Friday, September 4, 2009

This made me cry.......

.......and I don't care who knows it. Please read THIS ARTICLE. My friend, blogger Elmer's Brother, sent me this information; perhaps you've all seen it, I hadn't. (thanks, Elbro. And, as Elbro says "Who's the enemy?")

Defense Secretary Robert Gates asked Associated Press NOT to release a picture of Marine Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard, photographed after having been mortally wounded in Afghanistan. He died later in the hospital. HOWEVER, Associated Press felt the picture “conveys the grimness of war and the sacrifice of young men and women fighting it.”

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote a whopping, angry letter to AP and you can read it all in the above-linked article, but here's a clippet from it that I wanted to share here: I cannot imagine the pain and suffering Lance Corporal Bernard’s death has caused his family. Why your organization would purposefully defy the family’s wishes knowing full well that it will lead to yet more anguish is beyond me..."

Yes, to their SHAME, in MY OPINION, the AP even reports that the Marine’s father had asked – in an interview and in a follow-up phone call — that the image, taken by an embedded photographer, not be published. The FAMILY ASKED but AP thought AMERICANS NEED TO SEE THE PICTURE for their story, for their agenda.

This is the same Associated Press which, in my opinion, keeps Americans from knowing truths which could HELP OUR COUNTRY, help our citizens wake up from the MEDIA LEFTWING ONSLAUGHT, but no................that doesn't suit the AP's agenda, they're liberal so YOU will see only liberal-supporting information. But, they couldn't wait to go against a father's wishes and publish such a picture. Because THE AP DOESN'T LIKE THIS WAR. Who the hell LIKES any war?

AP...DON'T EVER USE OUR SOLDIERS LIKE THIS, YOU SCUM. WE KNOW WAR IS UGLY AND OUR KIDS ARE GETTING KILLED. No one picture is needed to drive that point home to ANY OF US. Lance Corporal Bernard deserved BETTER THAN THIS, you COWARDS, and his FAMILY deserved better than this. Lance Corporal, please accept the apology of so many Americans who are sorry for this.......and if we had an honest media which REALLY cared about our soldiers and their privacy, I'd love to see your death at least serve as a milestone where the media woke up and NEVER did anything like this again. Sadly, I doubt that will happen. Rest in peace, sir. And thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Semper Fi.



Elmers Brother said...

Semper Fi...Fair winds and following seas.

This made me livid. I need to find an email for AP where I can voice my anger.

Z said...

Elbro, thank you for telling me about this.

Funny thing is I read "GATES" and thought it said "GIBBS" and I was so stunned that that )$#@*#@ Robert Gibbs would do this. Then I read it again, and thought "You should have KNOWN BETTER..." ya.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

OK Ducky, defend this one.

I dare you.

Anonymous said...

I just can't say how...fooking ##$$@#!!! angry this makes me. I hope every one of them rots in hell.

Anonymous said...

This is a media which will not report anything negative about this President, yet will devastate a family in mourning for their son, even more than they are already, and dismiss the pleading of the Secy of Defense, in the name of sensational journalism.

Damn them.

Is there no decency left?


Z said...

I have now gone on to wanting to THROW A GLASS THROUGH OUR TV SET, watching Tucker Carlson on OUR AMERICAN TEXTBOOKS!>>>

Anybody see this? IT IS UNBELIEVABLE. And all we FREAKING do is complain..liberals DO (ruin America) and WE COMPLAIN...WHAT THE HELL?

I thought THIS piece made me want to cry, but this FOX PIECE on textbooks in America? Where's the Kleenex?

And no, Ducky can't defend this. And he doesn't comment on things like this. Trust me, he'll recognize that at the end of the article, the father'd told AP he thought the soldiers weren't protected by US...that'll be Ducky's slant. NO matter how hideous AP's been, he'll find the one leftwinger damned delight and revel in it. ($*(#@$*(&


Chuck said...

Z, this ties in interestingly with a post I put up an hour or so ago.

