Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Iran and Nukes....more sanctions, anyone? I know! "No Chicago Olympics for YOU, Ahmy"


Susannah said...


Go get 'em Z!

Tom said...

We've already observed that sanctions with Iran have not worked. Countries have skirted around them for years - otherwise, Iran would not have had the materials or resources to build a nuclear program. What makes anyone think that sanctions will accomplish anything is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Them Iranian women are some pretty hot tamales!

MathewK said...

I doubt very much that hussein obama has the guts for even sanctions. That might slow the iranians down and obama doesn't want that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the people serving on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan think of President Obama. He gives the impression that he doesn't much give a damn about them. What do they think about prosecuting as criminals, sworn enemies that have been captured by them? Can they have confidence in a leader who could have those in harms way prosecuted themselves for not dotting an "i" or crossing a "t" in filing the forms required for facing the enemy under the "terms of engagement" concocted by legalistic bureaucrats, who beneath the surface likely hate America more than those foreign killers trying to destroy it?

Of course, President Obama has more urgent and pressing matters like flying yo Denmark to "bring the Olympic Games home to Chicago" everybody on board with that dream of a community organizer?


FrogBurger said...

Sarkozy is upset at Obama for being so lenient and naive, as well as egotistical.

I don't think sanctions will work. All they do is give the opportunity to the regime in place to say "see, the western countries hate us."

To me the only solution would be negotiation while getting ready to drop a big one if they make a move.

Pretty simple and quite efficient.

Ducky's here said...

z, you are aware that this plant has been known for several years. Chucklenuts knew about it and did absolutely nothing.

Now Obama decides to play the card. We'll see if he can get a consensus.

However, we should clearly just take Tom's advice and nuke the place. Republicans - simple minds yielding simple "solutions".

Elmers Brother said...

I'm sure duhkkky is defending Roman Polanski too.

Z said...

Yes, Ducky, Bush knew about it.
Things were quite different then. Iran now is playing us like the suckers Iraq did; sanction after sanction...
We'll never get ANYWHERE UNTIL Iran hit Israel OR us.

Timmerman said they could, from small ships off the East problem. Bush wouldn't listen.
Now Obama's too busy arranging Olympics with Oprah to pay attention to this.

Sarkozy's right...Obama's ego, thinking HE knows BETTER, prevents him from learning; it's not an unusual trait.

"mmm mmm mmm Barrack HUSSEIN Obama..."

Remember when he said the American president's JOB is to "protect Islam around the world" and your media said nothing, Ducky? That's when I knew we'd have a very stunningly unattached, stunningly antiAmerican president. and, voila.

Susannah, Thanks for coming by!

Tom....see, if you disclaim sanctions that aren't working while Iran clearly keeps building, you're suddenly a war mongering creep who wants thousands of innocent people DEAD because you hate humanity... which is EXACTLY what Iran actually DOES want to do, but we're supposed to just keep sanctioning till they're good and ready, then WE GET HIT. Wellll, at least no innocent people the left likes we'll eat it, right?

FJ...look more like ballpark dogs.

MK...No, he SURE doesn't. Excellent point, MK.
Don't forget,he even detests our CIA who SHOULD be working on this,so... but, maybe they're too busy preparing for the lawsuits against them to be paying much attention, either, Feel better, FOLKS?

Waylon, you just have to know Obama can't wait to try the snow cones and nobody's going to stop his chances. But, after ALL, he'll have fun with Oprah, and what else counts?

FrogBurger, like Sarkozy has implied...The West will suffer, not just Americans. Sarkozy has a much bigger picture in mind, thank God SOMEBODY does.

cube said...

As long as the ChiComs and the Russians play footsy with Iran, more sanctions aren't going to help.

Ducky's here said...


Elmo was the first to bring up Polanski.

Well since you asked, Elmo I do find it curious that a man who has a residence in Switzerland and has been in the country many times for many years all of a sudden gets picked up 30+ years after the trial.
Now UBS (Phil Gramm, Insane McCain's economic adviser is a director) has been asked to turn over some names of big tax evaders and the justice department told Switzerland to take their banking laws and pound sand recently so I think there might be a connection.

No I don't defend Polanski but I don't think the cynical use of the courts in a case where the victim has stated she doesn't want the publicity or a retrial is a good thing either.

It's a little like the very cynical political ploy of releasing a Libyan bomber because there are oil and gas deals at stake. It promotes a cynicism that cheapens us.

Now I'm quite sure that you'll go into high dudgeon and insist that Polanski should be turned over to a real manly man like yourself who would show him REAL justice and cut of his unit with a power tool but that's just macho strutting, elmo.

Z said...

Ducky, don't look now, but you don't run contests around here and I'm very glad Elbro brought that up.
Odd, the people who feel the girl doesn't want the charges pursued so THAT'S THAT! isn't it?

