Friday, September 25, 2009

Now is the time for all Muslims........... come to OUR AID. 3 terror attempts now in weeks. One attempt is said to have been "bigger than 9/11". I won't link the information here, I'm tired and worried and you all have the facts by now...

As thousands of muslims pray on the steps of our Capital today, please pray they will remove the Imam who's preached hatred and is leading their prayers...........

Please pray for America. Please pray for muslims who do not mean us harm. Please pray they will RISE UP AND ACT, going into THEIR mosques and telling our Feds what's going on, please pray that they will root out illegals they know mean to harm us, please pray they will act so that we can trust them again, somehow....sometime. You would THINK that's what they'd want to do, no? But, we cannot and must not trust soon. And, sadly, that is not OUR fault.

Dear Lord, help us all, help our country.


Ducky's here said...

Stop being such a drama queen.

In the case in Denver we have the usual "he went to Pakistan to learn bomb making". Now, I'm quite certain that any sophisticated plotter knows that gets you on the bad boy list immediately.

Does this mean that al-Qaeda is so weak that it doesn't have the capability in America to make bombs from household materials? These guys aren't even as sophisticated as the Weather Underground?

We have probably put a network in place that includes informants and better developed intelligence (and unlike Chuckles we might even take the warnings seriously now) but can we stop more than what appears to be disaffected adolescents?

Of course there may not be an "A" team. There is NO "A" team.This is how terrorism happens.

18 young kids are taught how to take over some planes and wallah! The 18 die and a country goes to war.

Clinton continuously was taking out these little cells. Europe continuously takes out these little cells. Something went wrong under Bush. He somehow decided this was all a terrific idea for a war.

Yeah, this war may last you for years!

Anonymous said...

One of the alleged terrorists (alleged because we must presume their innocence) is a white dude. Probably from Boston where people dance in the streets any time there is a successful attack on the United States.

Wait ... no, that was Palestine.

Wait ... no, same thing.


Z said...

Ducky, this is so stupid and revealing that that's the only reason I'm not deleting.

the most revealing element is that you skipped "3000 Americans die" after 18 young kids learn to take over planes. You're sounding like Obama now.

Thanks....this 'drama queen' is so grateful that we had 8 years of adults running the country.

Yes, this war will last 'me' for years...islamists will make sure it does.

Steve Harkonnen said...

These "sudden announcements" are viewed by me like this.

It's convenient for a government to make such announcements of terrorist plots being foiled. That makes the sheeple feel warm and fuzzy all over, telling them their government is protecting them, when in fact it's really the other way around - Obama's drawing back on defense is actually emboldening the terrorists.

Faith said...
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FrogBurger said...

"Clinton continuously was taking out these little cells. Europe continuously takes out these little cells. Something went wrong under Bush. He somehow decided this was all a terrific idea for a war."


You keep throwing these sentences and talking out of your ass my dear ducky. Do you know how much terrorism France had in the 80s? It was non Muslim related, though and this is why the army is in the street. Are you forgetting the attack in Spain? Do you know that it is very frequent that synagogues are attacked in France?

I don't have the words to describe you any more.

That's how pathetic you are.

Jan said...'s sickening, I know.

Have you seen any media coverage of this..anywhere?

I haven't, or have I missed it, somehow?

I wonder how Ducky will feel when he is forced to face Mecca, and pray five times a day?

Or, Heaven forbid, he, or someone he loves. is among the mass murdered in one of their terror attacks?

Perhaps, he is too immature to grasp reality, or worse, he has been mesmerized into believing that all is right with the world since we have a new administration in control of things?

Never mind trying to address any of this, it is futile.

I feel sorry for you, Ducky.

Chuck said...

Clinton continuously was taking out these little cells.

Ducky, your such a dumbass and it almost seems redundant to keep asking this but back that statement up. We had how many terrorist attacks under Clinton? How many under Bush? And who was President right before this attack under Bush? Who was asleep and let these "18 teenagers" develop their plot over 2 years? It does get tiresome asking you the same simple questions over and over again.

