Saturday, September 19, 2009

Colorado/Queens Terror Plot Thickens....BUT...And a frightening threat to German voters

Terror suspect Zazi is now saying he is "cutting off talks with the FBI." His American lawyer's now saying Zazi lied when he told the Feds about his ties to Al Qaeda. And, it looks like he's just tired of all of this and going home. Plus, he's not under arrest. Read all of THIS from the TELEGRAPH. Feel better now, folks? Nobody in the msm here BUT FOX TV is breaking the news that he's decided he's cutting off ties and that his lawyer says it's not true about the AQ connections. But, the Telegraph article has it all.

Please read Debbie's Blog on the information which shows how strongly implicated he is in the plots............and then what I'd written before......HERE and HERE. And then digest that HE is telling US he's through talking! (what?)

Can suspects 'cut off talks'? With the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION? With the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT? Can somebody help us out here? Will we ever again find ourselves in a country that's safe because we erred on OUR SIDE, because we didn't let islamists push US around like this? Oh. And no, Yahoo hasn't carried this breaking story this morning. FOX is, but you know them.....just silly conservative bias to keep these stories in front of us, informing us.....gosh, some people just hate that, don't they?

Here's my dream scenario: "Suspected terrorist, you're under arrest for the following reasons....x...and x...and x.........maybe you're innocent, we hope so, but this is America and it's a very new and dangerous world because of islamists and you will be held until you can prove 1000% that you nor any of your associates will not kill more Americans. Gee, we really appreciate your cooperation and sorry, but that's the WAY IT IS!"

In Germany, in the meantime, Al Qaeda has told Germans, who vote for Chancellor in 2 weeks, that they'd better vote for the person who'll take troops out of Afghanistan, or stay out of any public areas for at least 2 weeks after the election or there will be a 'rude awakening'. Nice, huh? Think that won't happen here some day soon, too? Because we haven't hit HARD, we have let our Left weaken us here and around the world with their criticism of everything that happened in the last 8 years, because we are now appeasing people like Chavez and Ortega and Putin? Congratulations on your vote, Obama fans.


FitzRoger said...

Keep spreading the word about this usurper call Obama and his illegal rise to power over a great nation, even if the media and NWO continually shut out the truth because Obama HIMSELF is the sign that the end of America as we know it IS come.
FACT: Obama is an illegal president which means everything he does, every speech he gives, every bill he signs, every order he gives to military, every law he enacts or enforces IS iLLEGAL. It means every congressman who goes along with him is committing crimes of treason, every man, woman, and child in America that goes along with him is too. Past presidents like Bush, Clinton, and Reagan have already established executive orders in place that give a president unlimited power to shut down transportation, utilities, and even put us in prison camps with the stroke of a pen. No president has thus far utilized them. But Obama, the man of lawlessness WILL.
I had read of a man of sin and lawlessness that would come in the future who the people would worship and I said to myself “Oh, this would never happen in America, people would never actually overtly worship a man, that’s something that only happens in backwards countries where ignorance abounds.” Then when I saw Obama come on the scene and how the American people worship him and how he accepts that worship and how almost every American is asleep, apathetic, or simply doesn’t care about it. Too busy to care. Especially those who call themselves Christians. Even the most respected so-called Christian leaders, and you know who they are, you respect them too, yet they remain completely SiLENT!
Never did I think this would happen, but for the past couple years we have witnessed this BLANKET OF DECEPTION most specifically in regards to Obama not being qualified to run or serve as president (not a U.S. born citizen). The fact that the people of America let this happen says this is what they want, this is what you’ll GET. This my friends is what WE HAVE.
Do you know what anarchy is? = No laws.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Am I in Wonderland? Jeeesh!

However, I disagree with FitzRoger on a key point: Obama could be called many things - ignorant, malevolent snake oil salesman who was thrust out of the filthy pit of Chicago machine politics; a leftist darling with a friendly media chorus to charm enough gullibles into voting for him, etc. -- but he IS the President.

