Friday, September 25, 2009


Miss you? Geez, let's see, Mr. Bush.......We've had two near-miss terror attacks on our soil in the last few weeks, Qadaffi and Chavez LOVE and admire our new president, N Korea and Iran are getting even more close to nukes, debt's HUGELY more than where you were taking us, we were able to keep our health care and knew we'd always have terrific doctors to care for us and our families, the CIA's employees could still stand up tall, our servicemen adored you and nobody had to Mirandize ENEMIES, .....we knew we had a president who loved this country no matter if we agreed with you on everything or not (which some of us did not)....Miss you yet? ...with the white hot intensity of a thousand summers. WHO KNEW?

Also, I just want to mention how much I 'miss' my Dad, whose birthday would have been today. You would have absolutely ADORED him, I guarantee.


Jess said...

So sorry about your dad Z, dads are so special aren't they? I miss mine too.

So much to say so little time....

It angers me that we allow these friggin terrorist world leaders on American soil. I say "hell yeah!" to Benjamin Netanyahu for his blunt criticism to the UN for allowing Ahmadinejad to spew forth his anti-Israel crap. That we allow this man along with his terrorist cronies like Qaddafi, into our country, is incomphrensible.

I'm tired of seeing Barack Obama on television. No more talk shows, no more commercials, no more press conferences, not for awhile ok?

I can't believe schoolchildren are being forced to praise our President in song.

And lastly ACORN suing Hannah and James but nobody has done crap to the people who were attempting to commit fraud on behalf of ACORN? Apparently their case is as thin as their knowledge of the Constitution.

This week has totally sucked, isn't anything going right anywhere in this damn country?


Ducky's here said...

Two near miss terror attacks? Are you insane. The guy was caught and never got close to implementation.

Remember, Obama has kept us safer longer than Chucklenuts.

Opus #6 said...

Bush had his flaws, but a lack of love for country was never one of them. I miss him too.

Truth said...

If a Doctor destroys your health you sue them. If a contractor ruins your house you run him off the job. If a mechanic wrecks your car you refuse to pay.

This man single handily destroyed the Republican Party, so much so that the Republicans lost the House, Senate and White House.

Do I miss him? No!

Without a doubt the worst Republican President ever to hold the office. It is because of his direct failures that we find ourselves in the situation we are now. It is because of his disregard for Republican policies and values that we now find ourselves with Obama.

Ducky's here said...

nobody had to Mirandize ENEMIES


Explain that one z, I'd like to find out how deep you can dig that hole.

Chuck said...

Z, sorry about your father.

As far as missing Bush, only if you want someone you can believe in and trust

Duck, Bush kept us safe for over 7 years after cleaning up Clinton's mess on 9/11. Obama will not likely get to say he will keep us safe for more than 4 years.

Z, I could be wrong but looks like you have a troll.

Joe said...

Ducky says: "Are you insane."

What an astute rebuttal. Contrary to the rest of us, Ducky does not even need a question mark to indicate that his sentence is an interrogatory.

"Remember, Obama has kept us safer longer than Chucklenuts."

Test: nine years and three months years. Which is longer?

And the ground-work for 9/11 was done during the preceeding four years. Guess who was in power and totally missed it?

Come back in three years and three months and let's see where we are.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of your sweet dad today, huh, Z? :-)
Sweet memories, I'm sure.

Hey, Z, did you hear about what Chavez said to Obama when they met recently? Something about "Come over to the socialist side" Puh-leeze. I would love to see / hear how Obama responded.

Ducky's here said...

Now Joe, we can only measure from the beginning of the term. Right?

Anyway, I notice that the moron that was arrested in Illinois was arrested as a result of an operation that began in March, even though this bobo was a known sympathizer and was in Saudi in 2008. Was Chucklenuts asleep at the switch?

Pitch till you win.

Ducky's here said...

Jen, that would be a treat but Obama is far too conservative.

He'll stick with state capitalism until the boat sinks.

shoprat said...

To be honest I voted for him as the lesser of two evils. On right vs wrong decisions and policies Bush was probably batting .600 or so. I doubt if the Obamanation is even close to .100. I guess 1.000 is impossible but I think we could find an .850 or so.