Finally for the record, this "chucklenuts" bit of yours is absolutely immature and retarded.

FrogBurger said...

And he's 55 if I'm not mistaken. Some people get senile more quickly than others.

Trekkie4Ever said...

I have been praying and my friends and church family have been fasting. I was unable to because of the medication I am on requires I take it with food. But prayer works, and God is not ignorant, just the people running this nation.

If our forefathers knew what was happening to this nation, they would be fighting to retake this nation under God once again.

God protect and help us.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ironic how they can get 50,000 of their mutts to "pray" on and desecrate our Capitol, isn't it?

Especially when you couldn't get more than 5 of these low life, savage adherents of a psychotic, deranged and sick ideology to protest against 3000 civilians being murdered 8 years ago in NY, DC and PA! Nor did you see them waving American flags and sing God Bless America... or plead that one of their nutty ass immans would disavow terrorism. Because they can't...terrorism,
murder, denial of human rights, and barbarism are the tenants of this 7th century poop, based upon the LSD fueled nightmares of a mad goat herder.

If Hitler had wished for anything to resemble National Socialism in his time...he would have found a friend in Islame. Maybe he should have named his ideology a "religion" too. He'd probably still be around today, virtually untouched because his gang too...was a "religion of peace".

And please...spare me the bromide that "not all muslims" are bad. Crap. They haven't lifted a finger to disprove what we all know deep down in our gut.


FrogBurger said...

"If Hitler had wished for anything to resemble National Socialism in his time...he would have found a friend in Islame."

He actually did and had support from arabic countries in his killing of the Jews. If I'm not mistaken, he did meet with the leaders of arab countries.

Bryan said...

...And a prayer that Muslims (here and abroad) would be delivered from the darkness of Islam, and come to the saving truth of Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life.

FrogBurger said...

"After May 8, 1945, National Socialism was placed under the ban virtually throughout the world. In the Arab world, however, Nazi ideology continued to reverberate. In her report on the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann, Hannah Arendt discussed the reactions to the trial in the Arab media:

“…newspapers in Damascus and Beirut, in Cairo and Jordan did not hide their sympathy for Eichmann or their regret that he ‘had not finished the job’; a broadcast from Cairo on the day the trial opened even injected a slightly anti-German note into its comments, complaining that there was not ‘a single incident in which one German plane flew over one Jewish settlement and dropped one bomb on it throughout the last war.’”[18] "

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Duckling, it was Clinton's policies that allowed 9-11 to happen in the first place. Remember those rules that prohibited the CIA, NSA, FBI etc, from sharing information?

He treated it as a law enforcement issue and damn near 3000 people died. Now you want to go back to 9/10/01? Seriously? Explain to me with actual facts and data why that is such a good idea. If you can, that is.

FrogBurger said...

You said the word "facts". Ducky usually stops posting once he sees or hears it.

Z said...

Faith, while sometimes I DO feel as you do here with your comment, I couldn't disagree with you more when you say "it's a sign that God has given us up that they get to pray there at all."
People are waking up. Sometimes, it takes something like this. Look at Leticia's comment, think of so many Americans praying like BRYAN does about bringing these people to Christ...think of how many 'nominal Christians' are praying because they know something's VERY wrong when this is happening.... God works in very strange ways.........

BRYAN...that IS part of my prayer, absolutely. Thanks for that reminder.

Steve...Obama is definitely emboldening terrorists..WHAT A COINCIDENCE that they're coming out now instead of the last EIGHT YEARS. THANK GOD this WH hasn't completely eviscerated our CIA...YET.

Hi, Jan, and welcome....I feel sorry for him, too. I feel sorrier that America HAS people who think like he does.

FrogBurger...Tu as raison...toujour, mon ami.

Vegas....never mind. FACTS? DUcky disappears.

Anonymous said...

