Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ACORNS and Descartes

Patrick Gaspard is HUGE at ACORN and HUGE at our White House.
Please read THIS from American Spectator.......There's even more damning information at REDSTATE.

So.....will America hear about this or will only Conservatives know....again, as our 'media' keeps quiet anything they don't want you knowing? By the way, in typical Chicago thug-style behavior, Obama sent this guy Gaspard to tell Gov Paterson from NY not to run for governor. Who better to get to do dirty work, right? By the way, Tucker Carlson missed a great chance Monday night on Greta Van Susteren....she asked if there was a leftwing conspiracy, like the lefties like to accuse the Conservatives of every single time they dare even slightly criticize anybody on the left; HE BLEW IT. All he had to do was say "um..how about THE MEDIA?" But, I digress....you think Gaspard's existance will be covered in the mainstream media?

If an OAK sheds in the forest and no media's there to hear it, does the ACORN make noise as it HITS THE GROUND? I'm just sayin....................
and please meet Mr. Hodge (below). I know you'll like him. z


DaBlade said...

Good post Z. I wasn't aware of this Gapard dude's connection to acorn. Obama's full of surprises. "...does the ACORN make noise as it HITS THE GROUND?"

Only if a fake pimp and prostitute are videotaping it.

Always On Watch said...

The BHO administation is so corrupt as to defy both belief and description.

Chuck said...

Only if a fake pimp and prostitute are videotaping it.


Of course then the media will only attack the pimp and prostitute for tricking these innocent and naive NUT workers as they go about helping us.

Ducky's here said...

How can the media be the problem? You got the story from a media source.

The right is determined to put A.C.O.R.N. out in front as much as possible and use this non issue as a means to distract.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

RaDena said...

Glenn Beck also mentioned Gapard's connection to ACORN so the information is getting out there.

Ducky thinks ACORN approving of selling young underage girls for sex is a non issue. That tells you a whole bunch about who Ducky is, doesn't it? I suppose he also thinks cheating at the polls is just fine, just as long as it's the leftists who get away with it.

Fortunately there are many liberals who are also quite disgusted with ACORN and who don't believe it's a non-issue. Like us, they don't want their taxpayer dollars funding such evil and yes, we will attack ACORN every chance we get until it's not a big nut but just a little withered and nondescript shell of it's former self, deteriorating out of existence because it can't get what it needs to stay alive.

If I have to go to jail for it, I will refuse to pay my taxes if ACORN is going to get one cent of my hard earned money! That's a fact, and if everyone did that there wouldn't be enough jails to hold us all!

heidianne jackson said...

it's such a non-issue that boa has pulled all ties with acorn as well. yep.

Z said...

DaBlade...'fake pimp and prostitute'...sad that we need them...what ever happened to Sixty Minutes? As if they wanted to bring ACORN down :-)

Ducky..they're both conservative news sources; sad that the mainstream media doesn't see fit to be honest, isn't it.
Oh, yes, there's QUITE a story here, or the media WOULD be covering it, of course.
I'm hoping they proceed with the lawsuits because word is the reason they decided to sue after having said they wouldn't (ACORN, I mean) is that there are more videos at other locations.
The Right is determined to put ACORN out in front so people wake up to the leftist corruption that's so widespread across this country....plenty to see here, 'folks'. The left just doesn't like the vision.

Chuck's right....the media will be digging up everything they can on the two kids. They'll be saying they're the illegitimate children of Sarah before she married Mr. Palin before long.

RaDena, that is ONE WAY we can REALLY be heard, I've thought about that, too....they can't jail us ALL.


Z said...

by the way, DaBlade..."...does the ACORN make noise as it hits the ground?"
thanks....I liked that, too (if I do say so myself:-)

FrogBurger said...

Hey Puky Ducky, would you move along if ACORN was a conservative organization doing illegal things?

No you wouldn't and you'd scream your lungs out.

So shut the hell up.

Brooke said...

So now Ducky isn't attacking the 'right wing media'?

Oh, my! LOL!

Like I've said before, ACORN will still be a major player. Obama will simply shuffle the deck and call it a different deck of cards.

shoprat said...

Acorn is nothing more than a mafia that owns the president.

Ducky's here said...

Ducky..they're both conservative news sources; sad that the mainstream media doesn't see fit to be honest, isn't it.


Honest about what ?

Somebody in the administration who committed NO CRIME once had a position with ACORN.

SO WHAT? ACORN is the target du jour for 85 I.Q. right wing conspiracy theorists.

The tea bag movement fizzled. The birther thing is dead so let's try ACORN.

heidianne jackson said...

so what crime has been committed by the vast majority of republicans who get shot down by the msm, ducky? what crime to Robert bjork committ? Clarence Thomas? anything? no, I didn't think so. those on the left who oppossed their beliefs and associations simply set out to destroy them with carefully placed lis and innuendos.

why do you find that to be a perfectly acceptable tactic because the people have a right to judge for themselves?? but will then say 'there's's nothing to see' when someone on the right brings up questions about ACTUAL questionable associations with those who have committed actual crime? your hubris is disgusting.

by the way, what brings you to the conclusion that the tea party movement has fizzled?

FrogBurger said...

He must say that b/c we're back to work and can't protest on a daily basis.

Not like the people he, ACORN and SEIU love so much.

highboy said...

Sorry ducky, the tea party hasn't fizzled, and the only people declaring ACORN to be a non-issue or those blindly loyal to the WH. Face it, Obama's honeymoon is over and the democrat controlled majority in Congress is a mess. You can blame "distractions" all you want but your party has lost all of its support about as quick as it attained it. No president has ever swan dove this fast, not even Carter.

Chuck said...

Somebody in the administration who committed NO CRIME once had a position with ACORN.

Duck the obvious problem with this statement is that we don't know if he commited a crime because it will not be investigated. Why is this? Because the media will not report on it.

Then you have to follow up with this

SO WHAT? ACORN is the target du jour for 85 I.Q. right wing conspiracy theorists.

Your so painfully predictable. Make an idiotic statement you cannot back up and then follow it up with an equally idiotic attack on right-wingers.

Z said...

Imagine anybody reading these comments and labeling someone with an 85 IQ?
Thanks, Ducky...at least you're ONE liberal who's TRANSPARENT.

Sorry, the Tea Parties are going NOWHERE.
ACORN is a mindset, DUCKY...one that's disgusting and even Democrats are waking up to. By the way, I just had lunch with Andrew Breitbart's mother-in-law; I say that to tell you that the "pimp" who got ACORN is a LEFTY, DUCKY.

See, reasonable people can still agree that dirt's DIRT....IF they're really reasonable.

ACORN IS DIRT...we're sweeping it out of the government, but I think Brooke's right: The Chicago thug mafia will just hide them deeper under the ground...anything to ruin this country.

Anonymous said...

There is a direct tie to ACORN working in the White House besides the President, who has distanced himself, sort of.

I would like the honor of dubbing the result of these revelations as "ACORNGATE". I'm tempted to call it NUTGATE, but that's too obvious.

You heard it here first, on GEEEZ!

Now to the mundane, and ever predictable Ducky.

"Nothing to see here folks, move along."

If you don't see it, it's not there. Right Ducky? Wrong! But, you go right ahead pretending. You're so good at it.


Susannah said...

I wanted to smack Tucker Carlson out of his seat! He BLEW IT alright!!

Usually he's so articulate. PLEASE don't go all politically correct on us, Tucker!!