Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Faith Blog

I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time and here it is: I want you to know how much your reading my stuff and commenting means to me.
To find so many people who are on my same page, who love America at least as much as I do, is a thrill and an honor. I've come to look at you as friends. I look forward to seeing you here and I look so forward to reading your blogs. We've had a personal situation here that's kept me from commenting as much at your sites as I did in the past and I apologize for that....Allow me to thank you sincerely for your amazing loyalty in spite of that. I will try to do better...for MY sake, because your blogs are excellent.
For some reason, my daily site meter amount's suddenly gone up and I'll bet yours have, too; I think this says less about me or you and more about Conservatism (or failing liberalism?); people are interested and we MUST answer that curiosity with well written, well thought-out, very pro-American, pro-capitalism, convincing posts.
Fight, friends. America deserves it. Remember that, in the Old Testament, God used HUMAN ARMIES to do His business. We are that army today. May God Bless America.........and God bless all of YOU. FIGHT ON. PRAY ON. Keep the FAITH.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong." I Corinthians 16:13

*the picture above is Mr. Z's, taken Wednesday afternoon on the ocean bluffs in Santa Monica, overlooking the ocean and Pacific Coast Highway, which you can almost see down there under the bluffs. We walk there to recharge our batteries............sometimes faith takes a little 'recharging', too.



Steve: The Lightning Man said...

You guys are welcome any time should you find yourselves in South Carolina, so long as Mr. Z forgives my rusty German!

JINGOIST said...

Z, those were inspiring words indeed! Thanks for the wonderful pep talk. I sure do hope and pray that you and W are doing well, you have me a bit worried.
Either way, keep up the good fight and don't let them call you a "racist" for opposing ObamaCare.

I think I'll write a blog entry about that right now. :-)

Elmers Brother said...

That's a beautiful photo. I feel recharged just looking at it.

beamish said...

Aw, shucks :)

I prefer to be a commenter than blogger. If not for blogs like yours, Z, I'd have to put work into my own :P

Always On Watch said...

I'm out of the loop a lot these days.

Man, do I ever miss blogging and making blog rounds!

Z said...

Steve,I have always wanted to go to the Carolinas and I thank you! Mr Z's impressed, by the way! He loved your EINS ZWEI DREI SUFFA...very Bavarian, he said! But that they pronounce the Eins, Zwei, Drei kind of funny with the Bavarian dialect!?

Would we have a time, or WHAT?

I often think how much fun it would be for a big bunch of blogger buddies to meet around a great big table (I'll cook!) and just talk for hours about politics!

Jingo...Glad you were inspired! I hope you write a blog entry soon...I kind of stopped checking because you hadn't posted anything new for a while; let me know :-)
Thanks..W and I are definitely fighting the good fight here.

Elbro, so glad that photo lifted you up. no matter how many times I or Mr Z go to the bluffs, there's ALWAYS something different in the light or the mist or clarity or shadows..just gorgeous.

Beamish...and I'm sorry I haven't been to yours lately. I miss it and will get over there.
But am SO glad you're commenting here...that Appendix piece is almost 500 comments..who knew? I almost didn't post it at all thinking "who cares?"

Always, We're all praying for Mr Always and are so glad he's doing as well as he is. We miss you, too. xxxx

Z said...

EVERYBODY: Beamish wrote this for the caption to that picture of Obama wiping sweat off his brow, about 3 posts down and I had to make sure you all saw it because he just CRACKS ME UP!:

"but, seriously, what's bugging Obama the most is that on his first day in office, he found out that there really isn't a remote control hurricane maker."

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Your blog is a must read. I don't have time to do political blogging for obvious reasons so I rely on you and others to spread the word. While I do something novel in the classroom... Teach

Here is a quote you should stick on your sidebar as well: "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

-Teddy Rooselvelt

Ducky's here said...

You'd do a little better, z, if you could start from some comprehensive perspective.

Any political perspective that claims to have comprehensive answers is the pure stinky cheese. Too often I sense that the far right is reacting more out of fear.

They remind me of the guests in Bunuel's "Exterminating Angel" who are trapped at a very upscale dinner party after the servants are gone and can't leave. They end up trashing the place unable to sustain themselves until they finally discover the "secret".

To me those are the far right. They are so invested in a failing dogma that they will trash everything rather than admit to the failures of their ideology.

I know, but what about "our" freedoms? No, that's absolute cheese. All you are about is "your" so called freedom to consume and trash anything to satisfy whatever passing consumer itch you might have and forget about "our". The right has no concept of "our" unless it is the small subset of the far right.

You don't have a future.

Z said...

Thanks, Ducky...that explains your comments here so often.
You simply will never understand the Right...that's clear. You would do well to better and closer read posts.

The following is an excellent example of the RIGHT. I was posting this anyway here today; I urge EVERYONE TO SEE THIS, IT"S WELL WORTH IT. I just read that it's been taken off the video tapes of the National Legislature but I don't know that for a fact. I don't doubt it, however.

Jungle Mom said...

What a lovely spot! We do make some lovely friendships here on the blogasphere. We pray for you all often.

Anonymous said...

Just like Ducky to consume so much band width allude to a "secret" and not reveal the secret. Then to segue into some sort of insanity that it's all the "rights fault" or the "extreme rights fault" — WHATEVER...

