Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Girl Pants has something really BIG

Heidianne has a heck of an article, and you can get there through HERE!

It's about Obama and who's behind him.........and how many, and where are they, and how'd that bill get written so fast, and are the czars the puppets or the puppetmasters? CHECK IT OUT, it's fabulous reading and I THINK you'll find it pretty stunning. Thanks, Heidianne..great find.


heidianne jackson said...

thanks z! it's an interesting premise. and i believe it to be too close to true to be ignored.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I too would like to think of a Bigger Overarching Conspiracy.

But conspiracies diminish in the light of day with this one solid and salient line:

"Two ___________ (fill in the blank with 'cops' or 'Hells Angels' or 'my fellow office workers' etc.) can keep a secret if one is dead."

Which is why predominantly so-called "conspiracies" don't hold much water with me. It's the Nature of Human Beings. They cannot WAIT to tell of alleged secrets or plots or plans.

Unless, of course, they're dead.

Mr Obama is naught but a Useful Tool for the Leftist/Socialist tribes backing him.

And now he finds it difficult to operate in not only the Actual Light of Day but in an environment where he is not so insulated and protected as before.

Welcome to Reality, Mr Obama.


Z said...

BZ, tell you the truth, this is as far as I go with 'conspiracy' (I think): "Mr Obama is naught but a Useful Tool for the Leftist/Socialist tribes backing him." BACKING HIM are words I take slightly more POWERFULLY or troubling than you do, though..

I do think there is a group behind him pulling his strings and I still would like to know who paid for his college education, who got a completely unknown community organizer into the state senate, etc etc....Imagine a guy who lies SO obviously "I didn't know Ayers except we lived in the same neighborhood.." UNTIL the conservative media finds the truth, THEN it's "well, we DID work together, our wives DID work together too, and we served on boards, and, okay..he DID host my first fundraiser in his HOUSE!"....and people VOTED FOR HIM?

The media complicity might be the biggest 'conspiracy'...but I think there are SUCH interesting points in McMahon's article that they really deserve consideration....

Miradena said...

It's a great article, Z.
It makes you wonder when the 'Selected One' was truly selected and by whom.....

Heidianne - I have been trying to comment at your site but the "post" button isnt highlighted for me - so I can't add my two cents!! I will keep checking back until I get a hot button ;)

Average American said...

Follow the money Z. It leads right from George Soros. Can you say "buy the presidency?"

FrogBurger said...

I think the same people that are behind Obama were behind Bush. The bankers, the Soros and the ones who want world gov at the Council on Foreign Relations. They are all part of this organization.

Ducky's here said...

i'm going to take jim's paranoia just a step farther and put forth the thought that these bills were pre-written by whomever is really in control of the administration at this point.


Yeah, like every other presidency.

Sounds like another right winger just fell off the turnip truck.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there are many so-called think tanks who influence governments not only in America but all over the planet. Specifically the in America I'd suggest becoming familiar with the Council on Foreign Relations. It's been around since 1921 and exerts a big influence on the government, both Republican and Democrat.

Find out more about the most important influence on setting up this organization — Colonel Mandell House. He was Woodrow Wilson's chief political adviser, his "alter-ego". Check out his ideas especially in a book (novel) he wrote which was published just as Wilson be becoming affiliated with him: "Philip Dru: Administrator". He makes clear that he is favorably disposed to "socialism as envisioned by Karl Marx". So the fever that embroils America today has been long in incubating.

It's been said that nobody becomes President in America who is not supported or endorsed by this group. Some even say that JFK may have sealed his fate when he spoke about a "Shadow Government" and enacted Presidential Order 11110 to change the role of the Federal Reserve . They don't take kindly to those that may have been members of this group and then speak or act opposed to it.

Another big name in that group since the late 1940's is David Rockefeller. Although he was born privileged and wealthy his "education" led him to be sympathetic to socialism — specifically Fabian Socialism. He was so enamored by it that he wrote graduate papers on the subject. That is the brand of socialism that sees the fastest way to alter the world is by smashing that world. The idea itself is illustrated in the Fabian window — with even George Bernard Shaw, himself, being in that work of art.

The CFR has been prolific in spawning similar agencies such as the Trilateral Commission. This was formed by David Rockefeller after being impressed by the ideas of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Watch MSNBC or NBC and note the denigrating tone directed against those who are seen as opposing the government. It's no accident and the practice has been a long time developing. Their biggest enemy is exposing to the light of day, since I don't believe most sane people really want what those people have in mind and they are not subtle in saying what they want, especially to what they consider to be their people.


Z said...

waylon..BOY, you know more about the ruination of this country than most of US do..thanks for that.