Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mr. Z's Opinion....Can we, should we, learn from Bavaria regarding islamist extremists?

From Bavaria, Germany comes a model every country could benefit from in the fight against Islamists: Information comes out that, last year, Bavaria expedited 63 islamist extremists back to their countries. Some others could not be shipped off because they could possibly be facing the death penalty in their country – sending them back under such circumstances is not permitted by German Law (which, I might remind everyone was inspired by the American Occupation Forces in Germany). But, those extremists who can't go back home remain under very close observation in Bavaria and cannot leave the place where they are living except to appear at a police station once a day.

Classified as extremists are hate preachers (the Germans are allowed to go into mosques and have found many imams preaching death to Germans, etc. I believe Americans still can't do that) or persons who are a threat to society (i.e. having shown that they have exhibited the will and expertise to undertake an attack at any time).

This information is from Bavaria, which represents about 15% of the German population. Other German states may not have had this same rate of arrests but are very active in this regard, too.

Z: We in America, of course, are hand-tied by those who just can't imagine any imam would preach attack-inspiring or otherwise-threatening talk against us here in this country. Can we, too, err on our side by possibly arresting and expediting back home an islamist or two in order to protect millions of innocent Americans or is it just too unkind and would that perhaps threaten the rights of terrorists in our country? What do you think?



Steve: The Lightning Man said...'s the religion of PEACE! They wouldn't do anything BAD!

LASunsett said...

I am surprised that the Left hasn't labeled the Bavarian authorities racist, xenophobes, and Nazis.

I have no problem with it on the surface. But to be perfectly honest, it would take another major disastrous attack with a huge loss of American lives for this to even be considered here. And then, my big fear would be someone like Obama using this kind of power to shut down churches he doesn't agree with.

It's a double edged sword.

Always On Watch said...

The United States is too dhimmified to follow this model. **sigh**

DaBlade said...

The extremists in this country should be named Czars immediately!

MK said...

Off course those preaching hate should be sent back, sending them back is not unkind, not sending them back is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a level of hatred for America and all that it stands for in the history of the world that succeeds in blinding some to the real world that would replace the present one if America ceased to exist. How else can you understand or explain those that willingly embrace the expansion of the power of the state to ultimately replace freedom with enslavement to that state?


Steve Harkonnen said...

Don't think for one moment that Germany is a model for anything - but hey, at least they seem to be on the right track with these deportations.

Germany has been plagued for years with Muslim extremists who come to their country to be freeloaders on the German welfare dole.

I would love to see America do the same thing to all illegal immigrants, but that will not happen until Conservatives like ourselves start supporting the Constitution Party and prove to the world that the so-called "third party" is actually much better than both the Democrat and Republican parties.

RaDena said...

I think we should follow their example and ship them back where they came from, unless they are women who have left in order to save their lives and would be murdered if they were sent back. But of course this administration will do no such thing.

highboy said...

This subject keeps popping up, any any time a Christian accuses Islam of violence people are quick to point out the very few examples of violence performed in the name of Christianity. Terrorists are supposedly misinterpreting the Koran much like the Crusaders misinterpreted the Bible. Unfortunately this myth can be torn asunder merely by looking at both key figures
1. Jesus: not one record found anywhere in over 2,000 years that Jesus so much as harmed a fly.
2. Muhammed: Ordered the killing, raping, and pillaging of innocent men, women, and children, in countless caravan raids all in the name of Allah.

Who is misinterpreting what?

WomanHonorThyself said...

haha Steve..excellent find Z!

Z said...

Waylon..and that's just OUR ADMINISTRATION! no joke there intended.


LA...I'm surprised, too. I think Germans do "GET IT" better than Americans do, though. PC hasn't quite taken over there as it did here. Alinsky didn't get an early enough foothold. And, of course, in Germany they teach SUBJECTS, there's not a lot of LESBIAN AFRICAN STUDIES. Not much chance to talk this ridiculous idiocy even our little kids are studying. slay me!

Always....'sigh' is right.

MK: EXACTLY....I was using some sarcasm there :-) Unkind to US, even threatening to US, doesn't seem to carry much water here in the States anymore; we're all for BE NICE TO THE KILLER, maybe he won't hate us! MAN

Steve...we could do a lot better by following some of what Germany does, trust me.

RaDena, they sure won't..never happen.
Highboy, good to see you..and yes, the equation speaks volumes and so many are deaf to it.


shoprat said...

When you're led by people who believe that America is the epitome of evil then your not going to even be allowed to defend yourself.