"If I'm not mistaken, he did meet with the leaders of arab countries."

Thanks Mr. Frog.

I knew that but like I said , he failed to take a cue from his murderous, hateful sand flea friends and call it a religion. As with Islame...we would have been saddled with not one but two death cults masquerading as..."religion". And of course you know that I'm not exaggerating one bit...we know full well the history of both. Islam is not one bit different from Hitlers "religion". Maybe worse...given the history of the past 38 years.

Faith said...

Please allow me to restate my post. It IS a sign of God's GREAT displeasure with this country that Islam has so much clout these days, and that they are allowed to violate our national capitol and were invited by Bush to participate in the National Cathedral prayer after 9/11. Having Obama as President at all is God's judgment on this land.

I hope and pray He hasn't completely abandoned the nation, but there's no way to tell for sure at this point. He never abandons His own people of course. I hope He truly is using these things to finally wake up His people enough to turn the nation back, and I was very happy to see Leticia's post. I'm not that consistent myself. I know what needs to be done but I don't have the perseverance to keep at it consistently myself. Praise God for the Leticias and their friends.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Sorry, the teacher in me never rests. Facts I must have.

Z said...

Faith, please allow me to restate that none of us knows God's intentions and that we don't know that he is using these awful things to bring us to fasting and praying and to our knees in humility seeking His wisdom and forgiveness. He cares not about circumstances, comfort, etc.,..he cares that we're turning to him..whether it be in despair or joy.
I don't know that, nobody knows that.
I might agree that it's a sign of his great displeasure to have these people, butts in the air, praying to their allah, I'll agree with that.
Honestly, I hate to admit CRYING again on my blog (!), but tonight, on the news, when I saw this bunch (as I said BUTTS IN THE AIR) bowing to allah on OUR country's capital steps, I did get tears in my eyes. Honestly.
I hope we're both right...that God is using this and that our people, like Leticia's church, are praying and fasting for forgiveness and His mercy.

thanks for your comments, I do appreciate them very much.

Z said...

Vegas....which facts?

Faith said...

I cry over these things too, Z, sometimes it's just wrenched out of me, the crying at our situation.

And I hate that we keep getting into these conflicts, but we CAN KNOW GOD'S INTENTIONS, certainly when it comes to His acts of judgment, we really can. All you need to know is what the Bible says about how He judges nations. Deuteronomy and Leviticus both have passages that detail how God deals with nations that disobey, and the rest of the OT is full of stories about how it happened to Israel and in fact to nations round about Israel. And ENEMIES TAKING OVER IN THE LAND IS A BIG ONE, ECONOMIC DISASTER IS ANOTHER, EVIL MEN IN LEADERSHIP IS ANOTHER.

I don't know if He's using these things to wake us up but it may be. The signs of that would be something more than we're seeing so far but we can hope and pray it will grow. I know I need a good kick to pray more myself.

The only reason to say these things is in the hope of spurring Christians to wake up and fight with SPIRITUAL WEAPONS, not physical weapons which are useless if God is judging us -- and THAT's in the Bible too. If some of us are waking up, fantastic, great, may the trend continue.

Anonymous said...

"SPIRITUAL WEAPONS, not physical weapons"

With all due ain't prayers that are going to rid us of the Taliban, Al Queda, the koran, the iranian mullah scum or a muslims quest for world domination. We can stay on our knees while our very own self induced armageddon vaporizes us or the muslims convert us. I'd rather use conventional means that we know will send them into oblivion. And by God sos long as we have it at our disposal...we should use it first and do self reflection later.

We are not and have never been a PASSIVE NATION. We didn't get through 233 years of turmoil and conflict by bowing down before our declared enemies.

Once we realize where we came from and what we need to do...the muslims will crawl back under the black rock they revere and we'll be fine for another 200 years.

Faith said...