It is still your Dad's birthday. Honor him as if he were at the table with you because in a way he is.

Z said...

HI, Jess...the man NEVER WORKS. NEVER. He flies around, makes speeches and goes on comedy talk shows......Maybe Michelle's in the Oval Office doing what she'd planned to do with Axelrod, anyway? they worked in that hospital together? Remember, when she left, after having had a $250K salary, they didn't have to replace her position. I keep getting the oddest feeling SHE is in charge..she, Axelrod, Rahm, etc..? Obama's never THERE.

The best thing that could EVER HAPPEN is ACORN suing Hannah and James AND Breitbart (Andrew's hoping for that, too...he's our buddy Orson Bean's son-in-law, and is a SUPER guy in person; smart and very nice)...
This is almost as good as if the Flying Imams sued all those Americans on the plane who they'd scared the hell out of, remember?
But, the Imams were astute enough to drop the suits; they couldn't let Americans see islamists sue other good Americans for having tried to keep us safe...
ACORN's suing now so the other videos they have can't be released. They can't win, their 'head' (Bertha Lewis, is her name, I think?)even THANKED Hannah and James for exposing the bad guys in their organization (AS IF it's limited!?)..and NOW they're SUING!? You can't make this stuff UP! but they MUST stop those other videos.
Americans will NOT be pleased that this is happening...YOU GO AHEAD AND SUE, ACORN....GOOD JOB!! :-)

Ducky, Americans can't allow "never got close". I laughed aloud at that one. If they were anywhere near CLOSE, they have to be stopped. How many "never got closes" do you think Bush/Cheney stopped? Apparently, many. And they were close again this time...yes, two near-terror attacks were thwarted that were created on Obama's watch. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

As for hadn't heard? :-) know, we needed a REAGAN, someone who could articulate conservatism better because I do believe that it was "Anything BUT BUSH" by the time 2008 rolled around, even sooner than that, even with some Republicans. And, I think much of the anti-Bush was stoked by the media; they hated him, so WE MUST HATE people would HAVE to vote "ANYTHING BUT BUSH" (Anything but another Republican, I mean).

Now we're seeing BLOGS open up with names like LIB NO MORE and others....Liberals like my new commenter Soloman, like 3 Black bloggers' blogs that have opened up AGAINST Obama, ...there are MANY bloggers who've gone from LIb to Con because of Obama, and that's a good sign. Matt Rose is another one who let me publish HIS piece of how liberal he was but he's awakened...good guys. horrifying it is to live in a country you hate so very much.... I can't imagine. Of course, with what Obama's doing to her, I can't really blame you.
You'll be deleted if you get too much more demeaning to my commenters. Ya, they can stand up for themselves, and DO (that's when you disappear), but I'd like you to argue more intelligently and not belittle, Thanks.

Z said...

Shoprat, he sure is at the table in my heart and that of my family. Thanks for that.

As for Bush, I have to admit...he didn't do some things I'd have liked to have seen him do, you're right.
His inarticulateness really didn't help. And, the media'd maligned him AND AMERICA so badly that many Americans actually thought Obama could protect us by singing kumbaya and appeasing....and GROWN Americans actually BELIEVE that, not just the indoctrinated kids the left's created.

When CHAVEZ and QADDAFI adore an American president, YOU KNOW we're doing something REAL WRONG.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Bush's statement:

"Islam is a religion of peace" went down on me like someone was forcing me to drink molten lead. Unforgettable.

That, and I don't miss Bush the apologist, the panderer who practiced far too much restraint and tolerated Muslim ideology to the point of making that declaration above.

Nope. I don't miss his hamfisted, neoconservative ways. He was weak.

Ducky's here said...

z, would you like to name an instance of appeasement?

It looks as if he played this latest nuclear revelation in Iran perfectly. Might have the Russians on board to really turn the screws and give a boost to the internal resistance.

Now, Chucklenuts knew about this reactor but did nothing. Why is that?

Z said...

