Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama should say this.........think he WILL?

"mmm mmm mmm! Barack HUSSEIN Obama!" (sounds like a Campbell's Soup song, doesn't it?) (that's the 'chant')
Right Klik's got it all right HERE...He's got the chant AND the song's lyrics........."For all your GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS...we say HOORAY" Obama's great accomplishments?

So, here's what I'm waiting to hear from President Obama:

Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman: I'm speaking yet AGAIN to you as a nation because I believe that there has to be an end to the songs and chants and posters and homages to ME. My work is not about ME. (pause). It's about AMERICA (Pause...turn head to LEFT teleprompter) Yes, it's about the country. We need to work together to bring us forward, not concentrate on ME. Frankly, I'm embarrassed; it's unseemly to continue this kind of thing. Children should have songs that teach their letters, their numbers, etc.. Please, STOP. I'm very serious about this. Our children should have open minds and be open to all policies. America comes first. God bless our children, God bless this great country we all love so very much for all she's given to us all. Good evening."

How long do you think I'll need to WAIT?


Anonymous said...

David Frum:

This president is an impressive man. But it's not reassuring that he seems even more impressed with himself than others are with him. At least with previous presidents, hubris followed some prior, ego-inflating triumph. Obama seems to be exhibiting all the symptoms with none of the initial success that normally induces the disease."

Give the country back a modest, honest man again.

Z said...

Good points from Frum, Imp..thanks for citing that.
And, our kids are singing about his GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS!?


shoprat said...

Pride goeth before a fall.

A fall is coming.

G-Man said...

"Pride goeth before a fall.
A fall is coming."

Um, isn't it fall already? I thought it started 2 days ago. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Z, about your speech in your post. Spoken like a true stateswoman. Perfect.
Would that Obama had that sincere ability. He coud learn a thing or two from you.

"How long do you think I'll need to WAIT?"

We won't hold our breaths. It ain't happenin'.

As for that children's chant, it's a scary thing. If one of those children were mine, I hate to think of the ruckus I'd cause. How dare a teacher politicize these children. Shameful!

Hi Imp.- Is Frum trying to get back to his conservative roots? Whatever, it's time someone said it. Good for him.


Soloman said...

Go ahead and book that dream vacation, get the house remodeled... plan your retirement.. you've got time.

It ain't happening, no way - no how.

Z said...

Soloman, that cracked me up!
But,'re right..NO WAY:-(

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Victor Davis Hanson has pretty much nailed down the definitive analysis of the Obama administration here

Further shellacking is just gleeful overkill.

Zack R said...

Good for Beamish, linking that VDHanson column-- but much, much more shellacking is needed, from the likes of Z and millions of others. We're in a genuine battle to save America from it's dangerous other side; the Civil War didn't end with the first northern victory.

Joe said...

Megalomaniacs who suffer a psychological state characterized by delusions of grandeur do not want the children to stop singing about them. Just like the other despots of the world.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we'll have a long wait before he stops with the pompous self-aggrandisement, speeches that mean nothing, & trips to take his wife to dinner. Hell hasn't frozen over yet, even if the fat lady has sung.

I can only hope that the electorate remembers next fall how mad they were this summer & fall. Sadly, a large number of American voters seem to have very short memories.


Ducky's here said...

The tension at B. Bernice Young Elementary School escalated to such a degree Thursday that the school was placed temporarily on lockdown after its principal received death threats over a YouTube video that showed nearly 20 children being taught songs lauding the president, though back-to-school night events continuing as planned Thursday night at the school.


The right wing must be so proud.

Mark said...

In your dreams, Z.

Soloman said...

Ducky - I've been watching your comments this morning and I must say, you're pretty much a dim-wit.

I say that in the nicest possible way, but you have to understand the irony of you saying "The right wing must be so proud" as you comment about people who have taught innocent little children to worship one individual man as if he were a Deity.

We are a nation founded on the sovereignty of the individual, and we do not worship our leader. We absolutely respect the office of our leader, and individually we will treat that leader with respect and dignity, should we ever be in his presence.

However, the other beauty of our great nation is our freedom to dissent. Nobody should know this better than the left, as we have seen some of the most vitriolic dissent in history over the term of George W. Bush.

Now we see one man being treated as if he is a God, literally having hymnals transformed from the praise of God or Country to the praise of "hmm, hmm, hmm, Barack Hussein Obama" and we find it just a wee bit disconcerting.

Mark said...

Ducky, I'd say it's about time the right adopted the left's tactics.

Those despicable Lefties have used death threats, mockery, hate speech, and lies to smear anyone who disagrees with them for decades, and apparently, it has worked for them. They are in control of the American Government, and with these tactics, they hope to destroy the American government.

I say, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If it's OK for them to do it, why not us?

How does it feel when the shoe's on the other foot for once?

Ducky's here said...

Soloman, they sang a song. Now this idea of them treating Obama as a deity is something that exists in your mind only.

This "treated as a God" meme is just the invention of a bunch of folks who aren't going to be governed by the black guy.

