Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Health Care speech and my take.........

I just put the television and couldn't believe my eyes that Obama is on LIVE again this morning rehashing the speech from last night. Perhaps he was up all night reviewing the polls with Axelrod and Rahm and they've figured out what went over well and so he's hammering those points...again.

This morning, I'm struck again by what I felt last night during the short minutes I could stand to watch (it was hard with Pelosi right behind him). What struck me was this president's subtle and sometimes not so subtle but constant belittlement of PROFIT and COMPANIES. "Try to make the insurance companies honest..." he repeats this morning... "they who make profit......." as if his lip should snarl and say "they who pass typhoid to your children". Has another American, capitalist President ever said PROFIT and COMPANIES with such belittling disdain? It feels almost like he's joking as it goes so against American values. No PROFIT? No private COMPANIES? IS that the goal? Then, how could he have encouraged our children to do well in school and get good jobs in Tuesday's speech? No profit? No companies? Will they be forced to work for government, have their hard-won successes redistributed? "Details...details..."
As for SC Representative Joe Wilson's outburst "YOU LIE!", Politico's Glenn Thrush says this: A little-known South Carolina Republican may have done more than the president’s combative speech to unify besieged Democrats around health care reform." Well put, Mr. Thrush. But, the BIGGER STORY here is that I still can't find any media sources digging to see if Wilson was right or not about Obama wanting to cover illegals. What I feel is that Wilson was not right in yelling what he did, I thought it was bad manners. But, I find it even more scary now because the media's concentrating on THAT and not that Obama still isn't quite truthful and still not completely forthcoming about the bill. Mr. Wilson gave Obama a wonderful 'out'.
Regarding illegal coverage, Obama said this in late July ""First of all, I'd like to create a situation where we're dealing with illegal immigration, so that we don't have illegal immigrants," he said. "And we've got legal residents or citizens who are eligible for the plan. And I want a comprehensive immigration plan that creates a pathway to achieve that." First of all, Mr. Obama, WHAT DID YOU SAY? Then, AHA, so the way you get around not paying for the health care of those who haven't in any way earned it and aren't even citizens is MAKE THEM CITIZENS! good one, Mr. silver tongued devil. Hey, Maybe Wilson was right...but it took me digging around to find the truth, the media won't do the work the American people deserve. Finally, HERE is something I found that exposes quite a bit.

Then Obama said this: "The one exception that I think has to be discussed is how are we treating children," he continued. "Partly because if you've got children who may be here illegally but are still in playgrounds or at schools, and potentially are passing on illnesses and communicable diseases, that aren't getting vaccinated, that I think is a situation where you may have to make an exception."

And, I SEE...illegal CHILDREN should get free health care because they might pass things on to legal children. Well, that's an excellent point, scares parents to death, and maybe you scored a point for your team. that not ILLEGALS GETTING HEALTHCARE? Couldn't you have delineated that in your speech or are you still afraid too much of the truth will get out?

Here are important parts from Politico's piece on Obama's speech to Congress last night:
"What we have also seen in these last months is the same partisan spectacle that only hardens the disdain many Americans have toward their own government," Obama said. "Too many have used this as an opportunity to score short-term political points, even if it robs the country of our opportunity to solve a long-term challenge. And out of this blizzard of charges and counter-charges, confusion has reigned." I'm wondering if he even realizes that presidents don't talk like this? People have used the health care bill to "score short-term political points"? And you, Mr. Obama, use the health care bill to score long-term financial devastation for America. Which is worse? Who do you suppose he means by "people?". Maybe they're, in reality, just trying to point out problems with the bill? Why the name calling, why the awful belittlement to the whole half of the Congress he apparently holds in such disdain. PRETEND you represent us all, Mr. President; PRETEND there is some dignity and maybe you should take back these and other comments as willingly and quickly as SC's Joe Wilson did after his outburst? I think so. A PRESIDENT should not speak like this. Ever.

Apparently, Republicans scanned their BlackBerrys during the speech. I found that wrong, too, but then I got to thinking "Well, Obama does that to them every day, not paying attention, ignoring.." When the Republicans were holding up copies of GOP bills during the speech, I cheered. Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod, Rahm, Linda Douglass, Obama and more Democrats have all gone on record saying that the Republicans have done nothing but obstruct, but there are some very good ideas the Republicans have tried to promote and they've been shut down; The best idea they've had, in my opinion is "WHAT IS THE BIG HURRY? This is a huge bill, a terribly costly bill, and we need to stop and THINK, we can't be railroaded because the far left wants this NOW!! Birpartisanship has never been deader and yet this president talks like it's alive and well.

