Sunday, September 6, 2009

The "vicious smear campaign"

I know you're all about tired of hearing about Van Jones and his resignation. I do know that. But, humor me here and, if you can take more Jones news, keep reading....

Today, HOWARD DEAN had some input today that some of you might have seen but needs more of you to know.........Regarding that Truthers petition Van Jones signed, Dean said "He was TOLD he was signing something else." He intimated that Jones should be more careful. And, of course, because we're Conservatives, we should just believe Dean....Jones told him that...SOLD! (but, no...not even close). And, after all, Dean started his tirade reminding us that "Jones went to Yale and is a lawyer" and it's really awful he was "brought down." YALE? HOW could we let that genius get away? :-)

Bill Kristol reminded America that Gateway Pundit (one of us) "did more reporting than the mainstream media on Van Jones." Juan Williams then chimed in that Jones' job was "not significant" and this was just a "way to ATTACK THE PRESIDENT." WHAT? Also, Juan, someone I used to admire for fairness, reminds us that the White House "only" had "Jones talking to young people" in speeches around the country.

Jones has quite a can see it best revealed HERE. THIS is a guy who "only" "speaks to young people around the country"??? And that's okay with Juan Williams? I just wish some Conservatives on the air would discuss why they so badly wanted him out. Yes, he signed a Truthers petition and, yes, he called Republicans A Holes and that's fine......not nice, but fine. It's not like we don't get angry at Democrats, right? But, it's the ASSOCIATIONS AGAIN. ASSOCIATIONS, folks.........the group STORM which he founded. His words about having become a Communist, anti-capitalist! Which is also FINE, it's your right...but not your right to work for US, okay?

Here are Van Jones' words:

I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th [1992], and then the verdicts came down on April 29th. By August, I was a communist. (...)

I met all these young radical people of color – I mean really radical: communists and anarchists. And it was, like, 'This is what I need to be a part of.' I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.

Funny, the Leftwingers still screech about Joe McCarthy and a 'communist under every bed', right? No wonder they were upset, they were hoping they could pay them to advise presidents....!? The Kennedys were very close friends with McCarthy and he dated two of the Kennedy daughters. At least the Kennedys were Democrats who understood that most Americans don't honor Communism. Or didn't, anyway? Would that the leftwingers of today wouldn't be pushing to take our tax dollars and hire them for advisory work to the president. But, after all...Jones "ONLY spoke to young people." Oh, man. SO, having said all of the above, which most of you already knew....the conclusion is this: HOW could he have been in that job at the White House and how could Robert Gibbs and the rest of the crowd there dismiss his background no matter WHAT his position was?...and shouldn't that worry us for the future? Jones is's the future I worry about. Think CZARS.



dmarks said...

If you cut Van the TerribleJones some slack on the 9/11 crackpots matter, you are still left with the fact that he proudly proclaimed he was a member of the worst hate group in history. One at least as bad and deadly as the Nazis.

Z said...

EXACTLY my point, dmarks. As I said "so he called us A holes and signed a terrible petition"....
STORM was his group... and read the quotes I posted! GeeeeZ!!

DaBlade said...

The Notorious Van Jones was in Obama's circle precisely BECAUSE of his background. Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett, proudly states they have been following Notorious V since Oakland.

Jess said...

They need to get their stories straight because first Jones says he never signed it now Dean said he didn't know what he was signing. Whatever! All I care about is he's gone. Now we can work on that whackjob Holdren.

Always On Watch said...

Jones has quite a can see it best revealed HERE.

Great round-up of information!

The lamestream media are focusing on Jones's 9/11 Truthing, but he's much worse than THAT!

DaBlade's comment here is spot on. I would add that, before the election, some of us tried to sound the warning as to the company BHO keeps. The warnings went unheeded.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Some old white dude in tan robes made him sign the papers...and then said "These aren't the droids you're looking for..."

Anonymous said...

Well my goodness, what President wouldn't want an advisor who spent ten years agitating with the fellow felons he met in jail?

It appears every one of them but this one! Every thugocracy needs at least one felon. After all it'll get the felon vote. Hooray!

This vicious smear campaign consisted of numerous videos with Van Jones railing against white people, and generally, hate speech.

Or, how to create your own vicious smears! Racism pays folks, you too can be a Czar.
But hey, what's a little hate among friends?

Now the President of the United States of America is about to speak to our children about education, working hard, and learning.

Meanwhile as a role model he has shown that, you are judged by the company you keep, and in that, he is the last person one would want advising our children about anything.

You can graduate from Yale or Harvard, and not have the sense God gave a gnat!

Goodbye Mr. Jones, and good riddance!

Deborah on the Bayside said...

DaBlade - EXACTLY!