Again, calling in a bomb threat to a school. The right wing must be proud.

Ducky's here said...

Mark, the left is in control of the American government and are trying to destroy it?

The left? Who? Max Freakin' Baucus? Larry Summers? Tim Geithner? Really, I'd love to know who the leftists are because I sure can't find any.

Now, again, calling in a bomb threat to a grade school. That's the contemporary Glenn Beck, Rush Gasbag right wing. Proud?

Anonymous said...

I think Ducky's been at the KoolAid. Had an overdose, for which there is no known antidote. All these poor children lacked was a red scarf around their necks. but I'll bet the principal was wearing one.


Z said...

Ducky "they sang a song". How'd you have felt if they sang a SONG to Bush?

By the way, remember your calling Conservatives 'bed wetters' for keeping aware of threats to our homeland and you were always "It's Bush and Cheney scaring you?"

How's this one working for you? Just Bush/Cheney again? Think they're paying the islamists now?

"Just singing a song" like they "just sang songs" to Hitler, are really something. NO PROBLEM, LET THEM SING!!? HAA!

RUSH LIMBAUGH phoned in a BOMB THREAT TO A SCHOOL? Oh, NO! Please link that for us!! Glenn BEck did, TOO? Oh, please link that.

As for Liberals?'s the conservatives redistributing wealth and creating bigger government than ever. VERY nice try, but you're sounding a LITTLE dumb, Ducky.

Ellen....good point.

Mark said...

We are proud, Jerk. And I resent being called a racist just because I stand for liberty over tyranny, for our Constitutional Republic over Marxism.

I hate Obama because he's a Marxist, and I don't care if he is purple.

Remember. The KKK was founded by democrats, the NCAAP by Republicans.

Brooke said...

If Obama had any kind of sense he would come out with a statement like this; unfortunately he is either ignoring it until it goes away, or his ego is too large to denounce it.

"(Pause...turn head to LEFT teleprompter)"


Soloman said...

Ducky -

you need to take your race-baiting self for a long walk, and think about how you really want to be known in the world.

Right now, you're portraying yourself as a closed-minded, uneducated buffoon who is buying right into the propaganda the left-wing media is selling you, and if you knew even one bit of history, you wouldn't make such ludicrous statements as "they're just singing a song."

And let me tell you something about those of us you say are a "bunch of folks who aren't going to be governed by the black guy."

I'd proudly be governed by any man or woman, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or any other factor you can attempt to use as a wedge issue (which is what you lefties always do) - as long as that person governs in the traditions that have made America the greatest nation on earth and the most amazing social and political experiment in the history of mankind.

The problem I have right now is that this man - who seems like a great family man and is clearly very intelligent - is governing us down a path to a neo-Marxist state.

I do not make that statement because 'Fox News told me so' - I make that statement because I have studied Marxism enough to know, and because my great-grandfather saved my family from a future of such repression and mediocrity. I do not take that salvation lightly.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to make a duckblind?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Duck blind should have been written as two words two words.

duck blind: a shelter, often camouflaged with reeds and grasses, for concealing duck hunters.

Z said...

Soloman, BRAVO. Thanks so much for your remarks.
I'd love you to tell us what brought you from liberalism to conservatism some time....I'd like to publish it as a post here if you didn't mind.

Anonymous said...

Ducky must be s-o-o-o proud of the well-mannered lefties demonstating their 'class' (not) in Pittsburgh at the current Summit. Most of them appear to need a bath, a shave, & most of all, a real HONEST job. Rabble-rousing does not qualify.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Until hell freezes over, not counting the level with Judas and Brutus of course.

And Duckling, even Juan Williams said this was over the line. That's the kind of carp you see in China, N. Korea, Cuba et al. Not here in the USA.

Z said...

Vegas? "EVEN" Juan Williams is right...we're been so frustrated with him as we used to admire his fairness.NOT ANY MOOOOOORE. I'm glad even HE thought this was NUTS

Ellen....imagine the MESS they leave behind, too? Remember the mall cops said they'd never SEEN a cleaner group than those tea partying ASTROTURF DEMONSTRATORS (smile)!! Man, the PILES of debris after Obama's inauguration was DISGUSTING...and now these liberal jerks protesting will be the same disrespectful way.

Soloman said...

Z - glad you appreciate my remarks to Ducky. My intention was not to step in and take over a discussion - actually I had just come into work and had nothing to do, was tired as heck, and caught on to the air of incivility going on, so I pounced. In the end it was fun... and then I had work to do - woohoo!

Regarding my transition... I'd have to write about it a while, as it wasn't just one thing. I'm a 9/11 Conservative, generally speaking, but it runs much deeper than that, even after that day I was still working it out with myself. Anyway - I'll certainly consider it...

Tell the Z Team I said hi!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Soloman! Very well said. As far as I'm concerned, you can 'take over' the discussion any time you feel the urge.

Empty rhetoric, of course, for I have no influence here at all, but heartfelt nonetheless.

Best to you!

~ FreeThinke