Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gaddafi spoke after Obama...but just before that....and then AFTER that....

UPDATE: Before I get to the original point of my post, they're saying in Germany that Obama's understood today in his speech as saying that America is now deviating from its leadership in the world. Gaddafi seemed to be on board with that, having opened his speech subtly suggesting how 'men in suits' are a thing of the past and shouldn't be in charge anymore, obviously pointing out how Third World countries have the majority in the UN General Assembly, with Gaddafi as leader, and everybody gets a vote though others pay nothing in comparison to us. There are many European editorials saying that they felt some comfort in America's leadership and are a bit edgy thinking we're handing leadership to the UN now. Me, too.
Meanwhile, Gaddafi's demanding to know who killed Jack Kennedy. He's blaming it on Jack Ruby who was apparently Jewish. Get it? He's also demanding we leave Afghanistan and saying America should be brought to court for the War on Iraq (Eric Holder must love this guy).....knowing full and well he hasn't the America we had just a few years back, due to our leftists, which stood tall and firm, he CAN push us around verbally today, can't he. They can ridicule and slam us as much as they like these days....Meanwhile, our CIA's in question by US, etc etc........and Gaddafi is playing into it. Why wouldn't he? But, I digress........

Here's my original point of this post:

Instead of keeping him offstage and ready to go (once Obama had stopped apologizing for us and dumping on us and Israel..oh, sorry....that wasn't the point of this post) like the UN usually does, Libya's Gaddafi had to be brought to the podium from somewhere else. Some think it was the UN trying to keep those two separate (until the luncheon, at which time we'll be waiting to see if Ahmedinejad and Gaddafi try to shake our president's hand and what he'll do).

Only FOX mentioned that the UN floor was disrupted by various members seemingly protesting Gaddafi and that his speech was delayed by approximately 10 minutes. I kept switching to CNN to see how they were handling that but they were only waxing eloquent about the wonderful Obama speech while John Bolton was telling FOX watchers how this is the first president who's done so much comparison with the last presidency and how unseemly it is to slam the past one in public even while we here at home are welcome to dissent and discuss the past. Ah, well. We had dignity for years.......I guess our time is up? That's how the world sees it, anyhow. Obama's making so many around the world happy, isn't he.
As far as I could see, CNN never did mention the tumult on the floor of the UN over Gaddafi. Even for CNN, that was odd, since they had a guy reporting FROM the floor. Why not cover it?


Tom said...

Why not cover it?

Simple - It doesn't fit their agenda.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing makes clear to the world several issues we have been saying for long time:

1. By giving up a leadership position in the world, Obama is doing a big disservice to the whole world. As a matter of fact, now the tone is set by Gaddafi.

2. The U.N. must be dismantled NOW, and built up again from the bottom up, only with different rules:

a) The seat of the U.N. needs to move to Lagos, Nigeria. That would be much closer to where the action is.

b) The member countries will have as many votes as their proportion of fees they pay. There is no reason why the U.S., Germany and Japan should pay almost 50% of the budget, and then get told by third world countries what to do.

c) Only countries with a democracy would be allowed to be a member. That would exclude everybody but about 30 countries. The other countries are welcome once they have stopped corruption and have proven that they have indeed implemented democratic rules. BTW: That would include the U.S. with this administration since democracy is out of the window these days.

d) Along those lines, all of those useless sub-organizations of the U.N. and organizations such as the IMF need to be dismantled. They are only communist re-distribution organizations.

e) No more subsidies to third world countries unless they prove unambiguously they follow the rules.


shoprat said...

Thieves control both the UN and the Democratic Party. The good guys are in serious trouble.

We need to get out of the UN. The Donks are on board with them for now, but that might change when they realize the 3rd world is picking their pockets too.

Anonymous said...

Obama may hand our leadership over to the UN, but, China won't. China will willingly move into the void left by America, and what will we do about that? We owe China over one trillion dollars.

If Obama doesn't hate America, he has a funny way of showing it. If he doesn't have the makings of a dictator, then no one does.

Every lie, threat, criticism, and underhanded tactic, reveals what he and his leftist cronies are. Nothing but dictatorial thuggers, all the ingredients of a third world tin horn dictatorship.

