Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama's response to Iran (Please read my updates at the bottom)

UPDATE FROM THE GERMAN PRESS: Foreign journalists may not leave their offices anymore. Photography is prohibited now. Moussavi has asked his supporters to stop demonstrating because they risk their lives. SEVEN DEATHS YESTERDAY, folks (some are reporting twenty deaths and are saying plenty of people have been arrested and are not heard from since), NOT ONE as reported.

Here is a guy who likes to make sure he doesn't take sides, huh? Just a bit from the LINKED ARTICLE HERE:

"I want them to know that we in the United States do not want to make any decisions for the Iranians, but we do believe that the Iranian people and their voices should be heard and respected," Obama said. (Z: Wait..which?....... the A-Job voters or the protestors, Mr. O?)

Many of the protestor's signs were in English. You think that was a sign they'd like help? Some are Twittering because they can't send out on the internet. They're reaching out..................to the English speaking West. Are we there?

While we obviously don't know if the election was legal (though the German press reported 57 million ballots were printed for all 47 million of the voters (Smile), we probably should be at least suggesting the guy who's continuing to pursue nuclear weapons and has promised Israel's demise isn't someone we support? I don't know what Obama can say, but this 'on the fence' stuff in the linked article was QUITE something and I'm not sure what message it sends to the future of Iran, represented by the hundreds of thousands who are protesting.

What do you think he might say? SHOULD he show support for one side? Should he suggest anything? I DON'T KNOW. I just thought what he said was a little milk toast.

TUESDAY MORNING: I believe I did hear Obama said he denounces the violence on the protesters late last night, after I wrote this post, has anyone heard any more reaction? And, what seems to be talked about now in Iran is an election recount. The world media is saying it's impossible that they could have HAND COUNTED (which they do) the ballots in the short time between the election and when they announced Ahmedinejad's win...

From a Persian friend living in exile and fear in Ashraff, Iraq, on arrangement by America to keep the Iranian Freedom Fighters somewhat safe. This man has posted at Frontpagemagazine for a few years and had stopped for a while and we were worried about him. I don't read site much anymore, but Priscilla is a regular commenter there and, we'd been worried about SAM because the last we'd heard he wrote things were getting dangerous for him in Iraq. Priscilla (thanks!) found this last night on the FPM site:

"This is the uprising to uproot the mullah's regime, We have the Passdarans and the Hezbollah inside the country who kill our people to stop the movement , the regime has imported the Hezbollah of Libanon and the Venezuela's guards to back the Mullahs, and we have US administration who collaborates with the regime to keep them on power."

While Sam has been a supporter of Bush for having gone into Iraq, he has always said our administration, and it seems Obama's continuing it, has supported the Mullahs. Odd thought. This man was a very big scientist in Iran, very connected with their politics and the resistance to their theocracy, and I don't advocate or disparage what he said. I just think we should be aware of his opinion. If you find yourself wondering about SAM's remarks that we are collaborating to keep the regime in power, you might want to ask yourself WHY and maybe comment here?


christian soldier said...

just read a post at IBA-seems that FOX has a Saudi investor-thus- not much news about the brutality toward the brave students and other freedom marchers (my words) in Iran...
I worry about my friends' families there...

Ducky's here said...

Just what can he do? Question the election results and state that we don't recognize Ahmadinejad? Okay, but that isn't going to influence much. We don't deal with Ahmedinajad as it is.

Tighten sanctions? The Iranian economy is reported to be a mess already, partially due to sanctions.
Fact is that the hard core reactionaries are going to tough it out and there isn't much we can do about it.

Establish what media links we can and get the real story out. But one thing we have to accept is that Iranians do not want America in their internal affairs. There is still a strong memory of the shah even though the population is younger.
This is going to take its own course.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody can trust Obama to defend freedom. All his actions belie his slick rhetoric speaking about "American values" — especially since anti-Americanism was in his mother's blood. He was raised on it.

The founding ideals which made America unique in the world are under attack on a broader scale from within the government than ever before. Unfortunately Obama has just picked up where the previous administration left off and Obama is accelerating the process.

I think those people in Iran who are protesting the "election results" have something in common with the original American founding principles, standing up to tyranny. Too bad Obama can only pretend to be defending freedom since his whole life has been dedicated to expanding the state and destroying freedom.


Z said...