“No president has ever been treated like that. Ever,” said White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. And no president has ever tried to railroad a country into a huge bill that needs more time, either. And no president has ever belittled average Americans for their thoughts, opinions, and ideas he might not find to his liking. By the way...does Hillary always applaud with that little vigor?

And, of course, AP is at it again nuance, no truth about WHO is uncovered and WHY?


Elmers Brother said...

he accused others of scaremongering and then started to list what 'wouldn't' happen if the bill wasn't passed

does he read the speeches beforehand or just read them off the teleprompter?

Greywolfe said...

In my never to be humble opinion, Z, Joe was exactly correct in what he said and how. My only disappointment is in the fact that he apologized.

To hell with that! He's no king, and he's shown no respect for the Constitution (the true ruler of this nation) so why, if he degrades the office, should he be afforded the respects due to a faithful servant IN that office?

Joe was right in his assertions. And so are you in pointing out that by the time this bill takes effect, the current crop of illegals (and whatever comes in during the interim) won't BE illegal. As I said on my last night, he doesn't exactly lie outright. He, like the serpent in the Garden uses half truths to disarm his opponents.

Thank God for every person that stands up and flings this man's lies back in his face.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

And, I SEE...illegal CHILDREN should get free health care because they might pass things on to legal children. Well, that's an excellent point, scares parents to death, and maybe you scored a point for your team. that not ILLEGALS GETTING HEALTHCARE? Couldn't you have delineated that in your speech or are you still afraid too much of the truth will get out?


Well they won't be passing on anything that the unvaccinated, due to the autism fraud scare, aren't passing on.

But I do hope we don't spend a couple bucks so that a child gets immunized.

"Suffer the little ones to come unto me" and all that so long as they have a green card or top shelf health insurance.

Some kid ends up here because he escaped the starvation currently going on in Guatemala and the first thing my Christian brethren think about is "deport".

How empty we are.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the whole point of the speech, Z. The point Mr. Obama made was that he's no longer going to listen to "those who oppose him." He's going to "call you out for all your lies" and the Democrats are going to ram their version of the bill, WITH a government run healthcare option attached, through Congress REGARDLESS of what the rest of the country wants or thinks.

Obama is completely within Nancy Pelosi's camp and will no longer make any Harry Reid inspired bi-partisan concessions.

And Joe Wilson was the only Republican in that entire body who had a "moment of clarity" as to where the president was heading and what they need to do about it. But then, he only held that correct idea for a single moment... before he started second guessing his instincts and began apologizing.

Greywolfe said...
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Anonymous said...

...and ducky, Mr. Obama says that he's not going to render ANY medical assistance to illegals in this country and that it's a LIE to imply anything different.

Americans have been defacto treating them gratis forever. If you've a complaint, perhaps you should take it up with Mr. Obama and his party, as HE is the one who is threatening to change the system and cut off their medical treatments, NOT us.

Greywolfe said...

Ducky, you quoting Christ is laughable. Socialists using a religious quote to try to engender shame in Conservatives is the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard of.

You don't mind US being religious as long as it is in support of your godless goals. Suuuurree.. We'll get right on that.

First and foremost, we have to secure OUR nation. Let the great unwashed masses south of the border fix their own problems and STAY HOME! Conservatives give more of themselves and their fortunes to charity than any of your Leftist buddies ever have. Our tax payers should only pay for the cost of a plane ticket back to where ever these leaches come from. Then put up a big concrete fense with gun mounts at regular intervals.


Ducky's here said...

Wilson: "You Lie!"

America’s Health Insurers: "You're Hired!"

If nothing else,Wilson must be commended on the sheer economy of his ratio of words-to-future-financial-benefit.

It makes "This is a stick up!" sound verbose.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we are all on the same page this morning.

FrogBurger said...

Puky Ducky why are insurance companies cutting deal with the administration?

Greywolfe said...
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Greywolfe said...

Ducky, have you ever had a cogent thought in your entire life?

Just because Joe Wilson doesn't want to pay for illegals you drop your drive-by drivel on this site about him.

Accusations require proof you leftist boob. Otherwise they're just more spittle flying in the wind. And God knows we've had enough of that from you over the last year.

(damned typos)

FrogBurger said...

And Wilson was right. He lies through his teeth as much as bush lied about WMD.

37 acts/bills were written by the Republican Study Committee in 2009.

He lies about the fact that we won't have to pay for it. Something that is not sustainable will have to be paid for.

So yes he is a liar, maybe the biggest one I've seen in politics.

And I applaud Wilson. Rebellion is good in the face of tyranny.

Z said...

