Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama is speaking to your children on September 8

HERE is the President's speech to your children and's entitled "President Obama's Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009." What do you think?

Then there's THIS: The first sitting president to have a school named after him because during the campaign season, the children became interested in the election, participating in mock presidential debates at the Long Island elementary school — which sits in close proximity to Hofstra University, the site of the final presidential debate. I might add that these are elementary school children who 'became interested in the election'.... all on their own? WOW, we're raising SOME KIDS these days, huh? :-) NO indoctrination, right? These will be the kids going into Hispanic Lesbian Studies in college.

Nobody has to tell you good parents and good grandparents that we must discuss things like this with our kids. They're asked to write letters to themselves about how they can help the president. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? But, across the nation, all children, figuratively goose stepping..... to a president? And, YES, I know my leftists here find this charming and "gee, how can ANYONE fault a president calling for all the MARVELOUS things he calls for in his speech?" Imagine if it were Bush? You hypocrites.

Any thoughts?


Ducky's here said...

These will be the kids going into Hispanic Lesbian Studies in college.

I think there is more of a future in Asian Gay studies myself.

What was your major, z?

Tom said...

Ducky's comments are why more parents are sending their kids to private or charter schools...

Steve Harkonnen said...

I think there is more of a future in Asian Gay studies myself.

Why? Do you prefer gay Asian men over whites?

Steve Harkonnen said...

Yeah, I posted on this too, Z.

My email to the principal:

Dear Mr. Shifflett:

Science, Math, Social Studies, English. That's an education.

I don't want my son watching Obama's liberal mindspeak next week. Excuse him from that, or he will heckle the crap out of Obama's BS speech.


heidianne jackson said...

i rate this right up there with "sexual education" and believe it should be a parents right to have their child excluded from it. if i had younger children in a public school i would simply keep them home for that day. and i would fight tooth and nail to make certain that the assignments associated with this farce did not, in any way, count towards their grades.

my youngest is in a dual program of college (sophomore) and high school (senior). it is a public charter high school run by the university she attends. she has already been told she will be excused from all of her university classes that day in order to participate in this "historic event" at the high school. gag.

i'm not worried about her seeing it. she was home schooled until she entered high school and she absolutely knows right from stupid. the only thing i worry about with her is that she may not be able to bite her tongue as he says anything idiotic. perhaps i should warn the principal of her hs (as steve did for his son) that she may be inclined to heckle the one if she's made to watch...

unless presenting the facts and premises from both sides of the spectrum, politics has no business in a school. nor should a president ever be involved in education (or manufacturing, or salaries, or banking, or medical care, and so on and so forth) on a micro-level as is being done by obama. disgusting.

Right Wing Extreme said...

As the Marine in Camis Oregon said to Rep. Brian Baird, so I say to Obamma, "STAY AWAY FROM MY KIDS!"

Ducky's here said...

The marine sure had faith in his children's ability to reason.

Z said...

Wow, just wrote quite a long comment and had a 'conflicting edit' problem.

Well, that's probably a good thing.

Let me just say, DUCKY, that what Obama's doing here would be disgusting to you, too, if it were a Republican and the media would be hysterical. You know that, that's why most of us know you're a hypocrite.

And, children should not be REASONING at 8 years old...they should be singing God Bless America and Here Comes Peter Cottontail, but the Eco-jerks would be worrying they might shoot the rabbit.

Thanks for all your comments, folks...excellent. Right Wing, I had that exact thought, too.

Steve,you crack me up; I'm going to your place next.

Oh, and Ducky? I have 3 degrees....2 of which I can't say for anonymity reasons, the other isn't any of your business anyway.

Anonymous said...

With a public education system in place it's only logical that the dear leader would want to address young minds. Sort of like sticking a fork into it to see how well they have been cooked, I think.

With the wonders and glories of socialism being extolled from the platforms of higher learning, we've already seen the example of the "Harvard scholar" showing his scholarship by asking an officer of the law going about his job, if he had any idea who he was dealing with and then seeing the dear leader calling the parties to a "beer summit". Sometimes I think those playing the "education card" show the height of their ignorance by expecting to intimidate those they deem to be less well informed as they are to be owed by their obvious over-educated idiocy.


