Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The very ugly head of Democrat Contempt for YOU

Dems lied, transparency died: Senate Finance Committee nixes Obamacare online disclosure

By Michelle Malkin • September 23, 2009 12:35 PM

The Senate majority’s contempt for the American people rears its ugly head again. The Senate Finance Committee just voted down a GOP amendment requiring that Obamacare legislation be available online 72 hours before the panel votes. Instead, the Democrats offered to make “conceptual language” available.

Please read the rest's pretty unbelievable. To make matters more interesting, I was watching CSPAN last night and, at 9 pm EST, Baucus told Hatch, who was asking if they could please ask questions about the bill tomorrow so the senate staffs and senators could get some rest that night and continue with the work at hand. Baucus said he could ask TONIGHT, "go ahead and ask now..." Are they so afraid the media might catch some of the questions and report on it to US? geeeeeeeeeez


Elmers Brother said...

couple this with the great state of Massachusetts decision and you have a bunch of tyrants.

heidianne jackson said...

yes, they are afraid we might get news of what's in there. it's none of our busines, z, you know that.

Anonymous said...

The contempt is mutual. The democrats in the Senate and the House are at war with the American people.

We did not choose this, they did. They conspired to steamroll the people with a theft of our freedom, and our money.

The steamroll was thwarted. We discovered what was up and their train slowed down. When we let our opinion be known very loudly, did they say, "you have a right to dissent and we hear your concerns"?

No! They called us mobsters, and any number of derisive terms. In effect, they declared war on the people.

They don't see themselves as our representatives, they see us as a bother, a nuisance to be silenced and controlled.

How dare we take offense at such treatment of we who elect them, pay their salaries, and whatever their hearts desire to waste billions of our dollars on.

They see themselves as above the fray, and in charge of we unwashed masses. We fools who don't know what's good for us.

And soon, they will come and ask us for money, and for our votes as if everything's the same as it always was. They will say anything to reassure us. They'll lie, they'll smile, they'll cajole, and suddenly as if by magic, they'll love us again.

But, we won't be smiling. We know the truth. War was declared on us, and it will not soon be forgotten, certainly not soon enough to coax us this time, if ever again.

So to the democrat party, I say, this is definitely change. We were promised change and we got it. Oppressive, dirty, backstabbing change.

But you, democrats, got change too and you earned it. Our scorn, our total mistrust, and our disregard of your promises. We've seen how petty and small you are, and how easily you trash the constitution and accept the thugocracy.

But, most importantly we've seen you become so drunk with power, you've forgotten who put you where you are in the first place.

Are we fools enough to give you that power again at the expense of our freedom and well being? We have been betrayed why would we do that?

Can we change your status, replace you, and send you packing?



JINGOIST said...

The only thing we have left is the power of the ballot box. Obama's such a fanatic that I din't think he really cares what happens in 2010 and 2012, he wants what he wants, and a government takeover of health care IS the prize. Baucus is a miserable stooge, and his plan sucks too.
Well, let's make them pay in 2010.

JINGOIST said...

FANTASTIC Pris! How inspiring.

Chuck said...

I agree, the only real response is the election next year. We need to keep hammering at the Dems on the local level

FrogBurger said...

They make it worse for themselves now b/c this always gets out these days with the internet. And the internet goes faster and distorts information.

Their heads are going to fall in 2010. This is going to be fun to watch.

Especially now that ACORN is under the radar, that will be tougher to fraud the election.

Joe said...

Pris: Your comment was perfect!

These people are beyond hope and will never change.

Ducky's here said...

z, you are aware that Max Baucus is one of the few individuals standing between you and a public option, aren't you?

Look into Baucus and the only thing you suckers are going to discover is how much money is being shifted from the public to insurance and drug companies. Money that could have been used to fund health care.

Keep it up suckers.

Z said...

Ducky, you're the SUCKER, trust me. Imagine your democrats thwarting Americans from READING the bill THEY haven't read? Some of US would like to know..update addenda as they come up, we can take it. But, noooo....your party doesn't like information out there, got to hide behind the media, too. How very sad.