Reality is that the left doesn't see these brave men and women they just see them as a means to an end, their agenda. This young man was nothing more than an anti-war story for them. I quite frankly think they can go straight to Hell.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

No, seriously I want him to try, really I do. Come on Ducky! First amendment? Freedom of the Press? Showing the futility of war in Afghanistan?


Always On Watch said...

The FAMILY ASKED but AP thought AMERICANS NEED TO SEE THE PICTURE for their story...

O Lord!

I have family and former students in the military.

For the press to use the ultimate sacrifice of this Marine Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard in a way not to honor him and his family is an abomination.

What is happening to America these days? The ethos is sinking, sinking, sinking.

Elmers Brother said...

Joshua was a devout Christian and he was homeschooled. His father is a retired Marine who was upset when he found out that the strategy in Afghanistan had changed to one of reduced protection for his son and other Marines.

heidianne jackson said...

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

John Stuart Mill
English economist & philosopher (1806 - 1873)

pretty sure we're there z...

G-Man said...

You beat me to this. I was going to post on it. I read through the news quickly in the morning and e-mail the links to news articles to myself that I want to blog about later. The link to this article is still sitting in my in-box.

This young man is a true American hero. Far too often these days our children look up to sports stars like Michael Vick as heroes. Those are not heroes, This my friends IS a hero... the kind of hero I grew up idolizing as a child.

Those festering liberal pustules that decided to publish the pictures of this man's final greatest sacrifice are unworthy of such a generous, selfless act. All of this pays into the point I was trying to make when I posted my claim that liberals do not truly care for our troops. For them, this hero's death is nothing more than an opportunity to scoop their competitors or a chance to boost their ratings. It sickens me. It sickens me because they are always hovering there like grasping liches waiting to feast the souls of our fallen heroes.

Where have reporters the likes of Ernie Pyle and Joe Galloway gone? Journalistic integrity is a damned scarce commodity these days! Pitiful!

Opus #6 said...

These men give their lives for us and THIS is how they are treated? I am livid as well.

David Schantz said...

Welcome home Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard. May he rest in peace. His friends, family and loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers.

If anyone comes up with contact info to let the AP know how we feel about them going against the father of this young mans wishes please share it with the rest of us.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Average American said...

"For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

Marine Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard and millions of other American servicemen and women have paid the ultimate price so assholes like this can have the freedom to say what they want. The problem is, they have no clue what responsibilities come with that freedom.

Average American said...

Contact AP here:

Please spread this around!

LL said...

There is honor in what our young men and women do even though there seems to be no honor in the state-run media or in Dear Leader's administration.

DaBlade said...

God Bless you, Marine Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard.

You'd think that the state-controlled media would not want to put obama's war in such a bad light. I guess the left's hatred for the military takes precedence over everything else... even when "the planes are theirs".

Jungle Mom said...

I can not type what I am thinking...

Z said...

Thanks, everybody. We have to do something about a media like this.
Who KNOWS what they could publish for all the world to see ...information that could put us in danger? THE NY Times already has and there's no significant outrage ...and they'd been asked by the PRESIDENT not to print certain things! BUT, they know better and they don't CARE if it's going to sell papers and insult America..

I just saw some TV news, how some civilians got killed in Afghanistan accidentally. Looks like it was OUR FAULT..Collateral damage...what we strive to NOT HAVE, of course....nobody wants civilians killed....but
I was thinking that the enemy there probably has no Afghan word for COLLATERAL DAMAGE because its GOAL is ANY KIND OF DAMAGE POSSIBLE.
Imagine when we have more attacks on our shores, and that has to be coming...imagine them saying "Gee, we hit innocents.." Imagine their media discussing it, making their people feel like hell for that having happened, even apologizing to the Americans for the mistake? No, we can't imagine that. Because it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. The world would show no outrage, either..but toward us?