Z said...

shoprat, I told Mr Z that just last night...this is a bunch who thinks America's never done anything right, is racist, hates foreigners, war is never the answer, borders are evil....what do we DO?

Z said...

The IAEA says Iran is able to make the bomb now...just over the newswires now...Kenneth Timmerman said that a few years ago, but, who listened as he beat his chest with fact after fact? Nobody. Not Bush. Certainly not Obama. I'm not even sure he tried with Obama.
Timmerman was, five years ago, warning that an atomic weapon could be brought in by a small ship off our Eastern coast from Iran.....nobody listened, except the audience I was in and man, WE listened..I've never seen a quieter bunch leave a building.

So, with a president and a party more intent on slamming AMERICA than keeping us safe, now what? How do you all think we'll do with a CIA under such amazing scrutiny and SOME leftwingers photographing CIA spies and showing them to Gitmo detainees? (you see that information on FOX? It's all factual and O'Reilly's TRYING to get the Obama admin to pay attention and do something far, to no avail...I guess they'd feel the same way JOHN ADAMS GROUP, what they call themselves!!, does..."It's the CIA, they're terrible, and they deserve our wrath!"?) No forward thinking like "Oh, MAN, what'll we do without them" naaa...later, Obama'll call this attack on the CIA 'bone headed' (again) and that's that.

And, now we're faced with Iran and we have NO LEVERAGING POWER, no CIA...the left's destroyed our legitimacy with their insults to the wars we're fighting, the left's destroyed our economy with the huge loans,, now what? We're a third world country and nobody's there to help US. cool, huh?

cube said...

I can't imagine that kind of purging happening here. If we started going after haters of Americam imagine how many mosques and black theology churches would have to be monitored.

Truth said...

I think this is a great idea, kick all muslims out and lets make it even better...throw a Christian and a Catholic under each arm.

Ask the Native People about Christian love HighBoy. They'll tell you how many men, women and children were butchered by Christians and Catholics.

God would never belong or be assocaited with such cults.

Z said...

No, nobody said to kick all muslims out, but thanks for your comment.

GEE! I'm STILL looking for messages from Christ to KILL ANY NON CHRISTIANS....I'm SURE they're there, just like in the Koran, but DARNED if I can find 'em?

Highboy..right, but we have leftwingers going into Churches and Synagogues throwing out the people who mention politics! I called into Michael MEdved and asked one woman who does that about why she doesn't go into mosques and do that ...Can't do.
Only Christians and Jews can be turned in.
Funny, she didn't go into those two churches on Split Screen on Sunday morning, big crosses at the altars in front of which John Kerry and Hillary were about to speak. Isn't that ODD ? :-)
Hypocrisy, thy name is leftist

Elmers Brother said...

Ask the Native People about Christian love HighBoy. They'll tell you how many men, women and children were butchered by Christians and Catholics.

The early settlers were more interested in economic domination than religious.

Ducky's here said...

Z: We in America, of course, are hand-tied by those who just can't imagine any imam would preach attack-inspiring or otherwise-threatening talk against us here in this country.


And you know this how?

Z said...

Elbro, but see, America was almost 100% Christian then. Of COURSE "Christians" get blamed.
All of Germany, other than the poor people Hitler was after, were "Christians" Christians get blamed. Who're they going to blame, Buddhists? Hari Krishnas? Eskimos? Right?

Ya, there are a lot of CHRISTIANS around the world...but let ONE do anything wrong and it's HELL TO PAY, especially in America. One JERK "Christian" kills an abortion doctor and MSNBC and others are SO on it.... "CHRISTIAN doctor killer, JOe Schmo, today....."

But, let ONE MUSLIM do something wrong and Rightwingers are evil, hateful people for suggesting there might be a problem. ah, well. As if ALL MUSLIMS are considered BAD by the Right? It's worked pretty effectively, too....Americans really don't think things through too much, it seems.

Z said...

Ducky, are you awake?

Elmers Brother said...

No one will deny that the 400 year history of American contact with the Indians includes many examples of white cruelty and viciousness --- just as the Native Americans frequently (indeed, regularly) dealt with the European newcomers with monstrous brutality and, indeed, savagery

reading the history of the relationship between British settlers and Native Americans its obvious that the blood-thirsty excesses of one group provoked blood thirsty excesses from the other, in a cycle that listed with scant interruption for several hundred years.

But none of the warfare (including an Indian attack in 1675 that succeeded in butchering a full one-fourth of the white population of Connecticut, and claimed additional thousands of casualties throughout New England) on either side amounted to genocide. Colonial and, later, the American government, never endorsed or practiced a policy of Indian extermination; rather, the official leaders of white society tried to restrain some of their settlers and militias and paramilitary groups from unnecessary conflict and brutality.

