Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Marine for Congress.............

DAVID HEDRICK is the Marine who stood up magnificently to his Congressman at a Town Hall Meeting. Most of you saw it already, but you can see it again at Hoosier Army Mom's blog..HERE
It's well worth the time.
Please click on David's link and see what he has to say and consider contributing to his campaign. This is the ONLY way we'll take our Republic back, folks; the only way. Get for your local School Board (PLEASE!), find some extra money to donate to people you believe in......who believe in AMERICA, like David Hedrick does. Personally, I'd love to see a whole Congress of Marines.
Thanks, Hoosier Army Mom, for letting us know.


Anonymous said...

This is great. There's a Marine considering running for Jane Harman's seat as well.

A whole Congress full of Marines? Now there's the ticket!

I'll be sure to check out David Hedrick's site.

Thanks Z,


Z said...

Any guy who says "STAY AWAY FROM MY KIDS, GOVERNMENT!" is MY kind of guy, Pris, right!?

And yes...a congress full of Marines. Everybody who thinks just like our buddy MUSTANG is invited!!

By the way, I long for the kind of gov't Germany has because they don't have private campaign financing. I KNOW, I KNOW, some of us conservatives don't like that, but Germany's never had it; they, for example, all get $10000000 bucks to run with and THAT IS IT. No paybacks, no rich lawyers, etc.

They have electricians, doctors, carpenters, veterinarians in their gov' name it; if you can get elected with that money, YOU ARE IN.
It's not just LAWYERS and MORE LAWYERS...I like that.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

You gotta have some Army folks in there too!

Z said...

Okay, Steve...! You're on the top of that list! :-)

G-Man said...

"I'd love to see a whole Congress of Marines."

Time for Heinlein's idea of government yet?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, or my beloved AF. Anyone who has the guts to take on the bloated government and cut it back to where it belongs. Government intrusion has gone too far and needs to stop. Sometimes I feel I'm becoming more libertarian everyday. However, as Jonah Goldberg says, "If it wasn't for kids, libertarianism would be a great philosophy."

MK said...

"Personally, I'd love to see a whole Congress of Marines."

So would i Z, good luck to him and i hope he makes some headway.

Anonymous said...

Marines....surrounding the Capitol is a better idea to protect us from these pissant, selfish, corrupt assassins of our Republic.

Z said...

Imp..EXCELLENT idea...way better than mine, for sure :-)
Kind of insurrectionist, but...if the boot fits..