You watch CSPAN and see them telling Hatch he can ask questions at midnight...'not tomorrow' Don't forget, MEDIA is awake TOMORROW. How dishonest can you GET? And, if we had an honest media, they'd be ALL OVER THIS. Imagine if the Republicans had done ANYTHING close to what the Dems are doing now?

Heidianne and Elbro, they are tyrants. Greta's even waking up...I think that push against FOX by the White House thugs has pushed her a bit toward the Right...I think Geraldo (as if I care) and Chris Wallace, too, have realized what the Left is doing and are FINALLY waking up to this awful dishonest liberal media.

By the way, Michelle Obama was the one who told Obama to adopt YES WE CAN. He was against it but she kept it up and they did......There's a lot more to Michelle in the WH than we're hearing. She's quiet for DAYS, what do you think she's doing, picking her vegetables?

Jingo, Baucus IS a stooge...if you could have seen them that night on CSPAN blocking the Republicans from asking questions; and now THIS? Not even putting it on the web for 72 hours!!?

Chuck and Frog; I'm JUST not sure. Unless the media starts actually GIVING NEWS (they're barely covering ACORN, for example, and CNN barely mentioned Van Jones, etc.) Americans won't HEAR what this WH is doing!..this is QUITE a time in America...QUITE a time. During the Republican administration, any SLIGHTEST thing that the media hated was 3" headlines. And those were mostly lies or was GOTCH! Every SINGLE DAY, remember?
NOw..they're quiet. They just look in earnest for SOMETHING the Right's done and go with it.
They're trying to make sure 2010 DOES keep America in chains by electing more liberals, don't forget.

Joe, beyond hope is so sad......but, if they'd not been indoctrinated by professors who hate this country more even than THEY DO, we'd not be going through this.

FrogBurger said...

"Look into Baucus and the only thing you suckers are going to discover is how much money is being shifted from the public to insurance and drug companies. Money that could have been used to fund health care."

Haven't you figured out that they are all corrupt, including Obama and your cronies, moronic Ducky?

Pelosi who criticizes profit and insurance companies raises money for them.

If it were me, I'd send them to the guillotine, the French way. All they want is to establish their kingdom over the people.

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky you have the right to be an idiot...we just wish you'd quit abusing the privilege

Ducky's here said...

A good essay on medical malpractice

Ducky's here said...

Oh, just a reminder, folks, because I really don't think you understand the details of the legislative process.

Reconciliation is only possible until October 15th. After that, all sorts of mischief can happen on the floor and there will be no chance of getting a real public option in the bill.

I have no idea why you are upset. This is all going the way of your goal, spend more, get less.

EDGE said...

Ahh...the Democrat Party..."come get yo' free s--t."pawooe

Ducky's here said...

Any comment elmo. As I said, you are being played for a sucker.

I'm thinking he may find some takers, though. The Senate Wanker Caucus can seat up to 60, depending on the policy. Witness, for example, Bill Nelson, trying transparently to preserve corporate welfare for insurance companies.

Mr. Nelson, a Democrat, has a big problem. The bill taken up this week by the committee would cut Medicare payments to insurance companies that care for more than 10 million older Americans, including nearly one million in Florida. The program, known as Medicare Advantage, is popular because it offers extra benefits, including vision and dental care and even, in some cases, membership in health clubs or fitness centers.

“It would be intolerable to ask senior citizens to give up substantial health benefits they are enjoying under Medicare,” said Mr. Nelson, who has been deluged with calls and complaints from constituents. “I am offering an amendment to shield seniors from those benefit cuts.” [...]

Mr. Nelson said he had received 56,000 telephone calls, letters and e-mail messages on the legislation since June.

Some of those callers have been mobilized by insurance companies.

Humana, one of the nation’s largest insurers, has urged subscribers to contact their members of Congress and register their opposition to the cuts. “Millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable,” Humana said in a recent letter to beneficiaries.

Medicare Advantage is quite simply corporate welfare and nothing else. The government pays private companies on the average 14% more than it would to produce the exact same coverage on their own, for no increase in quality, despite Nelson's claims. It's a pure subsidy, leveraging an insurer-led scare campaign to seniors.