Elbro...worse than that...he's still condemning, condemning ,'s all about how EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T SEE WHY WE NEED THIS IS STUPID..ANYBODY WHO SEES CANADA AND ENGLAND'S PROBLEMS IS STUPID..ETC ETC
The more I hear this morning, the more I hate this guy's demeanor and LIES.

And I STILL think Wilson got us NOWHERE by blurting that out.
Right or Wrong, he did political damage; we underestimate the msm SO badly sometimes it's astonishing. OH, are they capitalizing on it, OH, did this smoke screen cover so much of what people SHOULD be talking about this morning in O's speech.

Please, do I think WIlson's RIGHT? OF COURSE!

FJ...I missed a point of the speech? My whole post is how nasty this man is and how he STILL lies and it's obvious he's ramming this down our throats .... NO bi partisanship, that's why I applauded the Republicans holding up THEIR IDEAS in their hands when Obama again suggested we had no ideas...what a damned lie THAT IS.

Wilson's instincts weren't to apologize..the Republicans told him he'd better...........I hate that SO SO MUCH, but it gave Obama SUCH credence by that one darned YOU LIE...obama has a 'get out of jail free' card and it put the health care plan in a higher standing because Wilson appeared to emphasize what Obama and Pelosi have been saying , that the Reps are OBSTRUCTING. I'm so sad this happened.
We had a great chance at the truth getting out that Obama STILL wasn't clear, and he STILL can't substantiate most of the claims he made, or won't (See my point about illegals)

Ducky...just stop. Legal American Christians, born here, paying tax dollars here, have at least as much a right to keep our children safe, too. Hospitals are closing due to illegals, 4 good/big hospitals in LA alone. We owe OUR CHILDREN better than that. OUR children should count, too.

Z said...

Does he CARE that half of America honored that war?

THIS IS WAR HERE, FOLKS...HERE in America..OBAMA'S WAR dividing America due to HIS WISHES is terrible.

Oh, now I hear Biden says HE is SO EMBARRASSED by Wilson's outburst. Now Wilson's released a LETTER of apology.
OH, we look GREAT, independents and thinking Democrats are SO being bombarded by the msm this morning...not that Obama's speech STILL isn't clear, but that A REPUBLICAN SAID "YOU LIE"


FrogBurger said...

Wilson should have not apologized.
"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.", Benjamin Franklin

Z said...

FrogBurger......let's just agree to disagree :-)
Am I HAPPY he did it, absolutely not, and I don't think there's anyone who hates this health care plan MORE than I do.

I can see that I still care way more about the media perception/dishonesty and mischaracterizations way more than most conservatives for what it does to any electorate toying with waking up and voting Republican (and I know a LOT of people today who are FED UP with Obama who'd voted for him)...
I'll always believe we need to not throw red meat to the libs and I'll never stop believing that, I suppose.

Had we an honest media, Americans on the fence would be hearing EVERYTHING, from both sides, every error, every GOTCHA, every slip and they could decide for themselves....but Americans who aren't getting the truth from the conservative media aren't hearing Dems do anything wrong and the Right's outbursts, etc., are magnified and demonized. That's bad for America....God doesn't want that.


cube said...

Rep. Wilson's outburst was more akin to what I am feeling than the drivel that the MSM mavens are parroting.

Honestly, the few times I have listened to BO's lies, I have yelled out worse words than, "You lie!"

RightKlik said...

I'm starting to appreciate your perspective on this, but I don't think one outburst from an obscure Congressman is going to change the course of this hostile takeover of 1/6 of the U.S. economy. Other stories will rise to the surface, and this episode will soon be forgotten.

Honestly I don't know how much longer conservatives are supposed to politely sit on their hands while Obama and the leftist Democrats drive this country over a cliff. And I don't understand why the U.S. Congress is supposed to be so much more polite and proper than the British parliament.

Z, I sincerely hope conservatives don't spend much time arguing among themselves about this. We have a lot of work to do and we agree 99% of the time. Let's defeat ObamaCare.

Z said...

RK..finally.. a little respect at my site (Rodney Dangerfield would be SO PROUD :0-)

I respect everyone's viewpoints I just get so frustrated when I feel so much more importance in what the msm says to SO many prospective voters...NOT FOR OUR purposes but FOR PURPOSES OF AMERICANS HEARING THE TRUTH, not getting news so tweaked and blown out of proportion ON OUR ACCOUNT! That's all.
You said :Z, I sincerely hope conservatives don't spend much time arguing among themselves about this. We have a lot of work to do and we agree 99% of the time. Let's defeat ObamaCare.

Yes, absolutely.

HoosierArmyMom said...