May God bless your efforts, Impertinent, but the signs aren't good that He's favoring us in such efforts lately, rather the opposite.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

It's just a concidence that Iraqi intelligence services had ties to terror groups among Baluchistan Sunnis in Iran and that Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was one of many of those Baluchs in Al Qaeda's operational hierarchy we rolled up after capturing Iraqi intelligence service headquarters and giving ourselves a grand tour.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Test your history knowledge:

Among the enemies of the United States of America fighting against our military between the years 1920 and 1945, who sank the most US Navy warships?

A. Germany
B. Japan
C. The Democratic Party controlled Congress

Anonymous said...

It really makes me wonder what is going on. Has the whole world gone insane? After watching the parade of psychotics on display at the United Nations this week, the mob violence in the streets in Pittsburgh and now the uncovering terrorist bomb plots in the country — then watching the adherents of the "religion of peace" point their asses to allah while bashing their foreheads on the steps of the Capitol in Washington ...

Where is the dear leader in all this? Likely at home listening to the mesmerized children of the public schools singing hymns about himself with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

But if you really want to see the results of the twisted thinking that occurs when one thinks the voices inside his head is God speaking and not the result of the poisoned doctrines of those who have assumed the voice of the deity, as these followers become the tools of those who say they represent the deity on Earth, check out the thoughts of the individual arrested in the Dallas bomb plot ...

Is the world left rudderless and leaderless and defenseless to deal with this type of vermin — who have been aided and abetted for years to arrive in Western countries?


Z said...

Waylon, my nerves are so that I'm afraid I can't open your link! :-)
I will...maybe later!

As for your last question...probably.

We've done nothing but appease islam here as their leaders tell us they're peaceful and their members plot to kill as many of us as possible.
NOT ALL MUSLIMS want that...I don't believe that for a second, but for their American/Anglo representative to go on FOX yesterday and assure Americans they are working for peace in America 'every day' we just 'don't see it' is about the most disingenuous thing we can hear.
I think it was O'Reilly who kept yelling "Tell us WHEN and we'll be glad to cover that story every day"

She couldn't.
Suddenly, they kill 3000 of us and THEN, they're demanding WE build foot-washing areas for muslim students in American schools..! Why couldn't they study with dirty feet after 9/11 as easily as they had BEFORE 9/11? And that's only ONE example.

It took 9/11 to give islam a very favorable image in America....out of our earnestness of the left to make sure NOT ONE INNOCENT IS WRONGLY BLAMED>

Instead, more American innocents will be killed in our zeal not to hurt feelings. You know that, I know that..Any thinking person knows this.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

The facts to back up Duckling's statements.

MathewK said...

They won't, it's not their religion to give up the murderers amongst them. Their cult demands total obedience, a bit like the cult of the left.

Z said...

Vegas...of course....
I don't know why I didn't get your first remark; I guess it's because FACTS and DUCKY seem to never jive, anyway!? :-)

MK...I'm afraid you're right; It bothered me SO much to see an Anglo American with her hajib on the other night telling Bill O'Reilly "We DO things EVERY DAY to try to put Americans' minds at rest..."

He says "LIke WHAT?" "Well....if the media would cover it, you'd KNOW" was her answer. imagine?

Anonymous said...

First of all, a kid or teenager can kill you just as dead as any adult. Second, what did Billy-boy do when we were attacked under HIS watch, while he was diddling with Monica. He took out an aspirin factory, or was it a milk factory. He turned down UBL when offered him on a platter. We can thank him for making our enemies think we were as weak, stupid, & insipid as he is.

Now for Obama. He could host a Ramadan dinner at the White House, but not attend the Catholic Prayer Breakfast. Guess where his sympathies are. I was going to write 'lie' instead of 'are', but in his case that includes was too many possibilities. Like he wasn't paying attetion to the goings on with uncovering Acorn's peccadillos & shenanigans. Yeah! If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale. You even can have your choice of East or Left Coast. And now he & wifie are going to flit off to Fjordland to pump for the all-important Olympics for, guess where, Chicago!! I wonder where he will take her to dinner this trip?