That's what OUR NEWS is doing right now....telling exactly what happened, WE DID IT, how it shouldn't have happened, how sad it is for the survivors, WE GOOFED AT WAR! SOMETIHNG TERRIBLY SAD HAPPENED WHILE FIGHTING A WAR! Geeeeez...I thought that's a hideous side effect of war that always happens.

MY GOSH, their soldiers are applauded for COLLATERAL DAMAGE!! (Can't have ENOUGH OF IT) but our kids are stymied, insulted, made to feel badly and probably retrained if an incident occurs. It sounds like hey were supposed to have KNOWN that innocent people had clustered around a truck for its oil that the American intel had told bombers above to hit.

Americans; it's ONLY WE who are BAD, our media will remind you of that 9274927432 times.
WE can't do anything right.

This just a small story this morning but I think it speaks volumes and I don't think this country can survive with the kind of coverage WE give OURSELVES>

Brooke said...

This angers me beyond words, Z!

Leticia said...

I am enraged beyond words. I cannot believe they could be so callously cold and uncouth. I hate sensationalism and despise the liberal press with their sick, hate-filled agenda. LEAVE OUR SOLDIERS ALONE!!

I have e-mailed AP with a very stern letter of disapproval.

David Schantz said...

Average American,

Thank you for the contact info. I hope everyone will put it to good use.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

David Schantz said...


Did you see what did with the collateral damage news? Once again we are the bad guys.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Faith said...
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Faith said...

The address is

Anonymous said...

Strange stuff goes on in the military. Pat Tillman volunteered for service in Afghanistan only to be killed by "friendly fire". Last time I checked his family was not satisfied by the "explanations" from the military on how he died. The country got into a war in Viet Nam putting "technocrats" in charge with no clear intention of winning the war that cost 58,000 lives only to turn that country over to the supposed enemy who continued on its inroads into enslaving Western Civilization.

Check out the war record of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. — he actually was a war hero who perished in WWII. The rest of the story is how he perished — flying a weaponized airplane. His mission, of which he was the pilot, was to fly the plane to a defined destination and remove the safety mechanism on the payload, signal that he had done that, and parachute to safety while the armed plane continued on its route to be detonated by remote control. Unfortunately after he signaled that he had removed the safety mechanism the plane he was flying detonated before he and his co-pilot could exit the plane. The explanation was that a stray radio frequency caused this detonation and thus began the road to tragedy of the Kennedy family.

The pilot of the closest plane flying in the formation to the plane was piloted by Corporal Elliott Roosevelt — the son of FDR. He was an eye witness to the accident that killed Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Strange, but true...

Not to be too conspiratorial, but did Joseph P. Kennedy, SR. evoke that much hatred in FDR, or those close to him, to bring this on? There is more behind the story than just Joseph Kennedy, Jr. was killed during World War II. IMO. But then I admit I like these sort of stories ...


Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

Disgusting. So much for AP being "credible" anymore.

My heart goes out to the soldier's family.

(I, too, read "Gibbs" and was shocked, Z)

Truth said...

So you have no problem sending our young people into wars that we have no intentions or plans of winning, thank you Mr. Bush.

To see what happens to them is something you don't want to see.


Truth said...

I hope you really look at this picture, look at the face of one of our young people who’s about to die.

You supported this, you supported Bush and I truly hope, in fact I pray that this image haunts you until the day you die.

Now you have a problem with it, you’re laughable.

Z said...

Hazaa...welcome to GeeeeZ, I'll be at your site soon and look forward to it.

Truth, NO doubt about it. I put that picture there so people could look into that face and feel the pain.
Not everyone thinks like you do about Iraq or Afghanistan. Some of us still think it was the right thing to do. MOst of us know wars rarely go the way you'd like them to. ALL of us here know there are times when America has to go to war.
Pity this country which now has FREAKS (and I MEAN FREAKS) who believe "NO WAR AT ANY COST"

That you could ignore the fact that this kid's being USED for YOUR AGENDA stinks.
Thanks for stopping by.

by the way, you can't come to this site and say "no INTENTIONS of winning" and think that's going to fly. Give us proof...we're not Kool Aid drinkers here.

