Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zack and ACORN...he does it again!

Who could resist Zack's latest? Click on it to see it's worth the grin! THEN, please scroll down and tell me how you feel about America losing 45% of her doctors because of Obama Scare....that'll take the grin off, but at least Zack gave us one this morning! (thanks, Zack)


Ducky's here said...

We will lose 45% of our doctors. Absolutely stunning that an adult could believe that.

Absolutely stunning.

Meanwhile, these two "filmmakers" (yeah, real Antonioni's both of them) traveled to several cities before getting the response they wanted. Planes, hotel, meals ... who funded them? I'm guessing Dick Armey's crew but I would like to know.

heidianne jackson said...

zack did give me a smile, right up until the minute i came to the comments section...

Tom said...

Nothing like a killjoy...

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Any answers, Heidianne. It's looking like well Breitbart is the guy, he's been pushing the "murdered my husband" tape to Faux News and they've been running with it even though it was a put on.

Wow, 45% of the doctors will quit and what become Wal-Mart greeters?

kevin said...

Ducky, if I would have told you last month that Acorn was on a mission to transport dozens of underage illegal aliens girls for prostitution out of several of thier offices nation wide what would you have said?


Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, these two "filmmakers" (yeah, real Antonioni's both of them) traveled to several cities before getting the response they wanted."

Really Ducky? Name the cities they went to BEFORE they got this response on the videos.

Michael Moore has made millions doing the same thing. One difference is, in this case the entire videos and transcripts are available.

The other difference is, Moore set out to make anti-American films. These two young people caught criminal behavior to expose a racket which we pay for, and which is a service to their country.

So far there are four different tapes which reveal ACORN workers cooperating in what we know would be an illegal sex trade of minors.

So far, we know there are indictments of ACORN personnel, and investigations. It certainly is no stretch for two ambitious, actively concerned people to think there may be more to this organization than meets the eye.

Or are you just OK with an underage sex trade.

If the media was doing their job, amateurs would not have done this. They're great young people.

Who funded them? Well as far as I know it wasn't the taxpayers as it is with ACORN!

Why do the taxpayers pay for a group which helped Obama get elected? Slated for eight billion dollars more of our money, I might add.

The smell out of Washington is becoming overwhelming. This young couple is a breath of fresh air.


Z said...

Ducky, stunning that you still have trouble reading posts and links before commenting.
The information about who funded them is there to read, too. try it.

Sorry, Ducky...I know it hurts to see your heroes brought down, but the jig is up. The Senate believes them but YOU DON'T? :-)

PRIS; Who could add to that? It's so refreshing to read a comment by you and the others who READ and THINK.
Yes, Michael Moore and others were chastised by those they screwed and misrepresented, but for ducky and others? "THAT'S OKAY! WE'RE LEFTWINGERS!" as if

Anonymous said...


As Acorn does Detroit, Trenton, Newark, Philly, Cleveland and any other dem rat run enterprise that is still mired in corruption, malfeasance and total incompetence.

Don't you find it amazing that the cities and organizations that run and have run all these have all been governed and ruled by demrats for the last 40 years? Yet they remain stuck on stupid and it's the SOS after all this time...yet these totally ignorant people don't get the connection...yet?

It should be obvious that the demrats have kept these people virtually enslaved to a worthless ideology that has kept them impoverished, dependent and stupid for all these years even after trillions have been poured into these failed societies?

All they get, election after election is the same lies, failed policies and generations of failure. While the scumbags at the top are the ones wearing the gold cuff links.

Meanwhile...who are the real "racists"? The mentally challenged idiots who keep voting for the likes of the Lee's, Boxers, Watsons and the whole cabal of shuck and jive long as they share a common skin color.

It's time to hold them responsible and accountable for the misery they've chosen to live their lives in.

Z said...

Imp, you're throwing pearls to swine; the leftwingers are convinced that this country's GOT to go down and they're working too fast and furious to stop and listen to you.

Average American said...

Love the cartoon Z. Since I don't want to talk about other posts here, I won't tell Ducky that no one here said anything about 45% of doctors retiring. They are the ones that said they might. I'll bet at least 15% would actually do it.

Oh, and the house voted to "unfund" ACORN too.

Ducky's here said...

A good essay on ACORN

Ducky's here said...

Pris, they were in Miami, Houston, had the police called on them in Philly (police report was filed).

There were others and a lot more than one that threw these two out.

And it's now clear they were funded by Breitbart.