Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's official...we just MIGHT be nuts

Mark my words: if they let Zazi off because of the information his lawyer's giving now, we're DONE, folks. There IS no erring on OUR SAFETY'S SIDE anymore.
Here's how the link HERE starts:
"Claims that an Afghan immigrant was on the verge of unleashing a terrorist attack on New York City on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks are missing a key element: explosives or the chemicals allegedly used to make them, the man's attorney said."
Please, do yourselves a favor and check out the incredible evidence that points to this guy and then see how an AMERICAN lawyer believes he's not guilty. It's all there in the link. Eric Holder will be fighting tooth and nail to free Zazi...........what do you want to bet? I thought of posting this guy's picture but, I can't bring myself to...NOT HERE, buddy.
Z (now cheer yourselves up and check the post below...!!)


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Gott im Himmel, Z...are you reading my blogs before I can write them? You just prognosticated exactly what I'm writing in another window and have been busily scurrying about the Interwebz digging up pictures to boost!

I'll drink to great minds thinking alike!

Eins, zwei, drei...SUFFA!

Z said...

Steve! I'll be right over to see!
Chuck and I usually dovetail amazingly on our posts!
I love YOU including ME as a 'great mind'...I know you and Chuck are!

Eins, zwei,drei, SUFFA! is right! PROST! xx ich habe deinen post nicht gelesen! Aber, jetzt mach ich es!

Chuck said...

Z, I missed the mark today. I posted on the Goracle.

He'll get off, the deck is stacked against prosecuting attorneys

Anonymous said...

Hey, Z. Hope you and Mr. Z are stocking up a few things and doing some bug out planning. I wouldn't want to be living in L.A. the way things are going these days.

Z said...

Hermit, good to see you, even if you're gloom and doom today!
LA is no better or worse than any other place.....This terrorist was planning problems for Colorado, don't forget.
I hope you're doing well.

Chuck! I'll go look at Goracle!
Yes, he WILL get off...because WE ARE NUTS. Political correctness over our safety...bending laws so the bad guy has EVERY chance of escaping the law; meanwhile innocent Americans are in jeopardy. #$(&@#$

beakerkin said...

The critique was that NYPD interfered with a federal investigation. It is a very serious charge and people have been terminated for far less than that.

The Feds were likely seeing where Zazi would go. The end result is we caught a fish but did not drain the swamp

Anonymous said...

This latest plan really proves just how nuts these muslim freaks are. Go ahead, blow up a building in Dallas, Texas!

Texans are just waiting for one more damn good reason to play cowboys and muslims!

Z said...

Beak, that we could have a country where a goof like that prevents our nailing a guy who'd like to blow up an American CITY is scary. I UNDERSTAND that we have laws, and we don't want them used against US, but...this is REALLY spooky.

Anon...excellent point!

Ducky's here said...

Now Beak, you're wrong as usual. The issue is that the Feds had this guy under investigation for some time.

They know he had been purchasing the ingredients but when he drove to NYC they weren't in his car. The car was searched when he crossed the George Washington on 9/10 and it was clean.

Then the NYPD showed his picture to a guy who had been a reliable informant in the past and that guy gave Zazi a ring. So now nobody seems to know where he may have been storing the materials.

Since his car was clean at the GW he couldn't be charged with anything but intent and they probably have to find the materials to really nail him.

They've probably got him nailed for intent and maybe conspiracy but it appears that the NYPD jumped the gun.

Z said...

oh, Ducky, don't be silly. We 'bed wetters' can't have been right about terrorism in this country; I was so sure you were right every time you suggested exaggeration.

grow UP.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry, to intrude with a factual statement of the case, z.

Let me know what I got wrong. About the legal matters that is, not riht wing paranoia and hatred of the American tradition of due process.

Z said...

Ducky, HOW many times did we hear we have to be careful regarding terror threats rise and you said it's Rightwing paranoia?

I have no time to give those dates/facts.

Anonymous said...

Ducky still probably believes the world is flat, wears an aluminum foil helmet, & that the U.S. government really carried out 9-11.