Friday, September 18, 2009

Rest in Peace, Irving Kristol. Our condolences to his son William Kristol and other family members.


cube said...

A loss for all of us. I add my condolences to the Kristol family.

I was also shaken by the recent loss of this young man, Assaf Ramon, who never got a chance to make his mark upon the civilized world.

Sad times, indeed.

Z said...

How awful, Cube, thanks for letting us know. What a terrible loss.

heidianne jackson said...

this is indeed sad news. my heart goes out to his family and the future generations who will never know his work...

Anonymous said...

"Unlike liberals, for example, neoconservatives rejected most of the Great Society programs sponsored by Lyndon Johnson; and unlike traditional conservatives, they supported the more limited welfare state instituted by Roosevelt."

And THAT states the problem with neo-conservatism in a nutshell.

Accepting FDR while rejecting LBJ is tantamount to saying, "But Mom, don't get so excited, I'm just a little bit pregnant."

Living to age 88 is a good long life by any reasonable standard. More than that no one should ask.

~ FreeThinke