Even his ego illustrates his third world dictatorial mentality. He can't stay out of the limelight for one day. His sense of self grandiosity is not superceded by any leader in the world today.

He needs thousands around him to give a speech, and I have no doubt that if he had a tv channel at his disposaal, he would be on there for hours, like a Chavez or Castro.

If anyone who reads this voted for this man, you shouldn't be angry, you should be weeping.

Just look at what you have wrought.


Anonymous said...

I agree with shoprat. We should've been out of the UN long ago. It's so corrupt.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with every word Pris wrote. I might add the following after having noted what Gaddafi said and did. To my surprise, I agree with several things he said, but very different reasons than his:

1. The U.N. needs to be reformed; the Security Council is a club of thugs.

2. The seat of the U.N. needs to move elsewhere, away from NY (he didn't find a place to legally put up his tent).

3. Obama is a son of Africa. He should remain in power forever. (I only agree with the first sentence, however).


Anonymous said...

BTW: Obama probably feels very flattered that he has been lauded by the most bizarre dictator in the world with such flaming and admiring words. How else can it be explained that no public statements were made by him or his loudspeaker - he normally sticks his face in front of a TV camera (except Fox) for much lesser reasons than that.


FrogBurger said...

Kadafi said some true things but the guy is in no place to lecture people.
I wish this freak could just be dead and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Look at the picture..the asswipe dumbo buffon hasn't learned yet. DO NOT...DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR AMERICA ANY LONGER.

We should apologize for our generosity? We should apologize for our contributions to the world in technology, science, medicine, arts, science, physics and leading the world in human rights, decency and FREEDOM? Tell me one goddamn thing that the sand fleas have given the world besides suicide bombers, terrorists, murderers, oppression and worst of all..the continuation of the insane radical philosophy of ISLAM!

This bastard child of the 60's...this corrupt, weak, sissy community organizer...this freak..this liar should have taken a ride in Teddy's old Buick.

This weak sad excuse of a "man"...( who is the lefts poster boy for the whiny metrosexual gay, weeping "man" ) will kill us all. It will take generations to undue the damage this freak...this hero of the failed policies of affirmation action and our our capitulation to the nonsense of PCism has brought us to a time where stalemates are no longer an option.

Something...has to give. I believe that Obama is a flash in the pan...and he'll not be gone soon enough. Along with Acon and all the other corrupt, failed policies of the last 40 years.

Law and Order Teacher said...

The UN is quite simply the most corrupt, useless, misguided idea every brought forth. The US had the good sense to stay out of the League of Nations and that worked out. The UN begins, we run into the organization in the vain hope that the rest of the world would act in moral way. How'd that work out?

beamish said...
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beamish said...

The United Nations is a farcical idea. How many actual democratic governments are represented by delegations to that den of snakes?

And so, the vote of a delegation from a government elected by the will of its people is equal to the vote of a dictator's delegate?

The concept of the UN is so ass backwards and devoid of logic and reason that it seems redundant to say it was conceived by a Democrat.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, John Bolton, be still my heart.

Someone tell Mr. Z that an unregulated capitalist economy such as the one he cries out for in his dreams is an enemy of democracy.

As such he needs to refine his perspective.

John Bolton, I bet you folks could hardly contain yourselves.

Z said...

"unregulated", huh, Ducky? Drinking Michael Moore's kool-aid again?
Good...let's be socialists instead.

THINK, man.

No, I could hardly contain myself; John Bolton actually understands that this world is a tough one; when we see Obama apologizing and appeasing, it's very tough and it's good to have someone discussing it.
Sorry that he gave actual information while CNN was lying? Sorry Bolton GETS what Obama's doing to your hated Israel?
Sorry Bolton understands the UN better than any on your side?
Sorry, Ducky. Yes, Bolton was demonized by your leftist media, but it never stuck; it's just stupid and has to stop.

Ducky's here said...

I'm curious, who does the right wing think is more entertaining, Qadaffi or Chuck Norris?

FrogBurger said...

"I'm curious, who does the right wing think is more entertaining, Qadaffi or Chuck Norris?"

Do you have more stupid and pointless questions?

Your idiocy is entertaining the right wing.