Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's threatening private insurance companies? REALLY?

UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU used to be reassuring....He was America! You love America, you are needed to defend our country...right? Great stuff!
Today, the Uncle Sam in the White House feels scary to me........you know?
ARE THEY KIDDING? Did you read what Obama's doing now? Private health care companies were contacted to, essentially, cease and desist from contacting Medicare beneficiaries?
Here's the first paragraph....you'll want to read more HERE:

Washington - The Obama administration warned insurance companies Monday that they could face legal action for allegedly trying to scare seniors with misleading information about the potential for lost benefits under healthcare legislation in Congress.

"Misleading?" I'm thinking that cutting $500 billion from Medicare just MIGHT be reason enough for seniors to be SCARED, wouldn't you? Or is that cut not being reflected in any way, shape or form in their future Medicare coverage!? (If you can figure out how to cut a HUGE amount of your household budget and cut nothing you need out, can you let ME know?) And can they explain how they'll manage this at the White House!? And they're threatening LEGAL ACTION for warning people? And, what if 45% of American doctors DO decide they're getting out of the business......isn't THAT 'scary', too? Mightn't that affect Medicare benefits?


FrogBurger said...

This administration is fascistic.

They can lie but nobody else has the right to lie.

If they had strong valid points, they wouldn't have to do this.

They're admitting their weaknesses by being the bullies.

shoprat said...

You cannot tell the truth if it embarrasses or confounds the One.

God help us.

Z said...

But, seriously, guys...where DO we go from here? This is quite a threat! And Humana stopped right away? How far can this administration GO propagating LIES and now threatening?

Will they be threatening FOX for telling the truth because it doesn't go along with their propaganda?

FrogBurger said...

Yes they may do that. But that'd be a really bad move politically I think.

Can't wait for 2010 and 2012 to get rid of those scumbags.

Bettye Jo said...

What can we do to protect out First Amendment rights? I am truly frightened. Bettijo, GA

Pat Jenkins said...

obama's idea of the land of the free.... freeing himself of those who may oppose him... i think a few other tyrants viewed their "empires" with the same notion didn't they z!!

christian soldier said...

Z-your ? --How far can this administration GO..

While we've been working -they have been organizing...
We must organize- form bonds w/ those we can trust...and run for office...gather talented advisers..and 'watch each others' back...

Anonymous said...

This is not going to pass. Period.

Stick a fork in the Obama Administration. He's done.

beamish said...

It only took 8 months to make Obama's 2012 re-election chances get shot straight to Hell.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Democrats run a candidate against him in the 2012 primaries.

After of course, Congress goes back to Republicans next year.

Anonymous said...

The pendulum will swing the other way.

Never in the history of this great republic have our rights been so aggressively threatened and curtailed. Nothing short of a totally new revolution will suffice.

Unless we desire to allow acorn, soros, moveon, kos and the rest of the granola eating scumbags get their way.

Z said...

If any of you would like to see why this health care bill will probably pass...or at least the Baucus version, put CSPAN on right now and the fiasco of Orrin Hatch BEGGING Rockefeller and Baucus to just please "LET US ASK QUESTIONS before we debate and VOTE, OKAY?"

SChumer's snickering, Baucus is snickering, Rockefeller finds it hilarious...and Hatch and Kyl are trying to UNDERSTAND THE DARNED BILL....they say their staffs can't figure it out, they want ANSWERS but the Left's just ROLLING ........mocking.......and the darned Republicans are so polite.


Z said...

Bettye Jo...I'm scared, too..
For the first time, really...I'm very scared for America.

Chuck said...

This is after Congress was demanding private financial info

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what law was broken. Can someone tell me?

We have a dictator in the White House folks. Thuggery. I'm too angry to be scared. Maybe I should be but, we can't tolerate this.

it's time to flood the phone lines of every democrat representative and tell them they'd better get hold of this administration or they're politically, toast.

We can't sit around crying, it's too important for the country, to speak up. Call Humana and praise them for speaking up. Fight back, for God's sake.

This administration will go as far as they're allowed to. Congress has to stand up to them, and call a halt, and the way to spur them on is to let them know they will lose in 2010!


Z said...

Pris, Humana backed down immediately. Who knows what the WH threatened?

And, you're right; We should all be calling the Dems and warning them, but I don't think they really care.
They know they still have the majority of AMericans; they've paved the way by letting minorities think they're on their side, etc etc., ruining our kids...

Wait till next year and this 'president' take on illegal immigration! He'll be worse than Monty Hall. Only it'll be "come on UP!" They'll all be voting and HE KNOWS IT.

When I wish CLINTON was president again, YOU KNOW I'm worried and downright DISGUSTED!

Meanwhile, Tom DeLay's on Dancing with the Stars.

highboy said...

Hitler did a lot of the same stuff. I know, Goodwin's Law and all that, but facts are facts, and Goodwin can bite me. Obama's economic policies, proposal for forced youth community service, attempted dominance over media dissension, and healthcare ideology, all can be found within the former Nazi regime.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

THE "TRUTH" WILL "OUT" -- no matter WHAT!


Anonymous said...

The dems still have the majority? Are you sure about that? I'm not. I don't believe the polls. I'm sure the administration can see to that too.

Humana got their letters out right? Do you think their clients didn't read them? Do they need more letters? They know the truth anyway.

I saw the CEO of Humana on Fox this morning. As of then, he hadn't backed down.

So, what are you suggesting, just give up?

I'm tired of hearing there's no point in fighting back. Or what if this or that. We can kick this around for hours and accomplish nothing. It's not good enough.

I have faith we can make a difference, and in my own small way, I'll keep trying.


Z said...

Pris, I hope you're right but, yes, I think a lot of people still like Obama... but, less and less, you're right.

The article in this link said Humana backed down... I can't know for sure; sounds good that their president was sticking to his guns as you say....

I don't know where you got from ME that we need to give up the fight! WE have to do it because the Rep senators are just not forceful enough, in my opinion...

We must keep fighting, of course...it's why we went to the Tea party 2 weeks ago..

Here is something I just now found on Yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090922/ap_on_go_co/us_health_care_medicare

here are the first paragraphs, so at least the Republicans are fighting back !

"WASHINGTON – Republican lawmakers rebuked the Obama administration Tuesday for telling health insurance companies to stop warning elderly customers they'll lose benefits in health care legislation, which some equated to a gag order.

At least one prominent insurer has misrepresented the pending bills to frighten older Americans, the administration says. But GOP leaders said the companies, whose income could be reduced by the legislation, are entitled to free speech and political debate."

cube said...

We are past the point of politeness. I think more people should stand up and tell the emperor that he's butt naked!