Ducky's here said...

You've got me, z. I only have two but I'm researching right wing blogs for a degree in anthropology.

namaste said...

my kids are now college age. but if they were of public school age, i would keep them home on 9/8. friggin liberal jerks! now they are really going TOO FAR!


Anonymous said...

He's going to ask them to write a letter to themselves tell themselves how they could help out the President.

Well Duh, why don't he ask me!

Z said...

Ducky...."You've got me, z. I only have two but I'm researching right wing blogs for a degree in anthropology."

You're researching them for the wrong should be researching them to get some help for yourself.
And, you know? It's SO not my nature to talk to people like this; I have to admit, you've got a real way about you.
Funny, the very few times I've seen some speck of humanity (i like how you speak of your affection for your nieces, for example), I've asked "How'd they like the poster for Christmas you were so excited about?" and you have never responded once to a kind and courteous question.

That tells me a lot...Maybe that's another thing to's part of why I think I react to you as I do. I find it sad. And I honestly do wish you peace, Ducky.

Waylon, you have never had ANYTING like this in Canada, have you? I think Hitler's the last time the world's seen anything like this?
Get ready for the OBAMA BUMP at mimic the Hitler straight-armed salute.

Namaste....I'd have my kids in bubble wrap.

Inquiring..? He doesn't want YOUR might tell him the truth!! :-) (I'd like be there, too!)

Lynne said...

Oh so you'd rather listen to Glenn Beck!
Okay take a deep breath. Beck is at times EXTREMELY disingenuous (which means he's a liar)

In the matter of Ramos and Compean (which made him the media celeb he is today) he over and over and over and over repeatedly lied to the American people about the case even though he was sent the trial transcripts that clearly showed he was wrong on almost every point Beck was shouting(thats why Bush was totally against pardoning them but their spending time in solitary confinement bothered the president)

Now Glen just "didn't" do this for a day or a week, he's still doing it, still spreading lies about it and the border.

As long as Beck is on the air I will never support any of Fox news programs nor frequent any of their sponsors and would encourage all of you to do the same.

Its insulting to Shaun and soo many of the others who do research to be upstaged by a grandstanding manipulative entertainer.

Really unfortunate, Beck is preying on our vulnerabilities and fears in these trying times and people like geeez who are rightly worried to death about this country for their friends and family and fellow citizens, he is playing them and playing them hard

America is great because - ITS FULL OF AMERICANS - people who care passionately about others like Berack Obama does and how the country is doing.

heidianne jackson said...

lynne, i'm confused, who here mentioned listening to fox news? or glenn beck before you? so regardless of the real world consequences so long as you profess to care about others it makes it ok?

what makes american's so special? it's the freedom and liberties that we have to be who we want to be. it has nothing to do with posturing and passion for people. we have that too, in abundance, but that is NOT the heart and soul of this country. our freedoms are.

i don't know whom you're referring to when you say "shaun", but insulting to him? in what way? people in the msm lie and mislead people on a daily basis and i see no outcry from you or your ilk about that.

and just for the record, it does not mean you are lying when you are disingenuous. it means that you are not being sincere or completely frank. i guess you could construe that to mean "lying" if you're really looking to use a $5.00 word when i nickel one would do.

Ducky's here said...

what makes american's so special? it's the freedom and liberties that we have to be who we want to be.


We all have the freedom to behave and act ethically. It's just that in America that action is easy to ignore in favor of consuming lots of crap.

I don't think what America has become in the last 30 years is any bargain.

Anonymous said...

Z, there was a thing called "Trudeaumania" back in the day, late sixties and early seventies, that Pierre Trudeau, a Marxist/socialist sympathizer, used to ride a wave of popularity to become the Prime Minister. That would be the closest thing to Obama that I know about.

Funny, last night Rachel Maddow mentioned she wanted to get Kiefer Sutherland to come on her show to talk about his grandfather, T.C.(Tommy) Douglas who was the one who initiated Medicare, albeit under a different concept than it is known today. It was sold as "hospitalization" a protection against catastrophic hospital expenses causing financial ruination. It changed over the years to become "universal medicare".

