Saturday, September 19, 2009

Autumn, Fall...whatever you call it, I'm glad it's coming

It's finally hot here in LA....Really hot, so I'm picturing Autumn and crisp, cool days.........It's my favorite time of the year. (the picture above's my screen saver picture all year long)
Which is your favorite season and what do you like best about Autumn?


Average American said...

I'm with you Z. Autumn is best by far. Temps in the 60's and 70's, dry air, not too much rain, and only a few mornings with frost. Then add in reaping what I sowed (my garden), hunting season, and the absolutely beautiful fall foliage. Perfect!

Sue said...

I have to say Spring has always been my favorite season and in years past, I was actually depressed by Autumn. The past couple of years however, Fall hasn't bummed me out as must be because I am on the cusp (I hope) of the fall/winter of my life. LOL

Enjoy your favorite season, Z!

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda like Sue. Fall has always depressed me for some reason. The long shadows bother me. I love the colors, but then they morph into gray and everything fades into winter.

Oh well, it's lovely while it lasts!

I love spring!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't I just on the Beach yesterday?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Fall is probably my favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold. Everything seems to slow down and relax. Explosions of color. The hills of Missouri seem like they are on fire when the leaves change.

And, of course, the holy season of football :)

Faith said...

I'll take EITHER Autumn or Spring just because I don't like the extremes of winter and summer -- we've had three months of mid to upper 90s without a break this year and it's only dropped into the upper 80s for all of September so far. At least it's cooler in the evenings and mornings though.

I much prefer the weather in Northern California. Mild seasonal changes, occasional cooling fog cover even in the hot season, a cold but almost never freezing rainy season, early Spring with trees blossoming in late January (not until May here). I guess I should move back to California.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Anything other than monsoon season is good with me.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Whichever one I'm in is my favorite.

Fall - when I visit a "fall" locale, and the pace slows in the garden.

Winter - when it's raining and all the noiseniks have to close their windows! Christmas.

Spring & Summer - gorging on garden bounty, trips to see family, yoga on the deck. I enjoy cool breezes right by the ocean or I'd see summer as Faith does.

Susannah said...

I think maybe summer is my favorite - swim meets, beach, warmth, my favorite flowers blooming...

Though, Fall is great too - leaves, football (our 10 y/o recovered a fumble today & got to run the ball for the first time!), start if school & the newness of that...T'giving just around the corner, etc.

Z said...

Nice to hear all your feelings on this.
I'll always be a Fall fan, though I love the spring blossoms and the summer beach breezes and barbecues ..but, Thanksgiving leads to CHRISTMAS, as Susannah said...
that says it all for me!
And, I love cooler a VERY long shot...sweaters, candles at dinner, reading by a window when it's raining outside...Harvey's Bristol creme...!

Anonymous said...

Summer is my favorite. I like everything about it. Baseball, BBQ's, open windows and doors, light clothing, sitting outside on balmy evenings etc.

I have no complaints about the other seasons but to me summer is the best.

Z - It's not as hot at our house today. it's just right. Fall is in the air, you can feel it.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I do love Christmastime.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what makes the leaves fall?

The buds for next year's crop of new leaves start to emerge, and push the old leaves off the branches.


The brilliant blue of sky
Assaults the eye
While clouds of blinding white
Soften the stab of stinging light.

Summer's splendour
Claws at the commanding blue
Hating –– supplicating ––
Submitting at last
In a fiery blast ––
A scornful array ––
Deceptively gay ––
Of every vigorous hue ... "

Walls made of stone
Crack and groan
At the coming of frost.
Flowers die beneath the sky,
While pods of seed
Split open and bleed

Scattering –– hope ––
On earth –– in air ––
Riding on wind
That sounds like despair,
As it sings in harsh voice
While it stiffens the frost --
"Nothing is lost.
"Nothing is lost."

~ FreeThinke (©1973)

Mark said...

I prefer Spring. There's something about spring that transmits, to my mind anyway, a new beginning, and new hope.

To me, Autumn signals the beginning of the end of the year, and cold, dark days will soon be upon us. Winter to me, represents a pervading feeling of gloom and hopelessness.

Spring represents a bright new world of hope. It's like.... all adversity is melting away with the winter's snow, and bringing with it a brave new world of hope that things will improve.

Ducky's here said...

I actually like winter if it isn't too snowy. It has to get real cold to bother me and I love going out for a skate on the pond after a few good freezes.

Z said...

FT "Nothing is lost" nice's like it's gone, but not lost. And it always comes back. make me sound like a mental patient for loving Fall, but I DO understand your point (Smile!)xxxx

Ducky, I'd love to skate again...You know The Bishop's Wife? Some of the best ice skating scenes, most heart warming scenes, in filmdom. I love cold weather; thrived on it in Paris ...tho Munich is much colder and more frigid and sometimes I didn't have the right clothing on if we were just visiting and not living there at the time. Man, THAT can be COLD standing in Odeonsplatz ...wind whipping you around. the coldest I've ever been, I believe.
Paris is very manageable and I miss wearing gloves in LA....I believe it kept me healthy every winter in Paris, no germs on the hands.
Howard Hughes

Ducky's here said...

Never mind the skating scenes, z, although they are good, every girl wants Cary Grant as her guardian angel, that's just the way it is.