Not even the remote possibility that it could be the "lefts fault" or the "extreme left fault" especially after all the flaming success stories of leftism in the 20th Century ...

BTW, that was an excellent photo, Z!


Z said...

Well, Waylon, I'm just trying to 'do better' here at the blog, you know :-)
Glad you liked Mr Z's pic..he has about 23847209847298437 of the bluffs and Marina del Rey, I assure you. I swear they're ALL good!

JM..thanks SO much. We, for you, too. Am still going to work on the 5 words you gave me...sorry for the delay. I had fairly hefty car accident yesterday (cars are both in the shop and we're pretty well, thank God) and that's just another distraction now :-(

beamish said...


Any political perspective that claims to have comprehensive answers is the pure stinky cheese.

This, folks, is as close as Ducky will come to admitting that leftists are incapable of rational thought.

Anonymous said...

Z...send me that flick. Let me do a tune up in Photoshop and I guarantee it'll be a first place winner in any local Art show. I want Mr. Z to win. Love the shot too BTW!

Faith said...

That IS a great picture, beautifully composed. I love Pacific Palisades park, haven't been there in years though. What camera did that, may I ask?

Z said...

Imp, I'd be glad to send you some pix...stay tuned! This afternoon..thanks!

Faith, I hate to tell you that it's an inexpensive "point and shoot" pocket camera! I'll ask Mr Z when he's back.

da patriot said...

Well, Z, as Ben Franlins said, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately". Loyalty to our country and to each other, both are virtuous traits of American conservatism.

Anonymous said...

Z, It's such a pleasure to come here every day. Such a terrific blog and great people here. Yes, friends for sure. A pure pleasure. Thanks for GEEEZ! It's a must part of my day my friend.

What a lovely scene. Thanks Mr. Z.

"May God Bless America.........and God bless all of YOU. FIGHT ON. PRAY ON. Keep the FAITH."

Yes, it couldn't be said any better.


Z said...

DA...He was a prophet!?'re a great part of GeeeeZ, thanks SO much :-)

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Great comment - God used human armies. Yes He did! And we are that army today.

About South Carolina, we were recently on Hilton Head Island - my first time in the state and it is truly beautiful, there and in the surrounding areas. I found Beaufort fascinating.

Z, I'll meet you and others around that table and I'll definitely help cook:-)

Thanks for the inspiring pep talk and for the always-spirited commitment to this incredible country.

Anonymous said...

"What camera did that, may I ask?"'s never the camera. It's the person who takes the picture. If one doesn't have an eye to begin you think a $5000 Nikon or Canon will make it a winner despite the persons inability to see?

Conversely, in my time, I've seen wonderful images taken with a $1.99 plastic lens, Diana camera. So it surely wasn't the camera, was it?

There's nothing worse than to have an image that's technically perfect but conveys absolutely zero to the viewer.

Faith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I need a decent cheap camera.

Get a Diana then...a buck 99. It ought to suit you...since you have the "eye"...that's all ya need then.

And sir..madam...I'm supposed to know?

Beth said...

I know I am not a "regular" but I do agree with your sentiments that we need to keep fighting the good fight, you do a great job here in that department!

namaste said...

beautiful, z. God bless.


MK said...

Beautiful spot Z and hope you guys are ok.

Anonymous said...

"Beauty is Truth; Truth Beauty ..."

~ Keats

... Truth is God and Man is His image and likeness ...

"There is no Life Truth Intelligence or substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-All. Spirit is immortal Truth; Matter is mortal error. Spirit is God and man is His image and likeness, therefore Man is not material, he is spiritual."

~ Mary Baker Eddy

If Beauty is Truth and Truth is God, and God is Love, we cannot live and fulfill our destiny without experiencing Beauty on a regular basis.

Our essential nature is that of Love Truth and Beauty -- all attributes of Godliness.

~ FreeThinke

Faith said...

"There is no Life Truth Intelligence or substance in matter."

Well, there's no intelligence in matter, but there certainly is substance.

"All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-All.

Wouldn't this include matter? She just excluded intelligence from matter but now she seems to be committing the heresy of pantheism except for the gnostic denial of substance to matter.

Spirit is immortal Truth;

The Holy Spirit is an active living Personality, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, who embodies truth and holiness and all the attributes of God.

Matter is mortal error.

Nonsense. This is the Gnostic heresy. God made matter and declared it "good." You are usually more grounded in reality than most of what Mary Baker Eddy has to say, so I'm not sure what to make of your admiration of her.

Spirit is God and man is His image and likeness, therefore Man is not material, he is spiritual."

I'm not sure what to make of this. It's rather confusing. The Holy Spirit is God but there's plenty of spirit that is not God, fallen angels, demon spirits for instance. Man is God's image in many senses, all spiritual, yes, but also moral, but we're also Fallen and distorted by sin (disobedience of God, separation from all that Truth, Love and Beauty), from our original state.

If Beauty is Truth and Truth is God, and God is Love, we cannot live and fulfill our destiny without experiencing Beauty on a regular basis.

Our essential nature is that of Love Truth and Beauty -- all attributes of Godliness.

That's an inadequate description of God though true enough as far as it goes (there are some good books on the Attributes of God I could recommend), but as for human beings, we're sinners, fallen and corrupted and out of touch with God in our natural state.

The only way we can reclaim the image of God in us is through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh, to pay for our sins and restore us to Godliness.