You can take this to the bank: She won't ask him about another of his most cherished beliefs — eugenics and improving humanity through "good breeding". That would be a bit to Hitlerian for most Obots to be able to handle.


Anonymous said...

Creepy that the video contest is labeled "I Am What I Learn".

I am: indoctrination
I am: unquestioning conformity
I am: close-mindedness
I am: political correctness

I wonder if that's how the curricula reads?

And Lynn? For what it's worth, I don't let my kids watch any commentator who screams and gets hysterical at times. It's frightening for kids who aren't old enough to understand the topics being discussed.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

“ATTENNNNNTION!! Chairman Mao-bama will now speak to you, class.”

What – and I mean WHAT ON EARTH - are Arne Duncan et al thinking? Are they stupid or evil? I read the whole letter this morning. Does anyone in this white house realize how bad this makes them look. Sooooo creepy - shoving the cult of personality into little kids like, well, like this:

As historian Victor Davis Hanson said “they could give them a red cover for this and it would be communist China, or a green cover and it would be Libya. This is what totalitarian governments do.”

“In closing, class, here’s a picture of our Great Leader to put over your bed. You don’t have to send your prayers anywhere else from now on.” I’ll bet this doesn’t sound so far-fetched to SOMEBODY in that administration.

Misfit410 said...

Ducky you could go into the field of proctology, but that would require getting your head out of your own ass and start putting it into everyone elses.

Always On Watch said...

I see that you posted about the same topic as I did today.

I've read the "lesson plans" at the link. Note that these plans promote an attitude of serving the President -- and nearly of checking on others to see that they do the same.

Now, what will BHO actually say in the speech? Well, there may actually be nothing objectionable. But the follow-up activities are the heart of the matter.

In addition, this official address to schoolchildren by BHO gives the children the idea that education is something the federal government is responsible for. Hello? Public education is the domain of the individual states.

Of course, over the years, that domain has consistently been undermined by federal funds -- and intrusion.

BTW, September 8 is the first day of classes for many school systems. What a way to start the year! With a special Presidential address to the children so that they can realize he is "The One"!

Always On Watch said...

I think that some of the private and charter schools will also show BHO's special address. Many of those schools are also filled with political correctness and BHO supporters.

Misfit410 said...

I do think people need to calm down, as it's obvious what's going on here. Obama does not want to turn to Career politicians for advice, so he has decided to seek a large group of people with more political experience than himself, so obviously, duh.. middle and high schools.

Always On Watch said...

One of my students, MJB, left the following comment at my site:

If some of the students who are forced to do this are educated enough, they can have some fun with the questions. Like, "What do you think it takes to be President?"

Let me see. A minority candidate, the racism argument, propaganda, and a truckload of money.

"What do you think he will say to you?"

Hmmmm. I usually can't construe meanings to much of what he says, but I can say this. It should be riddled with "Um"'s and "Uh"'s.

"What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?"

I heard Marxism, socialized medicine, nationalization of industries, saving the pathetic, helpless earth, and something about Change We Can Believe In.

"What would you like to tell the President?"

Hehehe. A lot of things.

LOL! MJB is a regular listener to Mark Levin.

Z said...

Waylon "That would be a bit too Hitlerian for most Obots to be able to handle."
I'm not sure there IS anything 'Too Hilterian" for the Obama nuts....Like I said somewhere ealier today "the straight-arm Hitler salute's being replaced by the OBAMA BUMP"

No Maddow won't remind Sutherland of that 'other stuff'....

And the Left says theirs don't lie?
What is SUCH a concern to me is leftwingers who actually believe Obama CARES about America because he wants to use OUR MONEY to pay back all those special interest voters he's got lined up to pay back for supporting him in his stimulus bill..and that weakening our people to feel taking from those who are rich and successful, having worked hard enough to get there, should take care of the rest of us. What a Terrible disservice to our kids to know that IN AMERICA, we don't honor hard work and GREAT SUCCESS....what a horrid message that sends on SO many levels.