Truth said...

We are the most powerful country in the world, if we or Bush wanted to win these two wars they would have been over long ago.

....and by the way, you're an idiot not to realize that. How long did WWII last?

A bunch of camel-jockies attacked us on 911 and they are bringing us to our knees, why.

Please explain oh almighty, why has these wars taken so long and still the ones we're after are free?

I'll tell you why, because of people like you.

christian soldier said...

posted a tribute to this great young man -yesterday - with a remembrance take---His mother homeschooled him and he willingly decided to serve our nation...
I no longer get angry at the lying MSM-I get more focused as to how best to win the battle for freedom....

Faith said...

There was a time when it was considered the worst of yellow journalism to print something so obscene as the picture of a person dying or dead. It's a violence against the viewer and a violence against the family of the dead boy. It feeds evil people and hurts good people, but "Truth" has no decency.

Z said...

well, what do you know? I thought it was always BUSH'S FAULT.

This war is financially breaking us; you think we have no intention of leaving because......why??

And, don't look now, but Obama's decision to leave NOW got changed when he came into office, too. He in on Bush's desire for a war that never ends, too?

Maggie M. Thornton said...

When a Marine is a victim of our wars, he/she should not also be a victim of the AP.

Isn't it amazing that the AP would do this despicable thing, but will not simply report on Van Jones, using his own words, or Barack Obama's background? They certainly have their priorities/agenda.

Freedomnow said...

What an ignorant comment...

"We are the most powerful country in the world, if we or Bush wanted to win these two wars they would have been over long ago."

This is a terrorist/guerilla war. The only effective tactics by a lessor opponent against a superior one.

What these terrorists need is continued media support and the support of useful tools like "Truth".

They cant win militarily, but they can inspire completely idiotic Westerners like "Truther".

...Now to get to the point that this moronic commentator is trying to deflect from...

Its all too often that the media and activists defame our troops while claiming to support them. Americans have become too complacent that they dont challenge leftwing and paleobat propaganda lies.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Bernard family, who objected to their son being used as a propaganda weapon by Al Qaeda's puppets.

Ducky's here said...

OK Ducky, defend this one.

I dare you.


That's from Vegas Art Guy.

Notice that as soon as the media hack tries to cash in and generate ratings it's assumed that someone on the left is behind it rather than someone who is just a follower of Vegas Art Guy's beloved free market (LMAO) making a buck any time it can be done.

But keep trying VAG, that kind of lack of depth and reasoning should keep you a far right winger for years to come.

Evy said...

My deepest sincere apologies to the wonderful family of this brave young man. I am sure they realize it is not the true American who wants this picture splashed all across the network, it is those who wish we would fail.
I always wonder how those who are so eager to point fingers at Bush and scream about "camel jockeys" (truth) bringing us to our knees would feel had we done nothing to keep our country from being attacked again. I for one am very thankful for Lance Corporal J. Bernard and all of the other young people who have given so much for us.
I am also expecting another attack to our shores in the near future. Our fearless leader has made it very evident we will not fight back and that he is sympathetic to the camel jockey.
God have mercy on us.

Z said...

"Notice that as soon as the media hack tries to cash in and generate ratings it's assumed that someone on the left is behind it rather than someone who is just a follower of Vegas Art Guy's beloved free market (LMAO) making a buck any time it can be done."

Really, Ducky?
You really think that free market believers believe in this type of media smut? LMAO, too. At you.

Evy, welcome to geeeeZ and thank you for your comments. I'm with you.

G-Man said...

"You supported this, you supported Bush and I truly hope, in fact I pray that this image haunts you until the day you die."

Out of respect for the blog owner I will rein in the profanity that I would normally level at one displaying your obvious lack of mental dexterity!

It is obvious by the target of your ire that you no doubt voted for the "sainted Barrack Obama".

