Thursday, September 3, 2009

'I pledge to be a servant to Barack Obama" (oh, that was hard to type..)

You'll want to see this whole's not long and gets 'better' as it goes along. Pledge to Z that you'll watch the whole thing. You owe it to Barack Obama, apparently? Oh, and this was shown at at least one public school, too.....not forced on them, that we must understand, but they say now that they didn't realize what it was about. That's HERE. Why do you think Demi Moore and the rest of the celebs on it made this? To be kept under a bushel? Or get it out there?


Average American said...

We pay our Hollywood celebraties way to much. Maybe if they actually had to work, they wouldn't have so much free time to be stupid!

That's what that school principal gets for listening to the local PTA, which I am sure are mostly all leftard wingnuts.

Always On Watch said...

related link

Z said...

Always, thanks...your link includes "It appears even the president doesn't know just what he is going to say or what he will ask students to do. In the wake of the "I Pledge" video which has been shown in some schools and ends with celebrities saying they "pledge to be of service to Barack Obama" and to "Be a servant to our president," we also have reason for concern."

So, more than just that school in my link showed this, huh? Who knows HOW MANY? Will our media even cover this video? (smile)

Oh, and he's not releasing what he's going to say because, you know how this WH is...they test the winds first and then change real fast when people aren't happy...amazing stuff.

I'm hoping the KIDDIE TEA PARTY gets legs and MANY parents keep their kids home. ...
Pelosi will call this "Astro sandbox", huh?

Deborah on the Bayside said...

I'm glad you posted this. When I heard it yesterday I thought unbelievable! From activist to Unicef.

Why don't we all make a pledge? Let's pledge to help find Barack Obama a new job. We can start with helping Harry Reid find a new job ($10 for Tark!).

Always On Watch said...

I note that several school districts are already opting out. I suspect that the prinicipals' offices have already been flooded with letters, emails, and faxes.

Z said...

Deb, when I heard this, I just had to share's astonishing.
As for Tark? I know I got him $60 that day..FrogBurger and Imp sent money!

Always...Astroturf again, eh? :-)

Z said...

L.A. radio's reporting that a 65 yr old man protesting against the Obama healthcare plan had his pinky finger BITTEN OFF and replaced at the hospital later...
bitten off by a healthcare fan.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Woo hoo! Not that the Obamabot attack dogs get excited, or anything. That's nothing compared to what they'll do to granny down the road.

Linda said...

Well, Z, I watched the whole thing, and if you'd leave the part about, gag, gag, the pledge about being a servant to BO, and the plastic bags, and the big cars, and the 1 million freed slaves, and the being green, and the, and the, and wouldn't be bad. Come on, let's make this a better world...let's start the impeachment proceedings!

Are the hollywood people going to start with sharing their wealth?

I do volunteer at a school 2 hours a week, and the teacher is always so grateful!

Z said...

Linda, it's great that you volunteer at the school!
I teach a preschool class I call WEE AMERICANS where they learn about Helen Keller, Lincoln, Jackie Robinson, Thomas Edison...they LOVE it, they soak it up at 4 and 5 years old (Trust me, 3 yrs old is too early!) We need to do what we can...then they go to public school and learn how bad America is but at least I gave them a foundation, right? I hope so, anyway!

And, you know, there are some things one can't deny aren't BAD in that video, but the whole SENSE of it is SO WRONG...the focus is SO WRONG, those things you mention are just plain STUPID, of course...

See, the leftwingers would see it and say "Gee, you rightwingers have something against SMILING?" I'm surprised Ducky's not been here to do that.

Anonymous said...

The perennial campaign goes on. This is an effort to enlist loyalty, not to the Presidency or America, but to Barack Obama.

It's almost a recitation with the feeling of a mantra. This is dangerous. It draws in young people to please the President. To serve him.

The idiots on this video, for the most part, wouldn't give you the time of day. They read their words, went home, patted themselves on the back for their huge contribution, and went back to doing whatever celebrities do.

These are mindless, non-thinking followers any dictator would expect. I think the term is useful idiots.

The purpose here is to make Obama the sole authority for the children of America. When he says jump, they're supposed to say how high.

The nice words aren't the point. They're window dressing. They're intermingled with the Obama agenda and to create an unhealthy loyalty to an authority figure other than their parents.

Parents had better contact their school districts, and go to their child's school and raise hell.

This country does not need an Obama youth corps, and that's exactly what is being attempted.