I have no doubt that Acorn types turned the election in many jurisdictions with illegal voters, and they are his handmaidens for sure. But it wasn't so close that cheating "worked."

He is certainly an apt leader of the sin and lawless faction, but not illegal. And yes, we are living under a cloud of deception, but calling him illegal just diminishes our own credibility.

Kudos to Z for continually shining the light on the truth. It's up to us to keep working to expose him for what he is -- with a message that is factual and winsome -- and offer a better choice, so the public will want to throw the bum out. The "birther" message is not going to win.

Ultimately, people respond best to voting for, not against. Bill Buckley (may the great soldier rest in peace), call your office!

shoprat said...

The American left just doesn't get it. They are not softening us up for a socialist takeover but for a Jihadist destruction of both the left and the right. The left has got to get over their idiotic belief that all conflict boils down to a class struggle. It's a lie and it's hurting us.

Anonymous said...

What can we DO?

Well, recently I have written pointedly-critical letters to ALL ONE-HUNDRED MEMBERS of the US SENATE and to every representative email would let me reach (NOT ENOUGH!).

In case you don't realize it, that is a LOT of work, because they don't allow you simply to write to an email address. Oh no! You must fill out tedious forms with many little boxes for EACH senator and representative. It takes HOURS.

Nevertheless, it MAY be more effective than preaching to the choir and wrangling with people like Ducky at blogs and web sites.

Do they LISTEN?

I doubt it, but if ENOUGH people make this kind of effort, it DOES affect their thinking, because it threatens their incumbency.

WRTE to CONGRESS. Also CALL them and tell them how you feel. It takes time, but short of participating in a March on DC, it is our BEST hope of having any influence outside the ballot box.

~ FreeThinke

Right Truth said...

A suspect can stop talking any time he wants to, it is his Miranda Right to do so and his attorney can advise him when to talk and when not to.

The attorney has been saying all along to the press that Zazi is innocent. The reports I've heard are from sources inside the investigation. It may a while before we know what the deal was, if one is indeed cut.

He may choose to be faithful to his fellow terrorists and not out them. Some sources say that the FBI is bringing in his family members and talking to them, and perhaps he decided to cut the deal after his father was interviewed.

Who knows at this point.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you treat an act of war as a crime. It looks to me like they had enough evidence to hold him.

However since this administration want's to pretend we're not at war, he was probably mirandized, and since the attack has not yet taken place they have to let him go. The Bush doctrine was pre-emption. That's gone.

In the case of a crime, there was none committed. In a war, he's an enemy plotting against the country. We're going to keep playing nice until something terrible happens.

Weakness invites aggression. It's as simple as that!

I hope the German people defy this threat and that their leaders denounce it loudly. This is how terrorists get what they want. This is what terror is.

It's a war as surely as if soldiers were in the streets. In this war, it's the people who have to stand up, and leaders who lead and don't shrink behind some politically correct facade.

I hope the German people will be strong. If they aren't they lose a battle. If they aren't they're under the thumb of barbarians.


Z said...

I posted this on my previous post on this Zazi jerk...Wanted you to know it here, too.

They apparently found video of stadiums and Grand Central Station on this guy's computer...I'm sure he'll say he was doing something with them that's completely innocent and i'm sure we'll believe HIM because we love to err on that side.

He has admitted to 'ties' with Al Qaeda but they don't know "how deep the ties are". Are they KIDDING?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

OK duckling, tell us where we're wrong.

I dare you.

Elmers Brother said...

is FitzRoger ok?

Z said...

UPDATE: Zazi and his father have finally been arrested by the FBI.
I guess they might have to talk NOW?

beakerkin said...


Zazi at best is a henchman. The government may have wanted the bigger players.

I am waiting for the US government to try Citizens like Zazi with treason. We set a bad precedent in the 60's by not trying Bill Ayers and company for this crime.

I am not sure we as a country are ready for this

Z said...

Hi, Beak!
ready for 'this' scourge of terror growing in our borders or 'this' idea of charging with TREASON?

How could it NOT be treason,by the way?

MathewK said...

Once again the followers of the religion of peace show themselves to be anything but.