The rest of you say it so well I need not comment. God bless you all.
And GOD BLESS AMERICA, and PLEASE give us a media which tells all the truth, not just what the media leftwingers want us to know.

By the way, who mentioned Glenn BECK here??

Anonymous said...

What Obama will be doing is essentially organizing children. Enlisting them in his "change", and making himself the great "I am". The one. He's the one they should listen to.

Others he says they should listen to are, the Mayors, Congress, Governors and elected politicians.

Note: Parents are not mentioned on that list.

He's actually giving educators a lesson plan. Mainly on how to help the President. This will be an indoctrination on steroids, for national service.

What service you say? Whatever the government prescribes. Serving the state, instead of the state serving them.

Parents should get together, march to their children's schools, take their children by the hands, and walk out.

Knowing they're not susceptible, or hoping they're not susceptible is not enough. A bold statement is required. The President's program will go on, whether the kids are there for that one day or not.

It'll be there the next day and the day after that. A mutiny is required. Teachers think nothing of going on strike, leaving children without learning for protracted periods of time. The kids will survive missing school.

Parents have to understand, they're children's futures are at stake. A huge backlash is all that will work, as schools lose money every day those children are not there.

This is a fight, not an exercise, and I'm afraid children will have to see what that is. Better that than pawns of the state, and having their parents become secondary in their lives and nothing is worth that.

Yes, this is a war, and it is nothing less than shameful, that the President of the United States will compel children to march to the statists tune.

This program is for children from preschool,to K-12.

Your children do not belong to the state or the President. They are yours. Protect them.


Elmers Brother said...

I don't think what America has become in the last 30 years is any bargain.

duhkkky longing for the 60's?

and he's upset because the 50's sound good to us.

RightKlik said...

Since when did it become the president's job to speak directly and specifically to the children. This feels very Orewellian to me.

Before the speech, teachers have been instructed to ask specific questions such as:

"Why do you think [Obama] wants to speak to you?"

That's a really good one. I want to know the answer.

After the speech, teachers will ask students:

"What do you think the President wants us to do?"

"Does the speech make you want to do anything?"

"Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?"


"Ask not what you can do for your country—ask what you can do for your Barack Obama."

christian soldier said...

indoctrination at a young age is the sure way to to sway a child's mind---
schools have them for 6+ hours a day...
Dewey (decimal system ) and his fascist friends wrote the program at the turn of the last century... are the tools...oh-and the text book writers....
shall I go on....

RightKlik said...

This post is for you, Z. I think you'll like it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This is, of course, very simple.

YOU'RE the parent.

If you disagree with the content provided on ANY given day in a public school venue, you have the option of taking your kids to the zoo or to the park or to the mountains or to the ocean or to your grandparents.

YOU'RE the parent. YOU can make this a Teachable Moment in your child's life.


G-Man said...

It is unbelievable the amount of agitprop that I have to debunk when my children come home from school. If the right has to keep religion out of school then the left should have to keep their pet beliefs out of school too!

"I think there is more of a future in Asian Gay studies myself."

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you'd have an interest in that topic.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

This is such Onion fodder. How could they not resist? Just the material in the "dear leader" letter is enough without the speech!

Chuck said...

Indoctrination by any other name still smells the same

Opus #6 said...

Pris, you are completely correct.

Parents, protect your children. While you still can.

Freedomnow said...

Ducky said, "We all have the freedom to behave and act ethically. It's just that in America that action is easy to ignore in favor of consuming lots of crap.

I don't think what America has become in the last 30 years is any bargain."

If anything Ducky, at least you have gotten out from your groupthink networks and get to see the other side of the coin. However, judging by your long history, your motives are malicious. But thats OK, because you are not the only one.

30 years ago it was not very likely that America would vote for a black president.

Socialists were still in the process of seizing power and today they are much further along.

Racial prejudice in the northeast was blatant and that has changed in the last 30 years. Minorities are much better off.

America is fun to bash because it is held to the highest standards while our opponents like Iran, North Korea and Venezuela get a free pass.

The materialism of consumer culture is not an exclusive American trait. It is a human trait. Just look at Japan, China, Russia, etc... America gets blamed for being human, while our opponents are excused for the same reason.