From AmeriPAC:

Obama Lies And Gives Illegals HealthCare
Concerned American to Concerned American:

Last night an angry Obama lied to the nation about extending his NO Enforcement - Open Border Amnesty Policy to ObamaCare. He said his plan would not apply to illegals and Congressman Joe Wilson called him on his lie. Just cross the border and enter a government clinic and you can get free health care paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Don’t worry your illegal status will not be questioned ObamaCare has no mandatory proof of U.S. citizenship. What a country! Obama is already letting 3.6 million illegal aliens in the country every year and he plans to make us pay for their health care

I really loved it when he assured us that he would make sure we were never denied services. Yeah, like in 10 years when I'm denied treatment for something what do I do... use the old "I'm telling Obama on you"????? That is giving his word on something he can't do!!! He's just a liar and scam artist.

Ducky's here said...

What a country! Obama is already letting 3.6 million illegal aliens in the country every year and he plans to make us pay for their health care


I don't know, Hoosier. I'd say our immigration issues go back a little further than Obama. Maybe even back to that fraud St. Ronnie Raygun who said amnesty would fix everything. Remember that?

Anyway, illegals can walk into emergency rooms today. Hard to see what's being proposed that will change that situation.

This sounds like just some silly charade to allow the far right to blow off steam rather than debate the issue.

Z said...

HAM....the WH shuts down the slightest talk about citizenship..there's no hope; they don't care.

"Anyway, illegals can walk into emergency rooms today. Hard to see what's being proposed that will change that situation."

Republicans were hoping to fix things, not allow them to stay "status quo" as THE ONE keeps warning against. And by the way, WHO CARES if Republican presidents also were for illegals coming in illegally? It's WRONG no matter who does it.
As for amnesty, things were VERY VERY different in R. Reagan's day. context.

"This sounds like just some silly charade to allow the far right to blow off steam rather than debate the issue."

No, not a silly charade..>Conservatives are really concerned about this country. You can call it silly, we can't.
And,'ve rarely stayed on a topic once here.
And, of course, the DEBATES on most issues is shut down by Obama; the idea of bipartisanship died when he took office.
Bush tried to reach across the aisle and lost fingers.

Anonymous said...

While I disagree with the way Joe Wilson handled himself, but adamantly agree with his sentiment. I have to give him some kudos for actually feeling so strongly about the healthcare issue. He was certainly more passionate about his ideas on the issue than our dear President is. But, regardless of who that President is -- is not acceptable.
As for the speech, I did not watch it, because I knew in advance that I wouldn't believe anything that Obama would say. .

FrogBurger said...

There's worse than what Wilson did.
Now people are going to focus on that and create a non issue to hide the rest of Obama's crap. That's the only mistake Wilson did. Why would a representative of the people be supposed to have respect when the President and his goons doesn't have respect for the people? Do they apologize when they call us names? It takes courage to do what Wilson did. He'll get my money if he raises funds.

Z said...

"Now people are going to focus on that and create a non issue to hide the rest of Obama's crap."


Anonymous said...

Not responding to OR challenging Obama's provacative and clearly partisan speech would have been far worse than what Wilson did. The RNC should have walked out at the utterance of the very first lie. That they didn't brought shame on the entire corrupt institution.

Yes, Z, we agree to disagree.

RightKlik said...

This article may be a little loopy, but there are some good points (a Brit's perspective).

...and Joe Wilson speaks.

Anonymous said...

Obama was strident, dictatorial and is a liar.

He's going to "call people out" who "misrepresent the healthcare bill".

Exactly what bill would that be? The one that's written, or the one the White House is going to write. Does anyone know what he's arguing about? He doesn't.

He's demonized every industry and profession to lure people into this class warfare agenda of his.

He's demonized the people who have demonstrated and spoken against the healthcare bill. His talking heads calling us "mobsters", political terrorists", etc, etc.

One congressman calls him "liar" and it's armageddon!! Give me a break.

Obama can't take it. He's a thinskinned, arrogant, tin horn dictator.

Bush could take it, and did. So much so I found myself wishing just once, that he'd let 'em have it. Now, if he'd done that, all hell would have broken loose.

It might have been worth it.

Conservatives are expected to be civil. We're not supposed to demonstrate, or make noise. We're supposed to just take it like we have for too many years.

Well, if you've ever seen a mother bear protect her cubs, that's me. I'm a civil person. But, if you are determined to rob my children of their freedom, their future, I'm that mother bear, and civility be damned.

There are alot of mother and father bears out there that know as I do, what we're up against. If the other side want's civility, call off your thuggers, and listen.

We're not shutting up and we're not going away, and keep your hands off our cubs!