculous conservatives.  Do you all get that?   THAT is the magic of Obama;  he's protected by the fact that nobody really believes anything in Malkin's piece could possibly be American president would have a guy like THAT to the White House!!!!!!!!!    Oh, except that he did.

geeeeeZ  (thanks, Elbro)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We are fed up ... really

How is it possible this “American made film” that no one has ever seen is able to create such a disturbance from North Africa, all the way to Bangkok? And it only took a week—which does speak volumes about the diminished size of our planet in the modern era —even if we discount the advent of cell phones and text messaging. Intellectually, we know that most of the people rioting do not have cell phones and text messaging; we know they are merely the playthings of people who do.

And there is some good news (Z would call this spectacular news as she's hoped for this from the muslim world for years, as most of you remember): citizens of Benghazi are threatening more violence directed at al-Qaeda groups if they do not immediately cease their anti-American rhetoric and demonstrations.

Now is the time for objectivity. Most Muslims could care less what some obscure filmmaker does with his time. We feel certain that most Muslims shake their head in wonderment of such immature behavior as making a film that will assault the sensitivities of people devoted to their religion. They, like most of us, think that life is far too short to get our knickers in a bunch over trivial things. And they know, as we do, that if it is blasphemous to make films about Mohammed, then in all likelihood, that person will burn in hell for ten thousand lifetime, anyway.

Nevertheless, reality tells us that whatever extremists are doing through the Middle East has very little impact on our lives here in the good old USA.

What does concern us, however, is the expansive ineptitude of our government. What a disgrace Barack Obama is to give lip service to the Americans who gave up their lives in the service of their country, and then rush off to do a jowl by jowl with Beyonce (Obama calls her 'Bey'), and then having the gall to equate his campaign workers to those dead Americans [Source]. And we are not happy with the feigned rage of Hillary Clinton, who as we previously mentioned, placed these State Department employees in harm’s way by hiring the Muslim Brotherhood to provide security for the Consulate in Benghazi [Source]. ( Though Z must admit she begrudingly respects Hillary for meeting with so many leaders because Obama was too busy at THE VIEW). We are not happy that our government spent $70,000 on an advertised apology to Middle Eastern extremists who don't care if we say we're sorry or not[Source]. We are not pleased that our government agrees to provide $1.6 billion to Cairo after they violated sovereign US territory. And finally, who in the hell does Martin Dempsey think he is to call a private citizen and suggest that he “stifle” his right of free speech?

We may not be able to suppress the maniacal behaviors of not very bright people in the Middle East, any more than we can control idiotic behaviors here at home, but we can stifle the incompetence of government officials who disgrace our country each and every time they step up to a microphone. We grow so weary of these cretins. We wish our countrymen were as angry about this as we are. We wish there would be a light at the end of the tunnel on 7 November 2012.  Our votes are the only 'stifle' we've got.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Voters.....

By the way, these were taped AFTER Bin Laden was killed........welcome to the world of leftwing voters:

Obama's a Mormon, he picked Paul Ryan for his running mate, Sarah Palin will do better this time because she's more prepared, and McCain ...
oh, never've got to listen to believe it.



Monday, September 24, 2012

Wag the Dog, Part Deux

Wag the Dog is a Barry Levinson film starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro wherein a Washington spin-doctor concocts a fake war in Albania as a means of distracting voters away from a sex scandal. To do this, he hires a Hollywood producer, a country music singer, a fad king, and a costume designer who assists him creating a fictional Special Forces unit to fight the war’s supposed battles. It is black humor —much like the administration of Barack Hussein Obama. We laugh only to avoid crying about what has happened to our once great America.

There is nothing about Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama worthy of emulation. Imagine the impudence of appearing on camera "outraged" over the deaths of a US Ambassador and three others, knowing full well that it was the State Department that hired the Muslim Brotherhood to provide protection to the consulate in Benghazi [source].

We cannot be too shocked, though; not when the Obama administration lied to the American people from the outset of this event regarding the motivation for the attack; when Obama and his henchmen denied for several days that it was anything but spontaneous; when the administration made up stories about how the Libyans aided Ambassador Stevens until he succumbed to smoke inhalation when all along it was known he was targeted by his own internal security.

We cannot tell you how Stevens died; that information is pending an autopsy, which in Chicago takes about five minutes, but in diplomatic circles, should take six or seven weeks; at least until after November 6th.

We do not anticipate this administration will release this information, however. It's all part of an ongoing investigation, you know. We suspect someone from the inner sanctum will approach the Stevens family and tell them, “Let’s keep this quiet for the sake of national security, eh?”


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday Faith Blog...Ronald Reagan

In August 1984, Ronald  Reagan spoke to an ecumenical prayer breakfast in Dallas, Texas, and stated:

"We establish no religion in this country, nor will we ever.  We command no worship.  We mandate no belief.  But we poison our society when we remove its theological underpinnings.  We court corruption when we leave it bereft of belief.  All are free to believe or not believe;  all are free to practice a faith or not.  But those who believe must be free to speak of and act on their belief, to apply moral teaching to public questions. 