This young man, the one whose face should haunt us... He is one of us. His death was ordered by none other than your president. George Bush had nothing to do with his death. Your president must stand on his own two feet like a man and accept the ramifications of his own actions. Deflecting the criticism upon his predecessor shows only his cowardice. Your attempts to levy guilt upon us does not detract from the fact that you voted this young man's inept commander into office. YOU therefore must carry your fair share of the guilt. His death is in part your fault.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I figured you would miss the point. It was not about the 'almighty' dollar but about basic decency and humanity. The AP ignored requests from the family of this brave man (who died to give you the right to make a jackass out of yourself) to not run the photo. Not only did you resort to the stereotypical argument changing personal attacks that you are so good at but you never even defended the AP.

Nice try, I'll give you a D+. But only because you actually replied. You said nothing of actual substance, which means you're not even close to the level of my students.

David Wyatt said...

Me too, Z. God Bless that dear family & thank God for patriots like this young man. Thank God also for Jesus whom we can trust to comfort this family in their time of grief brought on by these devilish "reporters."

Average American said...

Here is the e-mail I sent AP. Anyone who wants to has my permission and my blessings to use it:

"I was saddened by your complete disregard for the feelings of the family of Marine Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard. To publish his picture against the wishes of his family was a sick and perverted thing to do. He and millions of other American heros over the life of our country have paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms, including your freedom of speech. You dishonor all of them by actions such as this. Having the freedom/right to do something does NOT make it the right thing to do. The following paragraph is from your own site. It supposedly is how you conduct your business. I would NOT call this incident "ethical behavior." Try living up to it next time!"

"In the 21st century, that news is transmitted in more ways than ever before – in print, on the air and on the Web, with words, images, graphics, sounds and video. But....always....and in all media, we insist on the....highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior....when we gather and deliver the news."

Z said...

Good remarks all, and well deserved.

Average, thanks for that...I hope we ALL send that. xx

HoosierArmyMom said...

Marine Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard, your duty is done, may you rest in peace, in the arms of angels. May God grant his family and loved ones the comfort they need, till they all meet again.

Truth, you keep saying Bush, but this young Marine died on Obama's watch. The one thing that makes our warriors heroes is the fact that they are willing to sacrifice everything to defend our country and it's Constitution. I consider people that harp on anti-War sentiments like you to be utterly worthless in comparison. You would allow our enemies to just kill off citizens of this country and not lift a finger to defend it? You are worse than worthless.
If a member of the press took a photo of your loved one when they were mortally injured in a car accident, "because people needed to know what could happen if they don't drive safely", I wonder how fast you would be to sue them!!!!
As usual, you liberal nematodes don't comprehend "human decency".

I will make use of that contact info.

Z said...

HAM: YOu said "If a member of the press took a photo of your loved one when they were mortally injured in a car accident, "because people needed to know what could happen if they don't drive safely", I wonder how fast you would be to sue them!!!"

YOU, my dear lady, are brilliant. That is exactly the case and NOBODY would like it, not even the damned AP reporter who DID this awful thing, right?

MK said...

"Rest in peace, sir. And thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Semper Fi."

Indeed Z, he is in peace now, free from muslim terrorists abroad and leftist haters back home.

G-Man said...

I heard this marine's father speaking. He blames Obama's "insane RoE" (Rules of Engagement) for his son's death. I wonder if the AP managed to report the STUPID rules that caused the carnage in the picture they were splashing on the cover of Huff Po.

G-Man said...

Oh and another detail. This hero's father also reported that his fellow marines gave his son the call sign "holy man".

Z said...

G-Man, the article at the very end mentions how disgruntled the Dad was about how his Son and his buddies were being're right.

Apparently, this Lance Cpl was a very strong Christian believer..."Holy Man" doesn't surprise me!

Anonymous said...

AP is right, Americans DO need to see the picture, folks.
It shows America EXACTLY what the left is all about.

Average American said...

Not even for that reason WVDOTTR, not even for that reason. If that was my son, there might well be a dead body or two at AP by now.