Yes, CS, news is that a fairly substantial part of FOX is owned by Arabs and the news did change after that. very sad. I don't know how much the network news is taken over .. I read this morning that ABC will now be reporting from the White House!! I can't IMAGINE this is true, but it's being reported that Charlie Gibson's coming out of retirement and will be filming from the Blue Room..all pieces on how badly America needs the healthcare reform THE ONE wants with no counter to it, as if there IS no other way of looking at it. This is probably illegal if not highly unethical and dishonest, but...get the Greek Columns out again; he's at it again.

Ducky, the signs were largely in English and they're twittering quite a bit in English, too...you're right, they want this news out. But, I'd say they want it out to US.
As I've said countless times before, American media's ignored the weekly protests in Iran for years...they just couldn't ignore this huge one anymore. Why they've not shown it like Paris television did, I don't know.

Maybe my friend SAM, in the UPDATE on my post, is right. I've often considered it and why.

They do say that part of the reason these people are at their wit's end is the sanctions...and Frank Gaffney, someone I have no problem saying I don't admire (I know many conservatives do, but I NEVER HAVE) is behind those sanctions, sucking the life blood out of the people. Still, if this is partly why they're so provoked, that's a good thing.

I'll never accept that the Iranian people don't want America's help.
Persians here are in contact with their relatives whom they'd left behind after the Shah, and those people there know how much easier their lives are here, and they want some of it. Their society was never like the Saudis, never repressed, etc., it was a thriving sophisticated place. We all know Persians like that here.

Z said...

Hi, Waylon...Canadians are seeing US better than WE are these days. Thanks for that. I agree. I don't believe he EVER grew up and appreciated the goodness of this country. Never.

Ducky's here said...

z, they could use our help but they don't want our interference and we better damn well know the difference before we go blundering in.

Maybe we should ask Daniel Pipes what he thinks, if you get my drift.

This idea that we can just snap our fingers because we are America and it's all resolved and if it isn't it's because there's a liberal who doesn't understand the Constitution in the White House is silly.

Z said...

Ducky, yes, we'd better know the difference. I'd have thought obama would say something more than he has, especially since America's been so insulted by Ahmedinejad...I mean, we can't really prefer him, can we?
What's the point to NOT coming down hard, would you consider that too much interference? I'm not sure myself, maybe it would be but SOMETHING more could have been said. And NOT saying anything gives the pipsqueak some credence, in a way.

I don't believe Moussavi is MUCH better than AJob, but SOMEWHAT better, and far more pro West, from what many say. Well, he would have to be with the amount of kids who voted for him...
America's never colonialized and we aren't going to start now.

Z said...

Obama's "disturbed" by what's happening. Should he be suggesting that they at least stop attacking the protestors?

Some in the European press are saying more like twenty are dead and plenty have been carted away and haven't been heard from.

Ahmedinejad's at a conference in Russia, by the way.

Anonymous said...

It's not that Obama doesn't understand the constitution, hell, he's a lawyer. He likely understands it in the way that Rev, J. Wright, Saul Alinksky and Bill Ayers understand it — he's their protege, isn't he?

All America really has to do is do what America was designed to do by the Founding Fathers — be a model for freedom and limited government — act and speak accordingly. Being a beacon of freedom in the world is more important than sanctimonious finger wagging, while the country id being eaten from within by statism.


RightKlik said...

"I want them to know that we in the United States do not want to make any decisions for the Iranians, but we do believe that the Iranian people and their voices should be heard and respected,"

What a weak metrosexual wimp. When will Obama stand up against tyranny? When will Obama stand up against terrorism in strong, unequivocal terms?


Libs... is this hope and change you voted for? Will you speak out against tyranny or just let things "run their course"?

Ducky's here said...

Obama's "disturbed" by what's happening. Should he be suggesting that they at least stop attacking the protesters?


Okay, but the cops ain't gonna put down the guns and truncheons.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


You might be pleased that I'm playing some leftist music on my blog - the Soviet Union national anthem and the Horst Wessel Song from your favorite leftists in Nazi Germany - to accompany my post about Obama's seizure of ABC to talk about his plans to take over the health care industry.

Z said...

beamish! You got that story...good on you.

EVERYONE GO TO BEAMISH....this story will knock you OUT. Charlie Gibson will be 'reporting' from the Blue Rm ALL ABOUT HOW WE NEED O's healthcare plan.
No other side represented.

THIS is what THE ONE's people have been planning behind the scenes since they hired the CNN and 2 (I believe) NBC reporters to work FULL TIME on their staff....producing the news FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!