I submit to you that the tolerant society is open to and encouraging of all religions.  And this does not weaken us; it strengthens us....

Without God, there is no virtue, because there's no prompting of the conscience.  Without God, we're mired in the material, that flat world that tells us only what the senses perceive.  Without God, there is a coarsening of the society.  And without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.  If we ever forget that we're One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

"....having no hope and without God in the world." Ephesians 2:12

Have a hopeful Sunday.   I've written before that we can't have an America of the virtues we've celebrated since her foundation without faith, tolerance, moral teachings applied to public questions.  I think Reagan was 100% correct, don't you?


"Another Day, another fundraiser for Romney"

THIS cracked me up!  Apparently, it's okay for Obama to have so many campaign events but NOT for Romney!   There was very little about the "JZ and BEY" event (that's what Obama refers to her as) but for Romney it's all about campaign fundraising....naming names of the big hitters which the media despises.

Do you remember hearing any of the big hitters at JZ's party the other night in NYC?   The party held while 30 countries are killing Americans or burning flags and Obama in effigy?    Odd, huh? :-)  Honestly, there is SO much negative inference on so many levels in my linked article you'll be laughing with disbelief once you're finished.  He even found a quote by quasi-Republican Peggy Noonan criticizing Romney!

No bias. ...oh, no...........

z (yes, that is sarcasm above)

Political Polls..............and taxes

Do you believe them?   Gallup is saying it's 47/47, Obama/Romney.

Some are saying there's as much as a 5 point spread.  Can you IMAGINE if Romney was as snaky as Obama is, more charming, more deceptive, more dishonorable, more 'cool'?  Romney isn't any of those things, he's got most of the media licking his opponent's face, big time celebs who people adore hate him...  and he's neck and neck?  HOW?

Do you know people who voted for Obama who will vote for Romney this time?   Or anybody who voted for McCain who's voting for Obama this time?  From the friends/family you have, what's your sense of voting intentions?

We'd love to know.

By the way, by now you've heard Romney's released twenty years of tax returns, but that's not enough for the White House.  NO, no....."Why does Mitt Romney not just release the full returns, instead of the bare summary he has provided of the last 20 years, so voters can make their own judgments about Mitt Romney's finances?" Obama Deputy Campaign manager Stephanie Cutter asks.
By the way, one thing the records do show is that the Romney's didn't take the full tax credits their $4 million + in charity could have given them.

I think the records speak so well of Romney that Cutter could only come up with "why not full returns?" :-)  Sort of like they can't insult Ann Romney so, the other day, I saw an article on the Yahoo homepage "Ann Romney...too much of a good thing?"   :-)  They're REALLY grasping, folks!


Friday, September 21, 2012

I saw the space shuttle today.......... flew by a restaurant I was at which has lots of windows.  Suddenly, people were whooping it up, cheering, running to the windows, so I got up to look and caught a pretty good if small glimpse.... A friend had it fly over her house and you can see it above just below the middle of the image.  Here's another, with the shuttle seemingly hovering over the buildings below it.
Not exactly clear or large, but you get the picture.............?  I was quite sad, to tell you the truth..........the eagle has landed.


I pledge allegiance to OBAMA?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   I'm very eager for my liberal readers to tell us how this is JUST FINE.   I'd love to hear how they don't see a problem.   Apparently, Obama voters and Obama advertising people don't have a problem.

This is so metaphorical for how disgusting this country's me, 47% of Americans approve this idiocy.    Romney called it right....... These are the new Americans.   They don't have a CLUE.

z and Mustang

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Media Treachery

In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralizing. Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment, it is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism.” —Oscar Wilde

The “Fourth Estate” is a societal or political entity whose influence is not officially recognized. The term refers specifically to the news media; it origin attributed to none other than Edmund Burke, who used this term in a parliamentary debate in 1787.

What Mr. Wilde’s commentary proves is that the media have been decadent for a very long time, and we the people —those whose interests the Fourth Estate allegedly serve - are the biggest fools of all. We pay for these printed periodicals, we patronize their advertisers, and ultimately, we find ourselves utterly demoralized by the media’s lack of morality —their treason— their treachery. Yet, we continue to allow this monster to influence us with its lies, distortions, its liberal agenda, which appear singularly anti-American.

It is not bad enough the media have become lapdogs for the progressive agenda; it appears the American communist movement too overruns them. We learned that media were co-opted by a communist movement to create Barack Obama, and that this successfully elected him to the presidency. What was the purpose of this? To ensure America fails at something —and it surely has, thanks to Obama’s communications director, Anita Dunn and all the useful idiots who laughingly call themselves journalists. In this video, Anita Dunn gloats about how she and others manipulated the American people, how they used the American media to their own advantage, and gave us the worst president in our entire history.

This may not be important, particularly if the reader is already in the tank for the neo-communist movement in America. On the other hand, it could be important if even the very idea that a dedicated communist is able to create a rock star out of a previously obscure politician, and actually propel him onto the world stage —it could make a thinking person very angry. Perhaps angry enough even to repudiate the Obama machine in the 2012 elections.