Leftwingers have made considerable progress in their nihilistic propaganda war against our country. At least you can be proud of such a loathsome triumph.

But in the end, it is our freedom that allows you such victories. In exchange you don’t take up armed rebellion against us. You feel that you have power and we give you some. It is a free country. We give you something that a Utopian Socialist Statist Regime could never give anyone except its own nepotistic oligarchy.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I'm already thinking about how to use that speech to make my students think for themselves. Should be interesting if it happens.

Papa Frank said...

September 8th will make a great Daddy/daughter date day in our household. Maybe we'll go to the World War II Memorial and they can receive an education on the strength and honor of our country.

Z said...

Vegas, let us know how that goes.

Papa, good on you! Hugh Hewitt had people calling in saying they were keeping their children home, too.
It'll be like a KIDDIE TEA PARTY!!

Z said...

Freedomnow...I just looked and you're blogging more regularly..what a pleasure to have you HERE..thanks.
And how profound you always are. xxx

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Oops. Little change in plan. The kiddies will be asked to write letters about how they can achieve their goals -- instead of how they can support the ONE. Guess it got a little hot there in Duncan's office. They pulled the switcheroo today.

Z said...

Deborah, have we ever seen a president and his team not get it right the first time THIS MUCH? It seems like they are constantly having to pull back from positions...

Scary to think they never think things through...
imagine them being THIS tone deaf or arrogant; I know they keep saying "WE WON" but they didn't win the position of KING.

Always On Watch said...

They pulled the switcheroo today.

Anybody capture a screen image of the original?

Right Wing Extreme said...

Always on Watch,

I have a screen shot of the original on my blog at: Any and All are welcome to it. Not mine anyways, I stole it from someone who also stole it.

Tony C said...

Why do we have a US Department of Education in the first place? Shouldn't education be governed at the state and local levels? There is no constitutional authority for the federal government to be involved in our local school systems.

Our Founding Fathers must laugh at the mess we've allowed to happen in our bloated federal governement.

Right Wing Extreme said...

"Our Founding Fathers must laugh at the mess we've allowed to happen in our bloated federal government."

Boy, and how!

Papa Frank said...

I emailed my daughters teacher and she hadn't heard of the speech at all so everything should be good.

Z said...


Papa Frank said...

Our district's official stance:

The Belton School District has received a number of inquiries regarding its plans for President Obama’s address to students on Sept. 8. In light of those inquiries, we have adopted the following plans.

The Belton School District will observe a normal school schedule on Sept. 8. No classrooms will view President Obama’s address live. The administration will view and tape the president’s address to American school children. The tape may be used in the future as a curriculum resource in appropriate classes. In that event, parents will be notified by teachers if they plan to use the tape in class. Parents may elect to remove their child during the viewing and discussion of the president’s talk. Students not participating will be assigned an alternative learning activity to cover the class objective for that day.

The tape of President Obama’s address will be available for parent check-out in every school library. Parents may check out the tape for home viewing with their children. If a group of parents would like to view the tape together with their children they may make arrangements to use a school library for that purpose.

Z said...

Pops, thanks for posting that...
What're your thoughts?

I still think the whole idea's outrageous but at least they're warning awful that they have to.

Papa Frank said...

I think it's awesome that enough people picked up their phones and called or their computers and emailed or actually walked into the schools and central office to make them realize that their attendance would dramatically drop for that day and they would lose their funding and credit for the day of school. I have no doubt that their decision was about money and not about ethics. Whatever the case, it shows that if enough people believe in something and voice their opinion then it WILL make a difference. If we could only get the same backing now for patriotism, hard work, and teachers teaching and not pushing an agenda. There is power in numbers and we conservatives NEED to connect and join together and realize that we can make a difference even if it takes excessive time and effort to get it done.

Jess said...

I consider myself pretty informed but I was shocked to learn that an elementary school had been named after Obama! Oy vey!

As to the speech, after carefully reading over the instructions send by the Department of Edukation as to what students should be doing during the speech. That bothered me greatly. Sounds more like the DOE wanted the indoktrination more than anyone else.