I hope this story isn't right..it just CAN"T BE. That Americans don't stand up to this will show we have NO HOPE.

Ducky's here said...

No Internationale Beamish?

Do you and the rest of the Klan have an anthem or do you just sit on the porch, drink juleps and watch Birth of a Nation?

Ducky's here said...

You know, through all this, z, is the assumption that Ahmidgetinabad didn't win the election.

Lot of opinion out there that thinks he did. In that case it's counter productive to just do an all out frontal attack on him.

We don't know what happened.

shoprat said...

The Iranian Tea Parties are being attacked. Obama wants to be careful because he really has no influence over the regime and secondly, he can probably see the inescapable connection between this and the tea party movement which he certainly does not want to encourage.

Khaki Elephant said...

Obama denounces the violence with the same vigor that I denounce my kids for pouring too much syrup on their pancakes . . . wait, come to thing of it, I don't wait 3 days to make my feeling heard.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Z. I can't take much more of Ducky, honest to God.

Z said...

Shoprat, good point.

Khaki...perfect analogy...yes, three days. No problem speaking out against the abortion doctor killer though, huh?
Wasn't it also about 3 days before Mr Obama spoke out against the Muslim killing our American recruiting soldier....And CNN used his American name, which Mohammed hadn't used in a few years? I don't know how they even FOUND it..must have taken some trouble.

Ducky...there's absolutely that chance. The world opinion today is "How the heck did they hand count that many ballots so fast?"

let them count properly...that's all Iran should want.

Brooke said...

Wasn't BHO just saying in Cairo how Islamic nations have a long shared history of fostering freedom and such.

Is this an example of that?

Rita Loca said...

Sarkozy just denounced the Iranian election as a fraud. he has more guts than our 'dear leader'.

Z said...

Brooke, in that speech, he also said "Islam has a long tradition of peace.." Go figure. I'd sure like to see a bit of that.

Jungle Mom, that is good news.

Man, people...I'm reeling about the ABC/White House story. You hearing about that? Beamish has covered it well.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

At this point, possibly up to 12 civilians killed in Iran.

Obama recently declared he doesn't wish to "meddle" in the affairs of Iran. Oh. I see. As in Mr Obama not wishing to "meddle" in the affairs of Israel.



heidianne jackson said...

viva la sarkozy. would that our president had his backbone.

Z said...

BZ: german media says 'about 20 dead'.....but they're not allowed out of their offices anymore.

Heidianne, you bet Sarkozy has it all over this president.
Probably even took his lead by our media chastising obama for saying nothing!
MSNBC had 2 women the other evening waxing eloquent about Obama's 'restraint' in staying out of Iran's business.

You can't make this up.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Sarkozy didn't have a problem denouncing the election and treatment of the protesters.

Obama said something about not "meddling". His first instinct was not to denounce anything. The election, the treatment of the protesters, just to have it both ways or no way.

Ducky, it's one thing not to take an action, it's quite another for an American President not to say, "we stand for freedom, not the brutalization of any people. We stand with the Iranian people in their quest for freedom".

How about that Ducky? Would that be too much risk for Obama? His passivity in dealing with tyrants is obvious.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Actually, the Klan burned my grandfather's business to the ground for registering blacks to vote.

Birth of a Nation? Isn't that the Klan recruitment movie enthusiastically recommended by progressive leftist Democrat Woodrow Wilson that Grand Kleagle Senator Robert Byrd screened at the kick-Lieberman-out-of-the-Party party?

I'm adding the Internationale just for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi zin;

Many thanks to Pris and you and all the BRAVE Americans who support our uprising, Just now, there is a Bloody FIGHT between the youth and the regimes thugs in VANAK SQUARE at the north of Tehran,

TODAY, again 8 deaths till this hour,

Please go to this site below


Prey for our young people;


Anonymous said...

Ah beamish, game, set, match! You are a winner.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sam, so glad you came here. I know Z will be happy you did. Please keep us posted. We will pray for freedom for you and your people. And may you stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Please help us to identify this lethal arm;

Austria has equipped the Mullahs anti strike forces with a kind of rifle that each ballet contains the hundreds of very tiny particles and the particles are embedded with a kind of poison, we have enormous wounded with these arms.

We want to know the composition of this poison, please help us to save the lives.



Joe said...

President BO could have only one reason for not condemning the actions of the Iranian government: he supports them.

Ducky, you asked what he can do. Well, one thing he can do is NOT remain silent about it.