We're a nation of laws, not feelings. Who gives a damn WHAT she feels, other than her feelings as a human being? She testified, he was getting fifty years (which I think is excessive, but I'm sure I"ll be argued with on that, and I'm fine with a good argument), and he escaped.

Having said that,I think we have much bigger fish to fry in this country that our President must apply himself to, BUT, OH DARN.. he's busy flying to Copenhagen with Oprah and the Mrs for a real good time.........
Ah, well. Maybe our enemies aren't noticing we need a real leader like Sarkozy who called Obama for what he is EGOCENTRIC, someone who won't learn anything.

How humiliating....thanks Obama voters.

highboy said...

Ducky's right, we shouldn't be "macho", we should just ignore law because someone's feelings might get hurt.

Elmers Brother said...

Well since you asked, Elmo I do find it curious that a man who has a residence in Switzerland and has been in the country many times for many years all of a sudden gets picked up 30+ years after the trial.

and duhkkky was busy roasting Foley even though no crime was committed

keep on keepin' on with your bad self duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky's used to defending the indefensible

Polanski drugged a 13 year old girl and raped her but because you said so we should just ignore that and pretend that nothing happened

You don't believe he should face trial and let the legal system take its course?

doesn't surprise me duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...

there were at least 8 attempts prior to this one duhkkky to arrest Polanski

FrogBurger said...

Ducky's messed up in the head. I told you. It's an intellectual disorder at this point. Maybe it's because he has too much IQ. It's like too much pressure in a pressure cooker. It explodes.

Elmers Brother said...

I'm surprised Obama didn't appoint Polanski to be his Safe School Czar

FrogBurger said...

Polanski is jewish I believe so it's a no-no for Obama. Ha!

heidianne jackson said...

um wasn't he already tried? why would this need to go back to court?

and yes, z, the one is flying off to copenhagen on a personal mission - well a local government (illinois) mission anyhow - on air force one at tax payers' expense. how nice. how many here are as excited as i to be paying for this trip?

no, no one? well, probably ducky doesn't see the harm in it...

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Presidnt Pbama has a different approach than the "you're with us or against us" approach of the previous administration. We all can agree Iran's rulers are nuts but at least the attempt at diplomacy gives us the cover we need when and if military force of some kind becomes the option. The Russians and Chinese are now on our side regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions.

It's going to take time for this to play outbut eventually I have no doubt Obama will not hesitate to "pull the trigger" so to speak, on Iran. The old adage, CYA, is always good advice.

Elmers Brother said...

It's going to take time for this to play outbut eventually I have no doubt Obama will not hesitate to "pull the trigger" so to speak, on Iran. The old adage, CYA, is always good advice.

'pull the trigger'?????

He can't even decide whether or not to follow his generals advice in Afghanistan.

G-Man said...

Republicans - simple minds yielding simple "solutions".

Ever hear of Occam's Razor? You should try it once then live it and love it! It'll treat you right every time. Sometimes (in fact most of the time) the simplest answer is the best answer.

G-Man said...

"pull the trigger"

How's he going to do that when he's so vehemently anti-gun? He wouldn't know a trigger if he were presented with a few bushels of them.

Elmers Brother said...

g-man, one thing's for sure the left would lose any revolution...the right owns all the guns and all the lefties are peaceniks

Anonymous said...

Ducky, the prosecution represents the state, not the victim in a criminal trial. It's not about the victim, it's about justice.

Polanski broke the law, period.

Heidianne - I think Polanski had already been convicted and he skipped out on his sentencing hearing.

Truth- "Presidnt Pbama has a different approach than the "you're with us or against us" approach of the previous administration."

Yes he sure does. Now it's, "if you're against us, we're with you".

Btw, "cya" is pretty much all Obama does, or tries to do. Didn't you know? It's all about him!


WomanHonorThyself said...

says it all doesnt it Z!!!

Chuck said...

Polanski cannot be the Safe Schools czar, he hasn't admitted to past drug use. He certainly cannot be in the cabinet because as someone who has lived outside of the US for 30+ years he has no back taxes to owe. He's likely more suited to be the czar for Missing and Exploited Children.

G-Man said...

"the right owns all the guns and all the lefties are peaceniks"

Except you're forgetting that the vast majority of criminals also are liberals... So MS13, the crips & bloods those sort of people will be the libs' army.

Elmers Brother said...

BTW duhkkky Polanski was a resident of France

In 1986, prosecutors consulted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about a possible visit to Canada by Polanski, but the trip never materialized. In 1994, they told the Justice Department that they were still interested in pursuing Polanski and submitted an arrest warrant request to France. His French citizenship has long protected him from extradition and it's unclear how French officials responded.

In 2005, Polanski traveled to Thailand and prosecutors alerted Interpol, but the director was not arrested. In 2007, prosecutors tried to arrange his arrest during a trip to Israel, but authorities there requested additional information and the director left the country in the interim.

The final date on the list, Sept. 22, was the day prosecutors prepared the provisional warrant for Polanski's arrest en route to the film festival.

shoprat said...

