Thursday, September 10, 2009


Get your BUMPER STICKER HERE! Everybody knows by now, from the posts below, that I'm not in agreement that anybody yells "YOU LIE!" on the floor of Congress to a sitting (ptui) president............but I DO believe HE LIES. Get your bumper stickers .... post them. People need to know! geeeeeeZ!

I just saw that New York's very famous and successful Tavern on the Green is filing Chapter 11. I put that information here because it's such an institution...... good food, beautiful ambiance, and now it's in trouble. I put it here with "YOU LIE!" because I believe Obama, if asked, would say it was sad that an expensive, lovely restaurant where the wealthier New Yorkers dine is in trouble. He'd be lying. How can you be so vindictive to anything making a (gasp!) PROFIT and demanding those who've finally achieved, through hard work and dedication, give much to those who haven't achieved, and be really sad an upscale restaurant could be closing? How can you think beautiful homes, genteel lifestyles, country clubs, wonderful restaurants and all the rest of what financially successful people have is GOOD when you're bent on destroying them? And, isn't he?
If he keeps putting us in debt with his borrowing, if he keeps demanding redistribution of wealth, if he keeps belittling companies which (gasp!) PROFIT......America will be so changed for the worst......the beauty.....gone. Unrecognizable. It's one of the saddest things I've experienced in my life and I doubt you feel much differently.


Anonymous said...

The Tavern's operating license wasn't being renewed...

Ah, that explains it all. Like with health care, politics trumps economics every time.

Ducky's here said...

If he keeps putting us in debt with his borrowing, if he keeps demanding redistribution of wealth ...


Ah, dear, dear z. Here is Timmy "Taxes" Geithner and Larry "the Whale" Summers spending to refloat the banking system and keep the Wall Street flambeurs rolling in free chips and you start about redistribution as if you understand what direction the transfer is taking.

Middle America has been losing for decades now ever since St. Ronnie Raygun. Now that the chickens are coming home you and the rest of the "elect" are all in a snit. It really is quite disingenuous.

Z said...

No, it really isn't, Ducky.
You can look at history any way you wish, I'm entitled, too.
YOu really need to get your information from two sides of every issue. thanks. At least you can then better disseminate the truth without such bitterness and agenda-driven conclusions.
The tip off is someone actually putting any stock in anything a person like Geithner can do or say. THAT is scary. But, then, he might have a foothold over Obama.

Last night, Geithner lied (again);
"health care without adding a cent to our future deficit"... they must be drinking.

Even I wish the inarticulate, scared-of-the-media Bush was back..and I never thought I'd say that.
And I disagree with a lot of what he did. ...he should never have caved to your lefty TARP pushers...silly, dear Ducky.

Ducky's here said...

Well Geithner is just an extension of Summers who is a good buddy of Bush administration's Paulson who started the whole TARP give away.

You have to admit that the right has been very, very lax in admitting where the stimulus spending started. Wasn't Obama and he has spent less than many are calling for.

Not that he's a leftist, mind you, but he hasn't been any more profligate than others who came before. This all started with Ronnie Raygun.

"Reagan taught us that deficits don't matter."
--- Dick Cheney ---

Time to man up and accept a deep level of responsibility on the right.

Z said...

Ducky, we would ALL give more blame to the Right if people like you weren't so belittlingly nasty and kept harping on SOCIALISM being the way for America.
Grow up.

Why do you think the Right's such a big tent...and that they criticize each other in ways you will NEVER EVER see the Left do?
The Right's thinking..trying to change for the better; not redo America.

Jungle Mom said...

Tavern on the Green is closing?

Does Ducky not have a home of his own?? He's always here...

Ducky's here said...

No way. You can usually find me at the Russian Tea Room.