He can question the election results and still recognize Ahmadinejad if it come to that.

Why would one be exclusive of the other?

Anonymous said...

A similar thing is happening in Cuba, not on this scale, but Cubans are tired of the castro regime and want change, but hussein obama is reaching out to the castros. It's not that obama can't do anything, he won't.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think what is so breathtaking about BO's conduct during this crisis is arrogance. He is convinced his personal magnetism will overcome even the worst people on earth.

He should look to Reagan's response to the infant freedom movement in Poland in 1981. It was the united front against communism presented by Reagan, John Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher that eventually carried the day. But then again, history isn't BO's strong suit is it?

Anonymous said...


Obama is in no way pro-Israel.
He has caved to radical islamic arab nations since he came on the scene. It's the same old liberal arrogance....he thinks he can reason with psychos.

Z said...

folks...google Maryam Rajavi.

SAM, are you still working with her?

I guess you know we can't help you regarding the poison pellets from the Austrians. How do you know it's supplied by them?

This is so awful. Are you a fan of Moussavi? Do you think he'll be much better than Ahmedinejad as far as stopping nuclear proliferation in Iran, helping your economy, etc.? It won't take much for Frank Gaffney (I HOPE) to call off the sanction dogs he's fought so hard for IF Iran is willing to have complete transparency on the nukes.

Anonymous said...

Hi zin;

Please don' persist where am I;

Moussavi has participated on the Genocide of the 30,000 prisoners 21 years ago when he was the prime minister,

There is no difference between those 4 candidates, all of them were approved by Khameneii,

the people have profited from their internal struggle to up rise.

We are against all of them,

Moussavi asked the people to enter to their house, he wants to save the Mullahs regime.

For the Rifles, yes Zin we have seen their MADE IN AUSTRIA.

Zin, in BABOL, a northern city, a green dressed commando was arrested by the students, HE COULDN'T SPEAK PERSIAN!!! Venezuelan I guess.

Zin, if we were not Disarmed by the US FORCES on 2003, we could overthrow the MILLAHS in two days, without having the thousands of victims,

Zin, do you remmember 2 years ago, when I said on FPM that there is a plot against your forces in IRAQ, and against GWB?!!

I can not write more now, I'll tell you why all the US ADMINISTRATIONS WERE SUPPORTING the Mullahs from 30 years ago till now, GWB didn't wanted to continue this dirty politics, that's why he was smashed.
he was the only one who resisted, but, even GWB did a huge mistake by keeping our resistance on his terror list,

And OBM was born from that mistake.

The History never forgives the monumental mistakes.


HoosierArmyMom said...


You and your people in the resistance are in my prayers. Please let Z know how we can help, if there are ways to support you and the resistance. Z knows how to contact us with any details.

Z, I am serious here, let me know if there is anything that can be done by freedom loving citizens to help these people's cause.

I'm going to Bemish's now... I hear the real meaning of 'ABC' is All 'Bout Communism.

Anonymous said...

The ammo might not be Austrian, Sam. Here's a shopping list of non-lethal ammos...

Anonymous said...

The most common non-lethal irritant agents are CS, CN, OC, PAVA and CR.

CN - Chloroacetophenone
CR - Dibenz (b.f.)- 1:4-oxazepine
CS - O-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile
OC - Oleoresin Capsicum
PAVA - Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide

Z said...

thank you, FJ...I hope SAM can come see those.

Also, SAm...are you saying Austria RECENTLY sold this stuff to Iran or years ago? Sometimes, we can't be sure.

Z said...


Tell me, are YOUR resistance people not supporting the demonstrators? Because YOU say you don't like Moussavi, but they do, right?
Are you still working with Madame Rajavi? The Ayatollahs must hate her, right?

Or are the demonstrators just against AHmedinejad and would go for ANYBODY other than him?

Tell me:

-Are those demonstrators ALL MOSTLY for Moussavi?

-If not, is there someone else who is a viable choice NOT backed by the mullahs?

-DO YOU feel the election is a fraud, too? How could they have hand counted millions of votes so fast?

-Do you think there's any chance a recount would be legitimate? I can't see that happening.

-Do you feel these demonstrators could get large and strong enough to overthrow the Ayatollah and his buddies?

-Are most of those demonstrators rather pro American?

-Do they know the people are supporting them and do they care that Obama is not?

There are SO many questions, but I know you don't like to stay here too long.

Answer what you can; we are hungry for real news, too, and we don't really get it.