I think Ducky accidentally stumbled onto a valid question:

Why wasn't he pursued and hounded after he fled? The US should have been constantly after him and gave him no rest until he was under arrest.

Z said...

TRUTH101: "The Russians and Chinese are now on our side regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions."
Today, maybe...I wouldn't trust either of them, especially the Russians, who are gearing up in AMAZING fashion militaristically; bigger parades of strength than EVER. (Mr. Z is German and reads European news so we have a slightly more honest bunch of info here at geeeZ than the media HERE gives us)

As for "with us or against us?" I believe that Sarkozy and Merkel are DREAMING of the Bush days ...Obama's naivite is even worse than what our media told Europe to use for Bush..the "the COWBOY" moniker. I lived in Paris until 7 years ago; the ONLY input they got in English was the Herald Trib, solely owned by the NYTimes and solely into giving Europeans nothing but the left's view of how awful America is.
Today, the Europeans are going Conservative, even HOLLAND is suggesting NO BURKHAS and SWEDED (Gasp!) is implementing LOWER TAXES!

We'll be the Third WOrld Country in 3 1/2 years....they'll be wishing they had the cowboy back to keep THEM safe, too...all we get now is an appeaser.
I am SO glad you're here, Truth101 because I totally respect you...I hope you hit me with your best and most civil shot and I hope I gave you mine.
My readers are AMAZING, you know several of them, I'm sure..and I'd like nothing better than to have you batting me around...and them...
If you can take it, I can take it. :-)
You are very welcome, sir.

Z said...

Shoprat, he was protected by the laws in France, sadly.

CHUCK..WELL done! :-)

Thanks EVERYONE..super comments.

RightKlik said...

Somebody's going to get wiped off the map before this story is over...only question is who.

Anonymous said...
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(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Gman and Elbro,

You're both almost there. The left isn't anti-gun. They're just against the people they prefer to shoot at having guns.

Susannah said...

Z~ Your last comment...excellent! I appreciate your perspective so much. I saw the story about the Dutch, too, & thought - FINALLY the Europeans are starting to wake up!! Question is...are they waking up in time...and then, when they find out it's too late & turn to us to bail them out (i.e., kick somebody's @#$ for them), will we even be capable? Or will our military be so hog-tied & flaccid that we can't...?

Heaven help us. Thanks again for your perspective.

Tom said...

Step away for a couple of days and someone takes my words out of context...

Ducky - I did NOT SAY nuke Iran. I merely pointed out that sanctions have not worked with Iran. There may have been a song about it, but I didn't advocate it.

Since the comments flew off on the Polanski situation, here's the bottom line - he was convicted of a horrible crime, and he must serve the sentence. I don't care who cries in their coffee or beer over the "injustice of it all" or how brilliant he is.

And yes, I do believe in the KISS principle, but that doesn't mean I'm a simple person...

Z said...

Thanks, Susannah, it's so good to see you!
The trouble about this is, whose a^*&$# CAN anybody kick? Islamists know we can't go to every muslim country and give 'em hell for all the disaster they've wreaked here or in Europe. They are WELL aware of that, why not? It's not like Japan was, etc. We had somewhere to go and 'register our complaint'!
Even in Iraq, we were there to 'help them get rid of Saddam, thinking like any sensible person would, that they'd all appreciate that' not blast them to $(&@#(* for having allowed terroris to organize and grow there.
And, we've not really FOUGHT HARD, we've pussy footed around with one eye on the left, here and in Europe, to make sure THEY are happy, it seems to me.
Of course, the leftist media hasn't actually supported anything but the Left in years, so why we care what they think is beyond ME.

Europe won't have to come to us; they're stronger and have far, far less PC than we allow here.
Their welcome toward islamists has been from a false sense of kindness and belief that they weren't out to get them (and they'd brought muslims in to do their work like we first allowed Mexicans, so they feel sort of like 'well, we let this happen'), hoping things would just go by and they'd fit in and "aren't we so open minded?"....
Now that they realize dangerous islamists ARE NOT FITTING IN, they won't allow PC to get in their way because they just don't allow that, it's not a big thing in their cultures.
ONly WE will be suffering from islamists using our laws against us so exquisitely, etc etc..
Our left has weakened us greatly with the PC thing and I'd suggest we'll be looking to Europe to help US out if the islamist thing gets so much more crowded and taking advantage of our welcoming them before they kill more and more of us on our home turf, anyway.
How's that for optimistic :-)
In my opinion, it's a race against time.

Tom: You must NEVER not come to geeez for days at a time, see what happens! :-)

Anonymous said...

And Madame O. said they went to Fjordland at 'great personal sacrifice' in her speech. Huh??? Did they forget her wig? Nothing like having your priorities in order when Iran is threatening with nukes. The Olympics must take precedence over everything. I hope Rio gets the Games.

Thank God for Israel. At least their chief has a spine instead of Jell-o for a backbone.