Z said...

You're so right, Pris.

As I read your comment, I got to thinking about how they've already changed some things in the curriculum that went with that Obama speech he's ruining our kids with next week: It's like the healthcare bill; they'll go as FAAAAR as they can, then take out what they need to shut the Right up and later say "That was SO not in the bill...Look how they over reacted!"

The treatment of Bush compared to the ignoring of everything OBAMA by our media is amazing.....

Like I said somewhere else today:
Van Jones hasn't worked for Obama long but he's already adapted the "what I said was inappropriate" (let me back pedal) stance on calling us A HOles...did you see that? These thugs complained about McCarthy and his witch hunt for Communists and NOW we're paying communists to work in the WH!!

Leticia said...

Makes me want to gag, just did.
I pledge not to listen to over-paid actors who worship a secular/communist/socialistic tyrant that wants to tear down our beautiful nation under God Almighty.

How disappointing to see so many actors literally bowing down to Obama. His servants apparently. Glad to know that they don't have the influence they think they do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The bright spot was "I pledge to be an American, and not an African American".

That one stunned me.

I don't serve Obama. I'll serve my country.

Anonymous said...

A pro Obamacare protester bites off the finger of an anti-Obama healthcare protester and people still want to claim that the left isn't rabid?

As for the lovely video, I was able to watch the whole thing without actually throwing up, but the references to slavery (3 times) I don't get. Slavery? What slavery? Ironically, slavery does still exists today, but in the Muslim world and it is NEVER mentioned by the MSM or these elite so-called celebs. That, and the Obama worship were pretty tough on my stomach.

Michael G. Miller

Anonymous said...

You right-wingers are insane. I have taken the pledge to be President Obama's Servant, and I am proud that I did.

Won't you pledge to be a Servant to Obama too? Take the pledge!

Anyone who does not want to take the Pledge to Serve Obama is a RACIST!

Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore and that guy from the Red Hot Chili Peppers pledged to be Servants to President Obama, and you should too! It’s Cool!

Serve President Obama with ALL your Heart, Soul, and Mind! If you don’t, you are RACIST!

Anonymous said...

Good point about the racism.

But conservatives are not just racist about the pledge. Should anyone (especially conservatives) criticize anything about Obama or anything he says, does, asks for, stands for, promotes or endorses, that person is absolutely a stone cold racist. No question about it.


Elmers Brother said...

One of Heidi's friends posted this on Facebook. Amazing.

Elmers Brother said...

yeah they called us racist when we dared to protest against the healthcare bill. oy...I think they're getting desperate if you ask me.

Z said...

Leticia...they're rolling in dough..easy to bow before the god because they have SO much that a little hike in their taxes won't hurt....and, of course, they're better people than we are because they're liberals and they'd give the shirt off their backs to you and me ANY time, right? :-)

MGM...I wondered about the same thing! SLAVERY HERE? Well, according to Van Jones, but.....really? No. Slavery of the mind, clinging to the old days to justify reparations, maybe. No Black friend of MINE feels like he needs to bow to ANYBODY nor does he feel a slave.

Anonymous #1...I just know you're tongue-in-cheeking. If not, you have a fever.

Jen....RIGHT! THAT was surprising....good surprising!

Elbro.. very're right

Brooke said...

A servant to our President?!? Like they were to Bush, right?

Anyway, I thought that the President served the interests of We The People, NOT the other way around!

heidianne jackson said...

got his pinky bitten off, z? wow remember mo the chimp?

he bit the tip of some guy's finger off and got put down for it. can we hope the same here?

linda, i'm actually ok with the million slave bit - the slaves are being held by muslims; i got a way to free them. wanna help?

demi was always a pretty vocal gop member when she was with bruce - good to see here acknowledge the slavery i wonder if that ties in to her somewhat conservative beliefs or if they have all disappeared?!

let's pretend it's the beginning of the russian revolution. let's pretend there was you-tube, t.v., and movies but in the time of lenin and stalin, etc... can't you just picture the same hollywood types touting the wornderfulness of communism under vladmir and josef?? i know i can!!

dang it elbrow! which friend i'm driving and can't see? somebody thinks it's good or thinks it's bad?

i pledge with deb to help the one find a new job. preferably one in an area where he's surrounded by conservative jews and christians who hold him accountable for being a jerk. and trust me, jerk is so unsatisfying a word to use there.

p.s. mom's driving and i'm typing.

Linda said...