We certainly hope so.

-Mustang Sends;  images and only the very last sentence by Z :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



According to a recent report by the Associated Press, al-Qaeda is now calling for attacks on American diplomats and an increase in the number of protests throughout the Middle East. This is more evidence of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s inept foreign policy —as if we needed any more examples. As the terrorist group calls for more heads, the Obama administration continues to pretend that the initial reaction was merely a spontaneous reaction to an internet video. Denial is a river inside the Washington beltway.

Presumably illustrating the point that al-Qaeda is in charge in Afghanistan, rather than the American or coalition occupation forces, a suicide bomber murdered twelve South African aviation workers to the Kabul aerodrome —a revenge killing, they said.

The other day, Sam Huntington commented at Always on Watch as follows: “US diplomatic credibility is presently in a deep spiral. We may begin to understand this after we acknowledge how inept our foreign policy has been, and remains, under Barack Obama. I shall never understand what prompted an American ambassador to apologize to extremists who attacked sovereign American property. It did not take long for this statement, issued on of all days 11 September 2012, to incite other sand monkeys.

How did the resident leftist react to this? How dare Sam use such an expression! He must be a bigot. But now it appears that Sam was correct and Ducky was wrong. No surprise there, of course: Duhhky is a leftist, after all.

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are no longer interested in stepping lightly in the Middle East, especially after Barack Obama gave them status by stating publicly his willingness to “dialogue” with those murderous sons of bitches; it is a status they previously did not enjoy. Obama’s inept behavior has done nothing if not emboldened them to murder even more of our diplomats.

But wait—there’s more.

The monkeys in Yemen are screeching for blood; there were at least two separate terrorist attacks in Pakistan, 200 people demonstrated in Indonesia, torching an American flag, and four hundred more protested in Bangkok chanting “Eek eek, eek, screech,” which roughly translated means “Down with America, Down with Israel.”

The AP reports that al-Qaeda praised Muslims for killing Ambassador Stevens and demands even more of the same. They feel the west deserves punishment for "lying to Muslims for more than 10 years, saying its war was against terrorism and not Islam." Well, they do have a point there. Muslims have been demanding a holy war, and our leaders demurred like shy little girls. How many ways can one demonstrate our president’s failed foreign policy?

The word “inept” revisits us as a nightmare.

-Mustang Sends

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 Simple Questions for Obama.......

 4  Simple Questions about the Birth Certificate...that's all.  Call me a "Birther," I know name-calling is very popular because it limits thought by shutting down conversation through supposedly intimidating's what the left does.  I'm personally no 'birther'......I've posted very few pieces on the subject and don't know quite what to believe. But when I read this information below (sent to me today), I thought "what the........?" and thought I'd remind you of what's going on, and ignoring the questions below is counter-intuitive.
FOUR SIMPLE QUESTIONS, that shouldn't be too hard to address for Obama, huh?   Yet...........nobody can ask because (gasp!) then you're a 'birther."

Here are the four questions:

 1. Back  in 1961 people of color were called 'Negroes.'  So how can the
 Obama  'birth certificate' state he is "African-American" when the  term wasn't even used at that time?

 2. The birth certificate that the White House  released lists Obama's birth as  August 4, 1961 & Lists Barack Hussein Obama  as his father. No big deal, right ? At the time  of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father  is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father  was born in " Kenya , East Africa". This  wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except  the fact that Kenya did not even exist until  1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and  27 years  after his father's birth. How could Obama's  father  have been born in a country that did not  yet exist  ?  Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it  was known as the "British East Africa  Protectorate".  ( <>

 3.  On the Birth Certificate released by the  White House, the listed place of  birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity &  Gynecological Hospital". This  cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question  in 1961 were called  "KauiKeolani  Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity  Home", respectively.  The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity  & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when  these two hospitals merged.
 How  can this particular name of the hospital be on a  birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had  not yet been applied to it until  1978?

( <>

 Why  hasn't this been discussed in the major media  ?

 4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama's book on his  father. He states how proud he is of his father  fighting in WW II. I'm not a math genius, so I  may need some help from you. Barack Obama's birth certificate says his father was 25 years  old in 1961 when he was born. That should have  put his father's date of birth approximately  1936 if my math holds (Honest! I did that  without a calculator!!!) Now we need a  non-revised history book one that hasn't been  altered to satisfy the authors goals to verify  that WW II was basically between 1939 and 1945.  Just how many 3 year olds fight in wars? Even in  the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn't  have been more than 9. Does that mean that Mr.  Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the  facts to satisfy his fantasies and imagination,  or political purposes (still qualifies as a liar?)

Z:  Imagine if Romney's background included only ONE of the above?  :-)

I'm pretty sure Obama won't come to GeeeeZ to answer these four simple questions but I'm sure my little libs will.....I'm so eager to hear the retorts.   Please, liberals, try to refrain from the 'birther' name calling, I believe I covered that?   Many Americans still THINK and we know nobody spends millions keeping quiet something like a birth certificate which is one of the easiest things any of us normal human beings can present in their, please, please tell us one of the above is wrong, with believable links;  I so hope I can count on you and I'll feel SO much more at ease if you can answer only one of these, but please provide details like this post does.   Thanks! 