Breitbart had a video that shows Jones making vicious fun of Bush over the idea that when you increase the supply of something (oil) the price goes down.

The ignorance (his AND his cheering audience) displayed in his mocking tone denies this very basic and [I thought] universally accepted economic concept. (Of course, before Lenin got educated by mass starvation and chaos in the baby USSR, he thought all there was to business was counting the money and collecting receipts. Not kidding! Birds of a feather....)

It was good to have Jones about dragging Obama's poll numbers down and showing us once more the company THE ONE likes to keep. But good things don't last forever, so I'm glad to see the little commie gone.

But where to? Aaaah. The little termite has gone to ground somewhere. Maybe chowin' down on your tax dollars in a dark corner where you can't see him. Did I hear you say "stimulus" money? Ummmm.

Z said...

Always! DB's right and it's in my post..the truthers thing is NOTHING compared to COMMUNISM, is it? :-)

Good, Pris!

Deb...there's 'word' that he might still be sticking around. Who in America would know unless they're reading Conservative blogs that he was even THERE?!! Ya, some media.

Chuck said...

"He was TOLD he was signing something else."

If he really is this stupid, I'm glad he's gone.

This quote from Juan Williams is quite dissapointing. I have always respected him for being fair too.

Z said...

Chuck, like I said in my post, we're with you. But, lately, Mr. Z, particularly, has been REAL disappointed in Williams.
He's turned into a real obama-ite and goes way overboard to look stupid these days. and he's not stupid.
And, even Conservatives think he's one of the nicest guys ever.
But, lately.........maybe FOX is paying him to represent the other side more heartily and he's earning his pay? !!!

Deborah on the Bayside said...

I wonder if Juan Williams would have been so sanguine if Bush had "only" hired David Duke to be talking to young people around the country as a green guru.

Did Howard Dean call for the Dems to back off Bush since George Bush was "told" that Iraq had WMD (never mind if was by top local and international intelligence agencies who are there precisely to make such evaluations)?

Ever wonder where the discredited commies went to get "respectable?" Jones' resume offers some ideas:
- Energy and Resources Collaborative
- Eco-capitalism movement
- "Social Equity Track" for the United Nations' World Environment Day
- Green-Collar Jobs Campaign
- Green For All (an NGO he founded to create pathways out of poverty in America)
- Green-Collar Cities Program

Gosh. I think I see a theme here.

Brooke said...

Yah, right! It's NEVER the fault of the leftist. Sheesh.

Z said...

Oh, Deborah...very, very clever!! Excellent surmisal!

- Energy and Resources Collaborative
- Eco-capitalism movement
- "Social Equity Track" for the United Nations' World Environment Day
- Green-Collar Jobs Campaign
- Green For All (an NGO he founded to create pathways out of poverty in America)
- Green-Collar Cities Program

Ya, there IS a theme..SURPRISE!!!

I have this marvelous line from a comment Beamish made to psi bond, the leftwinger a few months back on my sidebar of amazing comments:
"But, when socialists and Communists are out campaigning for Democrats, perhaps you ought to rethink your "calling Democrats socialists is a right-wing smear" crock. - Beamish"

I think it applies to your comment...sometimes you just can't NOT see the truth.

Brooke..NEVER!! :-)

Jen aka Pinky said...

I've heard that Jones is going to be re-assigned. Is that right?

Z said...

Jen, I don't know..but some blogger I read today hinted at that....

Anybody hear about it?

Opus #6 said...

That Dean part is hilarious. So Jones, a YALE lawyer, couldn't be bothered to read what he signed? GImme a break. My daddy told me never to sign anything unread. And I think I was in grade school.

namaste said...

good riddance to bad rubbish!

and i love pris' comment in its entirety.

The Daily Retard said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! I am adding you to my blogroll!

As much as I will miss Van Locust, it's good to know the insanity WILL continue. I really can't wait to see what Obamoron comes up with next....

beamish said...

Regarding that Truthers petition Van Jones signed, Dean said "He was TOLD he was signing something else."

What, an autograph album?

God in his bountiful grace continues to supply the right with opponents incapable of rational thought.

Average American said...

Just about every appointment NObama has made falls into one or more of these categories:

tax cheat,crook,thug,liar, socialist, markist, terrorist, and now communist. Like we should have been surprised?

The crop that went before the senate for confirmation were bad enough, but this bunch of so-called czars is bullshit! Just his way of getting around the constitution. But then, what else is new?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Chuck, I am also disappointed in Juan as well. Normally he drives me nuts because he really challenges my thinking. But he, like us, is human so I am willing to cut him a bit of slack.

Brooke said...

"I think most liberals saw a difference between Bush’s policies and the office he held. I did. "

Please, stop!!! You're making my sides hurt!