Ok, heidieanne,
How are we going to do it?

Z said...

Heidianne, STOP driving and typing, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!? :-)

heidianne jackson said...

ms. z mom's not typing i am.

it seems like a shovel should be involved somehow. dontch think deb?

Anonymous said...

I pledge to be Ducky's best friend.

Z, you're right about it getting "better" as it goes. It went from "this is kind of hokey" to "are you kidding me, taking an oatch to a leader?"


Z said...

Jesse, I like having you here!!

tio, would you email me, please? I'm having trouble with your email address and will explain after I see your definitive one. (long story!) thanks!
And thanks for agreeing..amazing, isn't it? Like Ann Coulter said last night "I knew people would revolt, but I didn't expect it THIS early"..

Miradena said...

Well, (gag) that was incredibly hard to watch! Did anyone notice the ending credit for this video proudly lists "Harpo Productions"..? I might have known that Oprah Winfrey had her hand in this somewhere! I don't recall that tidbit ever being mentioned in the media, (or perhaps I just missed it because I was holding my ears and screaming into a pillow when this story originally aired). Clearly, Oprah should be given the "credit" due on this one.....

Ducky's here said...

Ashton Kutcher? That limp unit should be hung.

Ducky's here said...

Off topic but a media story you won't find in the main stream press. A Muslim didn't kill him.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — A French filmmaker who spent years documenting the brutality and desperation of a Salvadoran street gang has been found shot to death after heading out to a dangerous gang-dominated neighborhood.

Police said a suspected member of the Mara 18 gang was arrested Thursday on suspicion of involvement in the killing of Christian Poveda, a former war photographer whose latest film takes an intimate look at the violent lives of gang members deported back to the Central American country after serving time in U.S. prisons.

Z said...

Miradena, I had NOT noticed HARPO...AHA, so these rich celebs had to go to the richest celeb because, as we'd previously thought PERHAPS they HAD, they had not put THEIR hard-earned bucks into it..WOW, thanks for noticing that.

Ducky, as for Kutcher, it's "hanged"

And who thought a muslim killed the film maker? As f0r the mainstream press not catching something? They leave out any news that they don't want America to know....but, why not this one?

Ducky's here said...

The point is ,z , that the press would report it if it had been something like the Theo van Gogh killing.

But this is hardly as sensational. Just a demonstration that the issue is not whether we are getting news with a left or right slant but whether our news is strictly for sensationalism and ratings.

Ducky's here said...

We pay our Hollywood celebraties way to much.


Then cancel your damn cable.

Patronize better quality entertainment. Get involved locally in the arts.

Blow up you TV.

Z said...

Ducky, I'm going to venture an opinion of which I don't care what ANYBODY thinks of me afterwards:

No one murder comes close to the kind of indoctrination and disgusting bad-faith, agenda-driven news coming from the American mainstream media.

NONE. That's what any American who loves his country and his children would say, in my humble opinion.

Ducky's here said...

Courtney Cox is aging pretty well.

Z said...

Ducky, I'm with you...I've always thought she was so very pretty.

Paul said...

My pinkie, my pinkie, my kingdom for a pinkie but I guess he has that terrible Medicare a “Single-payer health care insurance” what a hypocrite. Did the little pinkie cry "Wee-wee-wee!" all the way home (or I should say “Fake News”)? It real should have been his right pinky finger that would have been a better story. He takes two punches and (as usual) tries to shove something down someone’s throat and gets his pinkie bitten off, now he plays victim. They are haters not debaters.

Jess said...

That video was just creepy. I was speechless afterwards and that does NOT happen often!

Kay said...

Yeah, I totally agree. Didn't we have the Revolutionary War to get away from having a king? And the president is supposed to be a servant to the people, or more so to REPRESENT the people, not rule them. My parents say that they are considering taking me and my two elementary sisters out of school on Tuesday. The reason that they're showing that video to younger people is to teach them while they're young that they are SUPPOSED to serve the president. They want to get it in their heads while they're still young. Think how many directors have gone through and edited that? It says "I pledge to be a servant" and that's what they planned on it saying. Then they add some other things to make it easier. Everyone is supposed to notice those things instead of the whole "Servant" part. America is supposed to be founded on the prospect of freedom, but now they're making so many laws that freedom has become a lie. It's like we're being eased back into a monarchy.

Z said...

Jess and Kay..amazing days.

Kay, it's more DICTATOR than Monarch, don't you think? But, not much, you're right.