What do you all think? would YOU answer any of the above questions?
 (for what it's worth, HERE is another blogger's report and I only link  it here because the documentation/birth certificates are better visible there than at others.)


Monday, September 17, 2012

OBAMA: Cult of Personality

We found an interesting exchange at Western Hero last weekend.  Kurt always provides us with fascinating posts, and his readers always provide interesting points of view.  In one exchange, Sam Huntington proposed that Islam is more of a cult than a religion; I thought he laid out a good argument for his point of view.  It made me wonder whether a similar argument pertains to the presidency of Barack Obama.  We have all seen visuals of his “messiah” personae, but is it true?

A personality cult appears whenever an individual uses mass media propaganda to create idealized, quasi-heroic public personae arising from unquestioned flattery and praise.  Personality cults aim to make the leader and the state synonymous, so that it is nearly impossible to make a distinction between them. 

This is possible whenever the leader owns the press —either as a function of the state, or by cooperative arrangement with liberal media.  The media alone has the ability to make or break an American politician.  As an example, the manner in which the press transformed Mitt Romney into the main story, rather than extremist attacks on our Embassy or the ineptitude of Obama foreign policy, evidenced by the unraveling of the Middle East.

Of course, we don’t for one moment think of this unraveling as a spontaneous event; it has been in the works since Obama gave his “New Beginnings” speech in Cairo in June 2009.    

Nevertheless, the cult of personality stands in direct contravention to the cult of individuality; we see this expressed in the writings of Karl Marx, Nikita Khrushchev, and in the behavior of Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, and now, Barack Obama.  We began to notice this trend at the very beginning, as liberal teachers taught their first and second grade students how to chant adorations for Obama.  This trend continued as Barack Obama appeared at the Democratic convention in 2008 as a nearly Julius Caesar apparition standing among Roman columns.

Laughingly, Barack Obama recently appeared in front of network television cameras telling interviewers that he is seriously in danger of losing the 2012 election This is how people behave whenever they own the state and ministry of propaganda: they portray themselves as an underdog because doing this will earn for them one percentage point at the voting precinct.  We find this laughable because the only way Obama could lose this upcoming election is if the press suddenly disappeared from the planet tonight as the clock strikes twelve.

While the Middle East erupts in massive anti-American demonstrations, the Obama Administration contends that none of this has anything to do with Obama, or his administration.  This is a classic response of one engaged in the cult of personality.  No matter what happens, no matter how severe or dire the circumstances, we can always explain it away as someone else’s fault.  It goes far beyond “stuck on stupid.”  It is seriously psychotic.

We believe Barack Obama has based most of his Middle Eastern policy on what he thinks is his own unique ability to reach out to Muslims.  Why he thinks he can relate to these people, beyond his middle name, is mystifying —although, we suppose it is possible there could be a religious connection.  Well, in June 2009, he did tell the Muslim world that he could identify with their anger and frustrations. 

We think a clear majority of Americans have bought into this Obama Cult.  We think this will stand Mr. Obama in good stead in the November elections.  But apparently, the Middle Eastern people have not swallowed this bait—they are burning Mr. Obama in effigy.  It is enough to give us a renewed respect of Islamic peoples, but not so much for the folks here at home, Obama OR his cult followers.

-Mustang Sends.....with a tiny bit of input from Z


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Overheard in Berkeley, CA:

For a reason unknown to me or most people on the street in Berkeley Saturday night, a youngish hippie was being spoken to by two policemen on the corner.   I heard the tall, long haired reminder of the Sixities say "But, why are Berkeley policemen like you two telling ME I have to leave?  YOU are supposed to be helping me, showing me how to have a good life, not tell me to LEAVE"

The police are supposed to show transients how to have a good life?   That one statement I heard said so much  that I just had to post it.   It says so much about the hippie/liberal way of thinking and the ridiculous notions they have....

I think he was probably lucky all they were doing to him as I walked by was telling him to leave.  And, yet, that's not enough......they have to show him how to live. 

Berkeley....I love it and I hate it.   I had a fabulous time there, and this was the only politically tinged part of my weekend and I thought it said a lot.  Don't you?
(that picture isn't him, but it sure looks like him!)

Sunday Faith Blog

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable... We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem. We have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment. Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from sin and Set us free. Amen!'
With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and wholeheartedly become our desire so that we once again can be called 'One nation under God!'
....Billy Graham 

"In all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."  Proverbs 3:6

have a great Sunday.....acknowledge Him!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

How do you feel about this clip?

Is this the direction we are taking in America?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Have Communists won America after all?

We hope you'll want to answer our questions at the end of the post!

Geeez has noted a few heated and interesting discussions recently, mostly between those who disparage the notion that America is moving toward Marxist ideology and those who believe that such a movement is underway —and has been for a while now. At the outset, we do believe we are moving toward Marxist ideology and it concerns us. What concerns us more than this is the lack of anxiety among most Americans that we are heading in this decidedly un-American direction.