Moreover, the real decimation of Indian populations had nothing to do with massacres or military actions, but rather stemmed from infectious diseases that white settlers brought with them at the time they first arrived in the New World.

for more read here

Sympathy for Native Americans and admiration for their cultures in no way requires a belief in European or American genocide. As Jared Diamond's book (and countless others) makes clear, the mass migration of Europeans to the New World and the rapid displacement and replacement of Native populations is hardly a unique interchange in human history. On six continents, such shifting populations – with countless cruel invasions and occupations and social destructions and replacements - have been the rule rather than the exception.

The notion that unique viciousness to Native Americans represents our "original sin" fails to put European contact with these struggling Stone Age societies in any context whatever, and only serves the purposes of those who want to foster inappropriate guilt, uncertainty and shame in young Americans.

A nation ashamed of its past will fear its future.

One of the most urgent needs in culture and education for the United States of America is discarding the stupid, groundless and anti-American lies that characterize contemporary political correctness.

The right place to begin is to confront, resist and reject the all-too-common line that our rightly admired forebears involved themselves in genocide.

The early colonists and settlers can hardly qualify as perfect but describing them in Hitlerian, mass-murdering terms represents an act of brain-dead defamation.

and if you can find me a single Christian organization that CURRENTLY extols the virtues of killing Native American Indians then your logic would hold true.

I'm not in favor of repatriating all Muslims but certainly the ones linked to radical groups or that extol the virtues of killing Americans...yeah they can go back where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Steve Harkonnen said...

Duck: We know it is so. It's been discovered many times before - mosques are breeding grounds for terrorists.

Where have you been, boy?

shoprat said...

A big difference between Christian atrocities and Muslim ones. When "Christians" kill innocents they are disobeying Jesus. When Muslims do it they are obeying Mohammad.

Z said...

Ducky..everyone else..Elbro emailed me this as he was on his way out and wanted to post it:

worth the read. But, of course, some Americans will JUST NEVER wake up. And, of course, we have a president who's following directions from SOMEBODY (see Heidianne's Big Girl Blog today..IF she ever gets the post UP ..hint hint hint:-)

ya, learn, people...we'll be a lot safer

Truth said...

The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-women was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.
Makes perfect sense.

Talk about people who never wake up!!!!

Elmers Brother said...

nice deflection there Truth but none the less telling

Elmers Brother said...

you might read Medved's book on the 10 Big Lies about America

the portions about the lies on Native American 'genocide' are very interesting

my fathers family were Native Americans

Elmers Brother said...

Looks like we have deported some in Ohio, in fact Dr. Pino left a comment on my site when this happened

Truth said...

My fathers side also, pure Blackffoot.

You're right we treated the American Indian with such respect, Custer loved them as family.

Why anyone would think that we didn't have the right to do what we did is beyond me.

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky said:

we read the news duhkkky

2 imams picked up and convicted of immigration fraud, convicted of supporting terrorism

Elmers Brother said...

apparently you missed this part of my comment

No one will deny that the 400 year history of American contact with the Indians includes many examples of white cruelty and viciousness --- just as the Native Americans frequently (indeed, regularly) dealt with the European newcomers with monstrous brutality and, indeed, savagery

Elmers Brother said...


duhkkky said:

you know this how?

Elmers Brother said...


still no current list of Christian organizations advocating Native American genocide?

Elmers Brother said...

I didn't even know Custer was a Christian missionary...

Truth said...


Let's not just stick with what these asshats did here but elsewhere.

Z said...

OH, Truth! No wonder you hate it, you have it so wrong that I'm laughing here!
Could you read the COMMENTS? It's edifying, it's enlightening, and your silly harangue about EUROPE'S CHRISTIANS WERE BAD, TOO (No, REALLY?) can be better understood by folks like you.

DO YOU GET IT THAT EVIL PEOPLE ALSO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS...that it is NOT THEIR FAITH that TELLS them to do evil? If you want an argument on that, you'll have to pick another subject. Man...


Elmers Brother said...

oh and please tell us where today these evil Christians are? Where are the genocidal maniac Christians who insist on killing people wantonly for the purpose of setting up a theocracy by blowing up innocent people etc etc.

I realize all that revisionist history really gets you lefties off but you still haven't told me how Custer ended up a Christian missionary and where TODAY you can find these maniacal Christians. If you'd like a list of radical Islamic groups we can start listing those.