Pair Grassley with the Nelson twins, a Lieberman, maybe a Mark Warner, and who knows? They could put the old gang back together.

heidianne jackson said...

>>I have no idea why you are upset. This is all going the way of your goal, spend more, get less.<<

spend more? what planet do you live on ducky? it's ok to spend more if it's done through taxes rather than a person's choice through their own purchases? i say your a$$ hurts, but i don't want to offend z.

Elmers Brother said...

Any comment elmo. As I said, you are being played for a sucker.

what you can't read my last comment?

Elmers Brother said...

(tapping foot waiting for the seque from duhkkky with a gay bromide)

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky I asked politely, stop abusing the privilege

Thanks for the cut and paste from the NYT!

Elmers Brother said...

and the cut and paste from here

cube said...

They're of the opinion that this needs to be rammed down our throats without reading because otherwise it will not pass.

I can only shake my head at the state of affairs in our government.

Z said...

Ducky, thanks for the lecture but you're so ridiculously smug for nothing.No, none of us understands and you, do. As if.

Fix the problem, we do NOT NEED THIS RIDICULOUS OVERHAUL so you and your type can see Socialism arrive sooner than later.

RightKlik said...

Opacity you can believe in.

Anonymous said...

You have to love what passes for wisdom in Washington DC these days...

President Obama is blowing it. He has proven to be a complete failure.

I have no problem with the word intelligent being applied to Pres Obama. But wisdom is far more important. He has none. That will be the downfall of his life and those who follow his course. Unfortunately his fall will destroy many innocent ones too
Obama walks on imaginary water and eats humble pie larded with humming bird tongues and served by six and twenty hand maidens.

He can not get enough of himself and he is anxious for the world to have him before them. His brother in the hut and his illegal alien aunt in the projects are necessary bangles on his charm bracelet. For Obama they show the failure of the state and his dedication to creating a cradle of welfare for everyone.

This is a man who believes he has overcome messy bodily functions and who sees himself as having mastered all he surveys. Even when he admits to some error, he frames it as a necessary part of polishing his crown.

He is the biggest float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. But he is also the only float that blew himself up with his own hot air

Z said...

Hi, A GUY FROM BROOKLYN, and thanks so much for coming by.
You said "That will be the downfall of his life",..sadly, it could be the downfall of ALL our lives.

I couldn't agree with you more on anything you said...good one. thanks.

Chuck said...


The government pays private companies on the average 14% more than it would to produce the exact same coverage on their own

You don't really believe this do you? Name a government agency that provides a service cheaper or more efficiently than a private corporation.

Finally, what is up with the corporate welfare? Corporate welfare, the enemy of the left, creates jobs. Whereas the welfare to individuals that is championed by the left, does not. So see, if we have corporate welfare we create jobs so that we don't have to have individual welfare. Also, individuals on welfare do not pay taxes, people who have jobs created by corporate welfare do. This is an incredibly simple fact that the left cannot seem to wrap their mind around.

Just to save you the trouble of going off on a rant about corporate welfare making the fat cats rich, I know it does.

Guess what though, they spend this money, they invest this money. What happens then? More jobs are created. More taxpayers are created. The few of us left paying taxes in the US could then pay less.

Anonymous said...


Our own Bastille day is around the corner. First head to come off....Botox Nana! They're toast and they don't know how done they are. After the Kenyan fraud apologized once again before the gang of despots at Trutle Bay and was followed by BiBi....even all those ultra guilty liberal Jews...saw the writing on the Wailing Wall. It's coming all right.

Happy belated New Year.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear how Baucus treated Jon Kyl? It was broadcast yesterday on talk radio.


Enough to inspire mayhem.

The only thing made clear by the DemonRats is their fervid desires to SHUT DOWN DEBATE and SHOVE their agenda down our THROATS.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

They made Orrin Hatch look like some NUT for only wanting questions answered the other night! Baucus said ASK THEM TONIGHT!
of course...he knows the media's sleeping and the answers won't get to ask AT NIGHT.

Mark said...

I am speechless. Geeeeez.