Let us begin with a generic definition of communism. It is an ideology centered around the concept of socialism: creating a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured on the idea of common ownership of the means of production. The road to communism creates “social order” throughout its various stages of progress. Communist ideology intends totalitarian control from central authority, and distribution of its collective wealth: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Socialism per se is a transitional stage to a Marxist state.

In our view, history does not treat communism too kindly. There are more than a few variants of communism: under Marxist communism, Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyism, Maoist, Titoism, Euro-communism, Libertarian Marxism, Left Communism, and Situationism. All of these are constructs that make communism acceptable to various cultures. Other variants include black liberation theology, Christian communism, and anarchist Marxism. Under all of these examples, central authority recognizes no limits to its authority. We call this totalitarianism.

We do not wish to engage in name-calling. We do not refer to individuals as communists simply because we disagree with them; we refer to people as communists because that is what they are. It may not be politically correct or even kind to associate persons with the barbarity of communism, but when we observe a particular behavior and are able to associate that behavior with communist ideology, then the individual behaving in that unmistakable way is a communist.

What is communist behavior? Nations that embrace communist ideology share these common denominators: government seizure of private property; government action to redistribute private wealth; government discredits all opposition; government or cooperative censorship; restriction of human rights and constitutional guarantees; the establishment of a national constabulary.

In addition, persons who pursue communist ideology (indeed, any related fascist regimen) elevate their national party head to god-like status (think Greek columns). The national leader can do no wrong; the national leader knows better what is good for us than we do ourselves. Anyone who disagrees with the national leader is wrong, disloyal, and warrants social ostracism —as if unclean or leprous.

Communist behavior includes the supposition that the average Joe is incapable of deciding things for himself; he must have a proactive government to prevent him from making grievous errors. Likewise, only a village can raise a child. Everyone has the right to succeed. Mothers have the right to murder their unborn children. Society has an obligation to purchase and distribute, at the taxpayer’s expense, contraceptives, and sex toys. No one has the right to express their belief in God because there is no room for God in a secular society. There are no inalienable rights: all human rights come from other humans. And there is one additional concept popular among communists: never let a good crisis go to waste.

Does any of this ring a bell? We believe the evidence is overwhelming that the United States of America is moving ever steadily toward a Marxist state. We believe that while both political parties contribute to this march to self-destruction, one has shown a particular affinity for communist ideology.

Has the United States seized (or nationalized) private property? By order of President George W. Bush, Republican, the United States government seized several privately held industries and financial institutions. They were infused with a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, and in three years there has been no substantial “stimulus” to the American economy.

There are several ways of taking someone’s property and giving it to someone else. The easiest and most unnoticeable way of doing this is through tax law and policy. Here is probably a good opportunity to mention the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, popularly known as Obama Care, which is a fraud perpetrated against the American people of epic proportions.

Governments moving toward a Marxist state seek to diminish individual rights and human liberty, even to the extent of making American citizens and states subordinate to the will of United Nations mandates, and by imposing upon the general population such indignities as pat-downs at airports, even among young children and the elderly. A Marxist government will publish findings that accuse Christians, gun owners, and returning war veterans as particularly worrisome to national security, while ignoring totally the people who actually do pose this danger.

Marxist governments always seek to establish a national constabulary. In 2007, Barack Obama made the following statement: “We cannot continue to rely upon our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” While the meaning of this statement is clear enough, we have yet to see any evidence of the creation of a civilian constabulary, but it remains hard to imagine that any president would even think of creating a civilian agency intending to compete with a robust armed force.

In a nation moving toward Marxism, look for the government to impose censorship of information vital to a free society. It is impossible to say with any degree of certainty that the Obama administration is censoring information beyond that which is normally required to safeguard national security. On the other hand, we may argue that the American press has imposed censorship; it has become Obama’s handmaiden. Rarely do we find President Obama criticized in the national press, but we often find the press is actually covering for him. It is a treatment denied to Obama’s predecessors, including Bill Clinton.

Related to state and cooperative censorship, a society in pursuit of communist ideology always seeks to discredit its political opponent; it often accomplishes this by employing unsophisticated epithets and Ad hominem attacks, including Ad hominem tu quoque argumentation.

Please answer the following questions in our comments section:

1 As a citizen, do you think the United States is moving toward a Marxist state? If not, please try to explain the transformation of the Democratic Party from American liberalism to that of neo-Marxism.

2. Why are so many loathe to call Marxist behavior what it is, and insist on calling it corporatism?

3. Why do so many Americans actively support or enable this shift to communist ideology?

4 Given the oath taken by all military personnel, politicians, mid-high level bureaucrats, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, why do so many of these people appear nonchalant about the transformation taking place within our beloved America?

5. Is there anything we can do, as citizens, to prevent the adoption of communism within our culturally unique form of government?

We're eager to hear your responses.   Thanks.