Ducky, when you dump Czech Rep and Poland in the mud for Russia/Iran, you're appeasing our enemy.
When you please Palestinians saying the Israeli settlements shouldn't "CONTINUE" (Suggesting the ones that are there NOW have to go) you are APPEASING our enemy.
When your administration thugs slam Netanyahu and says nothing about Chavez or Qaddafi, you're appeasing.
When you fall for the global warming IDIOCY that so many scientists, even those behind it months ago, are saying is FAULTY, you're appeasing your leftwing nuts.
When you tell TURKISH STUDENTS that the AMERICAN PRESIDENT's duty is to "guard Islam around the world!" THAT is appeasing.

Just STOP it. You're more intelligent than this..I think.

Talk about appeasement...what do you think we might have GIVEN Russia for the Iranian help, DUCKY?

GEE....maybe that's why Bush had to look the other way about reactors, huh? But, THAT doesn't fly with you!

You crack me up.

Brooke said...

I miss Reagan. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm with Truth and Harkonnen.

Bush effectively set up the drinks, prepared the feast and rolled out the red carpet for the disaster we are now experiencing.

Like Brooke I miss Ronald Reagan. Neither one of the Bushes had the right stuff frankly. Clinton, of course, had all the wrong stuff.

The treachery that is Team Obama, however, does NOT excuse or flatter the jerks who came before him.

Things have just gone from bad to worse to impossible. That's all.

Keep writing and calling the senators and representatives. BOMBARD them with your concern and disapproval. OVERWHELM them.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, I notice that the moron that was arrested in Illinois was arrested as a result of an operation that began in March, even though this bobo was a known sympathizer and was in Saudi in 2008. Was Chucklenuts asleep at the switch?"

Ducky, it's been announced that the operation began in March, that doesn't mean it wasn't begun sooner, it means that's what we were told.

The bottom line is two attacks were pre-empted.

The apparatus which worked so well to prevent these attacks are a result of the Bush administration. We'll see how much longer that remains to be the case.

And Ducky, you have not a clue what had to be done to strengthen our intelligence capability, and to supply our military with what they lacked when Bush took over.

It takes years, but because Bush didn't play the "Great I Am", we were not given the daily updates and photo ops we are now. His Presidency was not considered an opportunity for a perennial, exhaustive campaign

Of course I miss Bush. At least I could sleep at night.

Brooke - Yes Reagan was the very best.

Z, I commiserate with you on your Dad's birthday. We both know we daughters are always our Dad's little girls. I'm sure I would have adored him, because you do.


Chuck said...

Actually Pris has a very good point. This is not Obama's CIA anti-terrorism apparatus, he's still using the practices Bush put into place (and which he so roundly criticized). Don't be mistaken, he is trying destroy all that Bush built he just hasn't had enough time.

Z said...

Again, my commenters are WAY smarter than I am...and I agree with most aspects of all that you guys write here..

Thanks for the kind words about Dad.
no, never gets easy but at least we had dads we admired and loved and we came first for them (after Mom, of course) many kids have that today? Not enough, I fear.
My Dad never hit me but he gave me 'the look' when I was little and I KNEW (all us kids did!). He'd TRY to help me with arithmetic homework (I'm mathematically challenged but PARTICULARLY LOGIC challenged and word problems always escaped me..he excelled at this!)....well, he'd finally get frustrated and a little 'louder' with his frustration that I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND why it mattered what time two trains met if one left at one time and the other...YOU know!!.... and I'd BURST into tears and run upstairs. You know what I was thinking up there? Not "You mean old father" but "I hope I'm not hurting his feelings that I left the breakfast room table in tears...I'd better get down there so he doesn't feel bad".

I wasn't a pushover, but I SURE did love and respect my father!!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Celebrate your dad's birthday. He is with you and will never leave you. I miss my dad, but I know he's there for me and guides me everyday. I wish I had a dime for everytime I find myself in a situation and I think about what would my dad say. He's with us. That's for sure.

G-Man said...

"I miss Reagan. *sigh*"


Anonymous said...

L&O - You are so right.


MathewK said...

For all his faults, at least Bush actually accomplished what the left say they stand for and he was not a complete enemy of liberty, like obama.