By Mustang.....with a very little help from Z

Thursday, September 13, 2012


It isn’t simply a matter of the unemployment rate being 8.1% after 43-months; it is rather the point that the 8.1% percentage is what the President and his press wants everyone to focus on as more than twelve million Americans remain out of work. Obama and his surrogate media are lying about his efforts to restore jobs —he has done no such thing. And remember this: when people are out of work, when people are hurting, “I tried” doesn’t mean a damn thing.

While President Obama is claiming 4.1 million new jobs in America, the facts tell us a completely different story about the economy: the American economy has created a net 415,000 private sector jobs, which is less than 0.2% of the 155 million-member American workforce. Are we tired of the lies yet?

We have a shrinking workforce problem, and few people in the press are even addressing this issue. Current labor force participation is at 63.5%, its lowest since 1981 … when Americans kicked Carter out of the White House. Why is this percentage so low?

For one thing, Americans are discouraged and demoralized. Obama policies have driven them to creative ways of putting food on the table. Only 1 in 5 unemployed persons are getting any kind of unemployment insurance. Their benefits have run out. What are these people doing? They are lining up at the Social Security Administration to file disability claims. Remember, once you’re on disability, you stay on it for the rest of your life. Disability pays $1,300 a month for being too stressed or pained to work. The number of people drawing food stamps is about one-third of the entire nation.

It’s a predictable cycle, isn't it? No money to spend means no demand for goods, which means no economic growth, which means no jobs, which means more suffering, which means more lies from Obama and the state-run media.

According to Gallup and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the real unemployment rate, which includes the under-employed Americans, exceeds 18%. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of morons crowd into Obama’s tent to listen to how he intends to fix America.

Why isn’t America tired of the empty promises and the outright lies?
Do the out of work oil workers and coal workers appreciate how Mr. Obama is handling the economy? I doubt it. Then whom is Obama talking to when he promises a better effort in the next term in office? In my considered opinion Obama has already fixed America —he’s done what he set out to do.   He's got much of America on food stamps, welfare, ...

Perhaps unemployment isn't that important to Democrats; maybe what we need is more information about Sandra Fluke's reproductive issues.  

—Mustang Sends

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Americans are dead

You all know what's happened in Egypt with the storming of our embassy, and now we all know what's happened in Libya.  Four Americans are DEAD, including  American Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

What should Obama do?    What would YOU do if you were president?

And do you think it's appropriate for Romney to weigh in this morning?  I do not;  convince me I'm wrong.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

It's 11 years since that awful day that changed all our lives forever.  I was sitting here thinking about the angle I'd like to emphasize for my 9/11 post.   I can't do anything but say this:

This post is dedicated to those who knew they were about to die and who tried to call home and only got answer machines.  And those who weren't home and so they missed talking for the very last time to their loved one.

And to those who jumped.  The very least we can do is try to understand what you went through.   Trust me, we'll never forget your fear and desperation.  That could have been any of us.

And to all on those absolutely amazingly courageous patriots who crashed in Shankesville trying to protect us.   I guess I could go on and on with dedications for 9/11.  

If you had to pick one thing or one person or any one thing about that day that particularly resonates with you, what would it be?

God bless them all.  I hate it when my posts make me cry as I type.........damn those people who changed our country forever.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trust and Confidence

We define trust as a reliance upon, or confidence in, people and organizations to exhibit good qualities, especially involving fairness, integrity, honor, and ability. Trust implies an obligation to deal faithfully with others, and it may even denote hope for the future. Confidence is a belief or abiding faith in the abilities of oneself or others to act properly, decently, and reliably.

As in the past, people today continue to use these terms and concepts to help define a particular standard in politics: can we trust this person or organization? Do these people or organizations deserve our confidence? Can we rely upon this person or this organization to do the right thing for our country and our people? These questions are problematic because, in the modern day, they are mere rhetoric. As a practical matter, we do not hold politicians accountable for their words, or their behavior.

Politicians of both parties must earn the trust and confidence of the American people. They do this by treating us with dignity and respect, by speaking to us truthfully and without purpose of evading the truth. Have Barack Obama and his wife earned our trust and confidence?

When CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin recently interviewed Obama for a forthcoming documentary; she asked the president why he did not do more to reach out to the opposition party at the beginning of his term in office. According to Ms. Yellin, Mr. Obama said that one of the reasons he did not reach out to Republicans was because he wanted to spend more time at home with his wife and children. Is this an honest statement from the President of the United States?

President Obama ran for president on a campaign pledge to unite “red America” and “blue America.” Even though Democrats controlled both houses of Congress since 2006 and in the first two years of his administration, Obama continually complains that he is running against the “Republican Congress.” He claims Republicans are to blame for partisanship and gridlock in Washington.

To be clear, there is gridlock in Washington; it was intended by the founding fathers as a check against emotionalism and poorly considered legislation affecting millions of citizens. But is Obama’s problem the Republicans in Congress when the GOP controls only one half of the Congress? Is his complaint rational, considering both houses of Congress belonged to Democrats from 2006 to 2010? Finally, in spite of Obama’s complaints, he has not once asked House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan to visit with him at the White House. Are Barack Obama’s claims true, or false?

Michelle Obama recently delivered a stately address at the Democratic National Convention. All reports from the media suggested a stellar performance, but no one seems interested in the fact that Michelle Obama was lying to the American people about the Obama couple’s early days. In spite of Obama’s claim to be impoverished, he was able to afford Columbia University and Harvard Law School —not many of us can afford to send our children to such prestigious universities. Add to this the fact that the Obama 2008 campaign verified that Mr. Obama made two overseas trips in 1981 —the same year he transferred from Occidental College to Columbia. He visited his mother and sister Maya in Indonesia, and then he later visited Pakistan for three weeks.

Mrs. Obama’s claim that her husband drove a rusted out car, that they struggled to make ends meet, that he searched for furniture in neighborhood dumpsters rings a bit hollow considering both attained elite educations from private academies and Ivy League colleges. Both had expensive tastes, evidenced by the fact that they purchased a two-bedroom condominium in 1993 for $277,500.00, and then a few years later, they moved into a $1.65 million mansion in Hyde Park. Is this what we heard from Michelle Obama from behind the podium of the Democratic National Convention? Was the first lady being honest with the American people when she claimed these “difficulties”?

Finally, we all witnessed the brouhaha at the Democratic National Convention over their exclusion of any reference to God from the Democratic Platform, and we heard the debate about whether the Democrats should acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Of course, the real issue isn’t whether Democrats recognize one city or another as Israel’s capital, it is a matter of international law —along with whoever has the most guns. But we all remember how the Convention Chairman took three votes on this issue: should the Democratic Platform remain unchanged (excluding God and any affirmation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel) or should Democrats insert these affirmations?  After the third vote, the Convention Chair confirmed he would insert these two affirmations into the Democratic Platform. The hall erupted in loud booing. Democrats clearly denied God on three occasions, after which the cock crowed and Democrats went back to sleep. They did not want God or Jerusalem into their platform.

It gets worse.

This issue of Jerusalem actually addressed important changes in the Democratic Platform between 2008 and 2012; it is important because the platform reflects the views of its principal proponent, Barack Hussein Obama. The following language, present in the 2008 platform, remains excluded from the 2012 platform.

“The United States and its Quartet partners should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism, recognizes Israel’s right to exit, and abides by past agreements. Sustained American leadership for peace and security will require patient efforts and the personal commitment of the President of the United States. The creation of a Palestinian state through final status negotiations, together with an international compensation mechanism, should resolve the issue of the Palestinian refugees by allowing them to settle there, rather than in Israel. All understand that it is unrealistic to expect the outcome of final status negotiations to be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949."

Our question remains: are the American people justified placing their trust and confidence in the fidelity, integrity, honor, or ability of Barack Hussein Obama or the Democratic Party?

-Mustang Sends.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Faith Blog ... Young Life

I've been reading some Christian Testimonies of men and women in their late twenties, early thirties who I have recently met.  It's been a privilege just to read them and maybe I'll see if I can print one or two here some day.

Their stories include growing up in really rancorous divorced homes, the loss of parents, the loss of siblings, confusion in college when faced with immorality and abuse of alcohol, both of which some of these people didn't shy away from even as they struggled with their Christian faith.  I could go on and on but suffice it to say it was only becoming very faithful Christians (through Young Life and other venues) that their lives improved, that they were able to avoid future immorality, that they were able to find jobs in healthy atmospheres, able to find spouses who have make them so happy ...but mostly, they have found, after really troubling formative years, REAL PEACE.      I cried as I read the difficult stories of these wonderful young people I'm telling you about...I had had no idea they'd had really difficult earlier years.  All I see today is the results of their faith, how much better their lives are.   Two of the testimonies I read had me wondering "Who could have written THIS one?" because they was so full of angst and horrible troubles and I know the sweet, lovely writers (once I was told who'd written each of them!) and those people are so fantastic, so good, so happily married, so Godly, I'd never ever have imagined they'd had such a difficult background!  And it was all turning to Jesus which changed these lives, having people come alongside them and helping them on their journey to God.

"Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; and we exult in hope of the glory of God."   Romans 5 1:2

People have scoured every nook and cranny of the globe in search of peace.  But every new road eventually leads to the dead end of dissatsifaction.  The only true and lasting peace comes from Jesus Christ. (from Wisdom for Women)  ........Just ask my young friends and everyone around them.

I wish stories and results like this for you, your children, your "YES!" to put God  into YOUR platform!

What a better world we would have.........(by the way, I had no intention of this becoming a YOUNG LIFE promotion, but I've always heard such good things about it and it kind of wrote itself into this post "for some reason"  Maybe that reason is your child??? Pray on that!)  I also feel compelled to add here that I asked a 32 year old teacher/social worker recently if she saw much improvement in the lives of really troubled kids through therapy.  She said she had, but that the secular therapy didn't last long, that the Christian therapy and coming to God was the therapy she'd seen last and last.

Well, have a great Sunday.  This post took on a life of its own and 'wrote itself'.  It must be to touch  particularly one of you reading this who has a troubled young family member or friend in the hopes that you act on that.  Or is it you?  Please pray about it.

For all my readers, I wish His true and unwavering peace today and always.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Salvadore Bahia Brazil

Ms Z (Stepdaughter, NOT ME!) has been in Brazil now about 3 weeks.....after sailing from islands NW of Africa....the trip was very tough but they're fine and I thought these shots she sent of Salvadore Bahia Marina (see map below) were wonderful. The top is beautiful, the bottom one is remarkable (I'm all about shadows in my own paintings, too):
Ms Z is feeling better now that she's jazz dancing at various clubs and schools ... she's a very active, physical woman and the 3 weeks of confinement on the boat were rougher than she'd thought.  But, she's loved it and would do it again, and they'll be very slowly wending their way down the coast of Brazil for a while.
Thanks for your prayers when they were sailing the Atlantic!  I thought you might enjoy a little update.

Look who parks their cash at Bain..........unions and state retirement funds...and.........

“The scrutiny generated by a heated election year matters less than the performance the portfolio generates to the fund,” California State Teachers’ Retirement System spokesman Ricardo Duran said in the Aug. 12 Boston Globe. CalSTRS has pumped some $1.25 billion into Bain. 

That's from the article below, which I found HERE.  And a spokesman for the CALIFORNIA State Teachers' Retirement System said that?  Don't you think that's a bit hypocritical?   The Left is willing to chalk off all their insults to Romney's involvement with Bain as a 'heated election year' because he and his union members are MAKING MONEY?  Wait, I thought they didn't LIKE being rich?

Here's the whole article:

 Democrats convened in Charlotte, NC, will double down on their claim that Bain Capital is really the Bain crime family. They will accuse Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Bain’s other “greedy” co-founders of stealing their winnings, evading taxes and lighting cigars with $100 bills on their yachts.
But Bain’s private-equity executives have enriched dozens of organizations and millions of individuals in the Democratic base — including some who scream most loudly for President Obama’s re-election.
Government-worker pension funds are the chief beneficiaries of Bain’s economic stewardship. New York-based Preqin uses public documents, news accounts and Freedom of Information requests to track private-equity holdings. Since 2000, Preqin reports, the following funds have entrusted some $1.56 billion to Bain:
* Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund ($2.2 million)
* Indiana Public Retirement System ($39.3 million)
* Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System ($177.1 million)
* The Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension System ($19.5 million)
* Maryland State Retirement and Pension System ($117.5 million)
* Public Employees’ Retirement System of Nevada ($20.3 million)
* State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio ($767.3 million)
* Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System ($231.5 million)
* Employees’ Retirement System of Rhode Island ($25 million)
* San Diego County Employees Retirement Association ($23.5 million)
* Teacher Retirement System of Texas ($122.5 million)
* Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System ($15 million)
These funds aggregate the savings of millions of unionized teachers, social workers, public-health personnel and first responders. Many would be startled to learn that their nest eggs are incubated by the company that Romney launched and the financiers he hired.
Leading universities have also profited from Bain’s expertise. According to Infrastructure Investor, Bain Capital Ventures Fund I (launched in 2001) managed wealth for “endowments and foundations such as Columbia, Princeton and Yale universities.”
According to BuyOuts magazine and S&P Capital IQ, Bain’s other college clients have included Cornell, Emory, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Notre Dame and the University of Pittsburgh. Preqin reports that the following schools have placed at least $424.6 million with Bain Capital between 1998 and 2008:
* Purdue University ($15.9 million)
* University of California ($225.7 million)
* University of Michigan ($130 million)
* University of Virginia ($20 million)
* University of Washington ($33 million)
Major center-left foundations and cultural establishments also have seen their prospects brighten, thanks to Bain Capital. According to the aforementioned sources, such Bain clients have included the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Doris Duke Foundation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Ford Foundation, the Heinz Endowments and the Oprah Winfrey Foundation.
Why on Earth would government-union leaders, university presidents and foundation chiefs let Bain oversee their precious assets?
“The scrutiny generated by a heated election year matters less than the performance the portfolio generates to the fund,” California State Teachers’ Retirement System spokesman Ricardo Duran said in the Aug. 12 Boston Globe. CalSTRS has pumped some $1.25 billion into Bain.
Since 1988, Duran says, private-equity companies like Bain have outperformed every other asset class to which CalSTRS has allocated the cash of its 856,360 largely unionized members.
Is Bain really a gang of corporate buccaneers who plunder their ill-gotten gains by outsourcing, euthanizing feeble portfolio companies and giving cancer to the spouses of those whom they fired? If so, union bosses, government retirees, liberal foundations and elite universities thrive on the wages of Bain’s economic Darwinism.
If, however, these institutions relish the yields that Bain Capital generates by supporting start-ups and rescuing distressed companies, 80 percent of which have prospered, then this money is honest — and Team Obama isn’t.   (end of article)

But will Americans hear any of this or will they only hear ROMNEY IS A GREEDY CAPITALIST WHO STARTED BAIN AND SCREWED EVERYONE IT EVER CAME INTO CONTACT WITH?  Isn't being a leftist a grand thing?   Just say what you what you want, and only Conservative papers will report.   WOW